27 yrs young..Much Needed Booty and Hips. (Petite 5'0 115lbs)

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Hi Dolls! I usually don't like to do reviews like...

Hi Dolls! I usually don't like to do reviews like this, but since I have been stalking this site and reading other peoples journeys, I thought I would share mine also. I am embarrassed to post up my pictures.. but that is the best way for you guy to see before and afters =) I have been thinking about getting lipo for awhile now and thought to myself.. if I'm going to take out my fat it better be put elsewhere! LOL
I am from Northern Cali and will be traveling to get the BBL. Still debating on flying ( 1hr flight) or driving which is a 6-7 hour drive. My sx date is 4/11. Which I know will fly by fast! I wanted something sooner but Dr. Hazani seems to be all booked up. And I don't blame him.

I will be posting threads and keeping you all updated with my journey

Forgot to post before pics

I absolutely have no shape or booty! Lol need some hips and some butt :) I am 5'0 weigh 114. I think I need to gain some weight. More fat the better, right? Although Dr.Hazani didn't request that. But did say taking from my thigh for better results.

Consultation with Dr. Hazani

When I emailed if I am the right for this procedure, I sent Dr. Hazani some photos. He then responded with "I am thin and to do a virtual consultation".. I was like.. I am not too thin lol.. I DEFINITELY have fat for him to suck out.. And ALOT.. At least thats how I feel!

So I decided to do a in person consultation.. Because I feel like weight doesn't matter too much.. It's how much fat and no muscle you have on your body. They quick to get me in for a consulation. So did a 6hour drive to see him and made it a fun roadtrip with one of besties. When I drove JUST for a consultation that far. I knew it was real. I had my mind already set on getting this done.

Debbie was really sweet and answered all my questions and kept me at ease. As soon as I met with Dr. Hazani and consultated with him.. I knew 150% he is doing my procedure. I done way too muvh research and absolutely love all his results. Even with smaller girls he contours them so nicely. I then put my deposit down and locked in my date. I wish they had something sooner like in March. I don't blame him.. For all his amazing dolls he has transformed!

A few before pics

Posted a few more before pics, so if other dolls have similar body shape as mine.

Recommendation on places to stay at?

Any suggestions to where to stay? Airbnb or hotels? Thanks!

Question about post surgery...

Of course I heard when your done with sx you leak(bleed) or fluids come out. Some say they are soaked during their car ride.

I know they give you that faja suit to wear. Do you wash it that night? Or keep an extra one? Or sleep with that over night? Im confused when your supposed to change that faja thing?

What else am I missing?

I know I have a few months, but I always like to purchase things in advanced. Because knowing me I am very forgetful and hate shopping last minute. Here are a few main things I have purchased.
Anything supplies really important that I am missing?? I see people buying tons of stuff.

I will also be taking these vitamins:
- Bromelain
- Multi-Vitamin
-Iron Pills

What's the difference between using Arincare gel vs the cream?

Results from taking fat from thigh?

What are your experiences with taking fat from you thigh? I was a bit hesitant because I kind of like my thighs. Its never been a issue area for. Usually when I gained anyways it always went to my tummy, never my hips or butt.

Does it make a HUGE difference with you appearance in the thighs?

Where to get messages

I hear people getting lymp massages. How do u know where do get these massages from? Just any places? A place like a massage envy?

Pre & Post Op Vitamin Kit

So I am purchasing this vitamin kit. It is a bit pricier then getting individual vitamins. I see reviews where people are loading up with a million different vitamins.. I like to keep it simple. This kit had really good reviews. Actually this whole website had cool stuff www.makemeheal.com
Thought I would share.

Supposibly supposed to help with healing time and swelling. I just ordered mine and will be taking them.

Here is the link also: http://m.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?id=13517

More info from my last update (pre and post vitamin kit)

I wish we were able to update pictures and post instead of posting a new one. Anyways.. I found this helpful from the vitamin kit that I ordered. It can be seen on the website.

It is a list of all the pills in the kit and what every pill does for your body. Hopefully the pics are readable.

Under arm lipo or thigh lipo

For the ladies that had bbl. Have any of you taken fat from the arm instead of thigh? Im very undecided to take from my thighs.. Dr. Hazani recommended I go with my thigh.. uggh idkkkkk

Weird question about drinking?

This is weird question to ask. But how far along your recovery can you go clubbing and indulge in an alcohol beverage.. Might sound like a funny question.. But I wouldn't want any major set backs in recovery.

Waist Cincher for smaller torso

Ladies with a smaller torso, I would recommend this one for waist training after recovery. I have a waist training corset for smaller torso but It has the ribboning in the back which is very visible under clothing. So I am going to order this one. The regular size waist clinchers or corsets are usually bigger on me and will ride down on my new booty lol!

I am 5'0 and have a much smaller torso..

Less than 3 weeks and I will be Hazanified!

Current pictures again.. Excuse the unmatching granny underwear lol! Although I am trying to keep all my fat, I HAD to do 20min of light cardio.. I have been eating HORRIBLE and I felt very sluggish.. A light workout just puts me in a good place even though not trying to lose weight... The struggle of trying to gain lottle weight.. Its crazy how its not easy when your trying..

Uuugh I can't wait to get some curves on me and some booty. I am not asking for a Nicki Minaj booty. I just need some curves. I have always been squared body no butt. My sx date is right around the corner. Less than 3 weeks. Im getting more nervous. I Am still undecided to get fat from my inner thighs. I emailed Dr. Hazani to see if we can wait till pre-op appt to decide. I might end up just doing my arms.. I have lost sleep trying to decide.. Smdh!

Foam and Ab board

Question for the vets.. When and how do u used the foam and ab board. Im a bit confused. Do you start using the foam and ab board right away after surgery? Or do u wait after acouple days? I would think if your draining it will get on the foams?
What size foam did you use and how many?
Do u wear this all under the garmet they give you?

Any info will be helpful. Thanks

16 More Days!

So RS sisters.. We all know and heard the struggle of sleeping on our stomachs and it could be the most uncomfortable thing lol! I got one of my pillows in and thought I would share. I have tried and been preparing myself on positions to lay in.. I got to say this pillow seem very comfy.. It has some holes in if for airflow since it is a face down pillow, which I found really cool. It is pretty comfy.. If u prop in on a pillow its alittle bit more better because you can breath more. I posted pics.. Excuse the doggy hair on my comforter.. From my little fur babies :)

Lipo Foams

Are these the right ones? Are they typically this pricey? If anything cheaper please send me link. Thanks

When to order garments?

I know Dr. H provides stage 1&2 garments. But I see alot of people ordering more comfortable ones. How soon do you order and how do u know what size if your swelling has not yet subsided?

How much time off for recovery?

I know everyones body is unique and we recover differently. How much time did you take off work? My schedule is pretty flexible and I took time off for a total of 9days? How were you feeling after the 1st week? I have a job where I am on my feet all day, so not sure if a good thing or bad. I know some have desk jobs and I am glad I don't need to sit on my booty.. But i am afraid also being on my feet all day?...


Any you ladies smoke? Uggh bad habit to kick! My sx is this coming Monday. Im not gunna lie I have smoked ciggerates.... As of today I am smoking my last ciggerate of the week and after my full recovery.. The damn struggle!!!

The struggle of not smoking..

Damn this is definitely something which was hard to stop before surgery. I never realized how much my body was soooo damn immuned to the nicotine. I have not smoked for 4 days already cold turkey. And my sx is this Monday! .. First couple days I had the worst anxiety from not being able to smoke. Been taking Ativan to help with that. I asked Dr.H and it is fine to take. Not having a ciggerate is not no joke tho.

Need Caregiver Referral ASAP

Hey Rs sisters. Do u guy have any caregiver referrals in L.A area.. My sc is on monday... Last minute things lol

7am Tomorrow morning!!

I am sooo nervous dolls! I am more nervous and scared because I will be all by myself throughout the first week of recovery. It has already been super stressful thinking about it. I have Nataley to help me for the first day (THANK GOD) then I will be on my own. Hope my recovery isnt too bad.

Made it... 1320 Cc's

I will update pic later. Im in sooooo much pain.. Nausus everytime get up. And threw up twice. I managed to eat fries, but that came up.. And before I got in bed I had a toast.. But jus in one of the buttocks leg area is soooo damn painful like a bad ass cramp. Hope its normal kuz my other leg is fine..I cried getting out the car. My left leg i can move jus fine. Im gunna take a nap. Will update later

Pics from earlier

Supeeer swollen. Any of u experience ine sude behind butt hurt? Like a bad cramp?

BBL VETS- numbness

Did you expierence numbness on your legs and arms? I did not get lipo on my arms. Just my thighs. I am scared of blood clotting or something?

My recovery so far is not the greatest. I am not trying to scare anyone. I threw up 3 times today. Nothing wants to stay down at all. Was able to get up alittle. But when I did I got VERY nausus and threw up again. Im gunna switch over to tylonyl tomorrow. Maybe it is the pain meds thats messing with.
My legs is supeeeer swollen! And my right side hurta like hell! Super stiff..
Another thing I am in a black blonder looking thing. Not a faja suite. I thought I was gunna be in that from all the reviews. Maybe they switched it up? Idk

Feeling much better

Thanks RS Sisters for all the wishes and support. I am so glad that there's this site for support and people different expierence.

Update: My right leg is what is making my expierence a horrible. I think it may just hit a nerve or really under that muscle. I am in high hopes it will get better. Getting out the car after surgery was a 10 for me because the stiffness and pain on that leg. As soon I took pain med in car to kick it. I was able to get out. But that shit hurt like hell. And it still does. It needs to be bent when getting out bed.

I have been getting up every few hours. It helps alot. And alot of water. I feel like Gatorade first couple days is just too much sugar. IMO. Tonight 3:30 I woke and took 2 tylonyl and been walking around and had an appetite. I ate peanut and gelly sandwhich, gatorade and some applesauce. Applesauce has been my bestfriend. Drinking alot of fluids will help to make you have to go pee so that you are forced to stretch and walk a bit. Sorry such a long review but I am still standing up as I write this and was feeling in the mode to share.
At least the place I stayed had a love seat chair at the foot of bed. That been super helpful crawling out of bed. Ecspcially this bed so high.. I will post pictures tomorrow. I plan to shower tomorrow :)

Super Bad Swelling and bruising

My legs are super swollen. My butt is soo hard lol! I cant wait till swelling goes down. Dr H sure knows how to contour though. He was even suprised he got that much fat out. I told him I had alot stubborn fat lol! Fat skinny.

My chest hurts from sleeping on my tummy. This isnt no walk in the park. Maybe it kuz also the damn right leg cant bend.

Before after pics

Swollen face and question to vets

Im am day 3 post op. Have an appointment with Dr. H today. Also gunna concern my other leg that been super stiff than the other.

I have been able to sleep alittle longer. But sleeping on your stomache freakin hurts like hell. I got a stiff ass neck. Numb ass arms and wake up and have to adjust super slowly. I been having a great appetitie but not doing too much.

How long till the swelling on face go down? And also thighs go down? Mine are HUGE!!
I posted a pic of front view. Taken last night. Will take more soon. Also I have lumps.. Im sure will go away. What can I do to avoid? How soon do I start doing massages on stomach and my thighs?

Update and Post op Appointment today

This morning just woke up swollen. I am getting alittle stronger by day. Even though it has been 3 days. Now I am able to walk around for more than acouple hours. But if longer than that I start getting dizzy and my legs get shakey. I finally showered this morning before my post op with Dr.H. And DAMN did that shower feel GOOD! I want to take one again tonight lol. At first I got a container to fill up with water and pour on my body. That will help so you don't get shocked with water on your skin after the lipo.

Now my post op was pretty quick. I will see Dr. H one more time next week before I leave L.A.
He gave me the beige garmet to wear. I haven't tried on yet but will later. It looks sooo small lol! Kinna scared to get into lol. He mentioned to start messaging little by little and working up pressure to get rid of any bumps. Prolly start that next week. Today was the longest I have been on my feet and havent napped. I have slight headache from being up long period of times. I also think it could be all the pressure from sleeping on stomach from neck. I would actually say that is the worst feeling right now. I will update later. Here few pics. Super bruised

Swelling almost down to ankles???

Is this normal? Ive been using my garment as of today and also have compression garments on thighs. It jus started swelling more today as I was on my feet alot. I elevated it with pillows. Hopefully that will help. Anyone expierence this?


I noticed it is better to try and get up every 2-3 hours. And walk.. Even if its 3am. First and 2nd night surgery I was always up walking every 2hours stretching, drinking fluids. Only last night I stayed in bed almost 5hours. Man letme tell you.. I was graugy as hell. Face super swollen even my lip lol.. Just felt even worse. So ladies... Really.. Try and get up every often you will feel MUCH Better!

I took that naseau medicine amd felt better. I also took a shower and felt soooo GOOOOD! It will be your bestfriend foreals.. Taking off the damn faja was horrible tho.. I am getting used to taking it off and on now. You definitely need help with that. Dont be scared it will squeeze your booty or hips just pull that sucker up faaassst LOL! Your skin will be sensitive as hell but pull it quick and around the booty!

Also I had my first BM today... Aaahhh!! I didnt use and laxitive. I prolly should have. I was soo damn constipated.. I wont even get into detail.. But that sh*^ came out. I had my faja thing off and no binder. Trying to sh**... It weird feeling on my body.. Little burning sensation but not BAD. Maybe I was swelling up. Anyways I would take laxative like the 3rd day or so.. I say kuz it was alittle easier to be over the toilet.

Other than that I feel more progress. Of course still bruised.. Sensitive.. Swollen.. But i feel better day by day. My legs are still SUPER swollen.. Hopefully they go down. If not I will check with Dr. hazani on my other follow up before I leave L.a. Kuz the swelling getting kinna worse to my ankles. Not in pain tho. So i dont think too concerning.

4 Day Update

Every day get better girls. Just walk and walk. Staying in bed makes u feel worse. Here are some pics I took today. I am stoll swollen and bruised. Legs and ankles swollen too. I know my real shape wont set in a few months. So I am not having any expectations right now. Anything from my before is better lol. Foreals tho. This recovery I am more concerned about. I am sure when I get back home I will be trying everything in my closet lol. The booty is BIG tho. Cant wait till it drops lol

I do wish and hope my stomach shrinks more tho. Love my projection and hips. I dont think my waist could be any smaller because my ribcage and hipbone is just kinna square.. Idk.. But the new booty and little hips balance that out. My stomach doesnt havent any weird bumps right now. One side has a little dent.. (Prolly from binder)But im sure as soon as I waist train it will shrink more. I will start next week with waist clincher.

Swelling on ankles and bottoms legs

Did u guys get super swollen on ankles? I kinna started bruising on my foot also? It is not painful.. I texted Dr H and he said it is normal for blood to slow down. Im not sure about the foot brusing.. Hmmm.. Maybe my compression wrap on knees too tight? Anyone expierence this? I be on me feet alot too..

This surgery is more of a mental strength..

I screen shoted this post from realself because this is the realist thing I have heard on here. This surgery is definitely more of a mental strength than physical pain.. Im not even far out from recovery, only 4 days lol.. And it has been an emotional ride already.. I have not yet really acknowledged too much of my new body... I thought I would be way more excited, but the damn recovery is a bi**h tho. Idk who ever says its easy kuz I am sure that is a damn lie.. Then again everyone recovers differently. I guess ladies.. Just prepare for the worst.. You have to take care of urself emotionally and physically first.. And google isnt gunna be your friend.. It be having me super paranoid about symtoms and recovery. Just saying lol! Anyways.. Jus thought I would share...

Binder over leonisa garment

After u get ur stage 2 I know Dr. H said to wear the binder also. Is that all the time? Even when ur sleeping. I dont know why I thought of this question. I am already sleeping with the garment, ab board and then binder.

Do u guys sleep with the binder on?

Made it to Day 5!

Today feeling better and getting more in routine with everything. Yesterday I was worried because of how my legs and feet swelled up. Almost wanted to go to ER thought it could be blood clot.. Or dvt or get puliminary embolism. I was super paraniod lol! Anyways..

Had my 2nd BM with the help of a laxative. Helped more but was still kinda difficult. And then took shower again.. You'll notice I loooove showers from all my post. The water jus feels sooo good against skin. My swelling on calves and ankles are getting way better. Been elevating it alot too. That definitely did the job. I have been getting alot better with pulling this damn garmet on. I can't do it alone either. Need help from behind pulling it over big hard booty. Hope it doesnt damage any fat cells lol.

I did my measurements today:
Waist 29"
Hips 39" noticed it did go down 1inch or maybe didnt measure right. I will check again next week. I hope my waist goes down. I will take pics soon.

Day 5 Pic Update

So today I had 2 bowel movements. I took a laxitive this morning and went. Thought that was it.. And then not too long ago i had cramps like had to shi*. I drank lil coffee to make it come out. (Guess this was the laxitive hitting from the morning) had freakin crazy ass cramps and really soft stool cant complain. But i was hella hot and sweating almost lol! Im glad that im getting regular BM but I just DREAD taking the garmet off and on! It kinna hurts. Sorry if TMI ladies! Oh and the stinging feeling on ur body from push. Uggh! Lol..

Anyways well took another shower after that, kuz I cant wipe my ass and I dont wanna use baby wipes. lol and again.. Love showers lol! So i took some pics to update u guys. Bruising is going down alot. Swelling is residing day by day. Ankles and calves getting MUCH better. My thigh and knees swelling going down. I havent notice any weird lumps or uneveness in thighs. I wont really tell till im fully healed. I love softly massaging my thigh to the knees tho. Feels good. My friend down there on one side is superr swollen. I hope that goes down. FRFR! Kuz not cool. No weird lumps on my tummy. Very firm.

Searching for garmets.. Suggestions ladies?

I am looking for garmet for back up or to switch out. Im going to buy extra from Debbie. But I would want to get another, a smaller one. I am in a XS/S so I need to be in a smaller one next week right?

Now what are the benefits of the cut out on the butt garmets vs the regular one with Dr. Hazani gives us?
Have you guys tried any ones from lipoexpress.com? they are more pricey but the have waist row adjustments to tighten as ur waist gets small?

Suggestions.. Suggestions...

Swollen Vajay-J

I hear alot of people saying their vajay-j gets super swollen.. Mine feels swollen and kinda hard. Im scared it could be scar tissue or something? Its not a seroma because I dont see no liquid moving down there. I have been using abdominal board for compression when I lay down.

Whats your experience with your swelling? How long? Should I start massaging it? Is it possible scar tissue? No one wants no swollen vagina seen threw a maxi dress lol

Waist Cincher

So I finally got back from L.a last night. I am so glad that i stayed the whole week. Because coming back home was hectic.. Have my fur babies to attend to lol. Organizing my room... Anyways Im feeling way better. It has been a week and I still walk with a wobble lol. Butt is still hard as rock. I am able to get on my bed and bend leg little bit. So that is good..

Anyways.. Question to this post... When I can I start using this waist cincher? This one is so comfy and fits perfect for smaller torso. I just dont want to use that thick ass binder under when I go to work. It is too damn bulky!

1 Week and 2 days Post Op

Hey loves! Wanted to update you guys on my recovery... Everyday I get better and better. YAAAY!! By the 5th/6th day u will notice a big difference.. Those who follow my journey know my right leg was sooo painful for some reason. Thought it was a blood clot or was gunna take months to heel. It was sooo difficult to move. Its no longer like that.. I was sooo scared at first. I still can't bend down and grab things. But I am able to massage my leg until my knees myself. I have been massaging my legs alot. I dont want to uneveness and it is not too painful. My BM has normalized. I went this morning with no help with constipation pills or whatever.. AND... (Drum roll) lol I TOOK OFF MY OWN FAJA BY MYSELF! AND ON ALSO!!!!! SO DAMN EXCITED. Although I did need some one to put my feet through leg parts since cant bend down too much. But other than that pulled that sucker off and not. That shit was painful in the begining because your skin is soo sensitive at first. I have 2 garments to switch out and theyre loosening. Im going to wash the other today in hopes it will shrink :) As far as sleeping, still getting up. Not every 2-3 hours anymore. Now 4-5hrs.. Cant wait to get a full nights rest and toss and turn on my bed lol.. Im getting used to sleeping on tummy. Anyways.. So far so good. Still swelling on my friend down there. But it has gone down alot. Massaging it everyday because dont no lumpiness or scar tissue. My stomach is smooth. Have to lumpiness. I am getting more and more excited with my results as I recover better. At first I wasnt concerned about my new appearance.. I just wanted to get better. Lol and Now I am day by day and loving my results.. Just waiting for the booty to fluff and drop :) Well loves.. I will keep u guys posted again.


Lol! Ok.. Feelin myself alittle bit...we all do it...Try on our clothes that we prolly havent been able to wear for a long time, that been hanging in our closets. Took few pics before hop in the shower. Im getting more excited now! Yaaay. The pic with the leggings and black dress..my cousin was laughing and said "your butt looks sooo big even wearing black" lol u know how black thins u out more. I was like it's gunna shrink, drop and fluff.

Quick Update

I have been getting better each day. But and legs still stiff. Can't bend down at all kuz booty stiffness. I went to work for the first time 11days post. I am a hairstylist so I am on my feet constantly. Luckily I make my own schedule and block out as much time needed. I really should of took 3 weeks off, but i dont want to be cooped up in house and I also need to get back to the $$$$. Lol So i just came in for a client. Thats how I been kind of scheduling for the rest of this week. Test the waters out and see how I am on my feet. And let me tell u lol.. My feet were hurting and i also tried walking normal (of course i dont want clients in salon being like wtf) lol Think they got little swollen.. So while my client was processing (luckily i had a ride waiting for me) I laid in car for 30min then got back to working. It was tiresome and that was just one client. Uuugh next week I have booked only 2 day but its like a 4-5 hr day. Hope im alot better by then. I regret not blocking my schedule off longer. But im not gunna reschedule all my clients. Im going to so a seperate update on my garmets... Sorry to go on about my day yesterday. My point was.. I still can't stand up for long periods of time. 2hrs is about good enough. Then gotta rest..

Garmet Issues, Binder, and waist cincher

So I need to find a smaller garmet now. This ones loosening up and I may need more compression. I am in the Leonisa one in XS which is the smallest one. Im searching so If any suggestions let me know :)

Now my binder is getting bigger now to. The wraping around is almost to its max lol! I still love wearing it at night so I can really tighten it up. And I also am using the lipo abdominal board on a daily. I never used foams or anything. And my stomach is smooth without then. I have a small seroma i noticed on my waist. I will keep an eye out because I heard if it is small ur body will absorb it. So we will see... And Dr. Hazani is all the way in L.a. I will wait it out a good month and see..

Now to my waist cincher... I ordered a S (34) in the vedette 902. I REAALLY LOVE it! Its super comfortable for smaller torso girls like myself. I am 5'0, so it is perfect. Although i felt it isnt giving me too much compression so I just ordered a XS (32) its only been a week and my waist has shrunk. I could just imagine in another couple weeks. My waist is at 27-27.5 depends... Started at 29-30"

I also ordered this other one. I posted pics and measurements. It supposed to be for short torso also. Ans what I like is their sizes go as small as 18" waist.. lol! Damn thats tiny!! I do want my waist down to maybe 25" if possible.

Have the Flu and that time of the month

I guess like they say it rains it pours lol. The other day my throat started getting super itchy felt something coming on... Now its the full blown flu and cough all the shabangs. Maybe I went to work to soon and over did my body. Im soo pissed.. I am just barely recovering from my sx and the get the flu as soon as im getting better... smdh.

I just hope the flu won't kill any of my new booty cells because it trying to fight off this damn virus. Man ima be so mad if my booty goes down from the flu. Can't even flaunt this ass yet kuz been in the house for weeks from recovery now kuz im SICK.. and on top of that this morning got my damn period.. everything all at once. Needed to vent this out...

Other than that.. my butt is still stiff and my feet kinna swell up when stand too much. My booty has gone down alittle. well the swelling, but measurements are the same.. after sx it was 40" now its 38 1/2- 39inch. I guess it depends on the day. I wanna start waist training as soon as I get my cincher in. Hopefully my waist I can get down to 26-27" I seen it done.. so we will see. =)

I still walk kind of funny. I wonder if it will be like that until the butt softens up. I DREAD wanting to sit down and drive. I can not wait until the day. After this tough ass recovery and now getting sick.. and getting my period at the same damn time.. once i'm better I am bout to turn up and indulge in a adult beverage.. LOL this shit has been too damn long! Oh enough on me rambling on.

Hope everyone had a great easter. xo

17 Days Post Op LONG update

Heeey RS sisters! :) I have been M.i.a on the updates because been trying to recover from this flu. I am feeling alittle better.. I just felt like it was a dominoe effect.. Sx recovery.. Then flu.. The got my period lol! Wtf is next? Can I at least glorify my new body yet?!? Hahaha!

Anyways.. My swelling has gone down alot! No more swollen ankles and feet. My knee area is a slight bit swollen I can tell its been better. I have been really good at massaging my thighs and everything. I have no uneveness in my thighs at all either.

THIGH MASSAGES: I havent got any lymphatic massages.. I have been massaging myself. My thighs feel good massaging. It makes a huge difference and I can tell I walk better day by day. Although I can not speed walk.. Because butt is still stiff. I can feel it slightly softening because sometimes I feel alittle jiggle, so much be a good thing lol.

STOMACH MASSAGES: Swelling on my stomach has gone down alot! No more feeling bloated. Everything seems to be hardening. I massage my stomach twice a day 20min each time. I have been doing it pretty hard but over my garmet because my skin kind of sensitive still.. The back (love handle) sides still have a small burning sensation only hurts when I rub too hard. If i do over garmet, it doesnt hurt. I also find it easy to get like a long can of hairspray and roll it on skin. Feels good.. I also read a baking roll thing helps as well.

VOLUME: it feels and looks like it has gone down, but measurements are not showing that much lof shrinking. I started at 40" and its 39". I can tell its not shelf looking like day 1. It can also look like that because my waist is shrinking.

SEROMAS: So I know I have 2 seromas. The one ny hip has shrunk alittle so I am keeping an eye on that. Also I have one on my vajayjay. The swelling down there is going down. Also keeping a eye on that. Im going to give it acouple weeks if doesnt go away I shall get it drained. I heard ur body will soak up the liquid on its own, unless its super big and starting to be painful.

WEIGHT: my pre op was 115. My post op wad 121.. Today down to 117. Not sure where that extra 6lbs came from.. Maybe water weight.. Idk.. But i know once I get more active and back to work fulltiming.. I will prolly drop down my pre op again usually really about 113. So it'll be good :) not concerned about weight really..

SLEEPING: last night i swear I had a good 7hrs of sleep. Maybe it was the nyquil lol! But sleeping on my tummy I have gotten used to. I can do this for awhile. Sometimes I do wake up from stiff neck or arms and just have to adjust my body position. Other than that already used to it.

DRIVING: i have not tried on my own... Im really scared to sit on my butt. And the BBL pillow seems like its better for people that are taller and have longer leg span. Im short 5'0 and IDK how ima sit with my thighs with this thing.

I still wake up super stiff all over but once I get up im good. I cant think of anything else to update u guys on. Sorry if the review is super long. I posted some pics I took this morning

When to sit down on booty

So I keep reading answer from different doctors to when to start sitting on your butt after fat transfer.Some say after 2 weeks, some say 6-7 weeks. Every surgeon has their own opinion. I want to know when you started sitting on you butt? How it felt? Super uncomfortable because of the pressure? any lopsidedness after sitting... So many questions. I just want to hear based on your experience.

I honestly am dreading when to sit down and have dinner. My bday is coming up on the 21st and Im tryna sit down and have a nice dinner (without bbl pillow) BTW the BBL pillow they gave me is HORRIBLE for shorter girls who don't have super long legs. I had a somebody taller test it out and it was much easier for them. Im trying to find something that will work.

And I thought i'd share to my followers and Rs sister. My stayed over last night and I had pants on and a hoodie sweater. I was just wearing my garment and waist trainer. He asked if I was waist training.. and I said yes. I am not a great liar so I kind of sugar coated it and said I got Lipo on my stomach (didn't want to say I got transfer to my butt) He said no wonder you were looking super curvy and then NOW WHY this Muthaf**ka smack my ass hella hard LOL! Mind you that my ass is still hard. Luckily Im almost healed because if he had done that in the first week I woulda screamed and been pissed. But the look on his face LOL because it is still hard. We both was hella laughing. Super off topic but wanted to share.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks

This review is for brazilianhoney. Here are some pics that I took this morning playing alittle dress up lol! I took the far away pic so u can see how the butt has subsided. Mind you I had 1320 cc's. I am 5'0 amd after sx I weigh now 117. I am sure I will drop more as soon I get more active. I did do my thighs and I dont have that big of a thigh gap. I didnt want because my legs always been toned and tiny. So glad it didnt make a huge difference.

Update for my followers: Tomorrow will be 3weeks. Im beggining to feel alot better. Mind you I caught flu last sunday so it set me back alittle. I still have a slight cold. The flu has really been going around over here. I just gotta stay up on my vitamins.

I am able to kind of bend down more on my own and put my own leggings/skirts/socks on my own. At first it was hard because the skin on my butt was stretched and was so stiff. It is beggining to soften up I can tell. My measurements today is pretty much the same.
Waist: 27-28" depends day lol
Hips: 38-39" depends also

I can tell almost all my swelling is going down. My back area above my butt is still kind of numb. My stomach is getting flatter and tighter. Massaging it makes the swelling go down alot. Woke up this morning feeling super skinny lol. But don't we all?

In the morning I still wake up kind of stiff in my thighs and back. But not bad at all. As soon as I get up and stretch I'm fine. My thighs are not uneven from the lipo, i know people are always concerned about that. My legs were pretty small and toned had alottle inner thigh fat. But my skin elasticity is good I guess. I see the people who are unhappy with their thighs most the tome is if they already have alot of loose skins.. So I would suggest thighs for the thinner girls if your PS suggest that.

My sleep is getting better! Last night slept almost 6hours. Just wake up to adjust my neck and then back to bed. No complains though.
I use my lipo ab board as much as possible. As i still have alittle swelling on my vajay down there and I know there is a small seroma down there. Im not going to get drained. Ima wait for couple weeks when all the swelling gone down. If still there I will address the issue. The one by hip is pretty small. I think it went away. Just very tiny. They say ur body will soak ip on its own, unless its super big and causing pain. So we'll see..

I am still wearing my Leonisa garmet. I have 3 to so I can switch out. I still wear my binder whenever I am at home. When I am at work I use my waist trainer. I am waiting for the smaller size to come in the mail. One of my garmets I kinda cut out leg part because it was making my bottom thigh kinna weird bumpy, that js because my knee area is still kinna swollen.

Not sure what else to update on. I still use my pee urinal thing. That thing is a life saver LOL! You ladies who are getting sx soon NEED to get that.

K well ladies here are pics from this morning. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday. Xo

Feel good massager!

I haven't gotten any lymphetic massages or any professional massage at all. I've been massage myself and it feel oh soooo good. Some area are still tender. But with my garment all i can massage as hard as I want. I ordered one of these which has been super helpful. At first I was using a hairspray can, but that gets tiring so I got one of these roller massage ball. U just hold it and the ball rolls for you. I am waiting for 1 more to come in because I just got 1.

Oh and my 2 seromas are gone. Thank god my body soaked it up. The vagina area I thought would never resolve, but it did.

4 Weeks Tomorrow

So amazing how time flies! Tomorrow will be 4 weeks already. My butt is going down a bit. And is definitely softening up and could feel it start to jiggle when I walk. It is still kind of hard tho. Prolly acouple more weeks it will completely soften up. I have not driven yet. Don't want to sit down yet. I have tried sitting on bed, only for less than a minute to see what it feels like. And it feels like alot of pressure. So just didnt sit all the way down. Definitely can not wait.

SEROMAS: I had 2 seromas that have gone away on its own. No weird lumps or hardening. On my vagina it did bit I just massage it out. My vagina swelling has gone down alot. I can tell it still is alittle bit. No more seromas so I am happy.

1st week lf surgery: waist- 29" hips 40"
4weeks: wAist 27"- hips 37.5-38"
*hope my waist shrinks more to 25"

GARMENTS/BINDER: i have been wearing my leonisa religiously. Take off only when shower. My Binder I wear all the time when I am at home. And at night binder with abdominal board. When Im at work I just wear garment and sometimes my waist trainer. I do notice I swell up but by the time im home I put my binder on.

EXERCISE: I did alittle standing up ab workout with alittle kickboxing. Only 20 minutes. Focused more on the ab parts. Im excited to work out. At 6-8 weeks they say you can add intensity.

So far I am happy. Can't wait till fully healed and don't need to wear garments anymore. Its so weird having a super flat stomach. I find myself sucking it in thinking i have a stomache. Lol.. Sooo funny. I have always been small, but always had layer of stubborn fat there.

Can't think of anything else to update. Seem to be healing good.

The O.K to sit on my butt.. For the Vets

This week I have started using the BBL for the first time. It is not that uncomfortable. I actually drove for the first time also this week. I really want to try sitting down on my butt more. But when I try to even for a few minutes, it feels like my butt is going to explode and also my thighs kind of from all the pressure. Anyone experience this at almost 6 weeks post op? ( I know it is normal) Just want to know when did the discomfort go away?? is it just because we I haven't sat on my butt for awhile? or is that fat still grafting its position.

6 Weeks Post Op Tomorrow. First Time Clubbing

Hey Dolls! Just wanted to post a brief update. Tomorrow I will be at 6 weeks. My swelling has gone down. Not sure If I still am swollen or just get the regular "end of day bloatedness" ( you know how you wake up early and are hella skinny) LOL Well last week I started doing some light cardio workouts. And I also started driving for the first time. Once you are pretty much healed, it is not too uncomfortable. It is only is when I sit down or put any pressure on butt. Anyways.. Sooo ABOUT LAST NIGHT!! LOL It was my first time going out clubbing and I had alot of fun! Celebrated my bday, so we had gotten bottle service. I thought I was going to stand up whole time, but actually I was able to sit at short periods of time. I pretty much danced, took alota shots, and pretty much turned up. I thought because I have not drank like that in awhile that I would wake up with a hangover, but no. So good. Besides all that, Last couple days I have not worn my leonisa garment. Trying to get my body not so used to it. Especially it was been getting hotter here. I do find when I don't, clothing does leave dents in my skin, where I have freaked out a few time, but as soon as u massage it and wear waist trainer, it goes away. Sometime I still get stiff ONLY when waking up. My lower back is alittle bit sensitive but not any type of pain. Also butt has dropped I don't think it has fluffed completely. People say that it just feels like its firm. It does jiggle though! LOL So far I am really loving my results. There a few small things that kind of bugged me. But you get perfection. And I had no curves and haven't had a flat stomach for awhile. So I got to say, I am very pleased with my outcome. Also my butt is alot bigger than I had, but doesn't not no longer look fake for my size. People say that it is very proportionate for my size. Some clothes make my butt look huge and others it looks small. It definitely is better from what I had before. My measurements have not changed either. Still the same. Waist 27" Hips 37" My waist shrinks some days. Wish I could get it smaller to a 24 or 25. Oh wells. I have no time to really commit to waist training all day. Usually at night I will wear waist cincher. I posted a pic from last night. Had to purple out my arms because of my tattoos. And excuse the room. I will post more at my 2month post Op and without clothing also.

6 weeks update pics

Hey dolls! My followers and new. Here are some pics I took this morning. I took with same underwear so you guys can see the difference. Im still in shock to see the before amd after myself. U dont realize until u see your old pics.

Update Almost 2 Months

Hi Dolls, I wanted to update all my followers. I will be 2months on the 14th. I will take pics later on. I am pretty much back to normal, doing regular activities. At 6 weeks I already started exercising because I felt super fluffy. I am very pleased with my new body, it is not perfect but I am very happy with new curves I have now that I NEVER had. I have laid off using my garments. Sometimes when I get home after a long day at work I will put on because I feel more firm with it on. As well as swelling.. I don't think it is swelling people have at about 2 months, it is just feeling of bloatedness as for me. Or maybe it is swelling. I am almost back to my post op weight. I am 115, I definitely want to shed some weight. My normal is about 105-110 so somewhere between then. I have been working out to maintain my shape and want to drop few pounds. Some days I eat good and some days not. Last week I ate super bad and I felt it all in my body lol. So gotta lay off the sweets and super high in sodium food. I have not waist trained, although I spent money on like 4 waist trainers. Oh well.. guess we all do that. It is getting to hot to wear that anyways during the day. At night I will just sleep in my garment. Over all I am happy with my results. Like I said you can not get perfection. Only a better contour. I feel like there is some places where more fat could of been taken from, but I am sure I can work that off. =0) Also sitting down, It is still uncomfortable to sit on certain surfaces. Like wood, anything that is hard. I am trying to sit little period of time to get used to it. Something super cushioned I can do but short periods of time. As far as sleeping... I am so used to sleeping on my stomache that I still do. Sometimes I wake up middle of the night on my side. But have not noticed any harm to the hips. Waking up, sometimes I still get stiffness on my lower back. only in the morning though. My butt has also fluffed and dropped. very jiggly. I also have been wearing weight on my ankles doing butt exercise, donkey kicks.. etc.. you do notice a difference, I tried jogging on treadmill and it felt weird on my butt so I fast paced walked. Think i'm goingto stick to my work kick boxing videos. Just wanted to do an update. Good luck any new dolls following my journey. Any questions you can ask. =) Good luck with your guys' journey. And happy healing to the ones in recovery. I will post new pics by the end the week. THe 14th will be my 2month mark. xo

Forgot.. MEASURE, measure!

Also don't forgot to mention. Make sure u religiously measure. I feel like I lost alot of volume, but I think it because I check myself everyday thinking my butt is going to shrink. My measurements have been the same since all the swelling gone down. My hips measure 37". Post sugery it was 40" so it went down 3inch from swelling. I am almost 2months, so hopefully all stays. Well if I drop weight all over which I plan I am sure might drop more =\ As long as I lose weight proportioned!

3month on the June 14

Hi Dolls! I haven't been on here giving updates. I wanted to wait it out instead of updating every week. I have to say I am happy with my results. There's few little things that wish was better. But overall I am very please with my shape. I have not lost any volume since 2months. So i think this is my final results. I couldn't be more happier. Now the few things that kind of bugged me, is I wish he took more fat of my waist. I am hoping to just work it off. And second there alittle patch of fat by my belly button which is not super noticeable. I know we can't get perfection. But you know how we are our worst critic. Other than that my booty is fine LOL. I am pretty much 99% healed. Certain hard surfaces that I sit on is kind of uncomfortable. I can shake alil something now and the booty completely jiggles. The thing about my new but is that it looks very natural. I am very petite 5 foot so the way I was sculpted was perfect. I look back at my day one of surgery and BOYYY this was a crazy journey lol! Anyways I wanted to post some pics for my followers. I still go on here every now and then. So if there's any questions feel free to inbox me.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

I am very pleased with my outcome with Dr. Hazani. He has an eye of an true artist when it comes to contouring. He is very well mannered and answers all of your questions thoroughly; before your surgery up until after. His staff is all very helpful and made it a very smooth process. I will definitely travel to L.A to get any other procedure done. Thank you Dr. Hazani for work of detail and magic!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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