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I have been debating getting a BBL for about two...

I have been debating getting a BBL for about two years and I'm going to take the plunge now. I have a decent figure (I will upload pics later) but there are genetic issues I just can't control with exercise, diet or weight loss.

My puffy lower belly pooch has never gone away, not even once in my entire life. I never wear bathing suits or cropped tops because it makes me feel so uncomfortable. It looks like I gave birth and I still have baby weight (I don't have any kids).

Also, my booty is a decent sized peach, I am 32DD-25-38 but at this age I am noticing it is starting to sag. I am used to being around 110 lbs. but if I even lose a pound right now from the 130 lbs. I weigh my butt will totally sag and deflate so I've been staying plump LOL (not that cute for my arms or face but my thick ass thighs don't bother me one bit)

My goal with Brazilian butt lift is to get rid of the belly fat, plump up the booty and give it a lift. I don't think my expectations with goal pics are unreasonable and after doing a ton of research on other petite girls my size and frame I am confident that Dr. Hazani is the right doctor for me. I have started the process and I am excited!

One fear that I have is the lipo on my belly area. I like a soft, natural, feminine look I don't want it to be looking way too flat, tightly pulled or overly sculpted I just want the pooch gone once and for all. I am really really scared about this and I hope that talking to Dr. Hazani and looking at more of his before and after pics will help alleviate this concern.

If anyone has any advice at all.. particularly about the lower belly lipo please reach out I would love to hear from you! Especially if you went to Dr. Hazani

Had my consultation today

I had my consultation with Dr. Hazani today. What a roller coaster of emotions that was!

I have just started a new birth control pill and so I am especially bloated and swollen. Looking in the triple mirrors and seeing my body like that was not especially fun for me.

I am about 15 lbs. overweight and I discussed the weight loss situation with Dr. Hazani. He said he prefers me at this weight so that he has more fat to work with. The problem is all the weight in my face and my upper arms is really bothering me. He said that if I lost weight before my procedure I can do lipo in my thigh area for an extra fee so I am debating that because I think it will be worth it. I would really just like to go in to the procedure at my ideal weight and not lose weight after and lose my booty with it too.

I expressed my concern over the lower belly liposuction with Dr. Hazani, he seemed to kind of dismiss it a bit and say that everything else was going to look good so if the pooch was still there it wouldn't bother me. The pooch has been bothering me my entire life. I just want to feel good about wearing a bikini.

When I went in to my consult I was 100% sure I wanted to book Dr. Hazani based on reviews I saw on other petite girls on the thinner side on real self. Now I feel I should see another doctor or two for a consult before committing. He was a very nice doctor and I was glad to finally meet him and talk to him but I almost got the feeling that he's done so many of these procedures it's routine for him-- and it certainly isn't that way for me!

I have already had a surgical procedure (rhinoplasty) where the surgeon has left me needing an additional procedure. I would rather do something right the first time to avoid revisions. Surgery is a traumatic experience on your body and going under anesthesia is risky (not to mention the process is pricey). I just want to feel completely confident I am making the right decision here.

Doing a lot of thinking about surgery

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the procedure since my consultation appointment. If this is something I truly want to do, what will happen if I have a negative result and I don't get the desired outcome (like my rhinoplasty), keeping in mind everything that can go wrong.

I have only told my best male friend about this and a female friend that I have known for 7-8 years that I trust and that would be the one to bring me back from the hospital. They were both supportive. My male friend suggested I try to do the gym thing again and I do really feel guilty for not putting more effort in the gym.

I have a gym membership and I have a package for personal trainer that's all prepaid and I never make an effort to go. The thing with the gym is though- I can get very physically fit and that will certainly help my appearance but my booty won't get any bigger. If anything I'm a petite girl and I'll get even more lean. I have seen my mom's genetics and it's amazing I even have as much booty as I do LOL.

One part of me is telling me I should be happy with what I have been blessed with naturally but on the other hand I feel like I am already in my 30's, I am single, and I can afford the procedure and I'm prepared for the recovery so why not invest in to me? I have never been 100% confident about my body because of that lower belly pooch and I have done everything in my power to get rid of it and not one single thing has ever fully taken it away so I think it's time to just take the plunge.

November and December are a very busy time of year for me because of work so I am planning on a late December or early January procedure. I haven't even put down my deposit yet and I am already so nervous, but I am excited too. I am going to email Gary, who sat down with me when I went to the office, and ask about the pre-op appointment and the standard routine before the surgery. I don't want to pay a deposit unless I'm guaranteed to be able to sit down with the doctor and have my questions answered and tell him my desired outcome without him being rushed. I understand I had a free consultation and you get what you pay for so that is why I am hoping once I pay my deposit it will be a different story.

Checking out Dr. Jarrah-Nejad (Dr. J)

I found this doctor the other day that is a little more under the radar with BBL on real self. There are not a lot of reviews for him with before/after pics from girls here. His name is Dr. Jarrah-Nejad and he goes by Dr. J. His work on his website looks beautiful.

One thing I mentioned before was that the stomach was very important to me when making my decision. Dr. J seems to give both a nice shape and manages to keep the stomach area looking soft and natural and not pulled or lumpy. Nobody has left reviews talking about dents. I am going to do a consultation with him in person for $250 and see how I feel after I talk to him.

Dr. J has a higher price for BBL than Dr. Hazani but he is also a board certified plastic surgeon whereas Dr. Hazani is just a board certified general surgeon. I just wish there were more personal updates of his work with before and after pics that girls took themselves. If there is anyone that went to Dr. J and is pleased with their results please reach out to me!
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