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It's going down! After thoroughly researching...

It's going down! After thoroughly researching doctors and looking at their work I decided on Dr. Sejal Patel. There is no doubt in my mind he is the go to man for a Brazilian Butt Lift.
Dr. Patel is on the pricier end of Brazilian Butt Lifts, but who wants a bargain butt? He dedicates the whole day to the Brazilian patient vs. other doctors doing 3 a day. I feel he will be take his time and I will have the best possible results.
I will keep everyone posted! XoXo

Finally a Patel Doll

I can't even begin to say how pleased I am with Dr Patel, not only his work, but with his communication, his humor, his staff, and his nurse Sarah, she is just beyond amazing.
Day of surgery I arrived at the surgery center, signed some forms and was taken in the back by Sarah. She had me strip, pee in a cup, put on a gown and lay down. Sarah explained the whole process and what to expect to my bf and I. She was so funny and made me feel so comfortable. I seriously wanted to take her home with me.
Dr. Patel came in full of energy and in a great mood. We went over what I wanted my booty to look like and brought him my wish pics again just to refresh his memory. He took my before pics, then Patel and Sarah cleaned me off with Betadine. Sarah said he was obsessed with cleanliness, and she was right! I have never had a surgeon clean me how he did. I stood on plastic while Patel held my hands above my head and Sarah wiped me everywhere. After they both lifted me on the gurney and I don't remember anything else.
I will update when I came out of surgery later today


Here's a quick few photos of my results. I will continue to update. Feel free to find me on IG Crazylovelyme707 and I am more than happy to answer questions or send more pics

More photos

sorry for the disorganization. I'll post some more pics and try to get all this in order.

Photo update

Photo update 30 day post op

I have no words for what Dr Patel has done for me. This man is a magician and works magic. At 36 years old, my body is better now than 20 years ago. Unbelievable! Dr Patel is my hero!!!!

Dr Patel is the MAN!!!

Sorry for not updating lately but I've been enjoy my new body lol. I'm about 68 days post op and couldn't be happier!
I went to see Dr Patel in person for my 2 month post op visit and all is going well. His post op care is A1, top notch! He answered a ton of random questions I had and didn't rush me at all. He must have spent at least an hour with me and I know he is a very busy man. So far these are my thoughts on Patel.
1) He may cost a little more but I honestly thinks he undercharges considering the time he spends in the O.R on us, plus his post op care, and of course his results.

2) I trust Patel fully. I've had 2 plastic surgeons prior to Patel. They were good, but Patel is like no other. I will never let another plastic surgeon work on me.

3) Whatever Patel promises you can expect and will have better results. I've talked with many of his patients and with all of us, he delivered better.

4) Patel will give you the most insane liposuction! If you want a tiny waist and no back fat, this is your man! Pre-op, if I sucked my gut in, my waist was 31-32 inches, post op at 68 days my waist is 25 inches and he said I'm still very swollen. My booty is 39 inches and has been stable for 6 weeks. Here are some pics, I'm NOT wearing a corset underneath lol. DRAMATIC change!

Photo update tummy

Update pics

Just some photo updates, my booty and waist look better than ever!
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