Getting my Booty Plumped Up - Beverly Hills, CA

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I have recently gained a bit of weight.....I could...

I have recently gained a bit of weight.....I could lose it i do believe, however i still would NOT be able to get the body shape i crave! I love the itty bitty waist and big 'ol booty! (and so does my boyfriend).... I have great projection but i have no hips and the top of my booty is not as full as i would like! I want to have a sexy little body i can go to south beach in and feel amazing!!

Im pretty nervous for the surgery, simply because wellllll it's SURGERY! lol
Also i have been reading about people gettting Fat necrosis...and that would totally suck!! i don't really know why some people get it and why others don't..... Any one have any insight on that????

I will add some of my photos tomorrow =)

My recent photos

Here are my photos of my recent weight gain, you can tell I have a lil bump but not what I want and definitely not the shape I want

My wish pics

These shapes and round fullness


Ladies I ordered a garment and it's butt-in.... Is this recommended or butt out???

2 days

Surgery in 2 days!!!! I'm so excited and nervous!!!!!!


I am in so much pain, I don't know what to do with myself. I can barely walk and sitting down to P is terrible getting back in bed and is the worst two... Any recommendations? Please help?!?!? :(

2.5 day post

1st post op appt

This was my first post op at the docs office ...I got so sick on the way there and then got sick inside the office also throwing up..

6 day post op

6 days post op photos, I feel a lot better,took my first shower right before these photos and was so exhausted when I was finished .. So tired of not being able sit or lay...


1+ month post op

So today is 1 month 3 days post op :)
I sat for the first time yesterday and it wasn't too bad.. Not comfortable tho! And mentally it's tuff to do .. I still lean a lot..

31 day pics


so to the ladies that have had this surgery, when did you start exercising and dieting again??? It's been 5 weeks and 4 days.. I know I can't run it do jumping jack or anything with that force but I'm ready to get my workout on?! Any advise would be great!!

I think I have a problem

Hey ladies! Sorry I've been gone, been very busy lately. But ok this post is for women who have had the surgery or anyone with knowledge... My butt is lumpy :( on my right cheek it's like this pocket of hardest and it's still dis-colored and like bruised. I don't know how to get rid of it :((
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Not happy with him at all! A doctor that is ONLY concerned about making money. Not about fixing his mistakes!!!

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