Surgery Scheduled for Tuesday 10/25 with Dr. Dass !!!

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I have been doing a lot of research about the...

I have been doing a lot of research about the Brazilian butt lift surgery, and I have several girlfriends that have had the procedure done! First I set up a consultation with a different doctor in Beverly Hills, but then I saw Dr. Dass' work and decided to contact his office instead ! I had my phone consultation with him on the same day and he answered all of my questions and was very kind and professional and made me feel comfortable. Angela was great too she helped me schedule everything! My pre op is tomorrow and then my surgery is Tuesday!! I am so excited, I have already cut the bottom out of a chair for when I get home I will post a picture of it. I am going to be staying at a hotel to recover for 6 days before I fly home. I will update my review after my surgery with pictures and update on my experience ! So far I'm extremely happy that I chose Dr. Dennis Dass' office!

Had my pre op today!

Had my pre op today and got this great bag from Dr.Dass and the nurse, it had my nausea pills in it and antibiotics, and the arnica gel and pills! Surgery is tomorrow morning very excited!

Two days post opp!!

The first day after surgery (yesterday) was pretty rough I was in a lot of pain because I had so many areas lipo'd - and I bled through all the absorbent pads I laid down on the hotel bed but it still soaked through and ruined the mattress and pillow !!! Be warned you bleed A LOT!! I feel much better today than yesterday, just bored of laying on my stomach. Trying to walk around the rook very often for circulation. My Right hand is also really swollen, does any know know if that's normal??!

Is this swelling on my hand normal after a BBL ???

My right hand is really swollen but my left isn't, my surgery was yesterday.

Showered today - still very sore !

Super sore today still but definitely better than yesterday ...was hard to shower but glad I had someone helping me. My post op is tomorrow so that I can go back home since I'm here staying at hotel. My hand is still really swollen, and my neck hurts really bad from sleeping only on my stomach ...that's probably the worst part! But loving the shape so far can't wait to see what it looks like I'll take pics tomorrow.

7 days post op

Still bruised and swollen this is the shape so far

Before pics !!

These were before pics :)

Two weeks post op

Two weeks post in a dress

New pic

New pic

4 week post op pics!

4 weeks post op

Another pic

From the front at 4 week post opp

Pic at 8 weeks post opp

This is a pic from today, tomorrow I will be at 8 weeks post op!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Dennis Dass has been really great so far and his staff has been very accommodating! I am excited to meet everyone tomorrow.

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