Sealed the Deal!!! November 2016! - Beverly Hills, CA

So after long hours searching real self to find...

So after long hours searching real self to find the right doctor for me, I came across Dr. Hazani. I was really impressed with the reviews of past patients and the quality of the work I saw. Being from the Bay Area his location was idea for me. I knew the flight wouldn't be more then an hour and he would be easily accessible to me in the event I needed extra follow up care. Soooo.... I finally got the nerve to call in and schedule a consultation. Dr. Hazani called me and we spoke over the phone for about 45min. He first started off by going over the procedure in depth. He was very honest about what he thought he could achieve. What I appreciated most about the consult was how honest he was. I had previously sent him "wish pics" and asked them if these were realistic expectations. He responded promptly advising these were not realistic expectations based on my current figure. He stated the pictures I sent were of models and there were no before photos to compare to. He proceeded by sending me a dozen or so photos of his prior patients BBL before and after photos. I was once again comforted by the quality of what I saw. He also went over my medical history and advised me of the risks associated with the procedure. Bottom line is I knew he was the doc for me. He was honest, gave me realistic expectations, and made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to choose him as my BBL doctor. On the calendar for Early November!!! Stay tuned ladies and if any past Hazani patients or BBL have any feedback, advice, tips, any and all comments are appreciated..

Post op

Hey gals! So I'm alive and so far pleased. Been A rough few days but slowly feeling better. Will update with photos soon!

Projection 5 days post op

Front side

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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