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So I been on this site for a while and I even had...

So I been on this site for a while and I even had my own boyfriend look into the site for me since I like to hear other opinions. I am 20 years old turning 21 in August. No kids and have been fit all my life. I'm not big nor am I super skinny. I have an athletic tone to my body therefore my weight is between 118-123 lbs and I am 5'3. I have two doctors in mind Fisher in Miami or Hughes in Beverly Hills. Fishes quote (he's doing a special 4800 ) also I will be of course spending another 1200 on the housing since I will be flying out there. I want to have a good experience and I want to be taken care of very efficiently. Hughes on the other hand has not set my quote yet since he hasn't evaluated my pictures but I see he ranges from 8-11000 depending on what liposuction. I want to go to Hughes because I live in California and would want my boyfriend to be there to take care of me and transport me home (lying in the car on my chest ). SoCal is about 7 hours. As much as I do want to head out to Miami I don't want to be in a plane sitting down for a long period of time. I will get totally aggregated plus I hate planes . I don't have much fat as you can see except for my adominal region upper specially. I know for a fact I have to seriously gain weight. Im just totally venting because I totally want this. I like my body. I am totally comfortable with it, I just want to upgrade my butt. And someday my boobs because I lost a lot of weight recently and they vanished lol. I'm very picky on procedures, and I can point out flaws easily. It'll be devestating if I went to a doctor and literally got my hopes up.

These are my wish pics.

These are my wish pics and one of them is from RS. I was thinking about going to Dr Salma but the girl who got severely burned was about my body type. Yes I would probably do some damage to someone if someone effed up my skin.

Finally going through with it

I was going back and forth on if I wanted to get a BBL done before I have children. I came to the conclusion we are only young once and that I want to look my best when I am at my prime. I have got my boobs done because of a crazy weight loss. I lost all my muscle w/ my boobs and butt. I always had great assets but once cardio took in play its been hard to gain them back again. SO HERE I AM 2 years later going through with it and almost a year after my boobies done. I love the results with Fisher in Miami but what throws me off so much is the negative reviews on his staff. See , me, I base my money off of reviews with everything. Nails, hair, food, and hell ya plastic surgery. I am very small, with a great frame already but I swear if some Doctor fucks me up I'm throwing hell. I seen the uneven finishes of Fisher but the good ones out way the bad. But honestly since I am coming from California,'I would want to be contacted and taken care of through out process in order for me to head out to Miami. So I am thinking about just playing it safe and going to Ron Hazani instead since he is in SoCal and I heard nothing but good things about him. What do you guys think? We girls who are 5'3 or shorter between the weight 105-125 lbs I feel have a bit more a risk since we do not have any fat and defiantly don't want to be unporpotioned


Just some pics of myself. Sorry for the editing. Was trying to get my tattoos out of the pics

Wish pics

Not a good canadid

So I got a reply from Ron Hazani and he states that I won't be a good candid for a BBL in his procedure. No explanation why or anything, just simply said I'm not fit. Well at least I know if he's not able to do such procedure in me he isn't money greedy.

Since I got rejected..

Because of me not being bigger (could've def put on more weight) but k. I am looking at Bibinski in Miami. I'm looking for another if he doesn't take me :(


I get it I'm skinny, like I said I am willing to gain weight. I'm determine I want to have Blinski to do my procedure because I love his results as well as he has a private clinic. I do not want to go to Vanity. I am trying to avoid that place as much as possible. I am 125 now, Blinksi told me to gain 15 more lbs and even that will give me limited results. So I am targeting 25 lbs. Omg 150 at 5'3 I never been that big in my life!!! But I am willing to make that sacrifice. I already know my body is going to hate me and I know I wouldn't want to go out AT ALL during this process. So much for my summer body LOL. The gaining journey is continued...

Change of Doctors again

So...with great research he has and women who are my frame and size that he works on I choooooooooose Dr Dennis Dass in BH! The only Doctor that was comfortable on saying he is willing to do work on me and achieve a result I wanted. I'm happy that I finally have hope.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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