BBL & Lipo!!!! (With Before & After Pics)

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I've been looking into Lipo/BBL for quite some...

I've been looking into Lipo/BBL for quite some time. Dr Hughes name popped up, over and over, everywhere. I wasn't interested in him because (a) he had a suspiciously much greater number of reviews than other plastic surgeons and (b) he's a big dude. I always thought plastic surgeons should be petite...with long skinny hands. Anyway, so after going to SIX plastic surgeons and basically leaving unsatisfied with every one of them, I gave up. I was confused because every surgeon gave me a different opinion. I was getting no consistency. My niece saw how frustrated I was and said to let it go. "Diet & exercise" - says my 17 year old, 110lb perfect little bodied niece.

So my FedEx lady walks in one day and I casually brought up what I wanted to do. She said "OH!!! Go to the BUTT SURGEON". Who's that? Well, she didn't know his name....but said she would get it from her sister who had her BBL done by the "BUTT SURGEON". Have you figured out by now that the big dude's name comes up? Yup DR. HUGHES. Ok fine.... dammit...let me go to a consult with this linebacker.

Yes, rumors are true. He's not that friendly. That's ok with me. I got a lot of friends. I need a PS who is gonna make me walk out of there & blow kisses at myself every time I walk past a mirror. IS HE THE MAN TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN??? don't know....but I will on October 2!!!! scheduled as of 10 minutes ago. And I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

I will post LOTS of before & afters here after my surgery. All the people on RS who have shared their experiences & photos have been SOOOOO helpful to me....and I intend on giving back to the community & helping all future people who are looking to have similar work done.

Cheers to becoming the next HUGHES DOLL!! (insert wine glass & bikini emoji here)

My Before Pics :/

All this cellulite...ugh....

More BEFORE pics

Just got back from Pre Op!

This is feeling soooo real right now.

Just got back from pre op & had blood drawn by the lab. I had a few moments with Dr Hughes. He was all smiles today & cracked lots of jokes (but like that "I'm dead serious" type of jokes). Smiles or not, this man's cockiness remains completely intact at all times....I appreciate the consistency lol

I thought my procedure was $10,500....but it's actually $11,000. It was no fault of their office. I misunderstood what they wrote on their quote. Still really sucked walking in already stressing about the financial aspect of this procedure & then realizing you have to pay $500 more than you expected. Dr. Hughes has raised his costs since transferring to his new office. I signed that receipt whilst mumbling "He better be f***in good" lol

Here I share with you my wish pics (insert praying emoji here....which by the way you guys, happens to be 2 people giving each other a five 5, not someone praying). Step up your game Apple.


Tomorrow is the big day! Recovering from a breakup in the midst of this so my emotions are all over the place. I'm sad, nervous, excited, etc.

Post BBL Ladies - Has life been any different for you post BBL? Would love to hear experiences.

Stay tuned for after pics!!

3 days Post BBL (with pics)

Sorry for delayed update ladies. Ive been very panicked post BBL. My butt is HUUUUUGE. I know I have a lot of swelling but still am worried its not going to go down to the size I want. I told Dr I wanted to round my butt and try to get rid of indents if possible, not necessarily looking to have a bigger butt (I already had a big butt to start with). Im told he injected 1020cc per buttock. I emailed Dr Hughes who responded quickly & said what he injected was not much for my frame and that I would lose about 50% of that. All pics & reviews Ive ever read show only a 30% reduction. Im recovering (home alone) and have too much time to stress out about this. Im really afraid I'll have to go back & do lipo on my butt...

Day 3 Post Op

A lot of swelling gone down today & feeling a whole lot better (physically, mentally & emotionally). I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Day of Surgery experience

Upon request, Im writing about my day of surgery experience :)

I had to check in at 6am (surgery at 7am). I had to sign those important papers (you know, the ones that say if you die its not their fault). Anyhoo, once thats done, I met with Dr. Hughes for about 15mins. We went over exactly what I wanted & I showed him wish pics (to which he rolled his eyes at but looked at anyway lol). Anesthesiologist came in after & introduced himself. I asked him if I was going to die. He said "not today" lol

They walk me in to operating room, I lay on the stretcher and anesthesiologist said he's about to make me legally drunk...and then I woke pain in the recovery room with a nurse sitting next to me.

This is when my experience started to take a downward turn. As soon as I opened my eyes, the nurse was trying to get me to wake up so I can leave. I heard him say over & over "ok, lets try to get you up" or "are you ready to get up now?" Like no, I just opened my eyes dammit. Im in pain, I feel like I weight 2000lbs & the room is spinning. No, no Im not ready to get up. Im guessing they needed the room. They need to work on patient care. Patients should have 3-4 hours to lay there if we need to. So Im rolled off the bed, put in a chair & taken to the car.

My friend asked front desk for post op care instructions and they said "just email us with questions"... So she had no idea how to take care of me & was quite frenzied the whole time with me. Come on front desk...have some post care instructions printed & ready to hand out for the patient's caretakers.

I get home (somehow) and my friend layed doggy pads all over my bed. When I say I was stiff as a board, believe it. I couldnt get myself up to pee. Excruciating pain!! Dr Hughes wrote a prescription for Norco which made me extremely sick. I emailed him about it & he called me same day. He gave me some alternative recommendations I can take & we chatted briefly. It was nice to hear from him on my day of surgery.

Surgery was Friday. Its now Monday. Ive called their office twice & emailed twice to try to set up my post op appt. No response yet.

The most amazing thing. The person with the best response time happens to be the busiest person, Dr. Hughes himself.

He's an excellent surgeon. He needs a much better staff & patient care system.

More Updates

Forgot to mention a few things:

1) right out of surgery, I was VERY swollen....which I expected. But I guess I didnt realize that includes my face too. My face was double its normal size, including my eyelids so I couldnt fully open my eyes for 24 hours. You're best off taking a bunch of pain meds & sleeping through your first 24 hours.

2) I started my period 2.5 weeks EARLY! I dont know if its the trauma of the surgery, or the stress Ive been under, but yup - that happened

Im still worried about the large size of my butt but trying to be patient until swelling goes down over the next 4 weeks....

Another Pic

Day 5 Post Op Update

I feel like Ive been recovering between these 4 walls for 2 weeks. Its only Day 5! Time goes by verrrrry slowly ladies.

I no longer need pain meds. Mostly just being sore & uncomfortable, not necessarily any pain. I can get up & move myself around just fine. I still have some minor swelling in my face (and then a lot of swelling everywhere else lol). Waist/flanks/back are the most tender. Butt not so much.

Someone asked me for my measurements so Im going to post them. This is not the final result since Im only Day 5.

Height: 4'11
Weight: 145
Waist: 35"
Hips: 44"

Post Op (Day 5)
Height: 4'11 (still the same dammit)
Weight: 155 (10lbs of swelling!)
Waist: 30.5" (4.5" loss)
Hips: 46" (2" gain)

I will post my 4 week measurements when that time comes :)

8 Day Post Op Pics

Lots of swelling down now in both hips & butt. It looks bigger in person then in these pics

Before & After Pics

8 Day Post Op Pic

11 Day Post Op Pics

I just wrote this whole long review & I got kicked off the site for some reason. Ugh!

Ok lets try again...

Day 11 & Im almost competely pain free. I have some soreness thats very tolerable. Its my 2nd day back at work. It has not been so bad thanks to my BBL pillow. I highly recommend you ladies by the pillow… It's a huge help!! it did cause my thighs to be sore but hey, much better then ruining my new $11,000 booty LOL

My butt is still too big for my liking but I am told by a lot of people that I'll see a big reduction in Week 4 and I'm really looking forward to that!

Dr Hughes has allowed me to start wearing my faja early only because I did not do liposuction of my abdomen (otherwise I would have to continue wearing my abdominal binder for a whole six weeks).

11 Day Post Op Pics

Day 16 Post Op Pics

Hey ladies - Here's some pics from today when I was trying on some yoga pants. Im still unhappy with how large my butt is... I know some of you are going for this size, but its NOT what I wanted. Im still hoping it goes down another 20-25%.... Although people are saying thats probably not likely. Im starting a very strict clean eating plan tomorrow. I figure the only way to get my butt smaller is to just lose weight.

Im very depressed. If anyone knows how much more reduction I can expect after this point, Id like to hear it. Im pretty inconsolable these days...

Longest period of my life....

I have literally had my period for 15 whole days. I started 2 days after surgery (2 weeks too early) and it has been ongoing. It's not heavy at all....but its consistent. Doctor said abnormal periods are normal after surgery.

Anyone else experience this?? It's very frustrating.

Day 21 Post Op Pics

Hey ladies - So here are a couple pics from today. Im still hoping for a bit more reduction. This is what I look at Week 3.

Time for some new jeans

Day 22 - More Pics!

My oh my how the size has gone down! Im super happy now :D

Now I hope it DOESNT go down anymore lolol


I WISH someone had written a review before I wrote my surgery and told me this....

Ladies - It is extremely common to go into a depression after surgery. I thought I was crazy & feeling alone in this. You will likely experience depression for the first 1-3 weeks after surgery. I was crying ALLLLLLL the time. I so regretted getting the surgery done. I felt like I was living a nightmare. I couldn't believe what I had done to myself, etc, etc, etc....

If I had only known that these feelings were normal to experience, I may have dealt with my emotions better. So I HOPE many of you are reading this, and know to expect this. Hopefully it will help your state of mind knowing that this is normal and you won't fall into such a depression like I did.

In happier news......I'm almost 4 weeks post op now and I LOOOOOVE my new body :)))) I went out for the first time over the weekend (it was a coming out party for my new ass), put on a fly outfit, and the amount of attention I got was UNREAL. Guys AND girls were yelling at me on the street that I was so hot, girls asking me what I'm doing to look like this, people were gawking.....I mean honestly, I didn't think I looked THAT different. But my overall shape has improved tremendously and it looks so much better in outfits. I am bouncing off walls happy. I can't wait to finally be able to work out again & sit on my ass. Recovery is a loooong process for this procedure.

Here's a pic of my outfit from this past weekend. I forgot to throw on my heels before taking this selfie lol

If you are thinking of doing this procedure, DO IT!!! You deserve it. Make sure you pick a great doctor. This is not the time to penny pinch. If anyone has questions, feel free to reach out. I love answering questions & supporting you ladies. I had a few girls that did that for me & it made all the difference in the world. I'm happy to pay it forward :)

Another Update

Well, I'm almost 4 weeks post op now & I'm very happy with the results. Hoping it stays like this as I think it's the perfect size for me.

As you can see from the before & after pic I posted, my butt went down significantly from Day 2 post op. So all that panicking & crying for nothing lol

I'm thinking of doing coolsculpting for my banana rolls. My thighs are huge, and stubborn. Anyone have any experience with coolsculpting? I would love to hear about it.

Before & After Pic

Week 6

BBL Pillow for Sale!!!

Hey all - I'm no longer using my BBL pillow & I'm putting it up for sale. I bought it for $100 on and I'm selling for $60. If you're in LA area, you can pick up locally. Otherwise, I will ship it (shipping cost extra).

Week 7 Post Op Pics

Hey ladies. So here I am on Week 7. I'm happy with the overall shape but wish it wasn't quite so big. I got a personal trainer & eating well as I want to drop about 20lbs. Hopefully that will leave me with a size I'm happy with.

It's huge!

Week 7 & still not happy with how large it is...and I know it's not going down any more since I'm all healed up. My doctor agreed to liposuction my butt at the 6 month mark if I'm still unhappy. In the meantime I'm trying to lose weight but so disappointed that I have to go through this again, especially after spending a ton of money. Also, I'm very nervous about the liposuction process. It's uncommon to lipo the butt so I'm very concerned it will not come out good and that I will remain unhappy.

I did NOT ask for this size but doctor gave me the size in his own judgment. Posting a pic here of my OLD ass & my NEW ass.... Really missing my old butt & regretting this decision.

Still hate it

Maybe i need to lose 30lbs, not 20

My Revision - Butt Liposuction

So I've made an appointment for Dec 1st to meet with the doctor & discuss butt liposuction. I cut & pasted what I currently look like...and what I want it to look like. This is basically what I expected to get the first time. I don't know what more I can do to provide a visual of what I want. I'm incredibly nervous. Feeling a bit hopeless about the whole situation. I really hope he understands what I want & can tell me its achievable. I don't want to live in this body any more.

Cant stop crying

I have never cried so much. I cant believe there's tears left still in me. I dont think Ive ever cried over a breakup this much. Im avoiding everyone. Now that the holidays are here, its making me more miserable & crying more & more....cause I have to see my family who dont know what Ive done. Ive tried on a thousand outfits to see what hides my butt.

Im laying in bed just so unbearably upset. I feel like nobody understands. My friends Im sure are sick of hearing about it. They tell me Im depressed all the time. Im wishing I can call someone that would make me feel better but I know its useless. There's nobody that can help me, except for Dr. Hughes. Im so hoping he's willing to do a reduction before the 6 month mark. I cant imagine going another 4 months.

Ive been dieting & working out more than I have in my whole life. The only place I ever go to is work & then the gym. I avoid any other places.

I want this feeling to go away. I cant even believe Im this devastated. Its completely taken over my life

Worst Thanksgiving ever

Man it's taking everything out of me to try to stay positive but no luck. This is the most miserable Thanksgiving I have had to date. Regretting messing with my body. Wish I had just worked out & just dealt with whatever I cant fix in the gym. I lost 7 lbs and of course it all came off my waist so now my ass looks even bigger :'(

To everyone that thinks my ass isnt that big....

Hey girls - I wanted to clear up something, since Im getting a lot of feedback that either my ass suits my body and/or that my ass isnt that big. Size proportions that people find desirable is a subjective matter. I do not judge anyone that wants their ass smaller than mine or bigger than mine. I hope every single woman here gets the result that THEY are hoping for. I love a huge ass...just not on ME. Why? I dont like too much attention on me. I enjoy my privacy & want to walk down the street in peace without being bothered. Now...Im not delusional, I got attention BEFORE surgery and it was to the extent I was ok with. I never asked/wished for a significant increase in size. The common question that I get is "then why did you do a BBL?" Ladies - please let me be clear again. I DID NOT ask for this. What I asked for was a bit more roundness & (hopefully) a reduction in indentations. My butt started off good at the top and then drooped midway, so I wanted a correction in that. What I woke up with is 1020cc pumped into my ass. Now had I known this was going to happen, please believe I wouldve not gone through with it. I THOUGHT I was clear but Dr Hughes says he's so used to women wishing that it was even bigger so I guess he just assumed lets put in more than she wanted so she doesnt come back to me & ask why he didnt put ENOUGH. So because of this, Im stuck in a body I do not want. Every day I wake up & look in the mirror, praying that this was all just a nightmare. But its not. Its my reality.

I hope this clears things up. I think all women are beautiful. But what each woman would feel comfortable living with is different. If I saw my body on another woman, Im sure I would say she's curvy & beautiful. But its not what I want to live in.

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is the best I was able to do on hiding my ass for Thanksgiving dinner. My mom kept staring at me & said "did you lose weight or gain weight?" She couldnt figure out what was going on with my body. If I wore something more obvious she wouldve definitely known. I told her Im the same weight....which I am. Literally all the fat liposuctioned was transferred right into my ass. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I tried my best to not stress about my ass, at least for one night

New video

By request Im uploading a video, since some ladies say the pics dont look like my butt is that big. Here's the proof!

Follow up with Dr. Hughes

So I met with Dr. Hughes this morning to discuss butt liposuction. He warned against the risks of butt drooping so the solution to my problem is potentially just another problem. The conversation was ok, mostly. He spent an hour with me which I appreciated. To make a long story short, I'm going to lose 20 lbs and then he said to meet with him again and we can see how we look/feel. If at that point I'm still not happy, we will discuss the possibility of butt liposuction again. Unfortunately, I'm really not looking forward to anything at this point. Butt liposuction doesn't sound like a good plan. Keeping this ass doesn't sound like a good plan. I'm just tired. Mentally & emotionally just drained. Unsure of anything & everything. My life has been nothing but just me waking up every morning & coping with my day.

New pic

This pic should give a better idea of how wide my hips are & how bottom heavy I am. I got a small upper half & an extremely large bottom half. I think my other pics didnt quite give an accurate visual of my actual proportions

Before & After Pic

here's a before & after pic in the same pair of jeans

New Pic

Lots of people are asking how I'm doing lately....basically, I'm the same. Still unhappy. Tried on this dress at Guess and got depressed, went home for the day. I'm vowing not to go shopping again until I lose another 10 lbs. So far I have lost 7lbs.

Before & After Pics - 10 weeks Post Op

Heres a few before & afters in the same position & bathing suit, in the exact same location of my home for accurate before & afters. Im happy with the overall shape (front & back) but the side view is still what makes me unhappy. There is too much projection for me. Still contemplating butt liposuction. Also realized my cellulite has worsened on my legs & the endermologie I used to do actually did help. Think I'll start doing that again too

New pics & update

Its been awhile... Thought I would update.

Im feeling better. I planned on losing 20lbs although I havent done that at all cause of the holidays :( so my weight is pretty much the same since my last update. Im at 146lbs.

Ive posted a few new pics. Ive started dieting again & getting back on traffic. I think Im gonna do the master cleanse for 14 days. Ill update with new pics again once I lose some weight & see some body changes.


After a whirlwind of emotions & depression, I'm happy to report that I am doing MUCH BETTER. My butt has changed a lot (it's dropped & looks more "real"). It's still huge (lol) buuuuuttttt I've been doing LOTS of shopping and have found outfits that make it look more conservative/smaller and other outfits that accentuate the shape. So that has made me at peace with my body. If I'm around family or at work, I have found clothes that don't make my ass look all out there and I've found evening wear when I'm feeling a bit more sexy and want to flaunt my shape.

I have over the past 2 weeks been feeling well, so thought I would post since I can see that it has been a consistent feeling and I'm not up & down about my emotions anymore.

I'm sure Dr. Hughes will be thrilled to hear that I've finally come to this point lol

I know many of you ladies have been concerned about me & I appreciate all the support. Thought I would send this update so everyone knows that I am finally doing GREAT.



OK it is! My FINAL post. I know I've been offline for quite some time. I've been back to living my life as usual.

My final verdict? I'M HAPPY!! I've posted some pics of me in day clothes, evening & workout to give an idea on how I look in different attire.

I haven't had any pain since the end of Month 1 really. I did notice that when I gain a lot of weight, certain areas that I liposuctioned tend to burn. Not unbearable, but it's definitely there. I notice it the most in my lower back where I liposuctioned.

Has my life changed? Yes and no. Yes, I get unbelievable amounts of attention. Ive learned how to downplay it with certain outfits if I'm not in the mood to be gawked at though. But when I go out for an evening & I wear a dress, skirt or jumpsuit....the entire night is revolved around nothing but my ass. Guys AND girls approach me. So make sure you're ready for that. Sounds like fun, but it sometimes can get a little invasive and annoying. No, my life hasn't changed on a day to day. Same job, same friends, same me. I think it's more difficult now to figure out which men want you just for your ass & which ones are legit good guys. So there's that...

Overall, I'm very pleased with my shape. My weight has been up & down since sx so I can confirm that your butt DEFINITELY gets smaller when you lose weight. I'm actually slightly heavier now than before my sx....thanks In n Out. I'm at 153 (I was around 145 pre sx). I need to get back in the gym.

Alright ladies, that was my final review. I won't be posting any more and I will eventually be taking down the naked pics for privacy reasons. I will leave on the clothed photos to help future BBL girls. You can always private message me with questions. I will write back, but will no longer be posting publicly.

BIG thank you to all the ladies who provided support when I was emotionally down in the dumps. It was EXTREMELY hard on me & your positive feedback made a WORLD of difference. My sincerest gratitude to all of you :)
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