Soon to Be a HAZANI DOLL# Hourglassshape#sexymom!!! Beverly Hills, CA

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I've been following a few dolls on their journey...

I've been following a few dolls on their journey for a while and I can definitely say I'm ready to bring my sexy back!!! I was originally amazed by Dr Fisher but after all the bad reviews of after care from him and the clinics several deaths I refuse to put my life in there hands. I have 2 kids and love them more then anything and anybody in this world so that being said I want to make the best choice for them!! Drum rooooooll!!!!!! Dr Ron Hazani it is!!!! I spoke to him on the phone and he is so knowledgeable and professional we spoke for almost an hour and he answered all my questions. Recovery with this Dr is faster because he's incisions are very small. All his Dolls say that when they wake up they have very little pain or no pain at all and they are up and going in like 3 days. Also his price includes garments, follow ups pretty much everything except your room. Doc said I can go back home by the 3rd or 4 day, how amazing is that!!!!???! Well I will keep you all posted. Good luck!!!!

OMG!!! Dr. BALGOBIN (Dr Bbl) is amazing!!

I started following Dr Balgobin aka Drbbl on Instagram and his work speaks for itself self! He was trained by Dr Miami and he definitely became Dr Miami Jr... lol!! So I decided to schedule a consultation with him. I sent him an email with pictures of me and the office coordinator called and scheduled a phone interview with Doc for tomorrow morning at 9am yay :) I'm eager to ask alooot Of questions and hear what he has to say. Look up his work and you will love the 360 lipo results!!

Hazani Dolls!!!

More wish pics I stold from some Hazani Dolls!

Dr Hazani or Dr bbl?!?!?

I had a phone consultation this morning with dr bbl and it went great. I loved him he answered all my questions and made me feel good. He said he uses the same tools that dr miami does and does the same procedure. Dr hazani is 7500 right now and 1500 for my arms and dr bbl is 9k and 1500 for arms but he is sooo far. I'm not sure if paying 1500 dollars more and having to travel so far is even worth it?!?!

Yay I'm gaining weigh!!! 140????

I'm glad I'm gaining weight cause the more fat the more booty!! I'm not gonna lie I do feel very unhealthy and feel like I get tired fast I can't weight to not look like this anymore. I was going thru my pictures and found some from May of this year before I gained all this weight for the bbl and said to myself I can't wait to see me like this again but with nice hips and big booty!!

Hazani it is!!!!

Not only do I love his work but I feel safe! I can't even sleep trying to figure out what doctor!! Really???!?!? I refuse to do this to myself and my gut says Hazani!! I've been following some Hazani girls for a while and everything is always so smooth and great results!!

I changed my date!!!! Only 65 days left!!!

Okay I'm more nervous and excited I changed my date to Nov 22nd right before Thanksgiving. I just want my Hazani body NOW!!! lol.... All I'm waiting is for Doctors clearance I was told 2 years ago I could have ulcers but they wouldn't know untill checking and we'll I never continued with my appt. So I just want to make sure I'm healthy to go thru with sx. Wow 65 days left and haven't bought anything yet I really have some shopping to do!!

Any hotel recommendations near Beverly Hills??

The day is coming soon!! I feel like its soooooo unreal I tell my bf to pinch me lol :p So I was looking online for hotels but they are too expensive in Beverley Hills so I thought I'd stay outside of BH but close. Now the problem is I don't know where to start ?!?! I'm not familiar with the area. Andy suggestions of good hotels??

Pre op consultation Oct 13th!!!

I finally get to meet Dr Hazani next week and I'm soooooo excited! He's only seen pictures of me and can't wait to see what he thinks he can do for me :) Also will be hotel shopping while I'm there I want something nice but not soo expensive. So today I weighted myself and I'm at 145 I think I'm stopping there I don't feel myself anymore I feel tired and heavy I'm actually thinking of moving my surgery to the beggining of November I don't want to look or feel this heavy anymore!!!! Well will see what they say next Thursday!

Hope this can help someone!!!

Okay I was really nervous the whole time about Dr.fisher doing my bbl like I literally couldn't sleep just thinking I'm gonna have surgery at vanity. So I keep doing research on him and came across a girl IslandButterfly was her profile here at real self she got her bbl done Jun 19 of 2014 with Dr Fisher. We'll as I get to her last post which she posted a pic is in the clinic room ready to get surgery and then I never saw her post aging that was the last one. So I read her comments and i got the chills she died 2 days after surgery a friend of her sister tells the girls thru the comments that it was due to surgical complications. I have definitely changed my mind and I'm going with Dr Hazani he is also amazing and is one of the top docs in Beverly Hills. I will say this its to many deaths at Vanity and think why dont we hear about this stuff with other good Doctors??? I just dont want to chance my life like all those girls did. I rather go with someone that has a good reputation. After care is critical and important and most of the of the fisher dolls i follow have amazing results but never got to see there Dr again after surgery and ended up in the hospital needing blood transfers, infections, ect.. Do as much research as you can.I wish you the best on your search!!

I'm here in LA!!!!! Finally gonna meet Dr Hazani

I'm excited to see what doctor has to say and let me say Nayeli is Amazing!!!!.
I'm here at his office and OMG I saw 2 Hazani Dolls and I looooooooove their results!!!! Surgery is in one month I can't wait to have a nice fatty :)

Only 32 days left for the big day and I've been feeling Sooo nervous scared and definitely really emotional!!

Only 32 days left for the big day and I've been feeling Sooo nervous scared and definitely really emotional!! Yesterday my daughter turned 14 years old and I started thinking my babys are so small what would they do with out me :( I mean the world to babys and i would hate to see them hurting because of what I really wish for!!! I tell myself I'm gonna be just fine I have an amazing doctor my boyfriend says he feels confident of the research I've done and feels I've done a great job choosing Dr Hazani. It's a roller coaster there is moments I feel good and positive and some moments where I start to overthink and get nervous and scared!! Is this normal??

One more week and off to Beverly Hills!!!

I'm really excited!!!! Only one week away from leaving to Cali!!! I can't believe it's happening already but it's is thanks to hubby that made it all possible :) At first he wasn't so convinced about the whole procedure but now he says whatever makes me happy makes him happy!!!! Balance is payed in full and I've only bought Tylenol and arnica gel. Where do you lady's buy the pads?? And do you think lipo boards are necessary and if they are where do I get them from??

Thought this was funny if only it was that easy lmao!!!

Please prayers Today is the day!!!!!

Please pray for me today is the day!!! Need to be there at 7 am about o leave at 6 am just in case the traffic is crazy I'm only 20 minutes away. I've decided to do arms and thighs but I will ask him that if he can do my everything else first and leave my thighs as the last option only if fat is needed cause I rather not do my thighs at all!! Love my thick thighs and so does hubby :) Thank you my RS sistas for all the support you girls are amazing :) Also will update as soon as I can hopefully as soon as I get home!

Yay i made it to booty land!!!! Hazani is an amazing Doctor :)

Ok girls i got to my room around 3:30 the drive was horrible: ( i am in pain but that doesn't bother me so much what really bothers
me and hurts the most is my abdomen i have the worst cramps as if im on my period or about to give birth lol anyone experience abdominal cramping? I've slept for about two hours, my doctor called me and advised me to walk around a little...... did any of you walk around the day of treatment? Ok girls here it comes.....1440!!!! Dr Hazani is a true artist he gv me my hour glass shape. Srry no pics today too much in pain and lots of blood. Hopefully tomorrow. Other then that I have the best aftercare nurse/ dr my hubby. Hes been amazing I think I've been driving him crazy though lol. Thank you girls for youre prayers and support : )


Feeling great!!

Booty greed

Still very swollen and booty looks like its going down :/ Its that booty greed :p

More booty

Excuse the mess in my girls room just moved in to this new house and have not finished setting up :/

Lymphatic massage Drainage

I have scheduled a Lymphatic massage for this Wednesday $60 for an hour that was the best price I was able to find and she has 20+ years of experience. My question was when you girls got the massages Did you have to lay on your back? If so I'm afraid that laying on my back it will kill the fat that was transferred to my butt!! Please let me know what your experience has been so far?!?

Love my new curves!!

Love my new curves!!!

Had to repost this pics for some reason they didn't load successfully the first time.

250 cc's of fluid removed from pelvic area!!!

Yesterday I went to my primary Dr and she removed 250 cc's of fluid from my pelvic area. My compression garment doesn't go all the way down to my pelvic area do to my hips so that area wasn't getting any compression at all. I texted Dr the pic and told him that I had that much fluid removed and he told me to buy an abdominal board asap so I will!! Make sure you lady's get one so you don't build that much fluid it could be a little painful and really uncomfortable!!

Before and after pics!

My before and after pics!!

6 week update!

I am definitely going for round 2!!!

I wish it was bigger!!!

Ive been mia dealing with booty greed issues lol!! It measures 41 I want 45 at least 43 and more volume on the top!!! Round 2 waaaaaa!!!!!!

Perfect booty!!!!!

I swear I ran into the perfect booty!!! Her profile is IWant2bFisherdied She had hers done by Dr Fisher in Miami. Yes the Dr I originally wanted to go to but was to scared after I ran into a girls profile that passed away a couple days after sx they said due to the lack of after care of Dr. I just can't seem to get over Dr Fishers's bootys!!!! I know he's double certified and Dr Hazani said he knew who he was and that he was a good Dr.. and so far that's all I've heard of him as far as deaths. I'm so confused!!!! I dont want to go to miami and i never thought i would say this but I feel that they give you the perfect booty and waist and I want that!!!! They insert the fat thru multiple incisions around booty and I read that a dr said he thinks when you do it that way the body retains the fat better my dr only did one incision thru my Crack and that's how the fat was inserted thru. I had a huuuuuge booty the first 2 to 3 weeks I was like they're is no way this thing is ever gonna get small!!! but I really did lose alot of fat like alot!! I'm able to fit in most pants they just fit nice and full love my curves but want a smaller waist and my hips redone I lost a Lil volume on the right side not alot. Definitely need to focus on my upper back and arms is where I have most of the fat hopefully it's enough for round 2! Long story short you guys I'm getting round 2 and I'm considering getting it done with Dr Fisher if not I will go back with Hazani and hope for better results 2nd round! Look at her profile it's AMAZING the booty and waist he gave her!!! IWant2bFisherfied

2 deaths in Miami again!! Eres with Dr Daniel Calva and spectrum with Dr Rami Ghurani clinics

According to Miami Police, the victim, identified by family and friends as 32-year-old Nikisha Lewis from Antigua, had traveled to South Florida to undergo the procedure at the Miami location of Spectrum Aesthetics.
Police responded to the facility, located near Southwest 42nd Avenue and West Flagler Street, at 7:41 p.m., investigators said.
Paramedics rushed Lewis to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she later died.Lewis was under the care of Dr. Rami Ghurani at Spectrum Aesthetics. Julia Ingle, his attorney, issued a statement that reads in part, “Dr. Ghurani is deeply saddened by the loss of his patient and offers his thoughts and prayers during this difficult time … Dr. Ghirani provided the highest level of care, as he does with all of his patients.”
Reports out of Antigua say Lewis worked on the island as an immigration officer. She leaves behind two daughters and a husband.

Ranika Hall, 25, scheduled her procedure at Hialeah's Eres Plastic Surgery.
Thursday just before 9 p.m., paramedics were called to the center at 1738 W. 49th St. in Hialeah for a female patient who had lost consciousness and was not breathing, according to Hialeah Police
Ranika Hall was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead an hour later.
The Hialeah surgery center is the same location where Heather Meadows, 29, died in May 2016. Meadows also had the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.
When Meadows died, the facility was known as Encore Plastic Surgery and had a different owner. The location has been a plastic surgery center for at least a decade but has changed names three times and owners multiple times in those 10 years.
The NBC 6 Investigators have uncovered the deaths of 11 women after plastic surgery since 2010. Most of those deaths involved Brazilian Butt Lifts. Centers are required to report the deaths to the state, but there is no easy way for the public to find out if a death has happened at a facility.

I found this girls and I love the work they got!!!!!

I found this girls and I love the work they got!!!!! Sadly it's a dr that I will never go to Dr Cabral the king if barbies not because I don't like his art I love it literally in love with the body's he gives this women but sadly he's had alot of deaths and really messed up story's left behind that being said I can only wish that if I go to Dr fisher he can give me the body I want and I'm like 99.9% shure he can do that. Next month I go see him for a consultation only and I'm also interested in buying some fajas I've heard they sell them like next door to eres exited and nervous! Already starting to get my stuff ready for round 2 this time I will be more than ready!!

A Lil update!!!

I'm 4 months now and this booty is going nowhere!!!! Now I love what Dr Hazani did to my body but I want more projection so round 2 it is!! I've gained 15 pounds!! I'm at 148 and it's all up at the top arms chest upper back my thighs did get bigger too. I went from B34 to C36 so my main focus for lipo is my upper back, bra roll, arms! Still don't know who I'm doing with Dr Hazani or Dr Fisher but I'm ready for round 2 in a couple of months.

Want more hips want more booty!!!!

I want more projection!!!!! Definitely have gained enough weight for round 2 :)

Can't wait to have my waist super tiny!!!

More booty pics

8 month booty update!!

Hi ladies it's been a while!! For those of you who wanted to know if I had went to Dr Fisher I haven't yet had to cancell but I will be rescheduling soon! I'm starting my real estate school in Aug and it's only for 3 weeks then once I pass my state exam it's all about back to focusing on my booty also want to have my boobs done but I think I will definitely go with Dr Hazani for that! I promise I will keep you girls updated!!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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