Soon to Be Hazanified 7/2016 - Beverly Hills, CA

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Soooo ... Like many many many of you I've been...

Soooo ... Like many many many of you I've been stalking Real Self for some time now for reviews,wish pictures,advice and what I need to prepare myself and also just to be nosey ! So I had my phone consultation early last month and can honestly say I fell in love with Dr.Hazani he was very respectful and knowledgeable about the procedure I was requesting ,the consultation lasted about 1:00hr in that hour he addressed all my questions and concerns (I wrote down all the questions I had and had them ready for the consultation) he explain to me the procedure and was NOT pushy at all he told me to sleep on it and think about the procedure and the effort it will take on my behalf and that tomorrow (the next day) Debbie or Gary will be in touch with me and send me a proposal sure enough BOTH Gary and Debbie reached out to me the next day, I thought about all the pros and cons for 1 whole week and decided to JUST DO IT ! So now I have to prepare my self Mentally,Physically, Emotionally and get all my supplies needed! So any of you BBL Vets who can offer advice or have tips or any information that will help me make my journey as smooth as possible PLEASE do share all info is welcomed :) I'm so excited for my journey a new beginning :) I will post some current pictures (their very sad looking pix by the way) as soon as I get a chance to have my own little photo shoot =p Height 5'1 weight 145 Incase anyone cares :)

9/15 Pre-Op

Ok ladies so today I had my pre-op and it just hit me !!! It's real ! It's happening!! And I must say I'm excited !!!! Ok a little nervous and scared but I'm sure it will be worth it :) basically Dr. Hazani was very realistic on the possibilities. I'm definitely not looking for a Nikki or Kim K booty I'm looking to get some definition to my body and like someone on here told me it's not perfection it's an improvement :) I'll be posting pictures in a few :)
Advice / tips/ questions are welcomed :)

9/15 Pre-op Self Pics

So here are my very sad pictures I dreaded to post but of course wanted to post them so people can see the before and after ... before and after helped me with realization of what can be done and not so hope you find these helpful as well

9/20 my Re-Birth

So ladies I had my procedure today let me tell u I was not as nervous as I though I would be I slept pretty well and woke up super early got to the SX center at 6:45 no one was there they didn't ope till 7:00 ish filled out paper work (ALOT) of paperwork and then it was the moment of truth .... tun tun tun ... they came to get me kissed my mommy bye and went on my way changed put my belongings in a bag and then went to the prep room my nurse was good dr. Hazani came took pictures drew on me and he left so I got my iv signed paper work and walked over to the SX room laid down the anesthesiologist came asked me where I worked and.... the rest is history I dnt think I answered lol !!! I woke up in the recovery room and let me tell you the 1st 2 hours are no joke I was in pain on my butt so uncomfortable the ride home was not the greatest I laid on my tummy on the back seat it was pretty bad my sister seemed like she choose the worst roads to drive in lol I didn't leak that much in the car but .... once I go up and out of the car ohhhh dear lord like someone opened the flood gates it was disgusting!!!!!!! I immediate went to the restroom took everything off minus the binder my sister helped me and cleaned me up really good went to my Room and she changed all my causes and pads and everything even my cut crack since fluid went in the direction too !!! As of right now I'm good no pain meds yet no real pain except my right hip/cheek I dnt feel nauseous or dizzy been getting up on my own and walking by myself with my mom and brother following me closely !!! I am indeed starving and I want something like farming and greasy but I'll stick to apple sauce :) ladies this is no joke lol feel free to ask question or comments or advice all welcomed I added a few pics enjoy :)
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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