129 Lbs 5ft2in BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

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I met with Dr Dass initially about 6 weeks ago....

I met with Dr Dass initially about 6 weeks ago. Scheduling the consultation was super easy but there is a $50 consultation fee that you pay up front. I live very close to his office as well. Less than 2 miles away so that also played a part in my decision to go with Dr. Dass. During the initial consultation we went over what I want and the areas that he would be able to get fat from which were arms, back bra rolls, inner thighs and inner knees.
I really want more lipo on my stomach but he said he did not think I have enough fat in that area as I have previously had lipo there and it could create irregularities. That was disappointing as really want more contouring in that area to create more if an hourglass figure. Also I'm thinking how is there enough fat in my arms and knees for lipo but not my abdomen area? I do not want any irregularities so I did not push it. I had absolutely no problems with my previous liposuction and I don't want any.
After my consultation with Dr. Dass I spoke with his coordinator Angela again about pricing for the areas he suggested and to transfer. The total was $9900 which seems very expensive given the fact that I would not get my abdomen area liposuctioned at all.
I decided to not have the knee area included and that reduced the price by $1000.
After more consideration and Realself stalking (this website is great) I scheduled a 2nd consultation for 9/23 to ask additional questions. I asked again about areas that fat could be grafted from and the amount that he thought he could get from each area. As you ladies know it is all about the ccs injected with this procedure. Dr. Dass advised me at that time that he should be able to get about 600ccs into each side for noticeable results but again that included about 100-150 ccs from my knees if included. So I'm thinking without the knees he should be able to inject about 500ccs on each side which would be fine because I already have some booty. Angela said he usually gets out and injects more than he anticipates.
I met with Angela again on Wednesday 9/28 and confirmed my date and paid for the procedure. I am set for 10/6. Very close, I want to be healed and out of those garments by Thanksgiving as I may have to travel and will definitely want to hang out comfortably with friends and family.
After I made my payment in full I met with Dr Dass on 9/28 also. He took pictures and his assistant did my measurements and weighed me at that time. I asked Dr. Dass again about the ccs and this time he said he couldn't be sure of how much he could get out but he would take as much out as possible from the areas to be lipoed which are inner thighs, upper arms and upper back bra rolls. I really want this to go well as $9000.00 is a lot of money and I want to see great results! He also told me that wearing the garment improperly could cause irregularities. I've worn the garment before so not too concerned with that as long as he properly liposuctions the heck out of the areas discussed I should be ok. I follow directions very well and especially when it concerns my body and surgery. I wonder though if anyone has had any irregularities that they feel were caused by not wearing garments properly or for the suggested amount of time?
Just five more days to go and I am nervous and excited! I will go shopping for a few items needed this weekend to prepare for the surgery.

Tomorrow is the big day

My surgery is set for tomorrow and I am so excited and nervous all at the same time.
I am set to have lipo on my arms, back bra roll and inner thighs. I am very much hoping that he goes all the way up to get out all the fat on my back and not just stop at the bra line. I am also reconsidering the knees. I don't want to have my thighs done and then the knee area not look proportionate. I read about that somewhere on realself. I just called the office and scheduled another quick appointment so he can look me over one last time to make sure we are on the same page. I really just do not want to have any fat left behind on my back that is a major concern. It seems like a lot of surgeons don't go up far enough and there is a pocket of fat left right behind the arm pits for some reason.
I measured and weighed today also 129lbs
I go in at 8:30 tomorrow morning :)
The girls in his office are so patient and accommodating.

All done

Everything went ok. Not being able to eat breakfast was very hard. If you like breakfast like I do, you may want to schedule your surgery for first thing in the morning because you cant eat before. I arrived at the center at 8:30 am. I started IV shortly after and was heading into OR at around 9am. He was finishing up a BBL when I arrived and started another surgery (not sure or what that one was) right after me. The ladies that assist him with IV and anesthesia were so nice.
It is really cold when you wake up from anesthesia but they provide a small heater and blanket so it isn't so bad.
I'm not in any pain at all but this garment for the arms is very annoying to say the least and it is so tight. I only got arms, inner thigh, and bra rolls so not a lot of lipo other than the arms garment I feel just fine. I should add I do have high pain tolerance also and it will likely be worse tomorrow.
I ate a bit as soon as I got home but I have not needed any pain meds yet. Took the arnica and antibiotics as directed. it is just a waiting game from here I guess.

A little over 3 weeks Post Op

I am a little over three weeks Post Op and I am sad to say there is little to no change.
I am not upset because I know I didn't have a ton of fat going in and there is always a risk but it is disappointing. I think his ability to get fat from thin patients is a bit over exaggerated.
I am most disappointed about the upper back area because I can still grab/pinch a great deal of fat from that area right behind my arm pit which should not be the case.
The incisions on my back are very low so I don't know if he even attempted to reach that area after I stressed over and over that was a major concern. Not only that the incisions on my back were not placed properly in my opinion because they cant be hidden by my bra straps so I will have very visible scars on my back. I'm almost more irritated with that because that should be a given and that was the easiest thing to achieve. I have not noticed any other surgeon who places incisions that low on the back to access the areas I was concerned about.
The incision on my arms are very small so not visible. The incisions on my inner thighs are not as small as the one for my arm but not as big as the two on my back so the scars will likely not be a big deal.
I have been delaying an update hoping for some positives but at this point I don't think it was worth 9k at all just my opinion from my experience. I did not have any complications or any horrible pain and swelling didn't last long at all so that is a plus. I will continue to update.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

My interactions with Dr. Dass have gone well so far. He answers my questions but he doesn't talk a lot. He is pleasant, not rude or rushing through at all and his office is very accommodating with appointments.

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