30 y.o. 5'4 and 132 Lbs

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So just like the rest of you guys I've been trying...

So just like the rest of you guys I've been trying to find the perfect Dr to do my surgery. I have a petite frame and going for the "curvy/plump booty Draya look". I've reached out to a few places and narrowed my search based on prices, results and body types the Dr tend to do procedures for.

Hazani-He's been awesome as far as conversation and tried to put me at ease with the phone consultation. Email and even text!! However it's been a little hard to communicate with him and his office maybe b/c of the NY/LA time difference. Which is a little discouraging and making me consider Shulman in NY.

My only issue with Schulman is you have to pay for a consultation (what if I change my mind smh!! I just wasted $100-200 for you to speak to me. Seriously ???? No thanks) also, pay in full for an early date or else the procedure will be about 1 year from now. Hmm. No thanks. I'll wait for summer 2017 with Dr. Miami if that's the case lol.

My first choice was to go to Miami b/c this procedure is more common there and love some of their results. And I was considering Fisher, Salama or Hasan. But then Vanity called me and semi pressured me for a payment and I wasn't feeling the tons of horrible customer service reviews they had. And on top of that I saw burn pics on patients belly, indented hips on one side and not be other ( maybe the lipowas too aggressive idk) lopsided asses and Nicki Minaj, K Michelle like asses. So I just wasn't convinced. I'm honestly leaning towards Hazani for March.

If any of you guys can let me know of places to stay please let me know. I've traveled to many places but suprisingly never been to LA. So I'm excited to go even though not for this painful reason! I'm thinking of the last wk of March someone please inbox me if you'll be there the same week! I am going alone and will need a friend! Lol

Patiently or Impatiently (Lol) Waiting for my day!

Here's some pics of me now! And some wish pics!

Oops forgot to put the wish pics! Here they are!

Praying that I can be someone's wish pic after my sx! Haha ??

Wish Pics


Whoaaaaa! Did Dr Hazani just make the prices 15k. Kinda crazy! From 7,500 to 7,900 then 15k! What a huge jump! Maybe the demand has made him do so! Wow! ????

Suggestions Please!!!!

Hazani dolls....can you guys let me know where y'all stayed! Close to Wilshire Blvd! I hope. I have been Debatng between Beverly Hills , West Hollywood or Marina Del Rey please let me know!!!! Also for a good price! My date is 2 wks away! Super excited and nervous!!!!

Finally Had My BBL

This pic is right before I went into the operating room. The anesthesiologist was not what you guys on here describe. He asked "How are you feeling" I replied "Nervous" and I laughed. He said its so weird....all of you girls come in here nervous. Understand that this is an elective surgery and you don't have to get it. You can leave at any moment before you go under. This is 100% an optional surgery and you are scared? Whatever reason you have for doing this just think of that. What is there to be scared for isn't this what you signed up for? I was like wait whatttttttttttttt is going on? Are you trying to convince me to not do this or something like wtf!!! So I was a little aggy about that. So at this point I just wanted him to just read me my rights and info about the anesthesia and gtfo of my face!!!!

Post Op Follow Ups

Also, Dr. Hazani IS NOT the personality you guys describe on here. He is always very brief (besides my long pre-op appt which I'll tell you guys about). He is also very uncharacteristic and not much personality (this is just my opinion and what I got from him) I stayed in LA for 7 days and did 2 post op appointments with him within the 7 days. Honestly he just looks at you and say "everything looks great" check for fluids, lumps etc. Appointment over. And I guess to be very honest his dry personality doesn't matter since he can deliver!!!!

Ok Now to my Real Review Lol!!!!

I write this long review even tho a lot of you guys haven't been commenting on my reviews I still would love to help the RS readers through this process. I arrived in LA from NY May 3 for my pre-op appt and My surgery was scheduled for May 4. When I showed Dr Hazani my wish pics he immediately told me if that's the look I was going for to leave and go back home because he is not able to give me that based on my body type. And he didn't want to waste my time or his. I honestly wasn't upset at this point because I just felt like maybe he just isn't the right doctor for me and maybe this is God telling me not to go to him. He was very blunt and up front with me. Which was cool. The only thing I didn't like was....he told me he can't give me the results I wanted for my body type but he also didn't say well here's some pics of girls with similar body type there's a "possibility" your result can be similar to this but no guarantee. NOPE HE DIDNT EVEN DO THAT. He just seemed to have zero interest in doing my procedure after I showed him my wish pics. Which I have posted on RealSelf as you guys can see. So I was going to leave in seven days and just spend a few days in LA with my Bf til it was time for us to fly back home. After a few more minutes of talking He told me to let him take 2 patients that was there for post op and I sat in the next room to talk to Debbie and Nayely while he was taking care of those post ops. Btw....Debbie and Nayely are awesome in person. It's a bit discouraging to work with them via phone and long distance because I'm sure it's so many patients they handle but they're amazinngggggg!!!! Nayely is THE BEST caregiver ever! I only had her for a few hours and she is worth every single penny. I also booked a lil hotel near the airport that was kind of run down and I noticed was a pure waste of my money when I arrived so I canceled it within 5 min of check in they refunded my money and I was on the hunt for a new home for the next 7 days! Debbie and Nayely stayed at the office with me for hours just talking hanging out and looking for a hotel (cuz at this point I was basically homeless lol) then we left and I sat in my rental and looked online for about an hour and found the holiday inn near lax. Free parking, 10-15 min from airport, 30 min from Dr Hazani, they also have an airport shuttle for when you leave and arrive and the price isn't bad at all. Also, free breakfast daily. Really good breakfast too! Like eggs, pancakes, sausage, bagels, oatmeal tons of options. Anyway, Debbie and Nayely talked to me and told me they felt like with my petite frame i'd get an awesome result and that Dr Hazani tends to say what he's not capable of but then over deliver. And right now I'm happy with my results so I hope they don't change dramatically after swelling goes down. Neither of my post op appointments he suggested taking after pics (which I thought was extremely weird cuz I see all of you girls have after pics with him). I have taken some pics but I like how I look better in person than the pics. Dr Hazani, Debbie and Nayely called/texted to check on me after surgery. Considering how busy they may be they are honestly sweet hearts. I was also considering Delvecchio but happy I came all the way across the country for Hazani. Also, the pain isn't excruciating like some girls on RS describe. I just think it's ALOT OF SORENESS AND DISCOMFORT. I think getting my nipples pierced was more painful than this procedure. You also have to be on top of your antibiotics and pain meds.

Surgery Must haves:
Baby wipes (top of my list used 3 packs within 7 days) for going to the bathroom and wiping down the first night or two before you can shower. Theres a lot of blood.
P EZ- ordered on Amazon
Arnica gel (I also bought the pills but didn't use them)
2 boxes of abdominal pads (ordered on Amazon) used both boxes while draining for 4 days.
A 24 case of water. (Target and Dollar tree are within 5 min walking or driving to Holidayy Inn)
Dole pineapple juice (I didn't see any realself girls write this b/c I tried to take as little pills as possible. So this was my idea of a Bromelian pill replacement)
Dial Anti bacterial soap
Silicone Scar sheets (for the incisions on your back)
Ab board
Lots of fruit (Aldi's supermarket is also in the vicinity)
Vitamin E oil (that I combined with the arnica gel and applied 3-4 times and day)
Prune juice because it's very hard for #2 to come out without drinking it.

I forgot to do pre op measurement but for some reason I thought I had them in the notes section in my phone but I didn't.

Post Op: Bra Size 34C, waist 28 (praying for 26 after swelling) butt 40. I got 860cc. I weight 132 naked on the scale 5 min before surgery and I'm 5'4.
Ron Hazani

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