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Hello, I originally wasn't going to start a...

Hello, I originally wasn't going to start a review, but here I am. Here is a bit about myself: 23 yrs old 5'0 135 lbs (I will measure myself soon and possibly post pictures) still debating on that one. I will update soon. After making some research I've decided to book w/ Hazani. I've already had my consult and have my Sx date booked....


Just a measurement update. I do plan on loosing at least 5-7 lbs before surgery, hopefully lol Waist line: 36 in. Above waist line/underneath breast: 33 in. (Still debating whether to post before pictures)


I work at a hospital, so I'm very familiar w/ medical supplies and proper post SX care.
But for additional information, what else were somethings you girls have used besides
Extra strength Tylenol, abdominal pads, chux, laxatives, alcohol swabs, tape, arnica, lipo foam ....

Labs done

Date is getting closer !!!!!

One photo

It took me so much thought into just posting one picture! :( I will probably post more, still not very sure. Really didn't want to post this one as it is. I did do blur adjustments only bc I have a few friends that are interested in going to Dr. Hazani. Blurred out my tattoo as well.
Also, I do plan on getting a breast lift w/ implant sometime after the new year and possibly TT later in yrs

Should I add anything else on my list ? Did you girl buy a garment before or after sx? Thank you :)


I'm like a week away from surgery

Getting kind of nervous!!! I'm over thinking it, but also very excited. Paid off my full balance just need a few more supplies. What will I need ? Please and thank you

So happy, so far

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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