Nervous, but I Know I Chose the Right Dr. Soon to Be a Hazani Doll 2015. Beverly Hills, CA

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So I've been on following everyone's...

So I've been on following everyone's journey for about 8 months now. I could not make a decision which doctor I would chose from; Dr. Beck, Dr. Hughes, or Dr. Hazani. However, as you may see Dr. Hazani won the battle. I liked his results not to mention his prices. You can't beat that two in one.

After I decided to go with dr. Hazani I only followed his patients, not anyone else. I realized other doctors do it differently and I was getting paranoid when they were suffering from things that did not seem normal, after their BBL. But my bf reminded me "your not going with those doctors, so why follow them and worry yourself?". That was the truth because since I've only followed Dr. Hazani patients no one ever has any problems, expect swelling, which is normal.

As the time approaches I am getting so excited but scared too. I believe the nervous feeling is normal. So I am going to play it day by day. I have bought most of my post op products just ready for the day we fly out.

Here are some wish pics....let's hope I can achieve them... ;)


How long did it take for everyone's lab work to come back? It has been a week for me and I haven't heard anything from the doctors office.....feeling paranoid.


Here are the supplies I have so far. I know I need antibacterial soap, but what else is a must? Towels, shower curtain, idk? Help bbl vets!!! :)

I leave in two weeks....


Who used protein shakes post sx? Is it necessary or does it depend on the person? I am uncertain if I absolutely need to buy protein mix.....let me know what help you; please.

Here goes nothing ....

I am finally uploading my before pics. This is crazy, I never knew it would be so hard to post pics of your body. I knew I wasn't happy with it but dam the sight of it makes me disgusted. Smh. I never take pics of my body....this is the most ackward feeling EVER.

Yes, I have bad stretch marks on my lower abdomen and I am worried my stomach may look flappy and nasty after lipo. I haven't seen anyone else with stretch marks so I don't know the outcome. This makes me nervous. Or maybe I am just over reacting because my surgery is in 11 days. Idk.

Also, I finally paid the remainder of my balance today!!!! $5,500. Now it is getting real :0

Growing frustrated!

I hate any professional place that lacks communication; and Dr. Hazani office definitely lacks. Not only does his staff lack communication but so does he. I've emailed him one time before a month ago and it took him a week to return my email. I've email Sarah 5 days ago and I've never received a reply back, I emailed Dr. Hazani Sunday and yet to receive an email. I see others on here that have great communication with them. They say, Dr. Hazani replies right back and he is amazing, however, he does not with me.

My sx is next Wednesday and I still do not the time or the place where the sx is taking place. This is ridiculous. I'm a person that likes all my ducks in a row, and knowing everything is set and ready before the day. I am not getting that reassurance. Ugh!

Tomorrow is the big day....

I have to be at the sx center at 6am tomorrow the 7th. I'm not nervous anymore just excited. However, I hope I have everything I need. Not to mention I am not sure if I should wear my contacts or glasses tomorrow. Does it matter???

Wish me luck RS beauty's, and once I am up and fully awake from sx I'll try to get some pics.

P.s communication with the office got worse today, when they sent me to the office to get my prescription and their office wasn't open. Smh, what a waste of time. Debbie wouldn't even call me back. I forwarded HER email, she sent me confirming the date and location to get my prescription; while letting her know how I feel about the unprofessionalism they possess.

Those most uncomfortable feeling!!!!

Ok RS beauty's, let me just say; I did not expect this!!!!! (I'm not trying to scare anyone, just being honest) My booty is throbbin like crazy, the binder is extremely TIGHT, and every time I get up I'm bleeding. Not just a little looks like I'm peeing blood. My face is super swollen and I feel like shit lol.

To be honest I have not even looked in the mirror to see the outcome. At this point, I'm not trying to get up AGAIN. All I know is the guy nurse said, "You got a big ol booty, girl." I just laughed. He also ask me if my bf knows what I'm doing. I said, "yes! He is the one paying." Lol he said, girls come in there trying to keep it a secret from their dudes. That's crazy.

Anyway, I'm peeing back to back..which makes me keep getting up. Grrrrr. The nurses werr so surprised that I would not.get wheelchair out. That I walk to my car. It wasn't easy, but it is soooooooo uncomfortable sitting on this. Fuck that, let me walk.

The booty feels plastic and hard. Just like a mannequin! My hips are popping out of the binder. I feel like Jessica rabbit. It's crazy. Dr. Hazani told my bf he put 1500 cc in each ass cheeck. I don't know about the hips yet..and yes I got hips lol I know I said, "I want all the fat to my ass" but dr
Hazani convinced me.

Well my arms are hurting from typing this. I didn't wanna leave you guys hanging, I know it feels. When your waiting for someone to post their update.

BTW thanks to all the RS beauty's that wished me luck and said a prayer. I greatly appreciate it.

Muaaaaaah!!! ;)

Feeling a little better....

I'm feeling better now. I can get out of bed easier and today. However, this morning it was extremely hard, from laying down all night. I slept great! Didn't get up once. I'm super swollen in my lower abdomen it looks super gross. So I will not post any pics naked until it goes down.

I did cry this morning because I woke up with my face so swollen I could barely open my eyes. My face isn't that swollen abymore, however, it's still swollen.

I took a shower this morning and my skin is so numb, honestly does not even feel like my skin. I feel like I'm rubbing on someone else's body. I'm sure every day it will get better.

I found it easier to sit on the toilet backwards while peeing. The peeze urinal does not work as well as I thought. When sitting on the toilet backwards your not sitting on your booty. Just your thighs and I hold on to the top of the toilet lid. Then you get to sit and rest a little. It sounds weird but it so much better than using that thing. Especially, cuz you pee a lot.

I'm not hungry at all, but my bf is making me eat. So last night I had Wong Tong soup with spianch and now iam about to have some chicken noodle soup. BTW I am still bleeding with fluid so its a dirty feeling.

These pics are not the best but it's all I can do for now. Because I'm bleeding and dripping everywhere with abdominal pads and a towel underneath my binder.

I'll update some. Thanks for all the love. I definitely need it :)

Feeling better today

I stopped drainage yesterday in the mid day. I called Dr. Hazani to see if that is normal, he said, "it's fine." It worried me because I see the ladies on her draining for 3-4days. I only drained for 2 days. I guess I am lucky it didn't have to deal with the mess for so long.

The only things I used since sx:
Chux pads
Abdominal pads
Slip on night gowns
Arcina cream
& Antibacterial soap

I didn't even need the shower curtain, the chux pads helped with that. RS beauty's it is VERY important to walk every 2 hours and make sure you are eating...because you will definitely need the energy, pulling yourself in and out of bed and taking showers.

I stopped my pain meds today because I feel like Norco is keeping me swollen. Last night was my last dose and day my face isn't that swollen. Not to mention, my bf bought me a huge thing of pineapples to eat this morning. I ate half of the container. We will see if the pineapples really work.

I leave tomorrow after my follow up and I am dreading the plane ride home. Or evening waiting around the airport until my plane leaves. We flew first class so we are the first ones on board which helps. I do not need anyone bumping into my booty, like my bf has done already. Ugh.

Here are a few pics. I am still swollen in the front region so I will post pics once it goes down. No one wants to see that haha

One week post op!

I finally got to the one week mark. Sheesh, felt like I would never get here. Recovery is hard RS beauty's, I will not sugar coat it. Let me rewind back to Sunday.

Sunday was my follow up and I had to get in a dress because NOTHING else will fit. When I got there, there was 4 people in the lobby. I wasn't happy hahaha I did not want to be seen like this. I feel horrible and I look horrible. So I standing around....getting exhausted by the minute. Dr. Hazani finally calls me back, but he calls me back to show me off. Wtf! I looked at him like he was crazy. I think he seen my face. So he said, "keep the dress on and everything is confidential." I was in no mood to talk to anyone or being standing for long periods of time. After speaking with her I felt bad.
She had a bad experience in TJ and the doc will not respond to her after screwing her body up and dr. Hazani will not touch her. Very sad. Anyways, after she left I cried because I wasnt happy with my body. I told Dr. Hazani my hips are too big for me. He said, they'll go down I promise. I told him I feel uncomfortable like this and it's deformed looking. He then told me I'm way too pale. I need more water, food, and rest. Which I'm getting enough of, so now I'm worried. Because I literally look dead. He advices me to get on iron pills and multi vitamins.

He gave me the garment and told me the pillow is on the way, to wait in the lobby. Fuck that. I'll be laying in the car and my bf will be back up to get the pillow. I had absolutely NO energy to stand no more.

My bf went back up there to get the pillow and Dr. Hazani wanted me to go back up there to show me off. NOT! I am in no mood to talk to anyone. Just being honest.

Now let me say, getting first class helps a lot. We went ahead of everyone in the security line and didn't have to wait FOREVER. Thank baby Jesus cuz the lines were insane and everyone was staring at me. Not sure because I looked dead or because I have these huge hips!!!!! By the time we got to our gate I was dizzy and exhausted. I thought I was going to faint. No joke. Got on the plane used my pillow to sit and that sucked too....hahhaha!!!! I am not sure why I haven't heard any of this for anyone else. Everyone else's story seems like it was a piece of cake.

One thing I will add for all the RS beauty's is to use Miralax the very next day out of sx if you do not want to be constipated. I used it for at least 4 days and I was going normally. Not like Prune juice rushing to the bathroom. It is extremely hard to get out of bed the first couple of days. Once you are going normally stop using the miralax and your good.

Anywho, let me say my hips have went down tremendously and I am loving my figure. My stomach is not loose or hanging. I start wearing my garment last night and this thing helps so much with walking and getting in and out of bed. I feel so secure. I am still pale not sure why. I am taking my vitamins and iron. Maybe I am not a good candidate for sx's and I am sure this will be my last one.

I hate to depend on others to do for me and not being able to play with my kids....that sucks the most. I'll post pics later today.

Pictures like I promised.

Here is the front view, I'm still swollen in the lower abdomen and I have a crease in my lower stomach. Which I had before, however, not so defined. Maybe from the binder now. I am hoping the AB board can take care of that problem when I start wearing it next week.

I also, feel my stretch marks are more noticeable since lipo. But that is okay because I've had them since my first daughter seven years ago. I am use to them now.

I've been using this Clarin's firming and lifting cream for two days now on my stomach. Can't say it works yet but after I month I will update. I did do my research and they received five stars from everyone. I bought it from Amazon for $36; it's originally around $40 in stores.

One week four days post op

Feeling so much better. I'm able to get comfortable in bed now, lastin longer & longer while up; back to my regular activities around the house. However, I still can't bend completely or walk like my regular self, but I am sure by week two I'll be good. I am very pleased with my results.

I finally put in leggings like a R.S beauty advised me to do a couple days of go and let me say, it put a smile on my face.

Here are some pics in my leggings.

For the R.S beauty's that were wondering about the 2 week follow up

I spoke with Dr. Hazani this morning and needed to know if I should take the binder off tomorrow, since it marks my two weeks. Or does he want me to wait until I see him Sunday? He informed me to keep it on, he prefers to take it off and see how I look IN PERSON. So that might answer that question you guys were asking. If you can do your two week follow via Skype or FaceTime.
It seems he wants to see the body in person. He also said, he wants to go over the massages and show you how to perform them, if that's the route you want to go.
He also ask me how I was doing. I told him great; I just have little swelling in my lower abdomen. Dr. Hazani said, it is completely normal and it subsides after the 3 month mark. Let it take course. You'll look amazing in any dress you put on with the figure you have.
This is the information I got from the doctor ladies., however, he might make an exception if you absolutely cannot make the 2 week follow.
But I think it is best you go just in, just case he sees something we didn't see or if he feels you need to wear the binder longer. Who knows it is hard to see the body via Skype or FaceTime.


Binder free!

Just a little update on my recovery; im walking better and able to bend now. Which feels so good!!!! I had my 2 week follow-up yesterday and the doctor said, I look great and I have no fluids in my body. That I need to start massages. So I had my bf start last night and it feels so good but I am not sure if we are doing it right. I looked up videos on YouTube but they do not seem to be doing it right. Hahaha The doctor showed us but it feels like we should be doing more. I could be wrong and I'll continue to massage every day.

I measured myself this morning and hips are 45' haven't lost any volume since Thursday.

Here are some photos. I feel the photos do not do me any justice. Hahaaha

Booty Greed :0

So my measurements aren't changing which is weird but I know I am losing fat in my butt; especially in the lower area. Ugh!!!! I desperately wanted that cup/çuff underneath the ass cheeks!! And I barely got it!!!! I need to look at the bright side and realize I didn't have shit before the sx and I need to appreciate what I do have now before I lose all the fat! Hahaha! So I'ma stay positive and work with what I got.

My stomach is still a mess nothing has changed there (no surprise) and the tighten cream doesn't seem to work, however, if my man doesn't care (so he says) hahaha and it doesn't bother me (yet) then I'm good. I must say though my booty has way more projection in clothes and I love how it moves UP AND DOWN in my clothes. You can even see it when I have my shirts over it. Super nice.

Can't wait for it to soften up some more so i can pratice twerking in the mirror ;)

1 month post op

Not much to say, except I still can't sit, booty hasn't soften up completely, and my butt is still sore. My tummy and back are not as numb anymore but I still get swollen in my tummy when I do not wear my waist trainer. I heard that is normal. My booty has lost a lot of fat; my hip measurement is 44.5'. Everyone that sees me says, it isn't as big anymore but still a good size for me.

I'm definitely envious of the RS beauty's that got 2000cc or more hahhaha. I'm trying not to have booty greed, before God oh mighty takes it all away.

From what dr. Hazani told me, "Whatever fat you have left after a month is your final results." Let's really hope this is true because I don't want to lose anymore.

Finally, got my two week photos.

Such a huge difference. I need to be thankful and stop complaining about my fat loss. Dr. Hazani said, he thinks my transformation is amazing and he wants to show other patients.

I'm so blessed to get the opportunity to change my body. Cuz god knows I needed it hahaha.

Just some pics!

Thought I would post some pics today. Love how Dr. Hazani shaped my body! He is the best :)

Let's talk about sex

Im making this post because I know the women would like to know, when you can start having good sex.. So here it is...

Last night we finally had really good sex and the ass was jiggling. My bf NOW appreciates the ASS and he feel in LOVE. The ass isn't completely soft but it is soft enough to jiggle and throw it back. We had sex at 3 weeks post op and it wasn't beneficial for him nor could he appreciate the curves or ass. I am now 5 1/2 weeks post op and this is the stage were is it comfortable and pleasurable to have sex.
Yes, waiting that long is hard BUT it is well worth it. We have mirrors in my room, therefore, I was able to see the ass in action and let's just say, I turned myself on! Hahahaha.
No he didn't get to smack it or grab it too hard because I'm afraid of losing fat. However, he didn't have too, I had it all under control.
I would say still be careful with your man, husband or one night stand ;) from smacking it too hard or grabbing it too hard. You still do not want to lose fat or maybe I'm being paranoid. My bf says, I'm very protected of my ass. I do not sit on it and I still do not wear jeans; and if I do I wear them I put on my lose fitting jeans. So it is not suffocating the bootay! Even tho we are both happy with my results. I am thinking about a second round ;)

I'll update pics Wednesday when I am officially 6 weeks.

Sitting at work.

So I stand majority of my time at work. However, when my feet cannot take anymore I'll sit like this for maybe 2-3 minutes. I'm mainly on my thighs and holding myself up with the desk. Thought I would share with everyone who was curious :)

I will be 6 weeks Wednesday.

6 weeks

I'm finally 6 weeks today and sitting on my thighs are so easy now. Not uncomfortable at all! Sitting with the boppy pillow is very comfortable too when driving. I haven't sat on my butt yet, I'm still paranoid. It has gotten soft but not entirely.

Bra 39' (this is not my bra size. I measured with a tailor tape measure)
Waits 32'
Hips/ass 44'

I want my waist smaller and I've been wearing my waist trainer from waist-no-time, however, doesn't seem to work. Although, it hasn't been a full month that I've been wearing it so hopefully I can achieve some results after my month.

My stomach is getting flatter but I still have that little pouch in thee lower part, and if course my stretch marks aren't going anywhere. But I still love my results :)

Here are some pics I took this morning.

7 weeks

Just a quick update. My liposuction areas are not so sensitive or numb anymore. I feel so much better. I finally started sitting yesterday, and to my surprise it wasn't uncomfortable. I avoid sitting as much as possible, I only sit for 20 mins at work off and on. I do not sit at home; it's become a routine for me to stand.

I had my follow-up/consultation sunday an everything looks good. No lumps or fluid pockets. I also, had a consultantion for a BA I will do that sometime in April. I want to be fully healed and sitting by then. I'm getting 600CC's. My bf isn't happy about the BA but this is what I want so I am getting them done :) We also talked about a second round probably in a year. Cuz I want to feel Normal for at least awhile before doing this all over. He said, he'll grab fat from my arms, thighs, and under my arms (by my bra). That sounds good to me. Hopefully, I end up with more projection..

I am finally on the second hook of my waist trainer!!! So hopefully my waist gets smaller in the next month.

I will update when I hit the 2 month week ;)

8 weeks

I'm 8 weeks today and if we care counting calendar days, I'm be 2 months on the 7th.

My butt is not completely soft yet and when I'm not wearing the garment my body feels weird. It's unexplainable.

Also, one little note you can gain weight in your liposuction area. My stomach feels like it is gaining weight or I am bloated. I'm more hungry than usual too. So maybe I'm gaining weight, not sure. I did read from a vet that she was super hungry too around this time and she gained some weight in her tummy too. Im starting workin out next week.

I only sit in my butt at work. Never at home. So I don't sit on it too much.

Waist 33
Hips/ass 44.5

Here are a few pics. I won't update until I'm 3 months, going further.


I'm currently 10 1/2 weeks and I must say I love my results. Every where I go heads are turning. I have NOT had anyone come up to me and ask if it's fake. However, People has always said, I look intimidating or non approachable haha not sure what that means. But anywho, my friends that haven't seen me forever wants to know how I did it. (I said, gained weight and did weight training) hahaha So sat I was with my sister and I asked her what she thinks. She told me, her, my mom , and brother think my hips are too big!!!! Oh aND the top of my ass flows with my hips and doesn't look normal. *crushed*
Now I have a complex. Smh my bf said, you look great and their hating. Ugh. I don't think their hating.....
So I'ma post some pics....let me know what you think?
I was frustrated yesterday thinking I look deformed.
Btw I haven't lost any volume since 5 weeks. I'm still 44 inch ass/hips.

The haters are thick....

The haters are thick in these streets. Smh I will not even bother anyone with the story i have today. Anyway, everyone needs a heads not allow anyone getting to you, with their side commments. Maybe, I carry my self with a lot of confidence (which I always have) and they're trying to break me down. Inside, I'm hurt but I will not allow them to know.
I've always carried myself with confidence and this is why everyone asked me "why are you doing this? I never knew you had a problem with your body" but no one needs to know how I really feel. If they knew I had self-esteem issues they would have tore me apart back then; Like they are doing now because they obviously knew my body bothered me or I wouldn't have make this decision.
So now I feel like ppl are saying things about me to really destroy my self-esteem.
So to everyone going thru this....please....please...hold your head up high. Cuz this process is very lengthy and a roller coaster ride.

On a positive note I'm officially 11 weeks! !! Everyone have a wonderful Christmas!

Three months

Finally, I'm sitting without my boppy pillow. Although, after awhile of sitting my butt feels weird. My butt is not completely soft, I have areas that are stiffer than the rest. Haven't lost any fat either. I slept without my garment last night and my body felt fine :) Dr. Hazani said, after 3 months you no longer have to wear the garment. However, I'm going to wear it for a little longer. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


4 months

I'm finally 4 months. The booty is getting softer and softer. It isn't super soft though, my fiance can't grab a handful. Hopefully, by 5 months it'll be super soft.
For the past couple weeks my butt has been feeling sore. When I sit I have to be careful and sit down slowly. I still do not sleep on my back either.
Also, keep in mind ladies, when you lose weight you lose the booty fat first. I was sick for a week with the flu and I lost an inch. But don't worry. Hahaha I gained that inch back. I'm still 44'.
Here are some photos and a video of the booty.

Still there....

So I believe I'm 5 months now. Almost, 6. Let me just say, sitting was still a pain. My ass is completely soft (finally) and when I sit to long my ass starts to hurt. I have gained some weight like an idiot but I'm still happy with my shape. My fiancé thinks my ass got bigger but I think it's the same.
I never went through the "fluffing" stage, not sure how real that is lol.
Everywhere I go, they want to know my doctors information :) My sister is next and my auntie is calling too hahaha.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

2 years in October

I've kept the fatty in the ass....if not more
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr. Hazani is a warm hearted individual. He is very welcoming, knowledgeable, and kind; he did not make me feel like another number. I will definitely go to him for further procedures and refer others to him. He was responsive even after the surgery. I texted him numerous times and got a response immediately, via text message. I highly recommend Dr. Hazani!!!!! He is an amazing individual, doctor, and surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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