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I have debated about getting this procedure for...

I have debated about getting this procedure for long enough, and so I have decided to go ahead and begin and the beginning with a few consults to find my doctor. I have scheduled a consult with a doctor in the Los Angeles for 1/22/2012 I can't wait. I will be there tomorrow with bells on! Dr. Bruno Here I come.I am pretty sure I will go with this doctor but I am not certain until I meet him face to face.

I had my consult with Dr. William Bruno but I was...

I had my consult with Dr. William Bruno but I was not sold. His results seem nice but very conservative he quoted me 8500. He is doing a promotion for the month of February FYI 1000 dollars off. Whats turning me off about this doc.1. Too conservative he admitted that a lot of the fat transferred has fluid in it your body absorbs. So is he transferring processed fat or is it still full of a lot of fluid? Next I didn't have the pleasant experience other people had I drove from a good distance and he was 4o minutes late for my consult. No sir, this seems careless.

Well on a better note Dr.Affifi super sweet on time and warm. She quoted me for: my neck (chin), arms, back,flanks, abdomen, and inner thighs with fat grafting to butt. I'm 5'6 203 I am top heavy but I have a butt I want to turn this apple body into a hour glass for the summer. Thanks to everyone brave enough to share their experience you have influenced me like you wouldn't believe. I'm getting this money together so that I can do this surgery asap.

I have changed from Dr.Afifi to Dr Kenneth Hughes....

I have changed from Dr.Afifi to Dr Kenneth Hughes. Dr Afifi was very sweet but I am not sure she can give me the results that I wanted to see. So I had to do some research and change to a doctor who does plenty of these procedures daily. I have only contacted Dr. Hughes via email but he seems warm and caring even then. I have had to miss an appointment and really struggle to get the time to do this surgery but he understands the military lifestyle that I live where things happen at the last moment. However he is the doctor for me regardless. I can't wait for my turn, I am hoping to get this done next week! Work your magic Dr. Hughes I'm all yours to sculpt! Hadn't given the ratings Im sure he will deserve because I have not been to him yet but I am sure it will be worth it!

Just scheduled my surgery for Friday April 26th...

Just scheduled my surgery for Friday April 26th with Dr Hughes. Very excited and nervous. I guess anytime anesthesia is involved I get a bit nervous but I think I am in very capable hands and I have family to support me. The hubby is acting kind of iffy about this whole things. He's going on another deployment soon and it seems he doesn't want me looking my best while he is away. HA! Let him seat over it. I want his mind on me. I will send him all the pictures he wants to keep him company. My husbands an ass man, so he's secretly loving the idea he looks at before and afters with me, and was like thats a nice one,lol. I don't care about that he can look all he wants, but now that things are down to the wire he asked if I can wait til he gets home to do it. Uhm..... I think not! So I need to get in touch with my buddy on real self and let her know Im in. Good Luck everyone! Pray for me : ) and the doctors hands and the staff supporting him on this day!
Im getting;
Upper Abdomen
Inner Thighs
The works I used the discount on real self and I think he gave me more off because of my military service but I am not sure because HE DID NOT SAY THAT : ).

The things we do to look a certain way :). Well I...

The things we do to look a certain way :). Well I am doing very well I had surgery on the 26th of April but I had SO MUCH SWELLING I DIDNT post a pic for it. So I was so concerned about getting a certain shape and I think I may have over thunk it. I didn't qNT huge butt just a rounder one that was an improvement to my shape. I believe Dr Hughes delivered! He is a great doctor Patient and willing to to rely to the millions of emails you may send in regards to your concerns. I think I made the right choice for me. He is amazing. I have been sculpted like crazy and I have some extra skin but I don't care about it right now i will TAKE CARE OF IT LATER! I had a lot of fluid because my waist is so small compared to my butt and hips that there isn't any compression I went in for draining and to have Nurse OLGA adjust me and they fluid went down but now that the swellings going down more the fluid is creeping in again. I have ordered a garment online because this is kinda annoying but in a god way. I mean how can I complain right! :) I am taking it easy and I will add photos 1 week Post-op.

Need a better garment would make this process so...

Need a better garment would make this process so much easier.

Feeling better everyday, Go Team Hughes if our on...

Feeling better everyday, Go Team Hughes if our on the west Coast! NO NEED TO TRAVEL! JUST TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT!

To clarify from my last post, I was over thin...

To clarify from my last post, I was over thin inking what my final results would look like based off the next days swelling. I should of kept calm and relaxed and stayed out the mirror. My advice rest up and trust Dr. Hughes he's an artist!

So a I have to confess, I have been sitting on my...

So a I have to confess, I have been sitting on my butt like crazy. My husbands out to sea and so with a very active almost 2 year old I have to be able to get to him in a heart beat. I love my shape but he's the most important thing. Im a 9 days post and I am alright I still sore but swellings down as is the pain. Most days I may take something before bed to help me sleep better.
Also I have been having garment malfunctions I had lipo to my inner thighs and so I was given a garment that goes past my thighs and above my waist but it was too large. I went into my closet and got my body magic from 2011 and put it on to prevent swelling and to ease my mind because this I can help. I will post more pictures.

Considering round 2

While Dr. Hughes was an awesome dr, I am not completely satisfied with my results. I had a square shape to my body and wanted my butt rounded out. I feel its still very square. Looking back I wish I had spent more time discussing the details of my procedure. In fact I was never even drawn on before surgery and talked to by my doctor. The day of my surgery was very hectic. I wanted to wait to decide how I truly feel about my results. I believe the frame he gave me was more of a sculpting illusion. he lipoid the hell out of my waist and back awesome results there, but as far as the transfer I feel the fat was placed to high and not low enough to give the upside down heart shape. For example I would of liked it concentrated on my butt cheeks giving me a look having a longer torso and back. The way it was done makes my butt look longer. I would love any feedback on your thoughts, I am posting new pics. I have lost 35 lbs and Ive been working. Ive been doing squats trying to improve the look of it all together but I think that I'd like a mommy makeover, with a fat transfer sometime next year.

Photos about 10 months out

Sorry for the delay. Here I am 35 lbs lighter and most of the fat stayed in my upper butt not sure abut the lower buttocks but stairs and squats have been shaping my new body even more. I am gong to continue to invest in my self. Dr Hughes is great in liposuction, I mean absolutely and Ive seen nice results for the fat transfers I am just not completely satisfied in my butt but maybe it will take another round.

its been a year

Feels great to have a nice shape this summer. Im a year out now and thinking of what to do next. :)

I found Dr.Hughes on Real Self.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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