Omg Im Really Doing It!!! Hazani !!!Doll !!

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I have been researching for the last three months...

I have been researching for the last three months non-stop and my decision is Dr Ron Hazani, I really liked that even on his lowest reviews nobody had any thing bad to say about him they all considered him a good doctor still it was due to his office staff that they gave them a low review I know that does matter too but at the end off the day they( office staff) are not doing my surgery Dr Hazani is. I have to mention that his pricing was great too 7,500 not that it would have matter I almost paid 13,000 for a doctor that was closer to where i live. That just didn't make sense especially because the doctor doesn't do them that much and well I'm sure you understand. OK so Im 5'7 I weigh 150 I am 47 years old I have been in good shape all my life well until now but again I been gaining weight for the operation not because he told me to but because I'm worried i won't have enough fat for the transfer does anyone think i shouldn't do that ?? I live in san jose ca and I'm going to go to to LA to have my BBL Im only staying 5 days and I will go to see Dr hazani for last follow up and leave his office and head to airport , My best friend Krissy will be going up with me she is getting a breast augmentation . Krissy will be taking care of me the first two nights and then she will go in for breast augmentation on wednesday then we both go in on friday for a followup and leave by 3 back to san jose on the plane. Pretty cool huh?? Since I have made my appointment I have purchased the curve cure bed with the hole in the middle it looks pretty cool and since everyone on real self has said time and time again how the one thing that really bothers them is lying on the stomaches all the time please feel free to give me your feedback if anyone has experience with the curve cure bed and let me know if its a yay or nay!!also does anyone have a good website to buy pre op kits so that I will have everything or is that a waste of time .. Is it just me or does everyone get obsessed with looking up anything that has to do with bbl lmao cuz my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy he's said he loves my ass now but I know he will love it more when there is more lol . Please anyone one that can mention stuff that would be a great help please feel free to drop a line or two thank you I will keep you posted k!!!!Bella


SO I did it girls and I apologize for not keeping you posted until now but the truth is I was really getting nervous and scared. I broke out all on my forehead and was stressed out but girls Im here to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

12 days op

Even though it's driving me crazy being on my belly and trying to have patience Dr Hazani is the Bbl king I wanted to update you with some new pics 12 daddys op

going on 7 weeks post op!!

Hello, its been a while and I have to say its been one hella of a journey!!! I have to say that I wish there where more info about the bbl because I had no idea what I was getting into. I do love my results very much but truthfully they don't tell you all the in-betweens on you ,your body, and what to expect how to deal with it and how much of an impact this procedure has on your body. For me it was the finished results thats all I saw. I wished i sou;d have researched everything about it, Im not saying this to discourage anyone like i said I love my results but there where so many times I didn't know what to do, and so many times still not sure if things are all good!!!!but i love the results!!!!!
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