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Ok so if you have seen my last review, Dr.Smaili...

Ok so if you have seen my last review, Dr.Smaili dos a subtle rhinoplasty for me, and breast augmentation, all in one procedure. I loooove my results... And now I'm returning for a BBL with him.

Also looking for more subtlety, mainly want to add volume to my hips since I actually have a big butt. Lol

Ok, so I have contacted Dr. Cardenas today, and...

Ok, so I have contacted Dr. Cardenas today, and hope to have a response from her office tomorrow. I am actually pretty excited and can't wait to hear and see what she thinks and find out official price and details! I have checked out so many reviews, and researched her so well, that I already feel like I know here, haha. So hoping I hear back tomorrow, really want to be a Cardenas doll! :)

Time to choose which doctor tomorrow (Cardenas, Campos, or Pantoja)... Most likely Campos

Alrighty, I'm like way into investigation mode now! Lol I am hoping to hear back from Dr. Cardenas office tomorrow, and I actually went into Dr.Campos office today! Yes.. I went there, in person! Lol

First things first, driving over there is crazy! I would not recommend anyone to drive over there, the next time I go back with whoever I choose, I am going to arrange to be picked up! Lol but I made it back across safely, except there was A LOT of traffic getting out of there, and I mean a LOT! It took my almost 3 hours just to leave! It was bumper to bumper. I don't know if it is always like that, or if it was like that because it's Memorial Day, but if anyone knows if it is always like that, please let me know haha.

Anyway, they quoted me $4,000, I didn't act silly meet with the Doctor, I met with Angie, and she was really nice, has an amazing body, and gave me an estimate!

Lastly, just to weigh in all my options I was in contact with Dr.Pantojas office too! The only problem is I'm really to go through with this ASAP, like in the next few days. And a person on the phone told me the next available surgery dates are in September.... :O
Sooooo... When they emailed me a quote, I emailed back just to verify if that was really true. So when they respond tomorrow, we will see. But the quote was $3500.

Campos it is!!! I'm scheduled for this Thursday! June 2nd! Soon to be a Campos Doll!!!

Ok so I've been in contact with Angie in Dr.Campos' office! And we got everything all sorted out! :) I'm scheduled for my BBL on Thursday!!! ???? June 2nd, 2016! If anyone is scheduled the same day, let me know!!! Let's split a hotel or RH lol hahaha

I have attached some more wish pics too!


Angie changed my surgery date to Friday! So Friday it is!

Made it to the other side! Thank you Jesus!!!

Anyway, I'm pretty doped up on medications so I'll wait to do my sx day in full! But I'm feeling pretty good, and waiting for legs to regain strength so I can leave. I did throw up, it wasn't bad or long, but I got up, and my mom walked me to the mirror! Looooooks amazing! On the way back is when I got sick :/ but I'm feeling great, and looking amazing! Campos staff is amazing! I love them! & Dr.Campos is the best!!!!

I will be posting before and after pics probably tomorrow!

Before... After (only will have these pics up here for a lol while)

Ok so I was already for the most part in shape but did gain a little weight. Campos was able to take from my inner thighs, abdomen, waist, and lower back and a little in the upper back. I requested mainly to have more volume in my hips and a little bit more projection in my butt, because I already have a big butt for my size lol. So anyone I'm one day post op and already loving my result although they are subtle it was what I wanted (:

Sorry for the hurting out, but I'm just a private person, hopefully you all can see the difference (:

Ok and about recovery! Oh my!

Definitely is not a walk in the park, but no so much because of pain but because you're just uncomfortable really. You are sore as heck, have on this tight garment, can't move that well without pain, using the bathroom is difficult. But other than that it's not too bad, movement has really been helping me, my bruising is actually not bad at all, this drain thing is annoying though, but you definitely need it! Hoping I can get mine off in my post op appointment on Monday. I have been doing a little walking, and a lot of laying down. I've been drinking pedialyte, water, and to make sure I stay light on my tummy I've Been eating baby food lol. Yes baby good, I have apple and banana, it's really good too. And I have not thrown up any of it (: the only time I threw up was when I was walking too soon at the facility. But anyway, if you have any questions feel free to ask, I'm currently laying down and watching Netflix! Hope this was helpful!

Recovery update

Still loving my results!!! Not loving recovery though! Lol so I am on my way to Dr.Campos office now for my follow up appointment, they let me come a day early, I was supposed to go Friday. They are going to take my drain and stitches out I believe. I'll be so much happier when I get this drain out, it's pretty annoying! Lol

But as far as recovery, I've been doing pretty good, it's very difficult to completely not sit on your butt though! So I'm hoping I've been doing pretty good about that, but I have sat on it a little, I'm not sure if the boppy pillow works or not but I got mine from Dr.Campos office, they have big black and comfy ones and I think it was like $40 or $45, but I've been using it but I still feel like I'm basically sitting on my butt, but I think it relieves some of the pressure and spreads it evenly. Ok And I have slept on my stomach the whole time, which was hard the very first few days and then I found a comfy way to prop myself and stuff, so it's been cool. I've been taking my iron, pain, and antibiotic every day. I started taking Bromelain on Monday I think, and my bruises improved significantly since! So that was really good! And I haven't had my first massage yet, I will have it today, but I have been doing things to drain myself, I have been lightly rubbing myself a little with oil (emu oil, castor oil, and coconut oil, all mixed together) which has helped with bruises greatly too. I have been walking every day, and light stretching. But yeah, so far all is good and I'm healing really well! I love my results still so far, Dr.Campos is amazing, I saw some reviews talking about his personality, and honestly, he was very nice, very honest, very realistic with me, helpful, and had great hospitality if you asked me, so idk what some of these people on here are talking about. He was all around just great!


Ok so it's been like 4 weeks now. I have been pretty terrible about sitting. But I didn't sit at all the first week, and I barely sat the second week, and the third week I was sitting off and on. But I don't think my results have changed too much. One side is more pronounced than the other though, and bigger than the other :/... I still love it more than before, but wish it was a little more asymmetrical. It's been that way since the very beginning, but I was just hoping that it would stay where it was and the other side end up balancing it out. But as he swelling went down, you could see that one hip is more pronounced than the other, and one cheek is a a little bigger than the other. So I'm curious to find out how many CC's was actually put into both sides. Well I will let him know this problem for me, but other than that I do have I think a few seromas so I'm on my way down there today to finally get it all checked out. I should have gone sooner but I was really busy with regular life. Hoping it's not serious and only needs to be drained once and massaged good. Well I will have an update later on today about my post-op appointment w/ Dr.Campos today!
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Ok so I came in for my 5 month follow up for my rhino and BA with Dr.Smaili, and after that he did a consult with me about the BBL procedure. I expressed that I mainly want just more volume to my hips. However, I am a patient with VERY minimal fat, so he is going to take from the abdomen, thighs, and back, to extract enough fat for my desired look! I am very excited, I think because of what I want, I got a pretty good price from Andrea... (I talked with Andrea after seeing Dr.Smaili), and now the only thing holding me back is just figuring out the financial side of things. I will update this hopefully later on this week, with my surgery date! (:

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