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Ok so as promised my full honest review for BBL...

Ok so as promised my full honest review for BBL surgery. Wow so where do I start! This Surgery is seriously no joke! When girls say this surgery is no joke they really are not playing! I honestly thought that I was full on ready to take on this surgery! Having had two c-sections, and a full tummy tuck I thought this surgery will be a piece of cake! Well in all reality this surgery is 100 times harder! Lol. Not only in the Physical aspect of the surgery post op, but the emotional toll it takes on you, it is WOW!! The roller coaster girls say they endure in this journey is real! It's all over the place!!! I'm now 4 weeks post op, (31 days) exactly one month since my surgery on March 9. I still have not sat, and I believe that probably is the hardest part of this surgery. You began to get over protective of your butt after this surgery lol. I went back to work at 26 days post op and man standing up my entire shift was ridiculously hard. I bought the BBL booty buddy pillow, but even trying to use it I'm scared I'm somehow squeezing the bottom park of my butt. So as of now maintaining myself standing up. Plan to start sitting at 5 weeks post op using the pillow. I told people at work that I hurt my tailbone very badly so that I could not sit, but I don't think I could keep that lie up for longer than 5 weeks post op.

Review continued

As of now I'm totally satisfied with my BBL and loving my new body. The only thing that I would probably change is that I really wanted that heart shaped booty, and that tiny waist, but I know that my physical anatomy plays a huge part in that and won't let that happen. Shit I've never had a completely flat tummy like that with a tiny waist. I believe my body is way better now than it's ever been. I'm 5'0 I weighed 131 day of surgery. 1 year ago when I did my Tummy tuck surgery I was like 118 pounds I believe. So I gained some weight for the surgery. Sometimes I wonder if maybe that wasn't such a good idea because since I also stopped working out all together I got a bit of cellulite in my butt and thighs and now that my butt is bigger it's a little more noticeable. I'm really hoping that with exercise it gets better. I had never had this much cellulite :/


Pre op
Waist 32
Hip/Butt 39

13 days post op
Hip/Butt 41
Waist 30

18 days post op
Hip/Butt 41
Waist 27 1/2

And now 32 days post op
Hip/Butt still at 41
Waist 27

Feeling at 90% now

Emotionally I'm feeling mostly normal now. Physically my stomach lipo areas still feel tender. The butt seems to feel sore when I accidentally bump into something. Oh yeah TMI I used restroom at like 9 days post op. I was set in that I didn't want to take milk of magnesia like I had to for my Tummy tuck. (Extremely disgusting) but it will do the job if you really need it.

Day of surgery

I arrived at Dr Patels office at 6:30 AM and signed the famous paperwork. Then I was taken to the back where they gave me the little cup to pee in. They then took my vitals I believe, kinda hard to remember now lol. I was then given instructions by the Amazing nurse. Then I was asked questions by the anesthesiologist who is just awesome! He then started the IV, and about 30 minutes later Dr Patel came in. He started marking me up, and then right after I said bye to my Hubby and was taken into the Operating Room where they started putting me the iodine all over the body. I was then laid down on the operating table and I went out right away. I then woke up and felt extremely sore, I asked for one of my nausea pills right away, was so scared of getting sick on the ride home like I did for my Tummy Tuck surgery. 15 minutes later my boyfriend got there and I was put on the wheel chair, knees on it and was wheeled out to my car. I could not walk or move on my own for the life of me. At that point it was about approximately 1:45 PM I believe. So I was under for at least 5 hours. I laid in the back seat on my tummy for the ride home. When I got home my boyfriend pulled up right in front of our house and I told him to rush me in because I didn't want to be seen by anyone lol. He took me to my bed and I got super nauseous from standing up, but nothing was coming up. I then told him to give me sprite and my meds..then right after I felt a little better and knocked out until it was time for my Meds again. I felt like I had to pee so much the first 3-4 days. The first time I tried getting up and using the restroom it was so hard to get me out of bed, and the walk to the restroom got me so nauseous I told my boyfriend I just needed to lay. I started peeing laying down face down, half of my body out the bed and he helped me pee into a container with my PEZ. We did that until I could finally get up with no problem and I had no nausea and all. (My hubby was the best) I don't know what I would've done without him. I put him threw a lot with this surgery lol.

From 1-3 weeks

From 1-3 weeks I was getting these weird hot flashes and chills. The last day I had that was at 3 weeks 5 days post op. Worst feeling in the world! I did not have that with my tummy tuck so it was new to me. Oh and let me just say the itch is real! I could not sleep on my own for the first 3 1/2 weeks because I was so itchy. Even until now every other day I have to still take Benadryl to help with the itch and sleep. I had this weird rash on my body and I was super dry. I've been lathering it with Bio oil, lotions, and even Vaseline. It has gotten better. Ok the swelling! WOW it's bad, my face and hands were just so swelled up! TMI and well my girl parts down there were super swollen too that it was super uncomfortable. Swelling on my face and hands went down at 11 days post op.

My dreaded before pictures!

Here are my ugly disturbing before pics! Can't believe how much my body changed after my second child. Specially after a tummy tuck. If you gals gain weight after a tummy tuck ( it's not too pretty)! Oh and excuse background, 18 month old had just finished making a disaster like literally right before the pics! Also all these pics are 3 month pre op.

I had no ass!

These are one month pre op! All bathroom pics!

More pre ops!

These were taken the night before my surgery!

6 days post op with garment

10 days post op with garment

Excuse all these bathroom pics! A lot of my post op pics were taken on my own in the bathroom lol. So excuse any of them with the dirty mirror or messy background. Most of them are taken right before a potty break or shower

13 days post op

Waist was at a 30 and butt has been at a 41 since. Don't know my immediate post op measurements.

Exactly Two weeks post op

18 days post op

18 days post op (Excuse dirty mirror) oh and my things all over the floor!

Exactly 4 weeks post op!

Yup as always forgive the mess!

Most recent pics

31 days post op taken yesterday.

Taken after a panic

These were taken after accidentally sitting on my butt (more pressure on left buttock) and I panicked lol. You start being paranoid about every little bump, and everything lol...I ran to restroom and started snapping away. Took like ten total.


So I started wearing jeans at 4 weeks and 5 days post op! And man oh man they look so good compared to how awful jeans used to look on me. I will post a pic in Jeans when I get a chance.


So I started sitting at exactly 5 weeks post op and fortunately as of yet I have not seen any changes in volume. I have been sitting on and off while at work or home, but for the most part have gone back to the norm. If I see any changes in volume I will make sure to update with that.


So as I mentioned before I started sitting at exactly five weeks post op...was very paranoid at first, so I wasn't sitting as much....I started sitting a lot more at like 5 weeks and 4 days post op and then from there just been sitting like normal. I really just had to go over that little umph and just do it. I'm pretty much back to normal sitting down...also lay on my back pretty constant measurement on my butt hasn't gone down from sitting...


So I started drinking again at 5 weeks 3 days (my plastic surgeon okayed it.)

Working out

I started working out at 5 weeks 6 days post op. I actually feel fantastic and so much better about my body now. I felt as if I needed to tone up a little and just since starting to work out I feel a satisfaction. I freaking just love, love, my body! And I have definitely felt the confidence boost that I needed. I felt like my face was starting to get fat and all. Before starting to work Out I wondered if my butt was going to go down. And NO it doesn't go down it only helps you through this journey girls...go ahead and work out....


So my butt softened up at 5 weeks, and has felt like my own since. Before than I felt like it was super stiff when I walked and just felt as if it looked it feels like mine and looks natural now.

My goal with getting the BBL

So I got the BBL because I wanted a nice shaped butt that look natural and not fake.. Plus a smaller waist and not look squared like I used to. And YESSS I definitely feel like I got the butt and body that I wanted! I feel confident when I walk and don't feel that shame I felt when I had my preop body lol...or right after surgery.. Right after surgery your butt is hard and very big and unnatural..that feeling lasted me until 5 weeks when my butt finally soften up! Definitely recommend the BBL surgery to any girl looking to do it. You will be so happy you did it! :)

5 weeks 3 days post op..

These pictures were taken at 5 weeks 3 days post op.

Wearing jeans

Mirror is a little blurry, pic was taken after a shower..

Anther one in jeans

At 6 weeks 5 days post op

Another Jean shot!

3 months post op

So it's been 3 months and a week since surgery and I'm still extremely happy with my results!!!! Nice and natural just how I wanted it! My butt did go down to 40 but I don't mind because since then I look super natural now and that's exactly what I wanted! So here's some pics. Oh and FYI I find it super hard to find jeans that fit good!!! It's either my bum is too big or my waist is too small...
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