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Hello All! I have been researching the BBL...

Hello All! I have been researching the BBL procedure for months now. I've wanted Butt implants forever, but now have my mind set on the BBL. My butt is pretty flat and would like a full and round booty.

Let me give you a little information about myself. I am 30 years old, 5'4, and 125 lbs. I have two children. I have been on 4 consultations and two virtual. So far I have narrowed it down to Campos or Ghavami. Both doctor seem absolutely great and I have read so many great reviews about them both on realself. I told both Dr's I would like to have at least 800 cc transfered and both assured me it was very possible. I do have to gain at least 10 lbs before surgery.

Dr Ghavami quoted me $12,700 (with realself discount), which included 5 areas of lipo (arms, abs, back, flancks, inner thighs), fat grafting to buttocks, girdle, anethesia fee, and I think thats it (they didn't give me a copy of the quote). Dr Campos qoute me $5,145, which includes Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back , Fat grafting in to buttocks, Anesthesia Fee (Epidural, Sedation), Girdle, and Post op medication.

It's a really big price difference!!! Which makes me want to go to Campos. I'm giving myself til monday to decide! I'm nervous, but super excited.

Ok so I've decided to upload photos of myself. I...

Ok so I've decided to upload photos of myself. I wasn't going to, but because of all the wonderful ladies on realself, their photos, and stories really helped in my decision for surgery. So I really hope that I can help others just as they did for me.
And I choose to have my surgery performed my Dr. Campos. Sent my deposit today for surgery in November. Woohoo Can't wait!

I'm starting to get really nervous!!! Reality is...

I'm starting to get really nervous!!! Reality is really setting in. In a way I feel a little guilty for using all my $ on surgery. I could be using it for my home, daughters, or whatever. But then again I start to think about how long I've been wanting to do this. It's gonna be a tuff next few weeks. After my surgery in Mex. my husband will be taking me home, which is a 2-3 hour drive. I might have to have my drains in for 10 days because of the thanksgiving holiday and no one to drive me back until that saturday :(. Angie told be it would be ok, but I will just have to keep taking antibiotics until they are removed. Im hoping when I get my first massage my husband can watch. This way I will not have to drive back and my husband can do the massages at home.
I'm trying to figure out how to upload my before pictures from my iPhone. Pictures to come soon

The big day is coming really fast. I went to...

The big day is coming really fast. I went to walmart yesterday and stocked up on some of the things I will need. Here's my list please let me know if I'm missing anything.

Boppy pillow
gauze and tape for dressing changes
Anti itch lotion (just in case)
compression stockings
triple antibiotic cream
shower curtain
yoga foam roller
Ive been taking my vitamins I ordered from MMH + Vit. C + Iron
Stool softener
I still need to get antibacterial soap

I'm nervous and excited at the same time. My husband has been so supportive. He always tells me "if it makes you happy, then go for it". I was kind of surpised that doctors Campos office has not called me one single time. It was me that called a few days to follow uo about any deposits made, just to make sure they were recieved. I also called just to make sure that my labs were ok for surgery. It's kind of disappointing, but owell.

Does anyone know if I need to purchase extra foam...

Does anyone know if I need to purchase extra foam or does Dr Campos provide enough after surgery?

What post op meds does Campos prescribe? I'm would...

What post op meds does Campos prescribe? I'm would like to get them from my doctor at home so they will be covered by insurance. If anyone know please respond ASAP. My surgery is tomorrow am. Woohoo!

Had my surgery thing am. I was quiet nervous but...

Had my surgery thing am. I was quiet nervous but Campos off staff was very helpful. The gave me some medication so I would relax a lil. The whole preparation took about an hour n a half. Then went into surgery. I had spinal epidural and the feeling of not being able to move my lower limbs was the worst. I asked the anestiologist to please give me something so I could sleep and he did. I think I might hav woke up will they were lipping my back and did not feel a thing and was back to sleep within seconds. Next thing I knew I was in recovery. I laid the and was still pretty sleep. The Angie just told me to relax and sleep for a while. I finally woke up at 4 and was ready to go home. Angie gave me Instructions On what to do at home. Everything is so swollen. Even my fingers which makes is a lil hard to type. My husband laid down all the seats in our SUV and make a bed for me to lay down for the ride home. I will be returning on Saturday for my first massage. Overall I feel ok, just a lil pain in my stomach. I just can't wait to get home N get comfortable.

Oh ya in the initial consult with campos he sai he would probably only get 700 cc each cheek. I was disappointed I really tired to gain weight but it is really hard for me. But I did gain 10 lbs. I added lipo of my upper arms and he was able
To put 840 cc in each cheek. I'm very happy! Just hope most of it stays.

I had such a hard time sleeping last nite. I...

I had such a hard time sleeping last nite. I probably got up at least 10 times to use the restroom. My hands and face are still really swollen. The pain is not that bad as of right now, but I will continue to take pain meds around the clock to keep it under control. I am trying to walk (waddle) in my house as much as possible and honestly do not know what to do with myself. lol I will post some pics later after I take a shower.

Recovery is pretty hard. The pain is not that bad,...

Recovery is pretty hard. The pain is not that bad, it's just getting comfortable and I'm really stiff. I'm still really swollen. There's an area on my lower middle back that feels like a pocket of fluid. I'm going to try to lay on my sides and hope that it drains. Is it normal? Dr Campos only inserted 1 drain near my pubic area, but it feels like to tube may go to my left hip because i get sharp pain there in different positions. When i touch the area it feels like the tube. I go for my first massage on sat. I'm really not looking forward to it, but if it will help me move better and become less stiff, I'm ready for it. I just want to get back to normal. My daughters will not come home until another 4 days. I hope that I can move better by then.

Does anyone know if you I can go to get a post op...

Does anyone know if you I can go to get a post op massage at a nearby spa or do I REALLY need to go back to the Dr's office that performed the surrey? I'm just trying to avoid the 2 hour drive, but if I have to I will go.

I went for my first massage today. It was not as...

I went for my first massage today. It was not as bad a I thought. I felt much better after. But the therapist had to drain fluid from my mid lower back because it's not draining. What can I do to help it drain on its own? Will massages at home help? Please need advice.

I'm thinking about buying a waist clincher. Do any...

I'm thinking about buying a waist clincher. Do any of you have any recommendations on the type, brand, style, etc..? Thank you!

I am 5 days post op. Everyday that passes my body...

I am 5 days post op. Everyday that passes my body looks better and I feel better. I have decided to continue to upload pics of my progress to help others in their BBL journey. I know if it was not for all my BBL sisters that have posted their journey on Realself, I would probably not have the knowledge about BBL's today. I would like to help others as they have done for me. If anyone is going to post pictures of themselves, just make sure you edit them before posting so you can remain anonymous.

Today I am 6 days post op. It is true when they...

Today I am 6 days post op. It is true when they say it recovery gets better by the day. I feel much better than yesterday. I'm not really draining very much anymore and can't wait until this drain comes out. I went to the mall yesterday to walk around and do a lil shopping. I think it was a little too much for me. I can home absolutely exhausted and with a migraine. So far I'm loving my result from the back view, but the side profile of my butt looks a little squarish to me. I'm hoping it will round out with time. I'm still swollen in my stomach and back. Last night I did sleep a little better and I think it's because I'm a lil less stiff. I have my second massage scheduled for tomorrow an follow up with Campos on Saturday.

Im 6days post op and today My daughters came home....

Im 6days post op and today My daughters came home. I didn't want them to see me when I was at my worst, but I also didn't want them to be gone for too long. When they seen me they could totally tell something was wrong with me. So I told them that I fell and hurt my back and this is why I am walking funny. So later they are looking at me and just say "mom, your butt looks big". I start laughing and smiling. It make me happy that it is at least bigger. They they started signing "I like big butts and I can not lie", I could not help but to start shaking my booty.
I look at myself each time I pass the mirror and already see volume loss. Swelling has really went down except for my back, stomach, and upper arms. I just keep telling myself that I didn't have very much fat to start with and I really didn't want a huge booty. It is also bigger and better than before. I just hope I don't loose any more volume.

I am post op 9 day post op today and feeling much...

I am post op 9 day post op today and feeling much better. I had my follow up appt with campos on saturday.He recommended that I massage my stomach more to avoid any dents and scar tissue build up. I do not very much swelling and my booty is a little smaller (as expected) I just hope I dont loose any more fat. Campos said he would have put more fat, but my skin would not strech any more, so 740 was as much as he could get in. My overall shape is much better and curvy. My booty is much fuller, but I would have like more projection. I ordered another garmet and waist clincher, just waiting for them. I will upload new pictures sometime today.

After looking at my pics, Im really considering...

After looking at my pics, Im really considering round 2. I do like the way my booty looks from behind, but not from the sides. I can't complain too much because the surgery did make my booty look better than what it was before. I will have to wait a few for weeks for my final results. Fluff hurry up and come!!!

Tomorrow I will be three weeks post op and let me...

Tomorrow I will be three weeks post op and let me tell you, It has been a LONG three weeks. I love my new body and it was all well worth it! I went back to work last Wednesday. I work in a small office of all women, so I told them about my surgery. I usually stand or kneel on a chair at work. I have not sat on my booty once and only on a boppy. I feel 75% normal now. I think the most painful part of this whole surgery is the areas of liposuction. I bought a new garment from hourglassangels.com, but the legs always ride up. So I cut the butt out of the one Dr. Campos gave me and has been working just fine. I can't wait until I dont have to wear these garments anymore. The body garment is not so bad, but the shirt garment is a pain! I have to always wear long sleeve shirts. I started getting a hard line from my left elbow to arm pit. I call Dr Campos office yesterday and they said it was from the garment and to start usding the epifoam to prevent this. My stomach looks great! So flat and small

I will update with pictures soon.

I will update with pictures soon.

Hello my BBL sisters! Just a few questions I would...

Hello my BBL sisters! Just a few questions I would like to ask u all. Is it safe to sit now that in 23 days post op ? And do I continue to wear my garment 24/7? When can I cut down on wearing it? Thanks!!!

Hello BBL lady. My recovery is going really good....

Hello BBL lady. My recovery is going really good. I feel almost normal. My only complaint is my arms. After having lipo on my arms they still feel very tender and stiff. I massage them every night and still tender and hard/stiff. It ind of feels like the tissue inside is stiff and trying to stretch, but it can't loosen up. I asked Dr Campos at my post op visit a week after surgery an he said the upper arms are very delicate and will take longer to heal. Is this true? For any ladies that also had their upper arms lipoed, is this normal? My upper arms just feel really tight. After I massage them at night they do loosen up. But when waking up in the morning, they just feel tight and tender. My stomach is really flat. I have a few lumps, but I also massage them every night. I am going to order some new epifoam on monday because I want to put it all around my stomach and back to make everything even and flat. I also found a website that sells the foam called lipofoam, which is a little cheaper. I am now wearing the butt out garment I ordered from hourglass angels.com. I ordered the Kate garment and it's working so far, but the legs constantly roll up. It helps to perk up my butt cheeks while not putting too much pressure and putting most pressure around my waist. Another thing I don't like about the Katie garment is the bottom of my butt cheeks look weird because of the way it creases, but nothings perfect. I tried cutting the butt out of the garment Dr Campos gave me but I'm afraid it will affect my results because it was not made for that. Dr Campos said I can sit now, but still afraid to. Like everyone else that had a BBL, we DO NOT want to loose our precious fat. I'm looking for a good scar cream. I read on another BBL sisters profile about a cream called Biocorneum. You can only buy it from a doctors office, so I plan on getting it on monday. I uploaded some new pics. I absolutely love my new body and booty. If I had to do it all over again, I totally would and wouldn't give it a second thought.

When beginning the BBL journey, you have so much...

When beginning the BBL journey, you have so much to say, but post-op and as healing progresses, theres not as much change or to say. So I haven't updated much. I have mixed feeling about my booty. I definitely love my curves and shape, but I wish my booty was a lil bigger. Compared to what is was before it is a great improvement. I'm debating round two. Healing hasn't been to bad. I finally feel 90% normal. The other day I felt my booty jiggle. Felt a lil weird to actually have a butt that jiggles, but I liked it. My only complaint is my upper arms. They are still tender and have some hard lumps under them. I massage every night to loosen them up, but wake up in the morning and they are super tight again. It is mostly my left arm which is hard with dents (I posted a pic) my left arm is fine. Have any of you had this problem? Any solutions?
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