Found my Doctor!! Dr. Dass - Beverly Hills, CA

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Yay!!! I "Officially" found my doctor! After...

Yay!!! I "Officially" found my doctor! After looking at all you "Dass Dolls" I know exactly who I need to go to to achieve the look I want. Angela was so helpful <3 So in December I will be having a BBL. Lipo of entire stomach, back, flanks, and arms. Also a Mini TT. I'm so excited for this!! Thank you Real Self & all you women who share your "real" experience & pictures. I appreciate all of you.... Stay Tuned

I'm Booked! Soon to Be Another Dr. Dass Doll =)

I'm officially booked.. deposit is made with Dr. Dass! I will be having a Mini TT, Full Stomach Lipo, Flanks, Arms, Chin, & BBL. I can not wait! This has been a long time coming and I deserve it. I know my fiance & I won't be having anymore kids so might as well get my body back! I've stayed consistent with my weight (135) for over a year now and no matter what type of workout I do I can't see my abs. I hope this will help. I can't wait to rock a two piece with confidence ;)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He called me same day for a phone consultation. After talking with him & seeing his AMAZING work, I know I will get the best results with him as my Artist (PS). Yay!!!!

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