Mom of 4 Seeing Dr Hughes for a Bbl and Bl * Lipo - Beverly Hills, CA

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I want to be transformed so that I can love myself...

I want to be transformed so that I can love myself again! I use to be really fit and after my last baby a little over a year ago - I got injured and could not workout. So after my surgery to fix my ACL I still can't workout for 9-12 months! So here comes depression and weight gain and still manage a house of 4 kids. I'm just tired of losing weight getting in shape - so I'm doing this for a boost! So that I can feel good again about my body and maintain the dr work! I use to have a beautiful big ol' natural butt / I want that again - I want to be able to fit into my clothes and be proud of what's underneath! I'm 5'6 180lbs . I'm still trying to lose weight to at least be at 165-170 ish before my surgery. But I don't want to lose too much bc I want that fat to shape my butt.

Consultation with Dr Hughes

First I just want to say Dr Hughes is a very compassionate person. I feel so comfortable for my surgery on July 1st.
During my consultation I was welcomed and did not feel rushed or uncomfortable at all. Everyone was friendly and very attentive.
Surgery details:
I have always had very large breast.
And after 4 kids and two prior breast sx
I now have large saggy breast after breastfeeding my 15 month old.
They were not saggy like they are now but after breastfeeding they're just not what I want.
Surgery 1. Breast lift
Now the question to decrease implants or keep the same. I don't want to feel like - CRAP!! I have no boobs/ bc after all when you've always had big boobs It just becomes normal.
Then again I'm 40 years young and I know the best thing would be to go smaller with a great breast lift - they'll be like I was before kids!! Plump !! And no sag :)
Dr Hughes recommends it too but he mentioned that its ultimately my decision. I value his opinion so much bc he's such a no nonsense guy and so down to earth - I'm so happy he listened to my concerns and he knew how I could feel about downsizing - but I'd rather be healthy and back, neck and shoulder pain free.,
Procedure #2-
OMG I can't wait! Lipo it all out!
Since have my baby and under going another surgery that prevented me from working out my body just is not the same.
I did not bring any wish pics instead I brought pics if the old me.
I showed Lorena and I told me I want to look like me but new and improved.

I think we all are on here to find comfort in what we are doing with our bodies.
To find assurance that the Dr we choose is going to make us happy and thriller to be in our skin again!
To the leave the house and walk by a mirror and say Damn!!! THATS ME?!?
Hell yes .... And I love it!!

I'm in great spirits with my doctor and my procedures. May God bless Dr Hughes and his staff and May everyone that choose him feel as satisfied with their decision as I do.

Surgery Over and feeling wonderful!!

I look absolutely fantastic!!! And I'm still swollen and puffy and no where near what I'm suppose to look like - I can only imagine the final results!!
I had a BBL W/ 1500 © to each side
I also had a BL with removal of old 800 cc implants and saggy tissue from breastfeeding to a HP 650cc
They look amazing! Up and perky! And I'm in no pain-
I had lipo on back, stomach , flanks and arms.
Lower bleph with fat transfer and fat transfer to Lip.

I'm 2 days post op and I'm off pain meds - I'm up and walking around I've had 2 BM today and feel amazing!

When I cleaned my incisions yesterday and the binder came off - I was literally in tears - I look so beautiful- I was beautifully sculpted by the best!! I have zero regrets.
Now that it's all said and done - I could not have picked a better Dr.
I will let the pics say the rest but they really don't do my body justice !!
I've included my sleeping arrangements and protein drink that my beautiful Dr recommend!!

3 days post op

My binder does not go over my butt at all and I'm trying to push it down low in the front bc I did get lipo on my mons pubis.
Big butt problems/ is anyone else having this issue? But I must say I can't be mad about it bc there's a beautiful butt back there!

Upper lip fat transfer

Lip - Fat transfer to upper lip, I'm not sure why both were not done - I might not have communicated that with my dr. Bc I only showed concern for those ugly little lines on the top.
I will ask him on my follow up.
It just looks so pretty to me even though it's still swollen I want the other one to match. I'm not complaining- but I love my beautiful pouty upper lip- my lower one is jealous ????

3 day Post op feeling Fabulous!

Okay Here I am 3 days post op- and despite the swelling I still can envision how I will look and I love it!

Mommy Makeover from Heaven- Dr Hughes

To tell you the truth I was a bit worried with all the procedures I
was getting and a last min change on my face that I ended up having -
that maybe it was going to be too much for my Dr and my body. I had a
baby 1 ½ ago and I was injured in a sporting event so my body had not
been up to par physically like it was 2 years ago - bc even when I was
preggo I was fit and strong.
Anyway- when I took the binder off the next morning I couldn't believe
what I was seeing. My stomach was flat and waist was small and my butt
was big -
Then my breast - MY BREAST were just like high school all over again! Up
and not sagging from breastfeeding and in their place- super amazing.
And even though I'm not all healed and I'm swollen and my butt has not go down and fluffed- I can tell my body will be bangin'!!It's been 3 days after surgery and I feel so good! I don't feel like I've had a million things done to me.
1. I can pee in a plié position and wipe by myself.
2. I can get off or roll out of the couch pretty good without too much pain. The pain is very minimal too!!
3. Walk around with ease.
4. Off my pain meds and I went to the bathroom 3 times today! I'm in awe of how I look & how Dr Hughes pulled it all off. My face procedures:
I had a lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer and some fat to my lip.
I'm a little concerned bc I didn't get both lips done / I was more
concerned with ridding those little lines on top of my lips- ugh hated
them. I had full lips before I just have to stay positive that I don't
end up looking like I was punched in the mouth. The swelling has gone
down a lot and it looks to be healing well, my lip looks nice and pouty
???? might have to get the other one to match it?!? But for now I will
wait for what my wonderful doctor recommends.

New boobs no back pain

I forgot to mention that every morning I wake up with a back ache from carrying all the weight I have.
I breast feed 4 babies and with every child even bigger breast. I had my deflated boobs augmented a couple of years but due to the skin it was a big pocket to fill. So I had 800cc implants and I was around a size 5 and 145 lbs .
Then I got pregnant with baby # 4. And those G/H boobs were out of control / with breast milk I'm not sure what size I was with all that extra tissue and skin from after baby.
I got a breast lift and implant removal to a 650cc silicone and OH my goodness!!!
I feel like a ton of bricks lifted from my chest! No back pain no sleeping uncomfortable or like I'm suffocating myself when I lay down.
Now I know to must ppl this implant still might seem big - but not from where I'm coming from. It's such a huge difference! No complaining here and I thought I would miss my big boobs- ABSOLUTELY NOT!!
No regrets!! If you want to go smaller - DO IT!! Best decision and money spent!!
Can't put a price on the way I feel!! Oh BTW LOOK HOW MUCH smaller my arms are!!! I ??it!!!

The Skinny on peeing after surgery!!

Off we go in the car on our 3 hour ride home which in LA TRAFFIC took like a totally of 6 hours for us.

We ended up staying the night before at the travel lodge on Washington place .
Which is 19 min from the Roxbury location.
But Lorena called to tell me they had moved. To Washington Blvd. which was only 1.3 miles away!!!! God was really looking out for me!

Okay so I had to pee at every exit LITERALLY!!! It's all the IV JUNK that just wants to pour out of you.
That took more time to get on and off the highway.

We pulled over my mom had my baby and my husband took out the sun shade thing from Costco I drive an SUV so my thing is big enough to cover like 3 ppl-
Anyway I jumped out - took my big ol' cup put it between my legs and let it go!!
Best feeling ever!! But be FOREWARNED ONCE THE FLOOD GATES OPEN- they stay open- for the love of GOD - I had to pee as soon as we got on the highway -
Solution OPTIONS:
1.Get a cup!!! Lol
2. Go back to your hotel and wait it out until all the solution comes out. ( I was better after I peed and got home)
3. Buy depend pampers
and screw it! Let it out!!

Believe me! You won't care!!

When you do get home - tape and wrap your pee pads like a big Sumo wrestler pamper. When you leak (the blood ) all comes down through the bottom. Don't wear pants so when you have to sit to pee you just tear or cut off the tape and sit down then wipe and tape back on - Too Easy!!

I here to help !! I promise the more we know the better we will recover!

14 days Post op - NO volume lost!

I love how big my butt is and I don't want it to go away:(
I haven't lost any volume still 48 inches which I love! It's like boom!!
And my boobies are still up and healing well.
I'm still wearing my binder no faja Dr Orders!!! So I will listen. :)
I have started to use foam sheets to add more compression and to smooth it out /
I did have fluid build up but it has decrease so much! Please excuse my room but I haven't been able to put things away since we just moved here and bc Ive had surgery. Oh my arms are also so much smaller. But I can tell I'm still swollen.
I could not be happier with my dr. Def knows his SH*+!!
I measure my butt everyday still 48in. It's dropped a little I think but I'm not complaining !!! :)

Is this okay? Healing under my breast

So I'm still healing 3 weeks today.
Underneath by breast it feels like shaffing ouch!!! Damn stitches just keep rubbing - I guess j need to go back to covering them up.
I will ask my Doc but he's in surgery today.
Making another girl beautiful :)
Would love to see if you guys had this experience and what was your solutions!
Thank you beautiful queens!!!??

Comparison 7 days vs 21 days

I guess there's not much difference still measures the same but I know it's still swollen/ recovery is hard bc you just wanna do so much but it's worth the wait!! Right?

What can I say!!! This Doctor is a miracle worker. He knows the body of a woman and with talking to him explaining what you want - he is able to check out the playing field and sculpt you to be the best you!! I never once showed him a wish pic bc my body is my body and the way it's going to turn out is solely based on the foundation. Surgery is ½ the battle the rest is our healing journey and our chemical make up with our hormones and environmental stats on how we care for ourselves. I'm going to care for my body as best as I can. I don't want to ruin his work. I know he put a lot of hours into me along with Sandra and everyone that assisted him ( Hector and Robinson ) and I'm sure it was tough!! But he did what he does best and I can attest to that! If I need anything else, anything I will only go to him. He's humble and ready for any challenge and good looking too!! Big and built!

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