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I've been on "realself" for months now reading...

I've been on "realself" for months now reading people's reviews/ experiences, at first I was to scared of any kind of surgery, being that I've never had surgery in my life, but I really wanted a change in my body after having my son and working out just wasn't cutting it, I saw different doctors until I came across Dr.Hazani, I contacted him through realself and he emailed me personally which I thought was good for starters, I set up a consultation and I was sold. Dr.Hazani was so laid back and honest and caring & I got nothing but good vibes from him, I paid my deposit and couldn't wait to have the procedure done (bbl). I already paid my balance in full My sx date is December 2, So I'm kinda nervous but excited lol, I want a big butt! and I will keep updating as I go on this journey, but any advice is welcomed and prayers as well thanks!!

3 days post op(:

Hi guys, so today I am 3 days post opp and I just want to say I LOVE my results so far, Dr. Hazani really knows what he's doing!

I actually thought I was gonna be in so much pain, but I'm in no pain what's so ever I haven't even took any of my medication that was prescribed, it's more of just being sore which is tolerable even tho it does get annoying.

I had my surgery at the Roxbury Surgery Center and everyone there were so nice they all put me at ease, including Doctor Hazani, the whole process was really quick, when I woke up from surgery I was super cold and I was shivering like crazy and I don't really remember much because I was in and out of sleep but they did put something warm on me to make me stop shivering I also noticed I was laying on my back and I asked them to flipp me over and they did immediately.

When I got home before I fell asleep again my bf said there was writing that said 1500 on each cheek , I do believe Dr. Hazani gave me a little bit of hips. That same night I got a call from Dr.Hazani asking if everything was going good and I can't express enough how caring the doctor is.

Sleeping; sleeping is kinda annoying to me because it's so hard for me to get comfortable, maybe because I'm so used to sleeping on my back/ sides. The first 2 nights I was probably up every 2 hours because I had to go pee a lot.

I also stopped leaking fluid on day 2, i will be posting pictures I've just been really lazy and getting the hang of things but anyone who is considering going with Dr.Hazani you will not be disappointed at all I promise!


This was 2 days post op I believe
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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