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Dr Hazani is truly the best . When a doctor...

Dr Hazani is truly the best . When a doctor becomes your friend now that's something to rave about . I would text him and he would answer my questions within the next hour . His staff is amazing especially Debbie , Sergio and the anesthesiologist. Everyone made the whole experience fun . Now I'm 5'2 And weigh 137 but 90 percent of it is pure muscle . If you saw me in person you would think I weigh like 115. The day of surgery dr Hazani said I didn't have enough fat but he would see what he can do . I was so sad but I knew he could work a miracle . He does such a great job with petite girls which is the main reason I chose him . My favorite results on here were soli25 and Caliasianbooty so I told him I wanted something similar to theirs . Well I woke up to an hour glass figure , tiny waist and a heart shaped booty . I barely had any bruising . I'm telling you these pictures do my body no justice . In person I look like Barbie lol . He was able to get 900cc in each cheek and for my frame that's ok . My main goal was to have a heart shaped booty and tiny waist and he fulfilled that . Dr Hazani is just great and like I said these pictures do no justice . I recommend all petite girls to dr Hazani ... And he's handsome too :)

My before pictures

Here are my before and afters . Doctor Hazani really transformed my shape . He said although I was small I had a good foundation to start with. My measurements before were 36-30-39 measurements post op is 36-27-42
I'm still swollen around my waist will that go down more ? I want my waist to be a 25 hehe

Before pictures didn't post :(

Day 3

Slim with curves

This was my ultimate goal I think her body is so perf . And I got something very similar but my hips are wider in person ..once the swelling goes down i know I'll love my results . My measurements right now are 27 inch waist and 42 inch hips . I hope my waist goes down to a 25 .. Do you guys think it will decrease in size ? I'm on day 3 now ..

1 week post op


Drayas body is one body I've always been obsessed with . It's so perfect slim with curves and I'm so happy dr HazAni gave me something almost 90 percent there i just need the boobs lol . Dr Hazani is the Picasso of plastic surgery

Day 9

I feel like I've had the most fastest recovery ever . No bruising I can walk and run . I can shower normally . My bum is softening up already !! The only thing is my vag is still swollen :( I don't know when that will go away I hope soon Cus I hate it . I still have some soreness on my inner thighs but my abdomen isn't that sore anymore . I think God was really looking out for me lol . If it wasn't for "not sitting" I would probably be back to work but I took 2 weeks off . I can say I feel 80 percent back to normal and it's only day 9!

Still measuring at


2 weeks

Hi guys so I'm officially 2 weeks today . I kinda stopped uploading because I wasn't getting any feedback lol but I guess i should keep posting for prospective dolls who would love to see the amazing hands of dr Hazani :) I'm back to doing normal things now I started driving today and went to my 2 week follow up to get my stitches removed . Dr Hazani is awesome . He said I still have swelling in my abdomen so I should continue wearing the binder . I also switch the binder out with a corset from time to time . I guess the swelling means my waist will get smaller :) it's now measuring at a 26 and my hips are 42 . I love it . I went to the store yesterday and this lady stops and tells me "how is your waist so small" I didn't know wether to take that as a compliment or not :/. Also I've been getting a lot of stares from creeps now . So be ready for the attention lol . My body looks so great in clothing and I just can't wait to fully heal so I can go jean shopping since none of my jeans fit me anymore . I used to wear size 5 now I might wear a 7 . Anyway I love my results . I actually want to go for round 2 later on but dr Hazani doesn't think I should lol .. Anyway here are some pictures :)


Since many asked for before pictures here it is . I was very small with minimal fat but dr Hazani did his thing . Most of my fat was on my back and he got it all out . He also did my stomach waist line and he told me I would not get great results if he didn't lipo my inner thighs so I allowed that . I measured 34-29/30-39 before and now I'm 34-26-42
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