A Review of my Consultation with Dr Hazani. Beverly Hills, CA

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I had a consultation with Dr Hazani this past week...

I had a consultation with Dr Hazani this past week for a BBL and I am so far very pleased. He was very knowledgeable and explained what I can expect and was patient to answer any questions I had. I feel very comfortable at this point choosing him as my doctor for my BBL. I saw many before and after pictures of his work and his prices are very competitive without compromising quality and being in the Beverly Hills area which seems to be one of the highest cost areas for cosmetic surgery so that is refreshing. My situation went from unlikely to happen to "I can and get to do this!!!", and I am very grateful for that. And I must add that he has one of the best offices that I've seen so far very welcoming open space and the ladies at the front desk were very friendly down to earth easily approachable I enjoyed chatting with them. I will be putting in my deposit and booking my surgery in this next week and a half super excited!!!! I highly recommend anyone considering a BBL to book a consultation with Dr Hazani. Further reviews of my experience pending :)


Hi dolls!! So my SX date with Dr. Hazani is set for June 1st (it has been just wanted to get a little closer to the date to post an update). I am super excited. Some nerves but mostly excited. I put up a pic of me (my before) and some supplies I have already bought. Not sure what I will use and how efficient these items are so I will post a review of those later. I am having the BBL with upper and lower abdominal liposuction and full liposuction of the back hips phalanx and around the bra line and also told the doctor I would like some lipo in the lower pubic area to balance things out. I'm hoping I don't have any loose skin in my stomach area as I already do you have some harder to tell in the pictures from my weight loss. Really hoping my skin bounces back well with good aftercare but I was advised I could possibly need a tummy tuck after at some point to address the issue. I have not been one to get major stretch marks so, so far that's good. I just ordered the abdominal lipo board/pads and some sterile abdominal pads for any leakage. I almost got the P EZ urinal to help when peeing to avoid sitting down I may still get that but not sure why someone wouldn't just use a flexible large cup. Going to also be getting some vitamins and some cream as long as a doctor recommends and gives me the ok. Also going to get a bunch of pillows to help with sleeping along with a Boppy Pillow. Thinking about getting a fold-out lounge chair and cutting a hole in the rear end area kind of customizing it so that I can lay on my back maybe after a few days for short periods. I saw another girl who did it and it looked pretty cool and seems like it would be effective. I will try to take a picture of what she did if I could but I still need to check with my doctor if that is ok. I have some wish pics maybe I will post up later. Any advice or tips on other items that are helpful to use please lmk ladies. I am all ears !!!

Lab Work is Done and 23 days left to go!!

Just did my labs on Friday and counting the days down!!! I will post a pic of the supplies I have already most likely tomorrow and.... I found a good lounge long chair that it looks like I can modify (got this idea from another RS user) so that I can periodically lay on my back and my bottom will hang with absolutely no pressure on it just pressure on my mid-back and upper thighs. After I'm finished modifying that and adding some cushions I will take a picture and post it here for other dolls to see. I'm going to send a picture of it as well to show Dr Hazani to make sure he says it's okay. Also I feel like I put a few pounds so going to be a little more cautious of my eating and get in some more exercise because I was already overweight some and now I notice a little more back fat and just jello feeling. Weights and strength training is super important poor muscle tone I noticed when losing weight if you don't incorporate that then your body will appear more loose. It's amazing how the body works. A couple more pics of where I am at now.

Things I have purchased sx recovery

Here are the items I purchased already some I had on hand. I still need to get a stool softener, some arnica cream ( I have the Arnica Gel already), and I forgot to add in the picture I bought several soft black tank tops to wear under the Garment for comfort. This was a suggestion I bought them just in case. Also I have several bed liners also known as pee pads and I'm going to be buying a couple large long body pillows and I will be getting a Boppy Pillow along with a special lounge chair that I am still in the process of making.

Items I purchased so far for my post sx recovery

These are the items I have so far for post SX. I am still going to get some arnica cream ( I already have the Arnica Gel), bromelain tablets, arnica tea along with Gatorade and plenty of water. Also going to get a couple large long soft body pillows and I did not add in the pictures but I did buy several black soft tank tops someone recommended to wear under the Garment just in case. I'm also working on a lounge chair when I'm finished reconstructing that I will post a picture.

My Wish Pics :)

Every different shaped booty has its own unique beauty to it but here are some that I really like and would consider my wish pics. I know different body types will have different results but my goal would be to get that small waist/flat tummy and smaller upper back around the bra line area (I don't want any upper back fat or chunky bra line area), and sides for a good curve and definition in the lower back as well to give good projection to the butt and fill out my butt as well as hips with a good amount of plumpness without going overboard on it. I don't want gigantic fake hips. I'm getting some lipo in the pubic area as well as I have more then fat there then I a m comfortable with. I can't wait to finally be able to wear a pair of jeans where I'm not pulling them up all day in the butt area. ????????????????


So tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!!! Very excited. :). All prepared for the most part just need to finish a few things around the house but I have all my care supplies and going to try to take measurements this evening and weight tomorrow morning before surgery which last I checked was 177. So excited!!!!

Made it back from surgery!!!!

Made it back from surgery yesterday safe and sound and what is smooth experience. Dr. Hazani and his staff were amazing!!! Okay let me get to the juicy stuff first that most people want to know. I will update pictures later today or tomorrow the latest as soon as I feel up to it but my booty is poppin in a very good way. I am very pleased. It's very firm and a little on the high side and a bit over plump like most people experience so it'll be better when that goes down but that's to be expected my hips are swollen and other parts of my body especially down there but nothing abnormal. I was sent home in the binder that goes around the abdomen area and it's surprisingly fairly comfortable with a fitted soft tank top underneath. Granted I am on my pain meds every 4 to 6 hours so I'm not in too much discomfort yet. I just got a look at my stomach about an hour ago and I am amazed and excited how small my waist is but more amazed that my skin does not look loose. That could change as I did have a 75 pound weight loss a couple years ago and loose skin but my stomach's looking pretty good so far better than I expected. I am just so far amazed at what an artist Hazani is. He put 1030 cc in one side and 1020 in the other I believe and he did an amazing job. I will post some more details a little bit later. And the surgery center it was beautiful by the way.


I am two days post op from my bbl with Dr Hazani and I am loving my results so far. Pretty swollen and bruised which is normal and you can see in the pictures. Extra swelling down there and in the private area which I heard it happens. He did such an amazing job on my stomach I am blown away how small it is the pictures don't even do it justice and so far the loose skin I was worried about it does not appear to be a problem he sculpted my tummy so well. I am excited every day it's getting better. Thank you Hazani!!!!!


Okay here are some pics I finally took from my bbl. I am so far very pleased. 3rd day post op and swelling and bruising as expected but the pain is not too bad. I have a lot of swelling in the lower lady area which apparently happens to alot of people like 3X the size but Dr Hazani did lipo there as well. I can't believe how small my waist is these pictures do not even do justice at how nice and smooth in person it looks. I was really concerned about loose hanging skin in the tummy area and needing a tummy tuck From weight loss but Dr Hazani worked a miracle. Once the swelling goes down I think the size will be perfect. Not too big and not small either.

More pics

How I set my bed up to sleep and it's so comfy. I have no problems with it. I just use one long body pillow I bought from Ross and a memory foam pillow for my head. I used absorbent towels and Chucks for the first 24 hours to line my bed with because I leaked A LOT of fluid so I highly recommend using towels as well.

3rd day post op

Going to take more pictures when the swelling goes down and my booty drops but so far right now it's sitting kind of high and just really tight . I don't think he could have put another drop of fat in it it's so full and I think ended up being 1030 in one and 1020 or 1040 in the other. Either way I think it's perfect any bigger and I may have been looking on the fake side. Pictures don't do justice it's definitely bigger in person and waist as well.

More pics

Just more pictures

Day 5 just very swollen water retention in the legs on my feet too long..

On day 5 now and the pain has been minimal mostly on and off discomfort and pressure. I definitely have more pain having my tonsillectomy ( my tonsils removed). I keep up on my pain meds every 4 hours as prescribed and word of advice I put in my phone the last time I take them so I don't lose track and double dose or miss a dose. That is very important as it can be very confusing when trying to heal one day turns into the next plus taking multivitamins on top of the entire healing routine better to stay on track. I just went down to one pain pill as opposed to two every 4 hours to taper down and stretch them out and I'm still taking the arnica pills and bromelain supplements to help with anti-inflammatory indigestion and swelling along with arnica oil which has been so soothing. Started wearing the stage two garment after my post-op appointment put that on I believe last night after my shower that went well it's comfortable and I wear the binder over it which also has been going well I don't take either of them off for too long at a time to prevent from swelling and I finally finally went to the bathroom today which was a relief. Definitely recommend a gentle stool softener. That was the first time I sat down and the only time I sit down but used most of the pressure on my thighs and it wasn't too hard to do I think all the swelling in my legs made it so I couldn't feel like much of anything or the pain medicine I don't know all I know is I was going to the bathroom and I didn't care. It was a little emotional today too because my best friend who is taking care of me how to go home her uncle passed away so I was very sad about that but glad to see her go be with her family. Was definitely grateful to have her here for the time she was here. It's definitely worth it having things set up for yourself as much as you can before surgery to make it easier on yourself and have help. She was so helpful and I still have some help it's just in increments. I did have to contact Dr hazani about the swelling in my legs and it took a while but he did get back to me the same day later that afternoon early evening and it turns out I was on my feet for too long just walking around the house doing stuff which I kind of already knew so I had to get off my feet more lay on my stomach which I do all the time never on my back or never sitting on my butt and elevate from the back of my knees and my legs and he asked me some other questions about how I'm healing and to make sure I'm OK which I was very grateful for I felt much safer knowing he checked on me. That was the second time I had a question for him and both times he did get back to me. So today was a little emotional got through it took a couple pictures didn't get too many because again I'm very swollen and it's just not doing any justice I'm not really proportioned good my legs are so thick right now it's not showing off how good the results they really are and it really does look good I would rather let the swelling go down then show but as soon as that improves I will post more pictures but to show what it does look like I will post a picture of the swelling also in the legs alone. All that said still worth it it does get better I'm still excited and even with my swollen legs everytime I look at my stomach in my backside I am blown away at how small he was able to narrow my waist and around he was able to get my bottom and how much I know it's going to improve as the days go by. It's a journey!!

More pics of my bbl with Dr. Hazani. Very Happy!!!

8 days post op from my BBL with dr. Hazani and doing very well. Thought I would update with some more pictures. These pictures I'm just wearing the Garment and binder.

Loving my results!!!

Updating my pictures. I am loving my results here are some pictures of various stages I am currently one month post-op well 3 days away from one month post-op I have absolutely no bruising. No pain. I am still wearing my garment. I am also wearing the binder even though I technically don't have to I find it helps me keep my stomach area intact. I started massaging the tummy area I find best in the shower using some soap it's a little smoother easier to get the entire area my hands don't get as tired and I can get my lower back area which I do tend to get some swelling. I am able to sleep on my sides now which is a relief I refrained from doing that for a while because I did have that put in my hips which I'm glad I did wait I did not want to damage any of the fat that was transferred there. I have been sitting when I drive only I don't like to and a couple times when I went out to eat otherwise I don't. I am active again walking hiking minimal went back to the gym did some upper-body weights no cardio definitely no running yet I would like to start but I'm afraid I'm going to burn off some of this butt. Will post some more update later.

First time revealing the booty on the beach

Not the best angle of a picture just took a quick one I was still a little shy first time in a bikini on the beach ever. Thank you Dr Hazani!!!!

Loving my results!!!

Finally wore a bikini on the beach!!!! It's a great feeling and started working out again it's been a month and a week hopefully can start jogging in the next week will see. Definitely loving the defined waist and curves. I will post an update later on what items I found helpful during recovery because I did buy some items that were not necessary and there were some that were Lifesavers.

6 month update pictures

Loving my results 6 months later!!!! Dr Hazani is a great Dr.
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