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Hi girls :D I am Asian, 5'6 and 120 lbs. I have a...

Hi girls :D

I am Asian, 5'6 and 120 lbs. I have a typical Asian flat skinny body. I've been wanting a booty since middle school but never got one. One, because my parents would never fund me for this and Two, I thought maybe one day as I got older I will get over it. Well, now that I am approaching 27 years old, I still want it (more than ever) I figure it's now or never.
So... I just had my consultation with Ron Hazani last week. Prior to seeing him, I have already begun eating like crazy. I know this isn't healthy but I just didnt have enough fat on my body to get the look I am going for. My beginning weight 3 weeks ago was 115 lbs, so I'm on the right track :) Once I saw Hazani, I was right, I was way to skinny for the look I want. My dream BBL would be BIG hips, small waist and decent size butt. I am more into having bigger hips rather than huuuuuge butt projection. I told Hazani I would like to have my surgery within the next two months, he told me I definitely need to gain at least 5-10 lbs. So since then, I've been eating a LOT :p

*Update: My friend has been wanting a BBL as well, so I told her "Hey, let's just get it together so we can suffer together during the healing process". And this girl is down! So my friend just had her virtual consultation with Hazani. She is looking to see him in person once more before we both book our BBL surgery :D We are aiming to have the procedure done the SAME DAY! (and suffer the same day... and so on) But we are super excited and super nervous O_O

Follow me on my journey to having a rockin bod =]

Deposit made, date set!

It's really happening!!! My friend and I just paid our $500 deposit yesterday. We are BOTH having our surgery the SAME DAY, January 19th, 2016. How awesome is it that we're both getting it done together back to back same day?! She is also allowing me to stay over at her place for the first week of my recovery. (She is the best :D ) So we will keep each other company, watch netflix, and rant about how much pain we are in. Of course both of our boyfriends would be helping us too, but I cannot be happier that I am going through this with her. Big booty here I come!

*wish pics and before pics soon!

Wish Pics XD

Here are some of my wish pics from Hazani. My current weight is 118 lbs (I lost a pound...gaining weight is not as easy as I thought) I really want to achieve bigger hips and decent projection on the butt. My biggest fear is not having enough fat to offer on surgery day. But seeing these results from Hazani gives me hope. For now....more cheeseburgers! >_

Current photo of me 12/7/15

Starting weigt: 115 lbs
Current weight: 119 lbs
Goal weight: 126-130 lbs

I really want a skinny waist and big hips after this procedure. I'm eating every hour everyday. I've been eating bread, pasta, and pretty much everything and anything. Because I'm hoping whatever I eat now goes to my butt in a month :p

*** Any tips on gaining weight (the healthy way) would be much appreciated :)

Weight gain update

I'm still here... Some days I feel discouraged about having my bbl in one month. I feel like it's so soon and I'm not gonna have enough fat :( I also haven't bought anything yet. I feel like I'm being rushed but it's now or never.

My starting weight a month ago: 115 lbs
Current weight: 123 lbs

Although I gained almost 10 lbs. I really need to gain more for better results since I know I'm gonna lose 30%. I've been drinking ensure plus at least once a day so that's been helping. Any advice would be much appreciated :)

For all my girls who need to gain weight for BBL

None of my pants or jeans fit. No sexy dress for me this holiday or New Years >_

Pre-op Consultation 1/3/16

Hi girls!

Sorry havent been updating too much. Been so busy with work and holidays. Gotta make that BBL money $$$. So I went in for my pre-op consultation yesterday at 11:15, it was packed! I brought my boyfriend this time because he really wanted to meet Hazani. I waited around for an hour.. I guess some patients needed to see Hazani longer. But during that time, I was able to meet so many girls that just had their BBL. I enjoyed talking to them and learning about the healing process..I even met angel5151! She was a doll! She is soooo nice and omg she looks amazing. The pics in her review doesn't do her justice! I am so glad I bumped into her. At first I was hesitant, because I was thinking oh man I am gonna be exposed that CALIASIANBOOTY is me! :p (I try to be low key about BBL) But I'm glad I said hi and talked with her. Once I saw Hazani, he asked me my updated weight, which is 126. He looked at my fat on my stomach and thighs and told me I could gain some more before sx. But he did also tell me that he has had many patients even skinnier than me going into surgery. So I felt a little better about that. But I am still determined to be at least 132 going into sx. With 2 weeks away from my sx, I really gotta take this weight gain more seriously. (The healthy way too). I'm going to go grocery shopping today after work and buy some avocados, nuts, etc. I'm really glad I brought my boyfriend, he really enjoyed talking to everyone there and he loved Hazani, he feels good about my bbl now. I think he's more excited than me. haha. 2 weeks away!!! :D

Lab work done!

It's getting real O_O just got my lab work done, was kinda lagging it because u hate needles. Make sure you schedule yours ahead of time. If your getting your bbl done by Hazani, he provides the lab work for free. You just have to make an appointment at your local quest diagnostics center and they should have your information with hazani if you're his patient. The whole thing took less than 10 mins. They said it will take 2-3 days for my doctor's office to get my results. If I don't hear back from hazani's office then I'm good to go for the 19th!! Yay! So excited and scared.

Bbl list- things I've bought

Just wanted to post a quick update on stuff I have purchased for bbl. I'm not currently taking any pre op vitamins even though I should but hopefully I'm not missing anything. My friend and I will be going shopping for clothes to wear during recovery this Sunday. Mostly maxi dresses and t shirt pajama dresses :p We will also be stopping by hazani's office for her pre-op consultation. Hopefully we'll bump into some girls we know :D

*also wanted to add that I got my labs result today, that was fast! I'm good to go!!!! :D


Hi Girls,

So my surgery is in a week!!! O_O I can only take 4 days off work :( So when I go back to work, I will be post op 7 days. I know.. bad idea but I don't have a choice. My drive to work isn't bad, I only live 10 mins away from work. Worst part is I have a desk job where I sit all day, from 9-6 pm. I saw someone on rs recommend using a directors chair and pulling out the seat cover a little so your butt hangs in the back with some thigh support. So I'm going to give that a try. I also plan to kneel occasionally with pillows/cushions throughout the day. I dont care much about my co-workers judging me, I'm more worried about putting pressure to my butt. Any suggestions/advice from girls with desk jobs? :)

Period :(

So just my luck I'm expected to get my period the day of my sx or the day after according to my bc. I emailed hazani freakin out because I don't know if that'll affect anything. He said it's completely fine just in case anyone is wondering. I'm just worried about all the aftermath. I read from many rs girls that their vagina gets swollen after bbl. I can't event imagine how I'm gonna manage my period when I'm unconscious the first two days. As if I'm not gonna be bleeding enough... Also, since my boyfriend is my caretaker I might need to tell him how to stick a tampon in me X_X I'm afraid if I use a pad like I normally do I would get a rash. I've gotten so many rashes using normal pads. This sucks :( and I'm super moody and pmsing right now. I'm still super excited for my bbl just sucks I'm gonna be on my period -_-
Any girls got their period during their surgery week? Advice? Tips?

Pre op before bbl

This is my last update before my bbl tomorrow!!! My sx is at 7:30 am and my friend's is at 10:30 am. Follow my friend's journey (@justlivinlife) We are soooo nervous excited all kinds of emotions. I promise I would post my pre op weight.

My measurements
Waist: 30
Hips: 36
Butt: 28.5
Thighs 22
Inner knee: 15
Final weight: 129

Let me tell you girls the weight gain was hard. At one point I told myself there's no way I can gain at least 10 pounds. But I was able to gain 14 pounds. I was hoping to gain 20 but that's pretty unhealthy even with my weight gain.

Also I posted my pre op picture. Also my friend and I pre op picture of us in the dress we bought. We are sooo embarrassed to post it but we are doing it for you girls so we can show before after In clothes. I'm doing this so I can look bomb in tight dresses. I was so skinny before with no curves I would've never been able to feel comfortable wearing tight dresses.

Okay well this is it!!! I really appreciate all of you girls sticking with me throughout this journey. I love you guys. Ahhh so excited wish me luck :D


I'm done! Gonna post real quick before I knock out again. 1020 ccs!!! I'm sooo shocked. I thought I didn't have enough. But hazani is just that good :D


First shower

Showering Felt amazing. And my hips are huge O_O still really swollen. My face hands vagina is swollen too. I hope my swelling goes down soon

Day 3

Pain was really bad last night and right now. Even with the painkillers my friend and I have been hurting. Scale 1-10 like a 9. I finally pooped after taking stool softener the whole day yesterday. It wasn't a lot but it was something. It was extremely hard I definitely recommend getting a round foam and cutting it in half that helped so much. The pain is almost unbearable at times and my back and neck hurts from laying on my stomach. My stomach flattened out a lot today. I'm very happy with my results. Hope my butt and hips go down more. This pain and recovery is definitely no joke though.

Post op Day 4

Pain has gone down a lot still really sore. Pain is only really bad when I wake up and pain meds wore off. I'm now only taking half pain med every few hours. Mainly because I'm running out and the pain is not as bad as a few days ago. Bruising has gone down soooo much, thanks to arnica gel, arnica tea and pineapples. I have also been taking bromelain and iron supplements as well as stool softener to help me poop. I occasionally drink prune juice but rs nasty. I'm pooping normal now and showering. I had these leggings that were XL and now my butt actually fits into them. My knees and calves are extremely swollen i don't know if it's from the pressure of my weight or walking or not enough fluid drainage. I'm waiting for my swelling on my stomach to go down I'm hoping it goes down a lot more. I only drained for a day and a half so in scared he has to drain me again. My post op appointment is with him tonight so I will update again after.

Follow up appointment

So I just had my follow up appointment tonight. It looks like my crazy swelling was from a seroma. It was due to my incision sites closing only after one day. Hazani told me he should drain me right there. So he took a needle and drained me a few hours ago during my appointment. It was crazy seeing all the fluid get sucked out of me. My swelling went down a little immediately. I was being a big baby and cried because I wasn't expecting that for my follow up. My friend was there to see all of this too. I also got my stage two garment and pillow today. I will post again tomorrow. Trying to stay positive :)

Day 5 post op

Hi girls.
So yesterday was my follow up and got my stage two garment and pillow. I'm still having trouble sleeping and I can't find a comfortable position. I started wearing my stage two garment I love it. It so comfy and tight. I felt so good in it I decided to try on a dress. I'm loving my shape. I do think my hips are too wide and stomach still swollen. But hazani said everything will go down its still really early. So far I'm loving my results I would've never had the confidence to wear tight dresses. This journey was tough but it is worth it :)

Day 6 post op

Here is the long review I wanted to write but have been in so much pain couldn't. I wanna give as much details as possible because rs helped me so much while prepping for this procedure. The first day was painful I took at least 2 pain meds every four hours. It's important to keep your compression on garments even if it hurts to avoid more swelling and potential seroma. The next few days are still tough. I started taking one and a half pin med every four hours. Throughout this time I became so constipated from the pain meds so taking stool softener and drinking prune juice helped. My bruising went down significantly thanks to rubbing arnica gel, drinking arnica tea and eating pineapples. Since I started my period I also took iron supplements. Make sure to also take vitamin c supplements. I just drank my emergen c 1000 mg vitamin c drink. I discovered that my vagina and stomach were getting swollen more than usual so when I saw hazani two days ago he told me I have a seroma which is common but it was important to get it drained right then and there. He said I might need to get drained again in a week and I'm lucky I love locally. So it's important to monitor your boy first few days if you are from out of town so he can drain you if your body is not draining properly like me. In my case my draining from my bikini line lipo area closed after one day while my friend was still draining after four days. Yesterday my friend and I went a whole day without pain meds. We went shopping but all the waking was painful after an hour. Shopping was interesting because nothing fit my butt. Maybe I'm still swollen but I'm used to wearing size small but now only fit large. When we got home from shopping we had to take some pain meds and went to sleep. My pre op weight was 129 lbs. The first day when I came back I was 140lbs maybe from all he fluids and swelling. Today I weight 131 lbs crazy seeing my weight fluctuate. I pee every two hours, hazani said its another way of my body flushing out the fluids.

Today marks day 6 I was suppose to go back to work today but since I just got drained from hazani two days ago I decided to take an extra day off. I'm going back home today. My friend will be taking an additional week off but I have to go back to work :( I won't be driving at all because I still think it's too soon so my dad will be taking me to work and back. My swelling went down so much today I can't believe it. I'm loving my results more now.

A lot of girls has been asking how I gained the weight. Hazani told me two days ago that it was easy for me to gain weight because I was previously a lot a lot bigger. Fat cells has memory and I had a lot of stubborn fat he was able to get out even at 129 lbs. my heaviest weight was 165 a few years ago and I dropped down to 113 but I had a lot of loose skin and even a flatter butt. The pouch on my stomach from the side is not swelling but actually loose skin since my stomach has been stretched out before. He said it will even out through time do I really hope so. I also want to mention since I really wanted to get this procedure done in January so I can heal and enjoy my summer I had to gain the weight fast. Drinking ensure plus and wating every few hours helped me gain the weight. And I had no excercise lol. I also ate a lot of avocado and nuts.

Will update as I go and promised :)

This journey is tough as I mentioned before but the results are definitely worth it. Hazani is amazing :D

Day 9

I went back to work two days ago post op day 7 it was hard!!!! Omfg I never been so miserable since day 1-3. My seroma even came back and my vagina swelled up worse than ever. I got so freaked out I called hazanis office to ask to get drained again this weekend. So I go back home from work that day feeling like shit and I start reading on rs a lot of other girls had that too but it's because the garment isn't compressed enough. Hazanis garment only covers the top abdominal and stomach but all my fluids were hangin out at the bottom my lower ab and vagina. So I wore the leonisa he gave me and I pushed the binder he gives lower and made it as tight as possible so it covers my lower swelling. It was painful. And I noticed yesterday my swelling started going down. I was peeing a lot again another way body flushes the fluids. Then today this morning I woke up and my swelling is 80% gone! I'm so amazed so I hurry and put on some panties and a crop top and took a pic to show you girls. It's amazing to see the difference just overnight. I did lose a lot of volume but I'm still loving my results. Hope and praying that I don't lose much more. Day 2 of work was not as bad and I'm getting ready to go to work again right now. My work is awesome they built me a standing desk so I mainly stand a little or just kneel on my seat. Well gotta go to work now finally seeing results I love :D

2 weeks 2 days post op

Hi girls sorry haven't been updating as much. Going back to work post op 8th day is hard. I had to adjust back to normal lifestyle early. Started fully driving myself yesterday. It is hard after 10 mins. But since I'm tall it's manageable just uncomfortable. Work was tough the first few days, but manageable on my post op 10th day. I try not to stand too much and kneel as much as possible. As soon as I get home I usually just collapse on my bed and rest. My swelling has gone down a lot but some days I'll be more swollen than the other. My pre op butt measurement: 29 inches
Post op butt measurement: 42 inches
Current measurement:

Waist: 28
Hips: 39
Butt: 41

So I lost an inch so far on my butt but it looks like I lost a lot more? Maybe it's the swelling. I also realized that my little ouch on my lower abdominal will probably always be there because it's my loose skin from being 50 pounds heavier before. Even hazani said its loose skin and over time it might get better. I want to stay waist training. Looking into buying a waist trainer so I can start on that. The leonisa in medium hazani gave is too loose now. Well that's it for now. Will update more in a week :)


Just wanted to post something real quick that helped me a lot. So the first week was horrible everyday I was trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. Nothing was working no pillows nothing. It's either my face is smushed or my boobs or smushed. At one point my nipples hurt because there was too much pressure sleeping on my stomach and my bed was too hard or something. I found this pillow on Amazon for neck sleepers and It has helped so much. I can now sleep for at least 4 hours straight. I sleep in four positions with his pillow. One with my neck on left boobs go I. Between the "V" space and one with my neck on right. I also move my head over the V and I hold both sides with my arms. I sometimes rest my forehead on the V and it lifts my head up like a massage table. Hope my description makes since. Lol. But just wanted to share this because I love this pillow and I totally recommend it. I got it on Amazon :)

3 weeks

Wow time flew after all the pain the first few days. My body is finally not as swollen anymore. I started waist training a few days ago. I bought a Ann cherry short torso in small. It was hard to put on at first but it definitely kept my compression on my stomach. I only wear it a few hours a day then I go back to wearing my leonisa and I also bought a new compression belt to wear over that at work. And when I go out I just wear my leonisa underneath my clothes. I'm so glad my swelling is going down I purposely had my sx done a few weeks before Valentine's Day so I can fit into a nice red dress and look good for my man :D
Current measurements:
Waist: 28
Hips: 39
Butt: 40 and a half
Weight: 130

I'm pretty much back to my pre op weight so now I have to maintain this weight so I don't lose weight all around. I lost an inch and a half on my butt hope I don't lose anymore because I'm really happy with my result right now. My next update will be Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day

My red dress post op almost one month

Before and after

Quick post on my before and after. What a difference. I also put a side by side of my before when I was skinny and after because it's more accurate since I purposely gained weight for the sx.

2 months

Hi girls.

This was taken at two months. I think most of my swelling has gone down I try to wear my waist trainer as often as I can. I still use the bbl pillow to drive and I try not to sit as often as possible. I started with 29 inches on my butt and post op was 42 inches. I measure 40 inches today so I lost a total of 2 inches so far. Hopefully I don't lose anymore. I am the same weight as pre surgery. I love my results :D

3 months

Today marks three months. I didn't lose much volume after 7 weeks. I lost 5 lbs since surgery date and my butt is still there just lost .5 inch so I'm at 40.5. I think the extra 5 lbs made me look fat even if my butt was slightly bigger. I am very happy with my results. I would have never got this body going to the gym. I actually feel confident in tight dresses and bathing suits now. Best decision ever :)

New pic real quick :)

Just wanted to post real quick st 3.5 months. Love my booty

6 months update

Quick update. I lost some weight since surgery

Surgery weight: 129 lbs
Current weight: 122 lbs

My butt is still very much there even after weight loss surprisingly because I thought all the extra weight from 115 lbs pre surgery weight gain would be my butt. But at 122 lbs I only lost maybe 1.5 inches. I didn't want it too big either since I have a small frame. I also took a picture of my stomach. Luckily no lumps and if there are my skin is hiding it well. Bbl totally worth it :)

One year update

Hi girls.

As promised here is my one year review. So I started this journey at 115 lbs slender no shape no butt. I gained almost 15 pounds and went into surgery at 129 lbs a year ago. At the time Hazani warned me that girls who gain weight for surgery may have trouble keeping the weight since that's not their "natural" weight and lifestyle. And he was right. My weight dropped throughout last year and I'm the summer I decided to workout. My weight started dropping even more and I was afraid my. It'd would disappear if I kept losing the weight because technically speaking the weight I gained was repositioned to my butt. But I'm currently 116 pounds just one pound more than my initial pre weight gain and my butt is very much there. It's not as round as it was when I was 129 or 125 pounds but I'm okay with that. It looks more natural that it's not super perfectly round. My butt measures 36 inches compared to 29 inches pre op. One thing I regret is getting my thighs lipod because now my thighs are too skinny and at one point looked fake because my butt was so big compared to my thighs. I also regret adding so much to my hip because my only real volume loss is my hips fat transfer. I did read somewhere it doesn't stay as much as the butt. Not sure on that so don't hold me to it. I also feel that my lower abdomen wasn't lipod enough because till this day even with working out I still have a little pouch. But it's not that bad since it's way better than before. For all those who private messaged me about their concerns with swelling, don't worry it's temporary. Mine was a pretty bad case since I had a senoma and had to get manually drained. I will say though my swelling didn't go down for months. Overall I am extremely happy with my results. I am so glad I went through with this procedure. It really changed my life and insecurities.

I want to wish all the girls who are reading this and preparing for their surgery GOOD LUCK <3

I want to also thank all the real self girls from the beginning of my journey. You girls helped me get through my recovery <3

Lastly I want to thank the girl who got this done with me that same day 1/19/16. We've had a lot of ups and downs and tears, anger and laughs. But in the end I couldn't have gotten through it without her. We never got to watch our bad girls club while recovering but that's okay because we were fortunate enough to go through it together. She let me stay at her place for a week during my recovery and I will never forget that. Thank you and love you <3

This will be my last post. Hope my review helped.

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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