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Hi dolls ! I want to start off by saying my name...

Hi dolls ! I want to start off by saying my name is Aileen I have been wanting to get this procedure since last year finally got a consultation back in March and my date is slowly approaching July 21st ! I am 20 years old (please don't tell me I'm too young) :) . I am about 5"1 and weight 145 . I am so nervous but I know I am in good hands with Dr . Hazani ! Please follow my journey as I will be posting updates throughout ! :)

10 days until surgery

Hey guys ! Okay so my surgery is 10 days away , next week on Thursday . Here are some photos of me again I am 5"0 and about 145 . I'm mainly achieving an hour glass figure and hips. Ladies what are things i will need for surgery ? All I have so far is padding for the bed and arnica . Please let me know of anything else I would need thank you so much !

Tomorrow is the big day

Okay girls so tomorrow is my big day ! I have been so nervous I could hardly eat this week , I can't believe my day is finally here . I will be checking in tomorrow at 11am and my surgery will start at 12 . I'm so nervously excited I just want everything to come out how I expect I trust Dr. Hazani I know I am in good hands . Okay dolls keep me in your prayers I will see you on the other side :)

Made it to the other side

Good afternoon ladies , I am 1 day post op and feeling amazing . Yesterday I checked in at 7 got the earlier appointment instead . Signed papers talked with a nurse I totally forgot his name unfortunately but he was so amazing I went to change into my gown and robe I then met the nurse in a room he asked me about my health and checked me he said I was perfectly healthy . Anesthesiologist came in he was the nicest guy ever as well he made me feel super comfortable . Dr. Hazani then came in we talked he took my pictures I was asking him what to expect and showing him results I wanted he was so patient thank you Dr. Hazani !! I then walk into the operating room I get on the bed anesthesiologist was talking to me gave me a shot to numb my hand for the IV it stung a little but not to bad . He then put the IV in and I felt myself getting more drowsy . All I remember after that is waking up in the OR I was crying l think cause I just woke up and was nervous but I was not in a lot of pain at all . I went home about 1 pm. My drive home was super quick . My mom said I was crying the whole way home but I promise I wasn't in pain I was just feeling emotional and coming off the anesthesia I was asleep until about 5 my boyfriend came and started taking care of me I was leaking a lot only from one incision so I called Debbie to make sure I can shower she is so amazing you can call her whenever and she will help you ! I showered and it felt so good I got a little weak after I took my garment off but felt so much better in the shower. I then finally ate some soup and took my medicine I wasn't in pain but wanted to take it before if I did get any pain . My cousins even came to visit me and I was fine having conversations with them not in pain or anything they were so amazed at how good I was feeling !Thank god I have not been throwing up I was only dizzy yesterday today I am doing so good I went to sleep last night around 10 pm took my medicine I woke up twice during the night to pee other than that I was sleeping perfectly fine and woke up today at 10 am my incision is still leaking not to much but just one incision thank god ! I showered this morning washed my garment put on new pads and let myself breathe a little until my garment dried . I am now eating soup again and watching tv I'm in no pain at all it's just annoying being on your stomach and my butt is a little sore but not to much ! I have been walking around as well. I thank god for having such a smooth recovery so far . Dr . Hazani is amazing I'm am so in love with my results even though I'm swollen lol pictures don't do justice I can't wait for my final results !! My family is so in love they want to book him lol ! Here are some pics I will be updating more soon excuse my mess I am using my old mattress so moved everything around in my room .

Day 4

Hi loves , today is day 4 every day is getting better. My recovery has been very smooth from the start I never had any pain really just stiff and sore . I just want to walk normal again lol . When did everyone start to walk normal ? When does the tightness go away ? I'm already bored at home lol I want to go out and show off my body ! At this point I'm so annoyed being on my stomach , my back hurts so much ladies is there anything to make that go away ? I haven't been wearing my binder that much my draining stopped on day 2 and the binder kills me I let myself breathe everyday for about 30 minutes every couple hours but do make sure to go to sleep with it . I think I am ready to start wearing one of the garments I bought . Also when was your post op ? I have not been contacted about any post ops and was very curious when mine will be . I have been eating good healthy meals without a problem just of course very small plates ! Overall this has been a pretty easy journey for me it's just my back that is killing me right now and I envy all those who can sit and lay on there back lol !!! Here are some pics to update : I have a little unevenness on my sides I don't want to critique it yet but I do hope it does not stay like that other than that I am super satisfied with everything else and loving my new booty and curves !! Ps don't mind my mess lol

About 2 weeks

I will be 2 weeks on Thursday . Butt is still pretty stiff can't wait for it to soften up , here are some updated pics .

6 months post op

Hi dolls I haven't been on in a while I am now 6 months post and loving my new body !!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr.Hazani is very talented at what he does. I am so glad I found him and am able to get this procedure I've dreamed of ! He is very busy with so many patients and consultations but I did not feel rushed at all when we met and he told me what to expect what is ideal which is why I booked my surgery right after without questioning it. Can't wait to see my end results.

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