Wedding Dress Shopping Will Begin As Soon As I Get my BBL / 5'5 at 133lbs. Beverly Hills, CA

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So far my journey has been interesting I...

So far my journey has been interesting I accidently ran into RS while I was looking for a Dr. i spent at least 3 solid hours reading profiles and all were from Dr. Hazani profile after that I was more than sure that Dr. Hazani is who I will choose to do my BBL. I put in a consult request online and waited I got a email from Dr. H asking for my photos so I sent them and he responded the next day , stating that I was a good candidate for body sculpting and moderate fat transfer...Woo hoo! I was super excited. He instructed me to call the office to schedule a virtual consult on Monday. So I called Nayeli answered the phone and scheduled my consult for 2/3/16, she was super nice! He finally called on the scheduled date and time and was so informative about the whole procedure, he pretty much answered all my questions before I even asked....he also told me I could call him anytime if I had additional questions that arise later, that put me at ease because that shows he really cares. He mentioned that I would hear from Debbie in the next day or so to give me more info in regards to Sx date and deposit but on the second day i never got a call so I decided to call the office l. And again Nayeli answered the phone, I like her she is so sweet. She said she was sending me a proposal and I needed to sign and email back, so I did. I was wanting a date in March but looks like everything is booked, but she said she would call the surgery room to see if she could get me in on 3/22 or 3/24 this process has been moving right along and I'm so excited to improve my curves :) and enjoy the new me. As soon as she gives me a date I will make my deposit and then play the waiting game until it's Show time :) I will post pics soon...

Before pics...

No matter how much I workout, I just can't get results I want, booooo! I wasn't told to gain weight I'm just going to my normal weight.

Everything's moving right along!!!

Deposit is made and sx is scheduled for 3/24/16.... Wooo hooo!

Labs done & 29 days to go!

I'm super hyped that my sx is getting closer...

SX is paid in Full and 3/24/16 can't get here fast enough !!!

So I paid off my surgery in full today, yay! I have all my supplies, labs are done, hotel and flight are booked and 14 days left before my booty day :) Does anyone know if there is any paperwork that can be filled out prior to SX? I just like being proactive and have everything ready ahead of time. What can I bring with me the day of surgery since I am traveling alone, purse, phone ??? I will have a caregiver but I want to travel light. For those that traveled alone what did you take with you the day of surgery? Does the caregiver drive you home?

Getting ready for some curves, 2days !

So tonight is my last night on the island, I fly out tomorrow night and arrive Wednesday morning, I've tried to mentally prepare myself and pray for amazing results. I will post recent pics before sx.

My challenging day before my big day...

Hello RS sisters so let me tell you how my day went today. So I landed at 9 a.m. and it happens that my luggage got lost I spent almost an hour trying to find it knowing that I had an appointment with the doctor for a consult at 11 a.m needless to say they found my luggage and I made it to the Roxbury Drive a few minutes before my appointment and coming to find out the door is locked and no doctor is available. So I call Debbie and she told me to go to the Wilshire blvd address and that the dr will be there in a few minutes. I sat there for 5 minute and the dr walked in and asked, are you waiting for me? I said I sure am, so he took me to the back and started our consult. He said I had a good start to get good results with the body I have already he also asked if I wanted the thigh lipo I told him no, I would pass. So he gave me my prescription so that I can get filled and once I left I went to CVS and they tell me that they are out of the Norco so they advised me to go to RiteAid and they were out of the Norco as well so I call Debbie and said that she would ask the pharmacy that is downstairs at the surgery center if they had it available and it so happens they do, so they will have it ready for me to fill once I get there tomorrow morning. What a day! Once i got settledi into my room, i laid worrying surgery tomorrow. I called Nayely and confirmed if would bring me back from surgery and I let her know how i was feeling and bless her heart she put me at ease and here I am getting ready for bed for my big day. I'm staying positive because I'm not letting anything get in my way to have my dream body so goodnight ladies I will update you tomorrow :)

I made it to booty land!

So far not much pain, so that's good! And booty shows 108. :)

Pics after SX 1 day post op

So here's the rundown... Day of surgery I got to the Surgery Center 45 minutes early since I had to fill my prescription downstairs in the pharmacy and I got a call from Sergio confirming my appointment at 10:30 a.m. I went upstairs and filled out all the paperwork I did my pee test and Dr hazani showed up. I just kind of went over the areas that I wanted to make sure we're covered. He took my pictures and we headed to the surgery room where 10 people we're waiting for me. I was a little intimidated LOL everybody asking questions and trying to do different things to me prep me, the last thing i remember is the anesthesiologist tell me the Med was going to sting a little but it would go away really fast. I woke up to someone asking me if I was okay, did if I feel ok and if I wanted to get on my tummy and I told them yes. I was not in pain just a little sore and my throat hurt. I begin sweating due to the blanket they put on me, it was way too hot. Dr. came over and I could have sworn he said I got 1100 ccs but my butt reads 1080 cc's. After that Nayely picked me up from the surgery center I came back to my room and she helped me change out my dressings and I was able to walk and move around without any trouble just a little slow after that. I stayed up as long as I could and was shocked that I had an appetite so i ate a cup of rice and drank mineral water. I ended up going to bed I at 10 pm. Nayely was nice enough to set up my alarms for my medications which help out tremendously. So I've been following that routine to walk as much as possible when my alarms go off. Day 1 post op So today I got up at 6 a.m. for one of my meds and I was hungry so I got breakfast downstairs and had me some waffles, eggs and bacon. I feel pretty good I never got nauseous so that's a plus and I believe I'm doing really well so ladies here are the pics, bruising looks worse than the pain, that's for sure.

Quick update....

I went to my follow up on Monday and Dr Hazani said everything looked great, he drained little bit of fluid and swelling is going down day by day. My recovery has not been bad, I thought it would be worse. The biggest challenge is sleeping on tummy, oh and let me tell you about my 6 hour flight that was painful!!! Some people are so inconsiderate, i asked 2 people if they would switch seats and they both said no.... There was no comfortable way to sit and top it off it was a full flight. Well I made it home and now I can take it easy until I go back to work on 4/4. These are pics from Monday after my follow up. I will take more this afternoon.

7 days post op...

I can't believe it's been a week since my surgery. I'm just hoping that swelling and bruising go away soon. So yesterday I started experiencing some tingling and numbness in my left toes especially with big toe. So I text Dr hazani and he said that it was stress from my 6 hour flight and that I should continue to rest on my abdomen and it would go away in the next few weeks. Also last night was the only night that I was so uncomfortable and I guess it was because I did not take my Tylenol every 4 hours but tonight I will make sure to get up and take my meds 'cause I did not like that feeling in the morning. So here are my current pics, have a great day ladies!

3 week update

Wow I can't believe it's been 3 weeks and I'm so loving with my results so far. Dr. Hazani is amazing and as one of the best contouring/sculpting Dr I know. The best part of it is that my boyfriend Love's my results. It's actually fun to try on clothes because, I love my appearance.

5 weeks and super excited to show my B & A pics

I'm so love with my shape. I don't even care how much I weigh because my appearance is more appealing. Now I'm so comfortable my skin :) Dr Hazani is the, "Best"! I can't thank him enough!

2 month update !!!

So my booty is still looking great and I'm still loving it. My hips are still 40 1/2 in. I can't wait to hit 3 month mark which be final results. I continue to wear my leonisa every day and night. Here are some pics... Still haven't sat on my booty unless i have my pillow.

The Best decision I've made! 4 month update

I've maintained my weight at 133lbs which was my initial weight. I'm so happy with results I'm assuming these will be my final resultsresults since it's over 3 months. My bra line 34, waist 28 and hips/butt 41 inches, words can't explain how truly happy I am with this whole process and outcome. Dr. Hazani has given me everything I've dreamed of, a perfect "booty". I just wanted to keep those lady's that are following my journey up to date. It's unfortunate that some people start a profile/journey and never update after their procedure, I don't want be one of those so here is my latest on my bbl.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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