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I have done my blood work im schedule for my bbl...

I have done my blood work im schedule for my bbl nxt monday nov 14 im sooooooo excited i waited to do it because I had my baby this past year and I have a lil xtra baby fat still I'm 5ft tall and currently weight 138 pounds my usual weight is 124 so since this was my last baby im ready to get my dream butt before my pregnancy I would spemd hours at gym trying to grow a butt I would lose weight and be tone but I never grew a butt so now im ready for the change and I know dr hazani is so great I cant wait!!! I will post pictures next week befores and afters wish me luck!!

Yay I leave in the morning!

Omg I cant believe i leave in the morning im so excited and nervous!! I cant wait thank god for my BF he is the best he is going to take care of me wish me luck girls pictures coming tomorrow :) iwill be sharing my before pics

Yay almost inn LA

Im so nervous at 7:45 pm pre op ????so nervous here is a picture traveling comfty you can tell inn my picture that i have no hips :( NO SHAPE AT ALL

Day 4

So I havent been on I been in alot of pain but OMG I LOVE THE RESULTS LOVE THE DR HE IS AMAZING I NOW HAVE HIPS AND A FAT A$$ ???? so let me tell you girls day one is horrible lots of bruising my boyfriend had to help me so much I kept throwing up and i would get so fustrated being sick and stuck on my stomach but now on day 4 feeling alot better really sore still some brusing the pain is not compare to day one its WORST then labor thank god for my boyfriend he been taking good care of me and surgery started like 3:30pm on monday and I left the surgery center like 7:30pm i was going to the hotel for the night I was orginally only staying till tuesday but in no way was i ready i was in tons of pain and could not imagine driving in the back of my suv for 6hours so we stood a xtra night fallowed up wit dr on wednesday and im home now drive back was long but i survived with pain meds!!!! But u feel every bump! Well ladies here goes some before and afters!

6wks post op on monday !

Hi ladies.So everyone loves my results.I do love them but I notice it looks smaller to me now but let me post a pic.

Update pic loooooove my body

I kept most of my fat i love my new body cant wait for the summer????????????????

Another update

I just love my results

7month pre op!

I loooooove my results ! Its been 7months since my surgery ! I feel so good!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

He so nice called me emailed me his staff is great I cant wait for pre-op sunday.

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