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So I'm so excited, on 8th June I will have my BBL...

So I'm so excited, on 8th June I will have my BBL surgery with Dr Ron Hazani. Can't wait. I'm so in love with his results. I think are the best result I've ever seen. I will travel from UK to LA, it will be a long journey but I know is for the best result . If some1 has surgery with him around that time pls let me know. It will be great to see somebody and not be alone.

Before surgery pic

Trying to gain some weight , between 5-10lbs... I find it so hard but I will do it. :))))

Wish pic

I love the hourglass look !!!! Small waist and lovely booty.

Dr Hazani work ??????

Another amazing BBL work made by Dr Hazani. I love her result and her waist is just unbelievable !!!!

Help pls !!!

I'm finding myself in a bit of difficult situation. I try to put some weight on, but is such a slow progress. I'm eating like a little pig :)))), I never eat so much in my life, and I don't get amazing results (the scale is not going up much at all). Is everyone out there who can give some tips, what should I try !!!

My butt at the moment. Can't wait for the new one. Working hard on gaining weight.

Surgery supply

Can everyone tell me what I should buy for my BBL surgery and after surgery too. Thank you.

Weight gain update

I do really struggle to put weight on. I don't exercise at all for more than one month but the weight is not going up much. I'm eating like a pig, I never eat so much in my life, I never eat so many sweets and chocolate ever and I don't see much result.

Help with insurance

Could somebody tell me where I can find a medical treatment insurance for plastic surgery in USA? My private health insurance here in the UK don't cover for cosmetic surgery, I do really struggle to find a company who sell this kind of insurance.

Time to get ready!!

So here I am, not long left for my BBL surgery. One month, can't wait for my new body. Yesterday I recieved an email from Debbie,she told me my blood test are normal but I have to do them again because the blood test was to early (I done them more than 30 days before surgery). Also I have a question for the Hazani dolls. Did you purchase you Leonisa garment yourself before surgery or after surgery ? I don't know what size to get. At the moment I weight 132.2lbs (I gain some more weight, I will still try to gain some more). Can't wait for my new body... Soon I will be Haznidoll !!!!

Hotel suggestion

Could somebody tell me where to stay, somewhere close to the surgery centre .

More wish pic

Weight gain update

I put one some lore pounds. The pic on the left is from today and the pic from the right is before weight gain. What a difference:)) I think is enough fat, to be honest I don't want to gain much weight before surgery.


Not very much fat on my belly . I still have to eat a bit more than normal. The pic on the right is from today. And the one from the left before weight gain

Skinny days

Almost there

Labs all clear, tomorrow I will make the last payment so my surgery is all paid.... Uhhh. Can't wait to get there. I'm still working at that weight gain. My partner call me STUMPY :)))) (sometimes makes me angry but I love him over the moon). I still have to buy my surgery supplies. Any idea what I should get?

Weight gain update

I feel like an elephant. I can't even look anymore in the mirror. I've manage to put one around 5lbs, I don't want to gain more weight. I don't think is good for your body to gain all this weight. Before surgery I was eating very clean and organic , no sugar and exercise. For the last 2 months I eat only junk off. Soon after surgery I will start going back to my old habits of eating very clean agin.
Here are some before and after pic

My wish pic

Almost there

Oh yes

What to wear

Pls I need so help. Can anyone knows how is the weather in LA in June. I really struggle with what to wear.

A quick update

Last week I send an email with Dr Hazani with my weight gain (pictures) just to ask him how many CCs he will be able to transfer. His response was 300cc. At this moment in time I'm a bit worried because I heard 300cc will not make any difference. Soon I will fly over to LA and meet dr Hazani in person, I never meet him. I hope at the pre op appointment he wil give me a better news, that he will be able to transfer more CCs. Before weight gain I was 128.3lbs and my waist measured 27", at the moment I weight between 134lbs-135lbs and my waist is around 29 1/2". Like I said before I really struggle with my weight gain. In the last week I really felt sick just looking at the food, by body don't agree at all with this weight gain. I know Dr Hazani worked before with very petite girls and I love his results, I really hope I will get a good one too. I really hoped that I can have transfer 1000cc in each cheek. Now we will see.

So I made it on the flat side

Yesterday I had much surgery. Everything went well and I'm all safe. Dr Hazani manage to out 450cc in each cheek. Even with my weight gain he told me im still thin but he manage to give me a nice booty. I just hope it will not go down much . I don't have any pain. I had only one pain med yesterday after surgery. I really struggle to sleep on my belly. Also Dr Hazani told me that he will not take anymore thin patients because is really hard to work with them. I really understand that. I was in the surgery for 3 hours. After nayely came an d puck me up from the surgery centre down in Beverly Hills. She's such a sweet girl she helped me with everything.


This are my waist pic what I took yesterday.


Just an update . My stomach is still full of swelling. Yiu can see a before and after pic. I really hope that my waist will go down in size after the swelling is gone. Also my booty is gone down in size a bit. I really hope that something will stay there to make a difference.

More pic

Also I forgot to say that in my right cheek I have a lump . I hope that will go away.

Fat left behind

I can still grab fat after lipo on my flanks and belly. Is this normal ?! I know is very early to say but I'm a bit pissed off.

Finally home

Finally I'm back home in England. This was the worse flight that e vet had !!!! For about 15 hours I stood up !!!! My lower back is killing. I'm super tired, but thank God I'm back home. My partner loves my new behind :) he said looks great:).


Can any Hazani dolls tell me about this swelling ? I'm almost 2 weeks and most of the swelling is there. Is this normal ? How long it takes for the swelling to do down after lipo? I struggle to see any results around my waist, flanks and abdomen.

First massage

So today I had my first massage. I hope that will help a little bit with the swelling. Also today I've notice that my right side cheek is much bigger than the left. I'm a bit concern about this and I'm not happy at all.

My right side is bigger than the left

Not happy with the results

So I'm almost 3weeks post op and I can say that I'm not happy with my results. I'm not happy with my lipo area, Dr Hazani left so much fat behind on my flanks, lower abdomen and inner thighs. Before surgery I told Dr Hazani that I want my flanks and lower abdomen to be well lipo because even with exercise I can't get rid of the fat (and belive me girls that I exercise 4-5 times a day). He never did, my fat is still there. And my inner thighs are no different than before. This piss me off. My waist line don't look any different than before. My waist measure just 1" smaller than the pre op !!!!! How crazy is that. And my lower abdomen measure 1/2" smaller than the pre op. Also my right hip has a lump, I had it after surgery and it never gone down, and also is not the same size at the other. They don't match !!!!! So at this moment I can say that I've wasted my $12,000 ( that include the surgery and my travel expense). At the moment I will way for my body to recover and book another surgery here in England with my plastic surgeon who done my BA (Dr Marcos Sforza), to have more lipo done on my flanks, lower abdomen and inner thighs, and make my waistline smaller. Don't get me wrong girls, Dr Hazani is a great surgeon, he gave some girls amazing results but it didn't to me. I didn't expect perfection but I wanted to see a change in my waistline and much more. I bet if he was a little bit aggressive with the lipo he could manage to transfer some more CCs and also give me a better result.

Not happy

One side miss much bigger and fuller (my right, left of the pic bigger). I still have the lump on my hip.

3 weeks post op

So today is 3 weeks post op. Like I said in my previous post I'm not very happy with my lipo areas, especially on my back and also inner thigh (uneven lipo on my inner thighs, to me my inner thighs they look the same as pre op).
Also after my surgery I've started my clean diet again, I don't eat carbs, sweets and I drink water to keep me hydrated.
On top of my garment I wear 24/7 a waist cincher for more compression.
I haven't developed any lumps on my lipo areas, also I've stopped the massage because it made me swollon more. After stopping the massage my swelling is gone down very fast.
Like you can see on my second picture (in the swinsuit) my back area is not lipo probably and I'm disappointed about this.

Pic didn't upload

For Hazani dolls

I just want to ask when we are able to sit without the bbl pillow ? And also when can start wearing jeans ? I've tried to email Dr Hazani but he haven't reply to me yet.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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