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I'm day 3 post-op and have been motivated to get a...

I'm day 3 post-op and have been motivated to get a bbl since losing 45 lbs in the last 2 yrs. Spin and a gooddiet were the answer to my prayers- but as a lot of women can attest to, I couldn't get rid of my saddle bags. I turned 30 this year and decided that it was worry the risk pre-babies to DO IT

I'm officially 1wk postop!

Yesterday I woke up sick and tired of my stage one. I bought a Rainey suit with the double zippers- one on each side just in front of my hips. It felt a lot more comfortable than the Veronica suit (xl) my PS put me in. The Veronica suit after two days caused a terrible swelling between my legs if you know what I mean... The opening was positioned all wrong for my body shape, causing one of my lips to jut out! Anyway...
After my first shower- thanks to my boyfriend I changed into the Rainey suit (m). Both of us doubted the fit but I had ordered it from off of the measurement my PS took. After 10 min of zipper fighting (zippers go on inside and clasps cover Zipper along outside) my boyfriend had the genius idea of using a paper clip untwisted at one end, maintaining a hook at the other to get through the zipper hole and pull up on!!! It was so hard to get a grip on the damn zippers. So needless to say day three felt like I was being juiced... I really could feel seepage. Not so bad that I could see it or that it bled through my pajamas but I definitely felt like I was being squeezed.
Also wanted to mention that the first shower experience was tough. The water against my skin somehow made me incredibly nauseated and uncomfortable. It almost tingled. Had better success with a large cup pouring to wash myself. I definitely got dizzy coming out and had to get down on my knees to get the ringing out of my ears to quit and my heartbeat to settle down. It was a totally weird reaction.
I used arnica gel after my shower before suiting up.
So then day 4 was when my PS gave me permission to remove the surgical tape and cardboard backed bandage that acted to flatten my lower back from my crack up to my mud back. I can't begin to describe the irritation of the poking when I attempted to arch for any reason trying to get comfortable in bed. Funny how all the inconveniences, irritations, and pain are relative. As soon as it got a little easier to get out of bed and walk around, the poking was what seemed to be the problem ;)
So at the end of the day my boyfriend helped me unsuit and debandage. Little did I realize that this seemingly simple process would turn out to be the single most painful experience thus far. Baby oil helps get the tape a little less sticky, but damn my little baby hair. Apparently I'm fuzzier than I ever realized! I felt too light headed after that experience to get in the shower so I rested a bit and rubbed arnica all over again before resuiting into the original PS garment (wanted to wash the Rainey) I was thrilled to find it was baggy! So I used the Velcro waist/back support to cinch myself right for bed.
Day 5 seemed to pass pretty slowly. I was definitely up and about doing housework for about 30-1hr blocks at a time and then would lay back down on my tummy to rest. Showered and switched back into the Rainey. Laying on my sides was too painful with the terrible zippers pinching into my skin.

Also of note- I must have been drinking a ton of water because I averaged using my glorious pee funnel every two hours promptly!
I got mine from REI- it's probably the best purchase I made :)

Day 3

Day 6

Day 6 got sick of my stage one cutting into the area below my breasts so I took it upon myself to try out the stage 2. It is also a Rainey garment and I LOVE it...
My post op is scheduled for tomorrow. Figured it was ok to get a little head start since I had been reading other people's reviews and found they had been toll to switch between 5-7 post op.

Day 5

Day 3 Fullness

Day 8 Stage 2 Rainey

My favorite purchase...

Ladies as many of you mentioned you can get funnels from target/Walmart/ace hardware for under $5...
However I HIGHLY recommend splurging on this little utilitarian piece of genius. Yes it's $22.95 but YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Makes u kinda feel like you got one for a minute ;)
But seriously it fits right in through the suit slips and is super clean! When you have to go bad and it's impossible enough to get out of bed you want to relieve yourself as fast and cleanly as possible. Nothing worse than soggy between the leg suit- luckily I never had that problem. Cause I wasn't about to change my suit in the middle of the night... Everything else is hard enough as it is.

Ok that's my rant.

Day 12

Feeling really good. I had a slip up today and found myself sitting at my desk for a few minutes before remembering I'm not supposed to sit for a few more days.
I'm still swollen, but apart from the nerve tingling and occasional itching, I feel pretty normal.
My butt has definitely gone down thank goodness and I'm feeling really good about the liposuctioned areas. My PS said he removed about 5 lbs from my flanks alone!
Looking forward to trying on jeans soon.
I'm supposed to figure out some sort of extra compression for my saddle bag areas. Thinking ace bandages on top of my Rainey suit?

Hoping to go down to a size (s) Rainey after my shower tonight.

Wish me luck ;)

Smaller compression check!

Made it into my size small Rainey and feeling good. Also trying out sleeping with the back stretch Velcro wrap around my right saddlebag problem area... Hope this helps!

2 weeks post-op!

Hooray! I'm technically allowed to sit :) with the use of pillows, towels, and cushions of course! Had my second "normal" shower this am. It's been tough trying to get used to the way water hitting my skin feels especially on my tummy and lower back.

I'm using an ace bandage to add extra compression to my right saddlebag and I think it's working. This morning both sides looked nearly equal!

A swollen mess today

Been on my feet since 8 am this morning and I'm a swollen mess today. My tummy looks lumpy, the saddlebags look as they did before surgery... I'm frustrated but I know it's part of the healing process. It's amazing how much a body can fluctuate in 24 hrs...

I'm not sure the Rainey suit is giving me enough compression. Would live some feedback from any post-op BBL sistas out there... Did a bit of research on Vadetta and Squeem today. I'm just in between sizes it seems and neither company does returns. Help!

Wondering if I should take a trip to Fredrick's to see if there's something there (corset-wise) that might do the trick...
Feeling pretty miserable and uncomfortable right now.

Day 18

Today bloating plus swelling... What a treat. Pmsing and on my feet for 14 hrs... I love what I do for work right now so can't complain too much. I got a check up call from my PS. He really is great, he reminded me that it's time to get some extra compression going on my waist and recommended Fredrick's of Holywood for ease of getting to try things on for size. I've found I'm in between sizes... How perfect ;)

So I bought the three corset styles they had in plain black at Fredrick's. made it ten min before closing and the gals that helped me were both dolls. I got the straight cut bust, the heart shape strapless and the halter corsets. I have no idea what I'm doing but those girls laced it up tight for fit and then allowed me to do all the hooks from the front. Definitely not a one-woman job. Each one was $62 and not sure if ill keep all three but since they have a 90 day return policy figured there was nothing to lose.
At least despite my current blobular state I can make out my waist. Sleeping in this get up is going to be a bit rough but I'm going for it tonight along with my ace bandage for my right saddle bag... Hopefully this will help get things to unswell faster!

Tomorrow AM is first day back in the gym!

Per Dr's orders I'm working out my a$$!!! I miss spin so I'm going to give it a try. Low rpms and high resistance. Hopefully I'll last the hr. wish me luck!

Day 18 (for real) miscounted!

Pleased to report that spin class kicked my ass... In a good way. I felt the "burn" faster but might just be because its been two and a half weeks since my last class. Definitely felt the tingling sensation in my lower back/flanks where most of my lipo was done. I wore ultra tight stretch pants and decided to go without my compression garments- I did where the Velcro back brace on my waist/lower back for extra support.

Immediately after I had a massage. I needed it. My stomach was feeling lumpy and my lipo areas I was told by my PS to massage regularly. Helps with circulation and swelling. I'm still bloated but on the whole felt better today.

Almost 1 month post-op

Most everything is back to normal. Trying to sit less frequently than pre-op but it's tough. Also I'm super frustrated with wearing the proper compression garments... Tried to wear a corset but gave up on it three days ago. It caused more bruising that benefit- the way I'm shaped (hip bones jut out- no matter how tight or loose would hit extremely uncomfortably. Still wearing the ace bandage while sleeping. Going to the gym almost everyday. Can't run comfortably yet or spin as fast as I would like but I'm definitely working hard. No regrets about surgery but somehow thought it would feel different. My clothes seem to fit the same. Jeans are a bit looser up top but I don't know if ill go down a size. I'm still happy about feeling smaller and the shape of my rear is definitely improved :)

2 years 2 months later... VERY HAPPY

I still get compliments like crazy and loving the curves...

Very happy with my butt!

It's been just about 3 years since surgery... Very happy with my butt. I lift weights and do lunges like crazy. It's well worth it. No matter what happens I want to be strong and healthy :)

Lots of projection still...

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

From the get go, I felt very comfortable with the Dr. Although young and charismatic, he's a general surgeon and master of reconstructive surgery. I was impressed by his personable nature, quick responses to difficult questions, multiple recent publications on BBL procedures and the long term effects of fat transfer, and most especially the non aggressive consultation. I felt comfortable within the first ten minutes of talking to go far enough in the consult to undress and discuss options. Dr. Patel mentioned other cases similar to mine and showed pre/post op pics and summed up alternatives to achieve the results I'm looking for. His assistant Barbie (although I'm always skeptical of cute young women with such classically bimbo names) was extremely professional and well organized. She helped me schedule my appointment and impressively sent text reminders to checkin which were quite helpful. I left my consult with the procedure scheduled the following week. I had extenuating circumstances that the Dr. understood and was willing to fit me in on a Saturday. I thought that was pretty unheard of! It was that or waiting in line for months...I chose pronto. That same day as the consult, I visited the nearby lab in Santa Ana to get lab work and my levels verified for the procedure. It was all set- I officially paid in full (because it was such short notice) for lipo of my saddlebags, love handles, abdomen, tiny belly bump, and upper bra flab (sorry my technical terminology is failing me now ;) and minimal fat transfer to round out the curves in my butt. Apparently I have a A-shape with good projection. When I showed up to the office on the big day (small but very conveniently centrally located off Santa Monica Blvd) I was excruciatingly nervous. My amazing boyfriend was there to ease my nerves but honestly it was having Dr Patel come in the pre-op room after finishing up all the legal paperwork that pretty much instantly set me at ease. He has a way of making the procedure sound routine while sincerely making you feel special about your case and the level of care that's taken to ensure your comfort. That was totally necessary for me and not at all overlooked. Next I met the general anesthesiologist. A very soft spoken gentleman who also assured me I was in good hands. Each team member I met (four total who were a part of the procedure) was extremely professional, clean and ready to take my body for an express overhaul. Dr. Patel went over my meds and after care with my boyfriend and I. Vicodin, antibiotics, anti nasea pills, arnica tablets, and Valium just in case...I was told most importantly not to sit at all for two weeks. I was in surgery for 4 hours. I honestly don't remember a thing past a few seconds after my IV was put in and I was asked to lie on my back wearing the paper operating gown. I never believed everything could go from a severe sweaty panic while filling our the paperwork) to complete serenity... I awoke to the sound of my boyfriends voice as the nurse led him to the gurney I was laying on. I was told my throat would be a bit sore from the breathing tube used to assist in safe anesthesia admin. And that a catheter was put in because of the duration of the surgery- but all things considered I felt just fine. I somehow managed to forget where I was. I remember asking the nurse for a little more pain meds to get me through my 1.5 hr ride home which was promptly administered. She dressed me in the pajamas i brought. Then according to my boyfriend I told the nurse I didn't need the wheel chair I could walk to the car (which they wouldn't let me do) but I did manage to crawl in the back without any help where my amazing partner had pillows and towels waiting. The Dr. decided that in my case he would close all the wounds without using a drainage tube. This would mean a bit longer swelling but also a "cleaner" recovery period. I heard from the Dr the following morning in an email assuring me that all went smoothly as planned. So now I've had my first shower and was shocked at how minimal the bruising was. So far I can't tell much in appearance of size as I am still quite swollen but overall I'm impressed with the quality of care and respect through this entire process. Looking forward to posting pictures once I have them to be able to update. I highly recommend Dr. Patel and his team. Although based on the $$$ of procedures I have seen in RealSelf his cost is at a premium as far as I can tell it was well with it. Everything was included- compression garment, meds, and follow ups. Looking forward for the swelling to go down so I can see the fruits of his labor! Also Day three and I'm completely off pain meds. I definitely needed them day one and two but now I've got the push-up strategy down and excited to spend more and more time out of bed! Thank you Dr. Patel!

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