Nervous and Excited for BBL (Surgery Date: July 12, 2016) - Dr. Dennis Dass - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello... I have been reading review for BBL...

Hello... I have been reading review for BBL procedure and am REALLY nervous. I have read some reviews where they said it was painless to some discomfort while others said it was very painful... (some said worst than birth). I never been pregnant and gave birth so I wouldnt know :( Ah..... so nervous!

I am currently 5 ft and 4.5 inches - 5 inches tall
Current weight : 166lbs (I gained weight :( I am slightly overweight for my height)
Asian age 24 year born: 1991
Places for liposuction: abdomen, bra rolls (back), love handles... pretty much the lower trunk/waist of the body.

Any tips for recovery? I have been reading bunch of realself reviews but Dr. Dass does not require any lymphatic massages since he does not close the incisions (no drainage equipments hanging on me). They told me they will teach me how to massage myself after 4 weeks post op.

Overall.. I am just nervous and scared for the procedure and recovery. I have low tolerance for pain. Syringes scares me LOL >_<. From different doctor...I recently got a buccal fat and double chin removal and i was awake the whole time. I cried during the procedure because it hurts when they inject the numbing via syringe. And the feeling of the cannula? (the apparatus for sucking out the fat) felt really weird as it break through the subcutaneous fascia and all. I felt and heard the ripping of the fascia and that was very unpleasant.

For Dr. Dass BBL procedure, he told me I will be put under sleep so I will only feel the pain of the syringe for administrating the anesthesia. But still... I heard that day 1 is okay but day 2-4 is the worst during the recovery due to numbing wearing off.

Anyone that was slightly overweight and got this procedure done? I am little worried about loose skin but Dr. Dass said it will most likely retract back because I am young and small framed (i do not think im small framed though??). I have a lot of belly fat and thick thighs and bit of a bra/back roll.

Day of Surgery (BUTT FEELS SO PAINFUL/SORE) - approx. 6 hours after surgery

AHhhh my previous review got deleted. Accidentally hit back button. I am high on norco and anesthesia AND anti nausea pills. So I am feeling woozy... I apologize for bad run on sentences and spelling.

Before operation: They had to give me something to calm me down because i was so nervous about the procedure. I was beginning to feel calm and next thing I am awake and procedure was done. I was already dressed in compression garment which makes me feel very nauseous and dizzy. I feel like throwing up.
I quickly grabbed my pain med (norco) and ate it with banana and water that I have put it in the Dr. Dass BBL kit bag. I also brought bagels =D it was a right choice because it made me feel better. Make sure to bring 2 waters and 1 hot/warm tea in thermo because it helps with the throat. The put tubing down your throat when you are knocked out so your throat is very sore and painful ish. I kept drinking water because i couldnt eat the banana. So after 1 bottle of water I was able to eat some of my "snacks" I have brought. Also hot tea or water helps ease the sore throat.

When I woke up I was in PAIN! Mostly in the butt area because it is VERY VERY SORE! They give you 1 hour recovery time and this is the only time which they make you sit on your back. The butt feels very SORE/painful. I tried to lift my self up so that there isnt much pressure on my butt. I also grabbed my Dr. Dass BBL kit to swallow the norco and anti nausea pills. (GET DE-CAF TEA or just warm/hot water to ease the throat.. maybe put some honey it in?)

On my way home... I had an old comforter, blankets and towels so I laid it out on the back seat with a pillow which helped a lot on my 1.5 hours drive back home. I kind of knocked out. When I got home, I had a memory foam mattress and comforter, blankets, towels, and bunch of pillows already laid out so I rested for 2 hours. Right now I am just walking around my house and stretching my legs since it is better for the recovery. I have put towels and blankets on the floor since I am leaking a lot! I also had leftover norco (lower dosage) from previous surgery 2.5 weeks ago for cheek and submental liposuction to get rid of bits of fat =D. I break in half between 4 hours so that norco effect doesnt go away for the pain and I am not overdosing on norco to save my liver lol.

I am bit worried because I do not feel any pain on my back... I have 1 small bra rolls and Dr. Dass marked my back for liposuction but I do not feel any incision mark stinging pains at all as my abdomen area (especially belly button area stings a lot!!). I asked the nurse if he did my back as well... she said yes so I pray pray pray that he did. I paid for the bra rolls and I do not want to see the bra rolls there (I did see one review saying that Dr. Dass did not or seem like he did not do her back rolls even though he said he did... but I hope he did on mine!! >_<)

These garments are like medieval torture outfit. Make you feel really sick/nauseous and just sick lol.

Currently I am walking around as much as possible since during my research BBL recovery is not about "resting" but about moving around 5-15 minutes every 2 hours. I have been walking around for 30 minutes and will do so more often so I have a speedy recovery. Hopefully I do because I am high on pain meds and anti nauseous meds and emotional roller coaster feeling of regret but happy at the same time. The pain is making me regret but my shape looks pretty darn good for now with the garment. But omg...these soreness and stinging pain on my abdomen and belly area and nauseousness is making me regret but at the same time his many before and after pictures making me excited as well. I hate this roller coaster emotions.

5 ft and 4.5-5 inches and 166 lbs.. under the 30 or 31 bmi, I hope I dont get loose skin??? What do you guys think >_<? Dr dass said since I am 24 I should be fine but he said he cant guarantee but most likely I will be fine. I hope so xD

About 10 hours after the surgery

Norco and arnica tablets (probably norco doing all the work lol) is making my butt feel better but it still feels sore. I have taken probably taken 3 norcos (high dosage prescribed by dr dass) and 3 half of a pill (much lower dosage prescribed by previous surgeon 1.5-2 weeks ago). I have been drinking lots of water (already on my 4th bottle of 23.7 fl oz of water) and 3 cups of hot tea (de caf since all the pills make you sleepy and i dont want it to counter act that).

Pain right after surgery: 10/10 - BUTT area hurt ALOT like about to explode/ lots of pressure and incision of the abdomen (lower area) and belly button incision stinging and sore) - upper abdomen and back incision.. i dont feel them so i am worried he didnt do incision there for liposuction or i just dont have pain in that area... I hope that I just dont have pain lol since i paid a lot of money for this in cash upfront.

10 hours later: Pain subsided and I feel much better now (Pain is like 6.5/10... much much more tolerable but uncomfortable). Belly button incision area still hurts a lot. When I say hurt i mean like bee stings or someone pinching you very hard on your inner and outer belly button area. Lower abdomen is just stinging now whenever I move around (where I have to use my core muscles to get up and down on bed and bending down a bit to pee). Norco is doing wonders on my pain. I have a VERY VERY low pain tolerance so I am happy that norco is helping me ease my pain by a lot but still in pain (VERY SORE/stinging sensation).

The compression garment feels much better after taking a small 2 mini naps. But I am still very uncomfortable in these garments. I am bit scared to take shower in 48 hours (well now in 38 hours) since the incisions are not closed and are open. Would it sting when I take shower with anti-bacterial soap? I am so scared and nervous thinking about that. In addition, how would I feel taking off and on these garments since they are VERY tight and I am swollen. Just a thought of it is scaring me :( I am such a cry baby. Thankfully I have my boyfriend to help me out but still i'm scared and nervous


LADIES!!! PLEASE buy the pee funnel thingy where you are able to pee while standing up. It helps a lot so you dont have to bend down to sit and get up from the toilet. Those movements uses your core muscles and it hurts a lot. The pee funnel thing is helping me a lot by just placing the toilet entry between my legs and placing the funnel around by urethra/the womanly parts. I bend down just a little to aim lol and am in much less pain.

TOWELS and pads. But I only bought few pads and will be using old towels that I have washed and dried. I do not have to waste extra money on pads but will be using old towels which I can re use and wash/dry.

Large side pillows so that you can put one of your leg on it since sleeping position isn't so comfy at all on the belly side when your abdomen and incision areas hurts a lot.

Multivitamin and iron (for blood loss so you don't get anemia) but optional =D

And some yummylicious tea to soothe your throat. My throat still hurts and feels very dry after the breathing tube. So far hot tea with honey is soothing my throat but I am still having a sore throat. The doc said it will go away in few days (I hope so... dry and sore throat makes me feel like I am constantly thirsty).

Sorry for no pre-op photos :(

So all my life my friends and my bf told me I have wide hips and large butt for an asian girl lol

I have been doing swimming (was in swim team) and various other water/winter sports all my life til college came and I gained that freshmen 40 (40 lbs in course of 3 years due to lack of exercise and still having big appetite... pretty much couch potato). All those fats mostly went to my thighs, abdomen (and bit of love handle) and little on my back and subtly on my armpit/arm area. Swimming and doing various sports lucratively during my earlier years to high school really shaped by butt and my calves. Hopefully I can see my old me (5-6 years ago again with thicker thighs and slightly thicker arm/armpit areas haha)

I heard that your first BBL... In average people are able to retain 30-50% of their fat while 2nd BBL they are able to retain 20-30% (better retention of the fat). I wont be getting the 2nd BBL but I do hope I retain most of my fat to get that bubbly heart shaped butt. =D I am slightly worried since people are laid on their back for an hour during recovery time :( I just want that hour glass figure. "fingers crossed"


That pouchy belly lol

13.5 hours later in the surgery (8:26 pm) (Surgery between 6:30-7:30 am took a bit because of paper works -arrived at 6 am)

I am going to try to write out a detailed review so that people who are very curious to know the recovery time has some idea what it feels like to have a BBL. Most of the reviews were okay-ish and some were vague/general/brief (only very few were detailed but it was not enough for me) so I was really nervous. So most of my pains are gone.

Pain level after 13.5 after surgery: 2/10 (It went from 9 or 10 to 6.5 to 2)

Norco is helping a lot. Take norco as soon as you wake up and drink lots of water and warm/hot tea (decaf) or water with a toast or banana. You want to eat something light. That is what I did and I think it has made the pain go away for now. I have been taking Norco diligently. And most of my pains are pretty much gone. The compression garment is also more tolerable. I did not take my anti-nausea pills after 8 hours because I was not feeling nauseous anymore. I did took my anti-biotic just now and will take some stool softener now.

My throat still feels very dry and sore-throat feeling but it became more tolerable.
Belly button incision doesn't have a stingy sensation and do not feel the pain unless I am getting up or laying down on my belly on the bed. My abdomen feels sore and tender but MUCH less pain. My butt feels fine now. I feel like I did lots of squats (just regular intense exercise feeling but nothing painful).

The only time I feel pain is if I am using my core muscles to lay down or get up from the bed and bending of my knee to pee. In addition playing games or watching a movie is helping me as well due to distraction from the pain. In addition I have been walking around/standing up for 1-2 hours now. I think that is helping out as well. When you get it done just take our norco every 4 hours diligently and walk around as much as you can (baby steps and slow walks - I went around my neighborhood for a small walk with my boyfriend for 20-25 minutes around the block and the fresh air feels so nice and refreshing.

I am still leaking a lot.

Hope this helps =)

Day 1 post op - =) (got my pre-op measurements!!) and CC's put in

I actually have been standing up and walking around for 8 hours (very light walking around the house watching netflix and playing games lol. Dr Dass's nurse called me today asking if I was alright.

I feel fine just sore and achy on my abdomen. I had to ask her if dr. dass even did my back rolls/back and upper abdomen because I dont feel any pain at all on those areas and she said he did (as of last night and this morning as I was laying down on my bed but as soon as i got up... stingy sensation on my upper back/bro rolls kicked in.... 4/10 stingy pain). I guess not much pain in those areas compared to the belly button incision and lower abdomen areas (plus the butt).... (but after 30 minutes of the call... I am starting to feel stingy sensation on my upper back so he must have done it -reconfirming myself lol so hopefully norco kicks in soon)

Since I slept as well, I did not take norco for like 5-6 hours I felt bit stingy and more ache/soreness so I had to get up to take norco and go back to light sleep. Have to be on top of taking these Norcos or else pain comes back lol and pain is real!!! >_< ugh I wished he didnt do my belly button incision... it stings so bad :(

Pre-op Measurement:
35.5 Bra
35 Waist
42 Belly Button
44 Hips

My waist to hip ratio is 0.8 for pre-op
5ft and 4.5-5 inches tall
166 lbs

He was able to take out about 5 liters on my lower trunk areas (back, bra rolls, waist, abdomen area) lol i guess i had a lot of fat in my lower trunk to be able to take out all 5 liters >_<

He put in about 1200 CC's in each butt cheek. (that sounds like a lot?? I dont see like BIG butt size difference tho?... I do see that it is more round and fuller but maybe its because of the foam pads and poise pads around my waist lol) Also I think bit of it leaked out though... since I was on my back during recovery time for an hour and it was leaking a lot yesterday while walking/standing up for 8 hours (laying down on my belly was bit uncomfortable so I just stand up and did light walking back and forth from the bed to the kitchen while either watching netflix or playing game ^_^ )

So what is the ideal hip ratio that women desire?? pre-op 0.8

So just finding out about this "hip-ratio" thing. What is the ideal hip ratio that women ideally seek?

On the internet it says women should be 0.8 or less to be considered "healthy" and I am on the borderline since my waist-hip ratio is exactly 0.8 on my pre-op. (my post op wont really count since it was contoured to be smaller lol xD).

So ladies who got it done or who wants to get it done... what waist hip ratio would make you happy? give me the numbers or range ! =D please and thank you!

Pre-op Measurement:
35.5 Bra
35 Waist
42 Belly Button
44 Hips

My waist to hip ratio is 0.8 for pre-op
5ft and 4.5-5 inches tall
166 lbs

Day 1 post op pictures

Day one Post op (throat is finally coming back to normal )

Okay so after drinking 7-8 bottles of 23.7 fl oz of water (700 ml) and drinking like 8 cups of hot tea with honey... my throat is starting to feel normal again. I still have slight sore throat but honey and warm water is helping me a lot. I also took one cough drop and that relieved my sore throat from the tubing (for breathing) during the surgery. Doctor told me usually it will lasts for 3-4 days but I think mine will just last for a day =) keep drinking those warm/hot teas or water with honey and some cough drops. And also keep drinking regular waters as well.

Yay no more sore throat feeling xD i am happy lol

Day 1 - my god... belly button incision still hurting

Belly button incision is still hurting. It still stings. It stings more when norco wears off :( i am so scared to take off my garment and put it back on when im so swollen.

It is very nerve wrecking to even think about it... tomorrow is a shower day but im too scared to get out of this garment lol... ugh >_<

I hope the pain in the belly button incision goes away soon. I am also trying to take half pill of norco every 2-3 hours so i do not become dependent on it but I decided to rotate it around. half pills and 3 hours later take full pill and in another 3 hours ish take half pill. Sometimes have to take full pill to another full pill in 4 hours.

But is less sore now and everything seems tolerable other than the bely button incision and lower abdomen incision... as always lol :[ I hope to heal fast!

Day 2 (48 hours later ish)

So I have been feeling kinda sick since last night... kept waking up every 2 hours... I feel really dizzy sleeping on my belly side. My neck hurts a lot so I have to take turn on my neck sleeping position... facing left for like an hour and facing right for like an hour. Whenever I get up from the bed i get a huge migrane/headache. Whenever I am walking my legs feel like they are numb. But when i lay down on my belly said that numbing sensation goes away.. weird.

Today is a shower day.... Im freaking out about taking off my garment. I feel really safe in these garment but then again the blood/fluid smell is also giving me a headache lol. It smells really bad since I have been leaking a lot. (Iron... bloody smell eww).

Since 3 am last night my face is starting to swell up a lot... like it looks i have been crying for 10 days. Under eye (eye bags) are soooo puffy and my eyes looks like its really swollen. D= the puffyness is also making me tired.

Summary of Day 2... I just feel very lethargic... neck and back pain due to sleeping position.. and smell of blood is killing me. Also the numbing sensation from my legs when I am walking around is also killing me. And eye puffiness. Oh yea.. thought of showering is also killing me LOL xD many things are just making me tired/nervous/sick.

I thought I could do it...6 weeks of belly side sleeping but omg this sleeping position is no joke. I see what the roller coaster emotional things that people go through after a surgery. All these pains and discomfort is really making me regret but I am still excited to see my result. Love and hate relationship ha!

Well my sore throat feeling has completely gone away =)

Shower time...

okay so i just took small dosage of norco pills to relieve some pain while getting off these garments....

first thing.. taking off the abdominal band (and wow i see small waist!!! holy shit! Dr Dass have done some good contouring of my back/waist. It looks so tiny or much smaller than before.

I am waiting few more minutes to slowly unzip my garments. So that I do not faint lol this is going to be painful!!

:( back rollls!!!! nooooo!! i still see my back/bra rolls (slightly unhappy)

I was told my back was done but it seems like only lower half was done :( I still some back/bra rolls (upper middle part of the back. But then I feel slightly numb in that area so maybe due to swelling? I am not sure. I hope it goes away. I mean it was extra $1000 or something for extra areas. And I hope it goes away over time. I am kinda sad :( and I still have some belly pouch >_< but I think that is due to swelling so I will worry about that little later.

I saw bunch of Dr. Dass's before and after pictures of patients with no back rolls/bra rolls (post op). He did many good works but why is mine showing D= ??!!? It is freaking me out. I hope these back rolls goes away soon.

Overall I am surprised I am not swelling up that much compared to other people's post op pictures during their shower day. Not much bruises so that is good.

Day 3 - worst day was day 2-day3 (i hope i feel better tomorrow ;( )

So i started to swell up everywhere slowly during day 2 but day 3 got worse. My eyes are more swollen, face really swollen and have a really really bad headache. I have been icing my face to reduce swelling but it is not really helping.

physically and mentally today is the worst day. D= I hope i get better tomorrow. Since my eyes are so swollen my lower eyelashes are now pointing inwards and poking my eyes.... ouch!

Day 3 - super swollen.. tired and bad headache.

So swollen.. and im still leaking. ;( i can smell the fluid/blood which smells sooooo bad! I think ill take shower every other day because getting into and out of these garments takes like an hour or so. It is so hard!

I have a huge headache still and nothing is helping...

decided to get a lounge/beach chair and cut out the butt area - tired of sleeping on my belly side

so i just sent out my bf to get me a sturdy lounge/beach chair.. hopefully it will make me sleep better lol

sleeping on my back felt good but im still swollen and headache

omg i wish it was 6th week already or like a year already. I feel so awful still. I hate this recovery period and how i cant do anything on my own. I actually burst into crying today. I cried because I had to be dependent on someone all the time and it sucks.
I have to rotate sleeping on back and belly because ill lose my circulation on my legs since my butt is stick out on the lounge chair. But whenever I sleep on my belly i keep waking up every 1.5 hours.... i cant get a good sleep. And my face feeling so swollen doesnt help much either. :(

i reallly wish recovery was over

bathroom... (if you want to know)

going for number 2 is so painful.... stool softener didnt work me (took once) so i guess ill take it more. Had to use all my core muscles to go and it hurts.... -.-

Sorry ladies... i havent been writing because i have been in difficult time recovery... sleep deprivation and swelling


I have been really tired mentally, physically, and emotionally. Today I finally got some good sleep and is able to write (after finding out a better sleeping position). I have been getting bad headache, still draining fluid/blood on my lower abdomen and feeling numbness or swelling on my arms/fingers/feet/legs but it comes and goes.... Today i was able to get a good sleep in the afternoon but while walking around the house i felt a sharp muscle pain in the butt (muscle pulled in the butt area and it goes towards legs to the feet -> maybe pinching my sciatic nerve somehow??) I am worried if something or anything happened to my sciatic nerve since it innervates the muscles below/around the butt area and posterior side of the thigh and anterior to posterior of lower legs (tibia/fibula area) and skin sensation as well. If feels like my sciatic nerve is being pinched or something. I have not taken norco for few days... but i had to take one today to make the pain go away or be more tolerable. I did not have this pain before except today out of nowhere.... (I havent been able to walk around much since I was so swollen, sick, sleep deprived and not so mobile). So i am going to try to walk around a bit more and see if this problem persists. If it does continue to persists i will call the doctor and or ask him during my post op (which is going very soon).

Before getting the surgery:

I thought 6 weeks of not laying on your butt was totally doable/easy/no hassle. Boy was i wrong..... trying to find a good position to sleep is soo hard. Being on your belly has been giving me bad neck pain, headache on the right side of my head and fast heart beat rate (I am always out of breath/shortness of breath), sleep deprived (waking up every 30 minutes to 2 hours max), I do not have a continuous good sleep. In addition, getting on and out of this garment for shower has been a real struggle.. takes about good hour for me to get in and out (30 minutes each) because it hurts and placing those damn pads and foams in the right places while trying to hold them together is pretty darn hard. Going to bathroom hurts... have to literally "push" to get out your number 2 (but i found out that liquid diet consisting mostly greek yogurt, blueberries, 4 large ice cubes, banana, and milk blended + veggie trays + fibers + stool softener has helped me push out easier). I have been also sweating a lot due to being tired, exhaustion from all of these which feels like a work out and then get the chills after sweating since I put the A/C or fan on (but have to turn it off again due to "chills" but if i turn it off i had to turn it back on because I started to sweat again... endless cycle). But today I got a good sleep (5+ hours of non disrupted sleep) so i feel SOOOO GOOOOD right now except for the butt muscle pulled feeling which I do not know what it is.....

So far I like the hour glass figure I see but do not like the recovery period, pain, sleep deprivation, back rolls (which was supposed to be gone but is still here :[ so sad and bummed) , and look of my belly since I had tad of belly pouch pre surgery. ohh yea.. and i am still kind of leaking fluid/blood and idk if that is normal ?! lol I will take my shower tomorrow again and will see if i am still leaking.

some measurements with the compression garment on (so my body is all tightly fitted lol so may not be same without the compressi

Pre-op Measurement:
35.5 Bra (Post op: 33.5 with compression garment)
35 Waist (post op: 32.5 with compression garment )
42 Belly Button (Post op: between 38.5-39.5 with compression garment/little padding)
44 Hips (Post op - I am not sure due to padding/compression garment but I think i am around 44-45?)

My waist to hip ratio is 0.8 for pre-op
5ft and 4.5-5 inches tall
166 lbs

Week one finally done... (well almost).

From this morning (Tuesday around 11 am - when surgery finished) will mark the end of my grueling first week out of 6 weeks of recovery.

5 more weeks to go. I hope it goes very VERY fast. I am so tired from this recovery i just want to feel normal again. Feel independent and be able to do things on my own again. And be pain free mentally, physically, and emotionally.

little surprised..... not much bruising compared to other realselfers out there.. how long does bruise lasts for though?

I have seen many realselfers out their with their BBLs and I was so worried that I will be bruised up badly. But I have read Dr. Dass's reviews and I remember some saying that they were barely or minimally bruised which also made me go to him.

I am pretty surprised I barely have any bruising. Mostly bruising in the butt area in the sides and very little bit on the upper thigh towards the inguinal area.

I am happy that I am not bruised compared to other realselfers out there with their experiences with their doctors. Some people are like bruised up their whole belly, back, sides, butt, legs, and even arms even though they got lipo around the lower trunk area only (and it was not a pretty picture).

I am still bruised in the same area and was wondering how long would these bruising lasts? They dont really appear to be reducing but I havent taken off my garments in 2 days so I don't know and its been 1 week post op as of today ish... so it might too early but am pretty curious how long these bruises lasts for?

I am guessing less bruise = better technique / qualified surgeon the doctor is? lol idk xD or just everyone's body taking the surgery differently?? ... or mix of both? haha i am just happy im not too bruised up. Only little bits of bruising on the butt and upper thigh so at least i am happy with that.... hopefully faster recovery??

well this is embarrassing lol

I accidentally slip and fell from the chair (resting my knee on the chair since i cant sit on my butt) and fell backward landing on my left butt on the ground... i dont see any bruising and dont feel much "after pain" other than abdomen area due to the impact (squeezing my core muscles ... reflex). I hope i didnt damage my left butt cheek?? i searched Q&A for doctors and most says it doesnt usually have any impact as long as no bruising/pain/etc so i guess im good?? But i think ill still let my doctor know that i fell on my left butt slightly hard ish like 2.5-3ft down from the chair. Hopefully everything is all good. Keep checking on my butt.... lol no bruising so far =) or pain.....


nerve sensation coming back..... not really pleasant

so.... took my third shower 4 hours ago. My incision wounds are still "fresh" looking but i think i stopped leaking fluids/bloods. I stopped using pads (placed inside the garment) to collect fluids since there are none.

However after shower while i had to wait like 50 minutes for my laundry/dryer to be done (my garment was in there as well.. did quick wash and time dry just for my garment)... and i had this unusual amount of itchy sensation around the liposuction area. I could not stop scratching myself. My belly, sides, back, everywhere that was liposuction was sooo itchy. No matter how much i scratched "lightly" it wouldnt stop itching. I finally got on my garment and then suddenly it became a mix of itchiness and burning sensation (mild... not too bad yet). This means that my nerves are starting to regenerate/repair and im starting to feel the "process" of it. Itchy feeling is really driving me crazy but it is semi countered by the "burning" hot sensation so yea.... it is somewhat tolerable for now. Hopefully it goes away soon.

My leg feels fine after walking around more so i think it was just lack of movement in my legs that made it feel like i was "hurting". The leg pain is gone now so im happy but just another new form of "pain" have come forth to torture me ugh. :(

stil itchy... enormous appetite - does anyone know the purpose of doctors requiring patients to wear foams under compression g

so.... im still itching a lot.

I have been having enormous appetite lately. Havent been eating well first 4-5 days due to feeling very sick and being sleep deprived. But i am finally feeling bit better since sleep is helping with everything overall. I have been eating a lot lately idky... maybe because i couldnt eat much first week of surgery due to feeling so sick, sleepy, and exhausted. I tried to control myself... up to some extent but still ate a lot... kinda regret since compression garment is soooo effing tight that it hurts. x.x lol damn it.

anywho does anyone know why doctors require 2 foam pads on our lower sides and 1 foam pad behind our back under our compression garment??? what happens if you dont use them? How long are we suppose to use them for?? I think i remember my doc saying use it for 6 weeks. But the nerves healing itself and itchy feeling with slight burning sensation is not really helping.

yea... i ate too much v.v i feel so fat right now....and super FULL...BLOATED >_

Yea... i ate so freaking much. I have finally stopped binge eating. It felt so good to eat.... i felt like i was starving for 1 week and suddenly my appetite came back after having good sleep last 2 days. I think yesterday to today (2:33 A.M.) is my last binge eating lol.. the compression garment is like SUPER DUPER tight on me right now. I can kinda see my belly sticking out which.... shouldnt... :[ at least i binge eat on smoothies (homemade so no added sugars), yogurt, fruits, and just one thai food take out my bf brought home. Then... i ended up eating 3 slices (thin slices of pizza that my bf made last night). Drinking water is also making me feel so bloated since i always feel so thirsty and also want to keep myself hydrated. But yea... i think ill need to and HAVE to control my eating as of today. Or else my compression garment will squeeze the life outta me.

But... omg savory food tasted so good... food tasted so good... everything tasted so AMAZING today lol.

First week (especially 2nd-5th day) you literally lose your appetite because you are in pain, sleep deprived, stressed out, tired, exhausted, and leaking smelly bloody fluid/blood everywhere. Also you feel swollen and have headache head to toe. First day I felt tremendous pain (physical) but mentally and emotionally i was okay. I was able to walk / stand up for 8 hours and play games and watch shows on netflix (norco was helping a lot). However 2nd day and onwards it just got worse and 3rd day is the day people swell up the most. When you swell up... your eyes are super puffy and hands and feet feels numb/hurt and legs and arms sometimes hurt/numb time to time. The swelling also gives you bad headache. In addition lipo areas are like hurting and butt feels like its going to explode/did 10 million squats or something. So pretty much you are too focused on how to be "comfortable" that you literally do not have any appetite. Only thirst, and soothing your "sore throat" since tube was stuck down your throat while in surgery... and finding that comfortable place to sleep/rest.

So i am like 1 week 2/3 days is when i start to get my normal appetite back and i am like binge eating since yesterday to today (2:42 A.M. now as i write this). But i am done with my uncontrollable hunger for food and my compression garment will no longer allow for more food lol. I think compression garment also makes you eat less since it squeezes the life outta you... so you get hungry faster since you eat so little at a time. But i think im going to stick to 5 small meals a day to keep my self paced out but satisfied instead of 3 normal meals a day.

ugh.... i feel so bloated.... i regret but at the same time i feel satisfied that i ate. I am happy my appetite is back and i am feeling much better. Sleeping a continuous sleep of at least 5-6 hours is helping me tremendously. It used to be a broken sleep of like 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. If i am lucky 3 hours. But getting more sleep is helping me feel so much better...and more "normal". Sadly i am still uncomfortable not being able to sit or lay on my back. Anyways 4.7 more weeks to go! 2nd week is almost done halfway.

so most of the pain is gone -> 2/10 and sometimes 3/10

Pain level so far is 2/10 to 3/10. It doesnt hurt as much now getting up and down from the bed (belly side) when using my core muscles. BUT i'm still itching like hell!!! The lipo areas are just tender but it feels normal when you are still/doing nothing but is distracted from watching TV, eating, etc. When you do touch it, it does feel tender, itchy, burning sensation, slight pain but very tolerable and is very subtle. When i mean touching...i mean like you literally either touch the lipo area or move around (garment friction/motion kinda activates an itchy and tender sensation) or when you are trying to get out or in to the garment.

I stil have bruising. The anterior side (upper thigh) bruising is gone i still have the same bruising on my sides, upper butt cheeks, small here and there around the butt/waist.

At least it took like 7-8 days for the pain to go away to the scale of 2/10 to 3/10. Which i do not need to take any medicine for such as norco or tylenols. I havent taken any pain meds past 2 days now. So i think the worst part of the surgery is getting over the pain RIGHT AFTER SURGERY and the entire first week of surgery.

After 7 days or 1 week... you start to feel somewhat "normal" but of course you are still under your garment.. you still have some tenderness, lots of itchiness, somewhat burning sensation due to the nerves regenerating, and uncomfortableness from sleeping/resting position. Still have 4.5 weeks to go for me to be able to sit on my butt.

First week was terrible. I'm glad i feel so much better starting on the 2nd week,

So i still see my backrolls... and im still itching like crazy... (I think my butt is shrinking)

:( why oh why my back rolls are still lingering on my back? I dont feel much "lipo" sensation on my back/bra rolls. I am getting slightly sad. Hopefully Dr. Dass did my back/bra rolls (upper portion).

In addition i am still itching like crazy....i cant help but undo my garment to just get the itch to go away ... only for it to come back again and again. It is driving me crazy.

I think I am losing my butt lol.... it "appears" to be smaller. It seems to be shrinking. I hope it is not. All these torture... pain... money I had to go through and I am losing my butt >_< i guess my body did not absorb much than I had hope too. But my friends always said my butt before surgery have always been big for an asian girl so I guess it STILL kinda looks big but i know its shrinking from week 1 size.

So pretty much my wish list is.... butt please stop shrinking, back rolls can you just go away??, tummy pouch please just be flat as a pancake and it will make me very happy.... and can time go by fast please (I just wanna sit on my butt and lay on my back)...and stop itching!!! I just want to feel completely normal again :[ But then i'm just whining a lot (even though i knew it was going to be hard)... wah wah wah poor me. lol sigh...

I really hope fluffing happens to me... after few months post op

So I heard of this fluffing phenomena and I really hope my butt fluffs up bigger and stays that way few months post op of my surgery. :) "hopeful"

sorry for not posting lately.

So my appetite is uncontrollably larger :( I need to keep eating and it sucks! I have been taking 1-2 hour walk with my boyfriend to burn the extra calories.

So far not much pain at all other than when I am trying to stretch I feel a burning, pinching, and painful sensation when the liposuction area is stretched. I had the same feeling for my submental liposuction for my double chin which went away after awhile. I am sure it is the same thing. The skin is like tight and stretching hurts.

Back rolls.. I still have them but after the swelling have subsided a lot... it has been reduced but i still have them ugly back rolls :( I mean it is smaller than before but i having them still makes me bit sad.

Things that are making me happy... MY HOURGLASS FIGURE!! I love it!!! I have been trying on some T shirt and you can see my hourglass figure and even my bf loves it! Also My belly is on the sideview is looking much better. The swelling is still there but while it is can see much much better shape of the body. Cant wait to see the final result in 6 months post op (100% of the swelling are gone in 6 months and it is your final results so.... it has been about a month now haha and I am loving my results.... other than the back rolls v.v).

so far loving my results

so my hour glass figure is amazing!!! =D im so happy with it. I think my butt has shrunk drastically though :(

But so far the PROS:
semi- projected butt (it a lot smaller but i still like the overall shape and it looks more natural so I am still very happy)
Back rolls - mostly gone after swelling have subsided but i still have one smaller rolls on each side of the back bra area (left and right side) - so this is con and pro at the same time

CON- my back roll still looks weird but it looks a lot better after few weeks have gone by. The rolls looks much smaller and it is just one small roll on each side now. It is still better than before but i wish they were gone xD

I have a hour glass shape but I had a super thick upper thigh before surgery so my butt looks weird on the bottom where it meets the upper inner thighs. I have to lose some weight on my upper thighs to make it look "normal" or "natural" (NOTE: I probably should have gone through more rigorous exercise and diet regime before surgery but too late now... my body still looks good so it is a just a small subtle details).
Belly incision that he did not use kinda hurts when i touch (I had some fungal build up so he made an incision but decided not to use it for my health/safety). Had to take anti fungal medication. I believe it is due to my belly piercing that I haven't paid attention to for a long time.... my bad.. whooops!

Anyways besides from the subtle "cons" of the results... I LOVE MY OVERALL results. I am sure with proper diet and enough exercise that I am doing I can i probably lose my upper thigh fat somehow and bit more of my small back rolls. I have been doing light waking around the park and at the beach for like 1.5-2 hours with my boyfriend... idk if that is the cause of my butt shrinkage since it is cardio exercise. But I did not do any running or brisk walking. All i did was super slow steady walking.... who knows?

Most of my itchy sensation and burning sensation disappeared last week (4 days ago ish...)

This upcoming Tuesday marks my 5th week! YAY 1.5 more weeks and i can sit and lay and do whatever i want. I can't wait!!!

6 weeks post op ^_^ - made an app for 6 months post op as well : )

=D so i went to see dr. dass today. Everything seems good (just minor details of my incision marks caving in in the front :( but back incisions are healing well... he said the incision marks will get better over time and i hope so! Also he did took out a lot of fat but my belly on the left side is slightly larger and slopes sideways to the right... but it is very subtle when you look at the front view... it is noticeable if you look downwards from the neck... lol but nobody will look downwards from my face to look at my belly but I DO XDD ahhhh hopefully good diet and exercise will help with the slight evenness...)

On the positive note: I looked at my before and after pictures today.... omg so much differences... like I LOOK WHOLE LOT BETTER! lol I mean i paid almost 11-12k for this so it better look good! I guess small or subtle irregularities and stuff are possible outcome from people to people but they are subtle and hardly noticeable (except oneself of course lol).

So in the earlier post i have complained about my back rolls and how I did not see much difference... you have to wait like 3-4 weeks to see some drastic difference. The swelling was pretty bad the first two weeks. Like I gained weight in lbs because of the swelling. Today I measured by weight at Dr. Dass's office and I am 161lbs :) I was 166 or 167 lbs pre-op (And it went up to 170's lbs during the first 3 weeks of post op due to heavy swelling). And omg... my pre-op photos... I did not have any figure at all.... my back looks so boxy and my front have a huge belly pouch.... it looked so sad for me to look at it. My AFTER pictures have such a drastic outcome that I am thoroughly happy (except few minor/subtle irregularities on my belly where one side is more bigger than others from downward view and caving in incision scarring marks on the lower abdomen).

I LOVE MY RESULTS =D hopefully it will look even better in 6 months when most of the swelling is gone with proper diet and exercise (he recommends more weightlifting than cardio to build muscle mass and not to lose a lot of fat in the butt area.... just a fyi).

I may.... post my before and after photos.... lol just really hate my before picture right now. My first look and i am like.... "yikes....oh gosh.. that was me...."

Behold... my before after pictures

D: my before is sooooo bad

Advice needed...

Ladies :( do you guys know a best way to lose leg fat. I do not have a gym membership anymore so I cant use the weight equipments anymore. I feel like my body will look a lot better and see the shape of the butt more if i lost my upper thigh fat since its so big and thick. >_< any tips for exercises + weights to buy ?? Cardio I can get plenty from swimming and hiking but any suggestion to target the upper thigh (and hopefully not much fat loss in the butt lol)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Dass is amazing. I am loving my post-op results. I barely had any bruises except small ones around my thigh, butt, and bit on sides (the reason why I choose this doctor is that compared to other doctors that I have researched on the web... Dr. Dass patients seems to have less bruising). I like that the doctor provides a BBL kit with a bag with all the necessary things for the procedure. He also provide first and 2nd stage garments to help with the swelling, shape, and the procedure overall. I would highly recommend Dr. Dass to anyone who wants to get a a BBL or liposuction. In addition, compared to other doctor's offices, the front desk people who makes appointment does an excellent job.... I hardly wait (even if I come early by 10-15 minutes) and it is always no more than one patient or none when I am at the office. They space out the times between the patients very well so the doctor is not rushed and you do not feel rushed at all which I think is also very important :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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