Needing Bbl and Breast Lift and Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

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I am wanting same thing breast lift with implants...

I am wanting same thing breast lift with implants and bbl. I went to consultation with dass Friday he convinced me to do the boobs and ass seperate. I love his work I'm just scared a lot of girls get lumps he said if we do a mini tt it shouldn't get lumps. Really want it and he has my date open but not sure if I should book or not don't want to pay all this money for an amazing ass but mess up stomach. After 4 kids my belly looks good I don't want to mess it up now.


Do I finally booked my date I changed docs and now either Dr. HAZANI! What helped everyone after surgery?

Ok so finally posting pics didn't want to cause I've never been this big but here they go.

A little over 2 months pre-op

Blood work

So I was super excited and went and did my blood work but it came back with high white blood cell count and now they said I can't have surgery I retest next week and hopefully everything will be normal but freaking out right now. Has this happened to anyone else?


I had it done Monday. Sore and very swollen will try to post pics tonight

oh my god feel normal?

When do you start feeling normal I am so swollen and lumpy?

Wtf I look like I'm 6 months pregnant and freaking out they can't get me in till Monday anyone go through this?

Almost 3 weeks

Filling better but hard lumps where my thighs meet my pelvis so can't bend over all the way to shave. I've been messaging but they haven't went away. Love my new shape but disappointed he didn't lipo my stomach like he was supposed to.
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