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My BBL is scheduled for June 13th! Yay! I have the...

My BBL is scheduled for June 13th! Yay! I have the fligh and hotel booked already. I'm getting nervous about the whole thing but am excited too. My concern right now is the flight back home which is 4 hrs long. I am still looking for the best way to "sit" on the flight home. Not sure if to purchase a BBL pillow, a boppy or an inflatable ring. I want the most comfortable and safe (non bbl fat harming) object to sit on.

Before pix

A few pre op pictures (jeans on).

Getting nervous!

My BBL is scheduled for June 13th. I am getting nervous and excited but I also am overthinking the whole process. Right now I'm freaking out on how the liposuctioned areas will be afterwards. I had a TT about 3 years ago and I'm concerned on how my abdomen will look after the lipo for fat transfer. Will it leave me with a bumpy and or saggy abdomen leaving me to have a TT revision? Wil the bra rolls (after lipo) look worse? I know that liposuction isn't performed to make the skin look better but my question is, will it make it worse?? I have put up some pre op pictures for anyone who would like to see and comment on my liposuction concern.

I wish, I wish, I wish....

Been looking through a lot of post of all you dolls and found some wish pics. Not sure how realistic these would be for me but hey that's why they are my WISH pics.

Labs done

I had my blood drawn yesterday. I really hope everything comes out fine. I'd hate for something to be wrong or deficient. I had a VSG back in 3/2012 and sometimes my iron is low. I haven't taken iron pills in a while but will start to take one a day including the multivitamins that Lorena from Dr. Hughes suggested I do prior to surgery. I'm praying my labs comeback okay. I'd also hate those to pay twice for blood work.

Tomorrow's the day!!

Well ladies I'm currently on my flight to LAX. Let me just say that I have no clue how I am going to do it to "sit" on these seats on the return flight. This flight was full I'm really hoping that the return flight isn't full so maybe I have a chance to occupy 2 seats and try to be as comfortable that I can. My flight was suppose to be 4 hrs long but there was about a half hour delay and ugh it feels like an eternity. I am definitely not looking forward to my flight back home.

The day is Here!

Im in a taxi as i type on my way to Dr. Hughes center. I am soooo nervous. I'm starting to feel nauseous and starting to feel really selfish. I hope this feeling goes away soon lol because I'm not backing out now.

Less than 24 hours post-op

I had my BBL yesterday (Monday) at about 9 am. I took a few pictures before and a few today.

Wish pics?

Does showing your surgeon a "wish pic" really help? I mean I did have a couple of wish pics and I don't even come close lol I know I have to be realistic but c'mon it'd be kinda nice if the doctor would actually try to accomplish that. Just speaking my mind ????

Post-op appt done!

I had my post-op appt with dr. Hughes today. I had my bbl done on Monday at about 9a.m. Dr. Hughes did a great job. I really hope that most of the fat stays because after dishing out all this money, I want it to be worth it. The doctor advised me that I need to wear my binder for the next 6 weeks tight and low in order for the swelling to be minimized. I also need to stay off my butt, that's a given, but apparently there are patients who don't follow doctors orders and then blame the doctor for bad results. I will do my part and hope that my results are the best. I cannot really comment much more because it is far too soon in the recovery process.

Finally back at home!

Well after waiting at the airport for 4 hrs, then a 4 hour flight and a 2 hour drive I am home! OMG it was an interesting trip back home to say the least. The flight was so uncomfortable! At one point I got a really bad cramp on my upper thigh when trying to adjust myself. SMH. This damn bbl "pillow" was of no help. I don't really think there is something tha will truly help the whole sitting off the buttock in the airplane. I honestly don't know how ppl with longer flights dealt with it. I was extremely annoyed. Not in pain but ugh so uncomfortable. This binder that I got from the doctor is hell. It was (and still is) digging into my ribs. I asked the nurse at my post op if there was a different binder or garment I could buy instead of the one they gave me and she said I should wear this one for 6 wks! I can deal with wearing a binder for the 6 weeks but this crap is so annoying and actually is the only thing that causes pain and discomfort. There has to be a different garment/binder that can compress my back and abdomen to minimize swelling. I have seen other ppl here that have a full body garment right after surgery, I thought I'd be in one as well but nope, mine is only a white garment that goes around my torso. It needs to sit low but it keeps riding up and it really makes everything NOT smooth. Help!!

Bbl thing-a-ma-jig

This was useless on the fight home

5 days PostOp

Today I am 5 days post op. Still have not experienced pain other than extreme discomfort from the binder. It supposed to sit low but the darn thing will not stay put. Still digging into my left side, I feel it isn't keeping my swelling down because it's not in the proper area. Also, I'm wondering how will my sides be smoothed out if this binder is "bunched up" I swear I keep readjusting it but it will not stay put. On the bright side it's because my butt is huge and pushes the binder up. Ay ay ay i dont know What To do.

1 wk post bbl

Today marks exactly 1 week since my bbl procedure. I wear my binder all day an night and dont usually see my body without it. Today when I took it off to adjust it, I decided to take a look in front of the mirror. I am not sure I how I feel about this. I'm asking myself if it was earth all that money. I know it's only been a week post op and results are definitely not final. I'm just wondering if I made the right decision. I thought I was happy lol if that makes any sense, but after seeing myself today, not so much.

Out and about... Over did it?

Today I had a dentist appointment and didn't want to reschedule it so I went in worried on how I was going to sit/lay back on the chair for my cleaning. I went in with my booty bump and a towel which I placed under my upper thighs and then I positioned my big purse on my lower back. As I was reclined back I was left with a huge gap for my butt. It worked out perfectly. After that I needed to take my daughter to her appointment (which is about a 45 minute ride there and another 45 back) then grocery shopping on the way home. Oh my goodness, after all that my back was kinda hurting. I think I over did it a little bit. I'm assuming that it was where I had lipo on my back. As soon as I got home I took a pain pill which I hadn't taken in a few days. Now I'm just relaxing at home but regretting the pain pill. I don't like the dizziness it makes me feel. Hope you dolls are having a great day! ;)

Post op faja in!

Yesterday I found the binder I had from a few years ago when I had a TT. The difference between that binder and the binder I got after the bbl is that the old binder is a solid binder meaning it doesn't have the three sections like the one I got from Dr. Hughes. The full binder (non sectional) feels so much better. No rib stabbing discomfort at all. That's the one I plan on using until I'm able to use my faja. I ordered one online and it arrived today. Now I'm kind of scared to wear it lol omg I know that the office wants me to wear only the binder for 6 wks but I'm guessing the faja will help smooth out the lipoed back and bra rolls.

Clothing after bbl???

Today i had to wear a pair of jeans. Ive been wearing only dresses. Of course I'm worried about my butt. I'm only wearing them for about 3 hrs while I visit my dad at a facility where dresses aren't permissible. Ugh I'm hoping it doesn't affect my bbl. I'll be 2 wks post op this Monday. What's your opinion? What have you been wearing ?

Yay! 2 weeks post BBL!

Today marks exactly two weeks since I had my lipo and fat transfer (bbl). The swelling has gone down some, mostly in the midday. Early morning and later in the evening I feel a bit more swollen on my abdomen. I am still wearing my binder 24/7 except to shower. I wish I would have measured my butt before the bbl and right after to see how much volume I will actually lose. Hopefully not much tho. My butt has softened up a lot. Now when I walk I feel the jiggles lol in a good way of course. Nothing much has changed but I will say this. I never experienced any pain with this procedure. My only complaint were and continue to be this darn uncomfortable binder. But....what I do feel now are some quick sudden sharp pains or like a burning sensation on different places. I'm sure it's where I had the lipo done. They are not often but I have felt them on my abdomen and sides and sometimes my back. It not intolerable but since they are unexpected it does kinda hurt a little. Don't worry girls definitely not as bad as I my have described it.

3 wks post Op

Hello ladies! Today marks my 3 wk + 1 day post bbl. I am no longer wearing my binder, I am wearing a faja I had purchased before when I was trying to lose inches off my waist. This faja is so much more comfortable and I feel it actually is helping smooth my sides and lower back. I still have a lot of numbing and swelling. I am still wearing the faja 24/7 I actually don't mind it other than sometimes I feel it still does cause some bulging on my upper back (bra area). But I am wearing compressing tanks to help with that. Anywho, things are going good my butt seems to have softened up some more. I think it's gone down some more but idk. I really do need to measure it so I am sure if it is or not. I still have some days when I think it should be bigger and better bet other days I'm content. I think I need another bbl. Am I crazy? Lol Yes! Yes i am. Only thing is I can't afford another bbl. I think I need to pay his one of first unless I hit the lottery lol.

Realistic expectations

I see so many females on here that have had their bbl done and post their post off butts that look nice, round and smooth. It's awesome. I on the other hand, went in for a bbl with cellulite on my thighs and butt. I was magically wanting the dimples to completely go away but I knew that a bbl was NOT a fix for all the dimpling. Anyhow, I love my post bbl and want women to know that having this procedure isn't magic. We all have wish pics but in all reality, our wish pics are not even close to our outcome. Not that the outcome is bad, simply that we have our own body and we need to be happy with our own outcome. My point in all this is to please have realistic expectations and I promise you will not be dissatisfied.

8 weeks post bbl!

Hello dolls!! Yay!! Today marks my 8th postop week. Everything seems to be going well. My booty jiggles when I walk but it is tender in some areas sometimes. My Hubby really wants to grab it and squeeze it but I say NO sir lol I am happy with my results thus far. I still fear losing volume. I am sure it has gone down from day 1 but have yet to measure it to be sure. There are some days when I feel like my butt size has decreased then there's all the other days when I know it's still a good plump size. I can't lie though I wish it was as big as it was the first week post op. Oh well, it's just me being greedy I suppose. I still wouldn't mind going for round 2 and if the opportunity comes my way I will not hesitate to go for it. This whole process, for me, has been pain free. From day 1 to week 8 post op the pain I experienced was 0-2 on a scale of 1-10. Like I stated before the worst part was the binder i had from the doctors office. That binder was a bitch! Lol I think the faja I wear now is so much better. I am still wearing it 24/7 except to shower. I love this vest faja because it doesn't cause the back bulge like other waist clinchers or binders. 8 weeks post op and I feel great. When I compare my before and afters I know my booty improved as well as my waist.

Fajas Colombianas

As you all may already know, Fajas are expensive. I have purchased 3 and 2 of them did not fit. Now I am trying to sell them. I know there are dolls here who might need them. I will post pictures so that any one who is thinking of getting a bbl can see which type of garment would be better and more comfortable than the white waist binders the doctors office puts on you after lipo and bbl.

Bigger booty, bigger jean size?!

I am now 3 months and a week post bbl. I had to go through my closet and try on jeans and pants because I was staring work. And Omg!? Trying on my clothing was upsetting because my jeans didn't fit me so it made me feel "fat" and that's never good. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I understand I had a bbl but for some reason I thought only my ass would be bigger not my thighs (but I might have gained a few lbs because of my fear to exercise and lose butt fat). Anyways, the struggle is real ladies lol my pants go over my butt but then I'm left with the waist a bit big (which doesn't upset me because that proves to me that my bbl was a success). I wore my faja 24/7 for 3 months and this past week I began wearing it only on the evenings and for bed. I think in the next couple of weeks I will stop wearing it completely. I will start walking or doing some cardio and will wear it then. I think I am safe to the point that my butt will not lose any volume. I attached pictures of when I was going through my closet and trying on jeans. Wearing dresses was much easier and definitely more comfortable. Btw, I still sleep on my belly or side and have not sat on my butt.

Dr. Hughes is a straight forward Plastic surgeon. He will tell you what he can do for you without giving you any type of false expectations. Remember ladies, He is a plastic surgeon not a magician. When I first reached out to him through IG he quickly responded, I was happy that he responded to my email so quickly. I had a few questions about getting a BBL done. I had seen his work and was amazed by the huge butts he was giving his patients, which was what I was looking for. I emailed him pictures so that he could evaluate my body since I live across the country, the consultation via email was just what I needed. He quickly gave me an estimate and his patient coordinator, Lorena, contacted me the following day. The scheduling process was simple, being that I live so far away I wanted to stay the least possible time in town. Dr. Hughes was understanding and flexible. I was told that as long as the surgery went well with no complications I was able to return home in 4-5 days. Perfect! Another main reason why I chose Dr. Hughes for my BBL was because he does NOT use drains. I was ecstatic, I didn't want to have open wounds and have that higher risk of infection. I had my reasons for choosing Dr. Hughes which were excellent results, no drains, and returning home sooner than 10 days. I recommend Dr. Hughes to anyone looking to get a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer because he gives you the most volume. He is straight forward in telling you what he can do for you. No false hopes and expectations. He will definitely improve your body. But you will have to do your part during the recovery process. If you don't put in your part and don't get the results you wanted, don't go back and blame Dr. Hughes. Stay off your butt, follow doctors orders and you will get and improved bottom. Thank you Dr. Hughes and the staff for everything!

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