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Shut just got REAL!

I JUST booked my BBL PROCEDURE with Dr Dass in Beverly Hills. Woo hoo!!

Paid deposit. 5 weeks away.

Will be going with hubby earlier so we can enjoy the sights in LA and celebrate my B-day STOKED!!

My BEFORE pic 6 months ago....

This is my body BEFORE I gained weight so I would have fat for a new bubble butt and hips. No shape and no waist. Just straight like a 12 year old.

I WANT AN HOUR GLASS FIGURE dolls....can't wait to meet Dr Dass in Beverly Hills so he can work his magic and transform me, so I look & feel more feminine.

Flying to California in 1 Week for my BBL

Excited to be a Dass Doll. Surgery is on October 4th. I'll keep you all posted thru out my journey. XO

Flying to California Tomorrow! !

Getting soooo excited ! Surgery is early next week for my BBL & lipo.

I CAN'T wait to FINALLY have an hour glass figure. I have NO CURVES!

I took out my belly button piercing. I'm going to miss it after having it for over 15 years. I'll repierce it once I'm all healed.

Talk to you dolls soon!!


I had my BBL Surgery this morning. Woo hooo! I feel great. The pain meds are working perfect and hubby is an amazing nuse.

Can't see what i look like yet. I will post a few pics on Thursday when i remove my Faja.


Hey ladies
I was really expecting to be in a lot more pain. These meds are working great, I'm drinking tons of water, eating healthy and moving around the hotel room with ease. Soo excited to see my results.

Will be changing my pads first time today so I'll get a sneak peek in a few hours.


Hey dolls

The past few days were pretty easy but today is tough. I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Today I'm showering and taking off my faja to wash it. I'm excited to see my new figure!

I found out yesterday that I ONLY got 800cc per butt. I was hoping for 1200cc per butt cheek.


I had my post op appt with Dr Dass. I had to Uber there, which is really awkward to lay down face first in the back seat. Thankfully he was friendly & understanding.

I wish that Dr Dass had drivers that could transport us Dass Dolls around comfortably after surgery. I had heard he does "House Calls" for out of country patience. I asked if he could come to my hotel as Im still in a lot of pain & feeling naseau. I was told it was $1500 fee for him to drop by our hotel to do my post op appt. We are only a few blocks away from his office. OUCH!

He quickly looked me over and said he was happy with how I looked. Sent me back to my hotel with more medication and my second Faja.

Only one more day of rest and we fly back to Canada tomorrow. Over 3 hours to stand, as I wont be able to sit on the plane.

I am on painkillers, I take two every 4 hours. I'm in a lot of pain so can't live without them. Sleeping on my tummy is really tough and painful on everything. I am horribly swollen, even my face. I look like a big Sumo Wrestler. LOL

I sleep 2 to 3 hours then walk around.

I'm dying to see my tiny hour glass figure when the swelling is gone.

Will share my pics once swelling is gone

Dass Doll BBL - 1 Week Post Op

Hey dolls

Well I must say this has been a VERY tough week.

Sleeping on my stomach is awful!!! I wake up with a swollen face and headach everytime I nap. It hurts my ribs really bad and im VERY bruised in that area.
I can't imagine sleeping like this for 5 more weeks. I've never been a stomach sleeper.

I wear eyelash extensions and have had them for years. I sleep on my back so they don't get ruined. Now I have to figure out a way to sleep on my face but still keep my lashes off the pillow. It's incredibly difficult. Hard on my neck and back. I wake up with headaches and blurred double vision everytime I nap or sleep. No joke!

We took off my faja yesterday to shower. Wow it was tough to get in and out of & sooo painful. It felt wierd not wearing it. We washed & dried it quickly while i showered, changed my bandaids and put on polysporon. I was also really happy to rub the arnica gell on all my liop areas as is helps for bruising and swelling. That hurt like hell to rub on those sensitive areas.

I'm so swollen and sore still and I really don't see much difference in my body. I'm starting to really second guess myself as to why I did this. I showed Dr. Dass pictures of what I wanted & dreamed about and I look nothing like that. He said he could only fit 800cc of fat in each buttock. Very disappointing! I didn't spend this much money and travel that far to get ONLY 800cc. I wanted a big bubble butt and tiny little waist. Have you seen my profile pic?

I haven't posted any pics because I don't really see a difference. I look pregnant my tummy is so swollen it's sticking out. Is this supposed to happen?

We are praying that the swelling will go down soon and my waist & tummy will get smaller so my butt pops more.

Even if I wanted to post pics, I see that photo uploads are disabled now on Real Self. Anyone else having problems with uploading photos on RS?


Still very swillen and sore but moving around a lot better today. Im completely off the pain killers now as they slow down your healing. I now go to the bathroom very regularly. More often then i have ever in my life. I guess that's a great thing as it means that my body is getting rid of waste quicker. Drinking lots of water and watching my sodium intake has helped tremendously already.

I took off my faja today, washed it and had a nice long hot shower.

I finally got a good look at myself and took some pics. Altho my booty isn't nearly as big as I wanted, its bigger and fuller then it was prior to surgery. My hubby LOVES my new booty.

I know my Dass Doll sisters are dying to see some pics and you have all shared with me. Please dont laugh at how small my buttvwas before. Now i can atleast refer to it as a "booty" lol

I lost 5 inches in my waist so far and I know I'll lose more as I'm still really swollen in my waist. I hope I don't lose much booty. I put on 2 inches in my hips. Preying I keep the fullness in my booty,I need it.


Sleeping is the biggest struggle I am having now. I find it so difficult to sleep on my face and not sit all day. I wake up with headaches and a swollen face every morning.

I did take some pictures yesterday and was happier with what I saw. I REALLY wanted curves and Dr Dass delivered. I'm following all my post op instructions to a T. I hope i dont lose any of my new booty and i only keep losing swelling of my waist and belly. I do see my muscles under there. Ince i get back to training in 6 weeks I'm going to really focus on my waist size. Possibly even wear a waist trainer. I have a very big rib cage so never really had a tiny waist even when i was a size 00. The more weight I lose the straighter my body would get. My ribs and hip bone almost touch so not much room for a waist.

Dass gave me a bit of hips with my BBL, it's definitely an improvement. Your thoughts?

Here's a front picture from my BBL 9 days PO.

DASS DOLL - 2 weeks PO

I found a way to lay on the couch to relax. Do you Dolls thinks this is safe?

My booty is floating between my couch and my ottoman. I can lay on my back OMG!!! THIS IS HEAVEN!!


Now that I'm two weeks PO, I got into my Stage Two Faja today that Dr. Dass provided to me.

I measured myself. 29 inch waist and 42 inch hips. 13 inches difference between - That's a wonderful hour glass figure!! My booty is not as big as I wanted (1200 cc) but it's very natural looking. I prey it doesn't loose any volume. I am still very swollen in my abs and waist once I can start to exercise again (6 wks) I'm sure I'll lose more in my waist. I would love to be 24 to 25 inches in my waist.

I don't fit into any of my jeans they don't even fit over my booty. So it looks like i will be getting all new jeans! I am a jeans horse, I have over 60 pairs of designer jeans to sell. Yikes! LOL

Overall pretty happy & i feel FANTASTIC! I cant wait to start working out.

Do any BBL dolls work on your arms and shoulders (weight train) before 6 weeks or is this a no no?


I showered and measured myself. Even eithout working out at all, I am down a few more pounds and my waist is down to 27.5 inches. Hoping I keep losing in my waist. Hips are still the same.

I talked to Nurse Megan and she said I can do light weights for arms & shoulders. I'm going to start working out on my upper body this week.

I'm almost half way (3 weeks PO on Tuesday). I'll post more pics this week.

How are all my Dass Doll sisters doing?

Vic Marti soon to be a Dass Doll, BBL surgery this week....sooo excited for you!! XO


My waist keeps shrinking but my booty has as well. Waist is 27 and hips 40. Still 13 inches difference hip/waist which I'm happy about.

The brusing is all gone and I am moving around a lot easier now. Going to start doing light cardio next week.

My waist is still very numb & I can't fully bend at the waist yet. The only thing that's tough on me is sleeping on my tummy.

Overall recovery really hasn't been as tough as I had thought it would be. I haven't driven or sat on my new booty at all. I plan to wait till 8 weeks before sitting on my new booty. Wish me luck!!

If my booty shrinks I will definitely do another round next year. I would like it a bit larger (more projection) & I may get breast implants at the same time.

I hope to lose a lot more weight (swelling) in my waist & back, I am still really swollen. Love to have a 24"or 25" waist & 40" hips.


More pics. Too natural looking? Should I go bigger?


I'm getting close to my 6 week mark in 3 more days. I will be waiting a few more weeks before I fully sit on my new Booty. It's still rock hard & it hurts to touch it so I can't imagine sitting on it ust yet.

I'm finally going out to a party next week I'll post pictures of my sexy fitted dress. It definitely shows off the curves. Woo hoo!!

I've stopped wearing my faja and I'll be wearing a tight waist trainer the coming 2 to 3 weeks. I want my waist down to 25 inches I'm currently at 27 inches and still swillen. I think with cardio, weight training and the waist trainer I can lose a few inches.

Wish me luck!


I tried on several bikinis today and none of the bottoms fit me. There all a bit snug.

My hubby booked a ROMANTIC tropical beach vacation for our Anniversary so I need to get my bikini bittoms adjusted. I have a stylist who designs my bikinis, so we're going to visit her next week to fix some of my favorite bikinis and design new ones for our upcoming vacation! I'm super excited!

I plan to buy all new sexy dresses & outfits it's going to be soo much fun shopping with my new hour glass figure ??

I measured myself and I've lost an inch in my waist (26) and luckily I haven't lost anything off my new booty (40).

Here is a bikini my hubby bought me in California lsst month. It's a bit small & revealing on me. I'm going to get it adjusted.

The bright yellow one piece I love and plan to have one designed like that, I think it looks amazing on an hour glass figure.

Loving this Neon Yellow 1 Piece

LOVE LOVE LOVE on hour glass figure!


Here are a few pics 6 months post op. Measurements are about the same.

Booty is very natural, not too over done. I have hips now.


This shows more curves
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I had the BBL done with Dr. Dass in October 2016. 6 months PO and I have healed quite nicely. I've followed all pre op and post op instructions to a T. I'm really happy with my outcome. In my phone consultation I requested a big bubble butt with a high butt/ shelf, 1200cc in booty/hips, but Dr. Dass was only able to fit in 800cc as my skin is very tight. It's very natural looking. I've lost a few inches in my booty since 6 weeks PO, I'm hoping I don't lose any more volume. Everything seemed a bit rushed on the day of surgery. I would have appreciated more time in the recovery room post surgery. My hubby didn't get to come sit with me until I woke up. I was dressed and wheeled out in a wheel chair while I was still asleep/out of it. I didn't wake up till I was in my Uber. I'm very happy with my overall results Dr. Dass is very talented. I got a bit of an hour glass figure. My abs are very defined and I feel sexy in my bikini. I would have given a 5 star review, however, I'm 6 months PO and I haven't received a phone call or an e-mail from Dr Dass to see how I am healing. Most galz go in at 6 weeks snd 6 months for a PO Check up. I won't be going back for any PO checkups, as I am out of the country. I really would have appeciated some phone calls to see how I am healing and answer any questions I may have the past 6 months. Overall kudos to Dr Dass and your team! Loved your nurse and anesthesiologist they eased my mind right before surgery! I thought Megan was great, extremely thorough. I spent the most time with her before and after surgery.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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