Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck. Beverly Hills, CA

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Alright ladies, I'm going to be writing and...

Alright ladies, I'm going to be writing and extensive and detailed review about my consultations/ day of my surgery because I had so many questions when I was going through Dr. Hazani's realself reviews that were not answered. Right at this moment I have paid enough money to set up the date of my surgery, and I have also had my virtual consultation with Dr. Hazani. So before I begin I should start off by saying that I barely turned 20, I'm 5'3 and weigh around 165. I messaged Dr. Hazani's office earlier than I had planned because I had seen comments about how he was getting filled up with surgeries, the next day after I messaged him I received a call from one of his staff asking me about the procedures I was interested in. I informed them that I wanted to combine a tummy tuck and a bbl, the staff member I was talking to sounded a bit...concerned? That's the best way I can explain it, or maybe I'm just paranoid but I informed her that I was assured that I wanted to get both procedures and she said "we'll just inform him that you're thinking about getting a tummy tuck" maybe she was concerned that I was too young? Who knows! But it's nice to know you're more than just money to them. Prior to the upcoming consultation everything was great, they communicated efficiently, and if I had any questions Dr. Hazani's staff was more than happy to help me. I did have quite a few problems during the consultation, I was informed that I had a consultation next Monday at 9pm and they even confirmed it with me two days before the date, I waited a whole week and when the day finally came for the consultation I sat down and waited for hours (past 9pm) to get a phone call. I didn't, I called their office and explained that I had a consultation at 9pm but since I live in another state I didn't know if we were running through my time zone or theirs. They transferred me to Dr. Hazani and he explained that he had a lot of consultations tonight, and that he would try to call me today or tomorrow night. I was confused as to why he was doing other consultations tonight and not me when I was scheduled for that date but I think he wasn't aware that I was one of the ones for the date. Either way, he didn't call that night, I was a bit upset but he said he would call tomorrow. Tomorrow came and he didn't call and I started to worry if I should look elsewhere (which I didn't want to because Dr. Hazani has amazing results) on Wednesday night I finally received a phone call. We discussed my procedures, and he explained that because I was getting two procedures done at the same time there was a higher risk for complications (1 in 4000) I started to get a little worried that something could happen to me but Dr. Hazani took the time to explain to me that he had done these surgeries before, and that he would take care of me. His empathy for his patients, and his results is what sold me. You can tell he cares about his patients because he takes the time to deal with your concerns, and he doesn't rush you when you have a lot of questions (I had many). Now to the pricing...oh boy. Before I consulted Dr. Hazani I read many of his reviews and had read one about a lady getting a bbl and tt for 11,200. So my budget and my mind was set around 12,000. To my surprise it came out at 14,400. I was a bit scared (im a college student hello!!) but I would give an extra 5,000 if I had to, to get surgery with Dr. Hazani. Overall my consultation with Dr. Hazani was great, his staff is great. I will post my updates when my surgery gets closer. If you're thinking about going Dr. Hazani I recommend you do, I spent over five months looking for a surgeon that I felt I could trust, and knowing Dr. Hazani is my surgeon helps me sleep at night lol!


I also wanted to share this message explaining financing options with CareCredit.

We support some, but not all of the repayment plans offered by CareCredit. Charging a CareCredit account is a multi-step process. You first provide us with your account number so we can verify your account and the available credit. We then run an "estimator" for the amount you plan to charge showing the options we support.

"We offer 5 options. The first is a 6 month no interest repayment plan. If you make the scheduled payments and pay off the balance in 6 months, there is no interest. This plan is good for those that will be able to repay the cost within a few months.

The other options are interest bearing loans at 14.9-16.9% with repayment schedules of two, three, four, and five years (24-60 months). You pay the interest, but can spread out your payments over the length of the repayment term. The interest rate can increase if you do not make any of the scheduled payments on time. "

If you plan on using CareCredit I would definitely talk to them about it ahead of time, it's a bit more complicated. I wanted to pay a small amount of my charge with CareCredit but since it seems a bit too complicated I think I'll just pay in cash.

Also, after you agree to have surgery with Dr. Hazani you have to pay a small amount to lock the date of your surgery and after that you have to pay the full amount two weeks before the date of your surgery.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Need help

Ladies! I need advice from people that already had tummy tucks. I move into my university dorm a month after I get my surgery. Do you think I'll be okay??? Dr. Hazani said I should be fine but I'm getting nervous
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