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About me: 35 y.o., 2 kids (16,17), 5'3", 138lbs,...

About me:
35 y.o., 2 kids (16,17), 5'3", 138lbs, 36-28-34

Wanted a BBL to be more proportionate to my 36D chest. No fat on my hips and mostly muscle on my butt.
Researched for a year, shopped for doctors Jan. 2016. Decided to fly from SF area to Beverly Hills for Dr.Hazani
Phone consult with pics. Dr.H is very easy to talk to and communicates realistically. Smooth scheduling and billing procedures. Had to reschedule and some issues with Care Credit, Nayeli is a sweetheart and Gary is great.

Things I did to prepare:
Gained 10lbs prior to surgery
Started taking arnica supplements a week prior.
Bought a portable massage table for home use.
Supplies: vitamin C packs, arnica pills, arnica gel and cream, fish oil, miralax, female urinal, underpads/chux for bedding, heavy absorption site pads. Inflatable cushion for the toilet.
Grocery list: anti inlammatory foods: salmon, albacore tuna, avocados, electrolyte water, ginger turmeric tea, organic bone broths, pineapples, berries, egg whites, coconut oil, super greens salad mix, green juice

Flew in yesterday, checked in to my AIR BnB 2 blocks from the surgery center, bought groceries for the next 4 days and ubered to/from surgery.

I've read about so many BBL experiences on Realself with reviews from east to west coast. I was worried about the struggle of recovery. I've had no prior surgeries nor have I ever been anesthecized. What I remember is laying down on the operating table and waking up like I accidentally fell asleep for a few minutes. Bit of a sore throat. I was mostly awake and alert in the recovery room. Went in at 7am and left at 2pm. I'm writing this review at 9pm after Dr. Hazani called to check on me.
I'm amazed and bewildered at how great I feel, no pain, no nausea, I'm energetic and alert ...just sore in my core area and skin tenderness. The soreness compares to having overdone weight lifting at the gym. No more wobbly walking, I'm walking on my own..just using support getting in/out of bed. Voice is back to normal too. I change my pads when I urinate..twice in the past 7 hrs. My appetite is normal but sticking to liquids and soft foods. I FEEL GREAT!!!...or as close to my regular self as I can be. I understand this may be an exception but I feel so blessed. If the first day is the hardest...I'm looking forward to a swift recovery.

Day 2&3 post op

So the following 2 days were more of a struggle. I attributed the first day to still having relief from the IV pain meds. The hardest part was getting up and laying down. I feel like I weigh 1000 lbs and I'm relying on my upper body strength a lot. I try to be up walking around for atleast an hour or more. It helps with the pain. I really can't bend or twist. Most of the pain is in my core and rib area. The female urinal helps a lot and I finally had a bowel movement which went smoothly lol. I'm also applying arnica gel 3x/day and my skin does feels more soothed afterwards. I do feel like the bruising is improving. I started itching from either the pain meds or antibiotics so I went in to see Dr. Hazani on Day 3. My post op was supposed to be on Day 4, but no longer necessary.

Everything looks great and my body is vastly different. I'm switching to Tylenol. My drainage holes closed up on Day 2...so now I have a ton of swelling on my lady parts. Super uncomfortable..especially when walking. Dr. Hazani had to drain it in the office today with a needle and syringe. I'll have to come back in 3wks to drain it again during my follow up.

I finally put the garment on tonight and my body feels better with it on. I also walked down the street and had a meal standing up at the bar. The server kept asking me if I'm sure I don't want to sit lol. Considering I had surgery only 2 days ago...I'm impressed with being up and about even for a little while. I fly back home tomorrow morning.

Day 1 & 2 post op pics

Pre op pics

These are a couple pics of my natural state before putting on 10lbs and no more working out to do the bbl surgery...during these pics I was pushing 200lbs+ on the seated leg press and squatting 120lbs

Flying in/out of town for surgery LAX

So going through the TSA checkpoint wearing my binder and bandages over my thighs and the garment was not fun. They had me go through the pod twice and a lady frisked me and was feeling all on my gear very roughly. I had to tell her I was wearing a brace from a medical procedure and to be careful because my whole body was tender...she wasn't . Even went as far as poking my butt cheeks. Pissed me off. I swear I swelled up more after that. Has anyone else who had to fly after their bbl experienced this scenario?

1 week post op

36-28-42...haven't lost any volume in butt or hips. Biggest thing I've noticed is swelling and hardening on my sides, lower abs, and groin. My back and thighs are still swollen. Bruising on my sides and thighs are improving day by day. Most of the discomfort is on my lady parts where there is hardening and fluids that probably have to be drained and sharp pains on my lower left ab and hip. Today was the first day with no pain meds. Only 2 of my stitches have dissolved fully.

2wks Post Op

I stopped wearing the binder today. I still wear the garment along with a short torso corset over.
Most bruising is gone except for a faint one on my inner thigh. There is still swelling and numbness in my back, sides, abdomen, and groin. I hope it subsides in a week. I still have 3 stitches which haven't dissolved. Between the neosporin ointment and daily showers..I don't know why they're still there. As you can see my access points are scarred over. The top one developed a heart shaped scar. I might keep it like a cute birthmark lol. My skin developed some blotchiness and isn't as smooth as 1 week post op.
The worst for me is the swelling in my groin which has also developed hard muscle-like areas.
I'm massaging myself as follows:
A.M.- massage with arnica gel
P.M.- dry brush liposuction areas, massage in the shower for 5 mins, massage with arnica gel for another 5 mins before wearing the garment again.

I managed to drive. I use the cushion Dr. Hazani provided...beneath my legs and an inflated bean shaped yoga ball for back support. The first time left me exhausted but it was easier the second time. My range of motion bending over is getting better as well.

5wks post op

I flew down for a final follow up last week with Dr.Hazani. He was very pleasant to be around and made me feel like he was proud of his work and how I took care of myself during recovery. My results are great.

There is still blotchy skin on my sides and if I don't wear my compression garment and waist trainers for an extended period of time, my skin does start to get stiff with bumpiness above my hips and waist. After wearing the garments for a while, my body is bangin after I take it off. There is still stiff tissue on my groin area..I'm hoping that goes away soon. I've lost 3in. since surgery. 36-27-39
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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