BBL with Dr. Salzhauer on 02/16/2016-

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I have been on here for along time and I always...

I have been on here for along time and I always read about your life change journey and pray that each of you heal and are happy with your procedure. This website has replaced Pinterest, before RealSelf, I was on Pinterest for hours... lol now i'm on here for hours.

Anyways I love Dr. Sej and Dr. MIami's work and I follow both of them on SnapChat. I have a Skype Consultation with Dr. Sej- I emailed his office yesterday evening and I have a consultation today- less then 24 hours later, I'm impressed.

Ok... I had to stop writing this b/c it was time for Skype Consultation with Dr. Sej and I'm very impressed- they have earlier surgery dates available but the quote is 7K more then Dr. Miami and the cost of traveling to LA is higher for me as well.

Decision Decisions Decsions....Help me Ladies

Photos -preop

Here are some gross pre op photos with no shape what's so ever....

Deposit paid in full

Now it's getting real

My surgery is scheduled for Feb 4th 2016

I'm getting extremely nervous now. I'm happy that one of the Real Self Sisters on here is having surgery on Feb 3rd and we are going to try to stay at the same place or at least the same hotel or recovery house to help each other out.

Posting pictures of what I want to look like after the surgery

Wish pic! Will post mine later

Pre-Op Phone Consultation with Dr. Salz

Dr. Salz Called me today for my Pre-Op, and wow I know i'm in good hands and he was patient with him and answered my questions and concerns. I cant imagine going with anyone else. I'm so happy I made the right choice for my BBL- nothing against any other doctors but Service is HUGE for me... and I love how attention to detail his practice is with their patients.

Lab work back!!!

So I got a call from my PCP's office- all Looks great and they should be sending my clearance today or tomorrow. My PCP wanted to be extremely thorough with everything so she did extra tests,
She referred me to a cardiologist to do a cardiac clearance as well and he cleared me instantly after my EKG and said I'm low risk for the General Anesthesia..

Now it's getting real-

Ps - I use speak to text so if the grammar is bad I apologize

7 days Pre-op

I'm getting Nervous but everyone at the office has made feel absolutely comfortable and Ari, TaTa, Taylor are beyond amazing.
Mary at Elite has my room ready for my arrival :).
I land in Miami around 12 and then have my pre op- definitely getting nervous

Staying at Mary's for 7 days and then the W Fort Lauderdale for a few days- it's a beautiful hotel by the beach- can't go to the beach but the view will be zenful

I'm in Miami!!!

So nervous!!! Having major cold feet!

Today is the Day!! Surgery day- big booty day

So far everything is going amazing! No complaints ever - Mary from Elite came to the office just to sit with me to calm my nervous and gave me an insight of the recovery based on the girls she recovers..
Taylor and Tatiana- gave me the best and the most welcome greeting and Ari came and sat with my for 30 mins last night to make sure I was ok, it felt like having my family here with me.

I met Doctor Salz yesterday and he was beyond amazing and very professional and walked me through what I should expect realistic as my results.

Say a prayer for me and thank your for prayers and support

Pre op photos

Here a few before pic

Post op Day 2

Sore but getting better by the hour

4 days post op

Every day definitely gets better. I have been off my RX pain meds since day 2 and now I only take Tyneol 2 x a day. I'm still at Mary's Elite- all of them have made this recovery bearable. God Sent! All three of them.. Will write a detailed review once I get home

Day 7 post op

Your whole world changes! You start to feel 70% back to normal

Post Op Pictures

Here are 3 months post op pictures

Another side photo


6 month post op photo!

I'm so happy!


Getting smart Lipo done on my stomach by Dr Balgobin - hopefully soon like in 3 weeks
Dr. Michael Salzhauer

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