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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally have a date...

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally have a date ive been researching for about 4 years now to have a bbl done originally I wanted to do the hole Dominican hype. Naturally I was scared and hesitant I'm from California that's a really long way from home if something were to go wrong or just the 10, 12 hour plane ride its self. So FINALLY I found a doctor Hazani! Not only is he a lot closer to home but hes extremely talented from what ive seen. I'm scheduled for May 4th 2016 the day couldn't come any slower I want it done now but ill be patient and wait till my spring semester is over. Ive done the virtual consultation. and have been dealing with his assistant Sarah shes very helpful and nice so I'm thankful for that and I'm content knowing ill be in the right hands. Ill post pics with my stats soon good luck with your journeys!

Time is going by so slow

I say that now but I bet my time will be here sooner then I know it! Just wanted to share my stats since I found that very helpful when I was searching reviews
I'm 26
178 ( dieting, 155 goal )
No kids
Also here's most recent full pics I could find of myself from this past summer not much has changed I've pretty much lived off pizza and beer and since I've started dieting on the 1st I've lost 6 lbs so I'm confident I can make my goal. I'll also add a wish pic I do realize that since I've been overweight for so long that I probably need a tummy tuck but I'm not going to mess with that I know I won't be as thin as my wish pic but if amazing Hazani can help me get the shape I'll continue to work my ass off and do some crunches or whatever to get there lol I'll just be happy with as close as possible

Contemplating changing my date

I've been considering changing my date unfortunately I have had a hard time losing weight. Last time I dieted I shed weight no problem ove dieted for two months now and have only lost 9 lb I would like to be Atleast 30 lb lighter by my surgery date ???? I'm not sure what to do!!

I changed my date! ????

Welp I broke down and changed my date to August 1 so I can lose more weight I'm about to be. A trainer to make sure o don't slack off I'm kinda disappointed but ah the same time is rather wait and be fully ready to get the results I want

Any ps loans for bad credit ?

Have any of you had second thoughts before surgery? My boyfriend is being kinda hard on me about it. On one hand I'm like f*** what he's talking about and then the other has me questioning myself? Plus my car just went out and I'll probably have to get a new car so now I'm searching for a plastic surgery lender for bad credit I can't afford both lmaooo it's just my luck. Any suggestions ladies??

I'm thinking of switching to Mcadoo

Well my date with hazani is approaching fast and I don't think I'll
Be ready for it. I'm
Thinking of going to Mcadoo in FL because I seen some cool asses from him and he's more in my price range I've seen better results from
His ig then real self most of the ladies who have gone to him around my size didn't post pics in the reviews they made

Mcadoo doll to be

So I've switched over to Mcadoo for August 4th I wanted to keep my appointment around the same time cause I feel like I'm never going to do it I've paid half already I have the rest I am
Just waiting on figuring out if I'm
Taking my mom or my boyfriend preferably my mom but she might not be able to go I don't think my boyfriend is going to take the best care of me he's not very gentle by nature so I'm terrified he's going to be to ruff on accident lol well I have so many questions now that I'm
Traveling HOW DO YOU SIT FOR THE PLANE RIDE HOME??? Like I know I can't sit on my ass and with a 8-9 hour flight what do I do? I'm thinking of getting a flight with ally of layovers so I can take a break. Is that a bad idea I know I'm
Going to be in pain. Also if anyone got a info on a personal nurse i would much rather do that then a recovery home if I can't bring anyone vanity said I HAD to stay 7 days and it would be 1500 to stay at the recovery house they offer idk about all that lol

Has anyone stayed in a hotel instead of a rh while going to vanity?

im trying to figure out a hotel thats close to vanity since im bringing someone to help take care of me. any suggestions?
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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