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I cannot remember when I had a my bbl done but I...

I cannot remember when I had a my bbl done but I know it was when Ryan (Dr. Dass' brother) was still the surgical coordinator. I wanted a fuller butt and was told that I'd be charged for every body part I wanted liposuctioned. Dr. Dass assured me I would have a smaller waist after the procedure. I am already a small girl and my waist is already small, yet he told me he could get it smaller. Because they told me that I would be charged for every area of my body I wanted liposuctioned I was not able to get my abdomen liposuctioned. After the procedure I went back for a follow up and told Dr. Dass, I was not happy because I looked exactly the same. He pulled up my pictures with the receptionist (cannot remember her name, but a very nice girl) they began to show me the "difference" from the before and after. I agreed that my butt did look a little better but not that much different and everything else looked exactly the same. Dr. Dass, the receptionist could not tell me enough times how great I looked, but obviously it is something they need to do. The promise of a smaller waist never came true. After I told him I was not happy because nothing really changed, I look the same!! he told me there was nothing else he could do for me unless I wanted to pay for implants, which I do not want, because he does not recommend gaining weight for the procedure. Keep in mind I did not have my abdomen or much of my body liposuctioned because it would cost me more and I could not afford it.

Dr. Dass was a very nice doctor, very patient, he took his time to talk to me during my consultation and pre-op, answered all of my questions, but once I told him I did not like my results I feel they did not know how to get me out of there fast enough. They asked me to call them back a year after my last follow-up appointment to see how I felt about my "new butt," maybe I would want implants they said. But I still don't want implants. I have been searching for a new doctor and consulted with other surgeons and they have told me another bbl is possible. I am not rich, I don't make too much money so because I am still paying for Dr. Dass' bbl and still owe about $8000 I do not qualify for another loan. I know for many ladies he's the best surgeon, but for me he wasn't. It was really not worth it at all :-(
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