Soon to Be a HAZANI DOLL# Hourglassshape#sexymom!!! Beverly Hills, CA

I've been following a few dolls on their journey...

I've been following a few dolls on their journey for a while and I can definitely say I'm ready to bring my sexy back!!! I was originally amazed by Dr Fisher but after all the bad reviews of after care from him and the clinics several deaths I refuse to put my life in there hands. I have 2 kids and love them more then anything and anybody in this world so that being said I want to make the best choice for them!! Drum rooooooll!!!!!! Dr Ron Hazani it is!!!! I spoke to him on the phone and he is so knowledgeable and professional we spoke for almost an hour and he answered all my questions. Recovery with this Dr is faster because he's incisions are very small. All his Dolls say that when they wake up they have very little pain or no pain at all and they are up and going in like 3 days. Also his price includes garments, follow ups pretty much everything except your room. Doc said I can go back home by the 3rd or 4 day, how amazing is that!!!!???! Well I will keep you all posted. Good luck!!!!

OMG!!! Dr. BALGOBIN (Dr Bbl) is amazing!!

I started following Dr Balgobin aka Drbbl on Instagram and his work speaks for itself self! He was trained by Dr Miami and he definitely became Dr Miami Jr... lol!! So I decided to schedule a consultation with him. I sent him an email with pictures of me and the office coordinator called and scheduled a phone interview with Doc for tomorrow morning at 9am yay :) I'm eager to ask alooot Of questions and hear what he has to say. Look up his work and you will love the 360 lipo results!!

Hazani Dolls!!!

More wish pics I stold from some Hazani Dolls!

Dr Hazani or Dr bbl?!?!?

I had a phone consultation this morning with dr bbl and it went great. I loved him he answered all my questions and made me feel good. He said he uses the same tools that dr miami does and does the same procedure. Dr hazani is 7500 right now and 1500 for my arms and dr bbl is 9k and 1500 for arms but he is sooo far. I'm not sure if paying 1500 dollars more and having to travel so far is even worth it?!?!

Yay I'm gaining weigh!!! 140????

I'm glad I'm gaining weight cause the more fat the more booty!! I'm not gonna lie I do feel very unhealthy and feel like I get tired fast I can't weight to not look like this anymore. I was going thru my pictures and found some from May of this year before I gained all this weight for the bbl and said to myself I can't wait to see me like this again but with nice hips and big booty!!

Hazani it is!!!!

Not only do I love his work but I feel safe! I can't even sleep trying to figure out what doctor!! Really???!?!? I refuse to do this to myself and my gut says Hazani!! I've been following some Hazani girls for a while and everything is always so smooth and great results!!

I changed my date!!!! Only 65 days left!!!

Okay I'm more nervous and excited I changed my date to Nov 22nd right before Thanksgiving. I just want my Hazani body NOW!!! lol.... All I'm waiting is for Doctors clearance I was told 2 years ago I could have ulcers but they wouldn't know untill checking and we'll I never continued with my appt. So I just want to make sure I'm healthy to go thru with sx. Wow 65 days left and haven't bought anything yet I really have some shopping to do!!

Any hotel recommendations near Beverly Hills??

The day is coming soon!! I feel like its soooooo unreal I tell my bf to pinch me lol :p So I was looking online for hotels but they are too expensive in Beverley Hills so I thought I'd stay outside of BH but close. Now the problem is I don't know where to start ?!?! I'm not familiar with the area. Andy suggestions of good hotels??
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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