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Hiiiii dolls! I am loving this site. I can't...

Hiiiii dolls!

I am loving this site. I can't find any thing better so informative or helpful with references than this site! AND you get to network with those with experiences or going through procedures at present.

I've only considered this procedure for about a month. I have had about 3-4 consultations with various PS in BH/LA.

I am a fitness freakkk!!! I am all about getting the body to the limits (Naturally as possible... I know surgery and extremes in clean eating and hours the gym aren't a normality - LOL).

I compete in fitness competitions and I'm all about improving and improvising.
After researching many PSs & reviewing all their before/after photos, I settled with Dr. William Bruno. I absolutely loved him the moment I met him. He just recently moved to a brand new location in West Hollywood (which is a beautiful and brand new office). I was literally the 2nd consult ever in that office. It's got a nice, modern touch to it with a great view of Hollywood. He was so cool! He is a total honest, humble conversationalist that made me feel comfortable and trust worthy. He showed me around his new office thereafter, asked me of my opinions and even wondered what I thought about the lounge music. He even thanked me like 2-3 times for coming. The only negative thing about my consult was the parking. It was like $2.50 for every 15 minutes & since I was there for a bit over an hour, I had to pay like $15. Grr. Me don't like.

I emailed him my desired derriere pictures with specifics about my "designer" booty. His office called me back to say he reviewed my photos and request specifics and he said that my physique permits my desires within my favor! I am so pleased. Nervous but excited.

Most plastic surgeons told me that I did not have enough fat at 145 lbs (>2 weeks ago) but I have got myself up to 150 lbs as of today! I even had a PS in BH say that he wouldn't even operate on me because I don't have a sufficient amount. \-( This comment worries me. But I have been showing my face. Really. Like, people don't even know until they witness it - but I can put it all away like a tyrannosaurus rex. I am probably in the wrong competitions. I love to eat. hahaha. So anyway, my BF % is probably around 27-28% now. I have been eating tonnes of fat foods like Mc Donald's, Carls Jr., Taco Bell, Subway, tamales, pizza, hot pockets, snacks like cheese, carbs, crackers, bread, sauces, ice cream, whole-fat products (i.e. sour cream, cheese, creamer, butter, etc.). It's putting the weight on much more faster but my skin is literally flipping me off right now. My face is breaking out so bad (well for my stats, anyways... I've never had acne problems as a teen). Bad diet will def do it for ya! 0_o FML. I def feel more lathargic and gross and full all the time. I am used to living the opposite life. LOL.

I've been to the gym a couple times. I didn't do any cardio but I craved my good 'ol weight training. Really miss it some days and I just can't hold myself back :/
My BF really thinks I'm crazy for doing all this but he knows that I only am a perfectionist, striving for perfection. He's seen me throughout all of my yo-yo stages.

I've attached some photos of what I look like when I am ripped and fit. I am 111 lbs at this stage and very very low BF%.

Now, I am fit fat and I hope I have enough to get where I want it, considering a percentage of fat may or may not survive. Dr. B is going to harvest fat from my arms, my inner thighs, my back and my abdomen for maximum harvesting. I'd like to build my ass so that the next time I lean out, I can have a nice round layer of fat sitting ontop of my glute muscles like my fave Vida Guerra or Amanda Latona!
I've attached those amazing derrieres for a sample :)

Well it's now 1:51am and the world hasn't ended yet... so much for 12.21.12 Mayans!!!!
That means I will be getting my butt afterall ;)

If any of you have any suggestions or tips for pre/post op, treatments, supplements, regimens, accessories, supplies, etc - please share!!! I'm so grateful for all of you!

All for now loves!

So as the clock starts the countdown of clicking,...

So as the clock starts the countdown of clicking, i am starting yo get more nervous. so i am reading more and more reviews and experiences of others. After doing my research & reading FoundUmissnewbooty's blogs, I took her advice & suggestions & went ahead & started my post op kit:

So far I've got:
-My Vicodin and keflex for pain and antibiotics $11
-sSool softner $3-$4
-Arnica Montana $14
-Bromelian $12
-Squeem Vest Waist Cincher $40
-Vedette garment # 317 $56
-2'x2'x6" piece of foam to carve hole out and use as a mattress so I can sleep on my back $25
-Aveeno's firming creme $10
-flattening board $30
-A heating throw $30
-16oz bottle (cut and use as a funnel when I need to go #1)
-Medical gloves $5
-Benedryl gel $5
-Baby oil $4
-Protein shakes
-Bottled water
-Body pillow $10

I'm still checking my mental lists...
More than likely to add in more to my list...

4 days out from sx & feeling anxiety in my bones....

4 days out from sx & feeling anxiety in my bones. Pretty nervous about not having everything ready... At the same time I am finishing year end work, merging my whole apartment & boyfriends into a 2 small bedrooms into his moms house because our leases end only a couple days after my surgery... What's worse my grandfather suffocated the other night and was resuscitated back to life in the CCU.. I've been driving over 2 hours each day to go to work and moving progress. Now I am incorporating hospital visits between now and Christmas. God forbid anything happens to him fatally because I'd have to cancel my sx. I'd can't imagine my life without him but I truly hate to see him suffer like this.. It kills me and breaks my heart to see my beloved grandfather hooked on machines, tubes & drugs feeding through his IV to keep his heart beating. I wish I could trade places with him so I could endure the pain instead of him.

As of yesterday, my procedure is paid in full- all be ME! Just like my breast augmentation back in '09. Body made and paid by me. Proud to say I work my brain, blood, muscle, sweat & tears for this. I don't know why I do this to myself- I feel like its always me vs. me. The fitness competitions aren't about going against the rest of the world- it's me pushing me out of my comfort zone. Getting myself out of my own skin.
I'm sure a lot of women are doing their sx for an insecure reasoning or perhaps they believe it would make the feel better about themselves. I consider it a gift to myself for working so hard.

People are always asking me "WHY???". I've heard it all- "i would kill to have your body", or "do you know how many women would love to have your body?". They ask why would I do such things to my body, everything from killing myself with the heavy gym sessions and strict diets for competitions now ultimately body modifications with surgery.. It may have some things to reflect with my history of eating disorders, self image and body dismorphia. Sadly, I always feel uncomfortable in my own skin no matter if I'm 110 or 170 lbs... I am never satisfied with the way I look and feel.
I guess this is all a part of growing up and learning how to accept oneself. Not that surgery or the fashion world is going to make me who I am but I definitely know one thing- that improvement is always welcome.

OMG.. I wish I could go back and edit the typos...

OMG.. I wish I could go back and edit the typos and grammar in my previous posts.. I don't believe you can do that on here. I was posting from my iphone and of course there are a bunch of typos. LOL. One of my pet-peeves. *sigh* Oh well....

Topic: Scarring --- This question will be for...

Topic: Scarring ---
This question will be for the vixens that have already had the procedure performed - I want to ask about scarring - do you visibly see any scars? Where specifically? From the lipo incisions? Are they obvious even months after? What products / methods / regimens did you use and find MOST effective???

So i woke up this morning & weighed myself 151 lbs...

So i woke up this morning & weighed myself 151 lbs.. a couple less than last night :( I tried all I could to gain the weight but I guess it's just as hard as losing. /-( i was 145 when i had my consult with Dr. Bruno 2 woks ago - at least I got the fresh 6 lbs to use. They're no longer playing Christmas tunes on the radio this AM.... I can't believe how fast time flies. We're on our way to Beverly Hills... Going to check in and take the before pictures. Prob will wake up all groggy, in pain and out of it so ill just update later when I get acquainted with my new physique.. Ill post my pics from last night- I wish it were all fat but it was mostly bloating :(

So! I got to the surgical center yesterday morning...

So! I got to the surgical center yesterday morning. A little nervous but not high strung.
I checked in and signed paperwork. Then I was told to change in my open-backed gown with hair net and booties.
I then was escorted to another room where I was to await for the recovery nurse and she would install my IV for all that electrolyte juice :)
They asked me if I'd like my bf to wait with me & then he decided to come in & we talked about his previous plastic surgery (he had a broken nose). He made me laugh & eased my nerves somewhat. I grabbed one of the 500cc silicone implants that was in a display case among smaller implant models & said to my bf: "it's hard to believe that these implants are in my chest! And now I want bigger!!!" And right then and there the recovery nurse came in and smiles... Embarrassing.
So she plugs in my IV & all I can do is look at my BF & laugh because he's making a major pained / scrunched face at the looks of the plastic tubed needle.
Then she explains recovery process with me & gave me an opportunity to ask any questions.
Then doc Bruno came in & had me drop my gown and op underwear to mark the lipo locations and go over more of the procedure. I asked him if he thought I had enough fat or if he could lipo my arms. He said he will lipo them & edited the paper work. He took my before photos & showed me the BBL he jad just performed. My BF was very impressed.
Then he took his time in answering some more of the questions I had.
Lastly, the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me. She was a doll! She came in & said: "Hi! My name is Young" - cute little Asian lady with an upbeat personality.
She explained the anesthesia protocol and said I must "think of something AH-SOM!!!"
So I then followed her to the op room, said my goodbye to my bf with a kiss & laid on the op table... There I was hooked up to all the monitors and saw Dr. young.. She was all smiles & reminded me to relax & to think of something awesome ;)... Then the laid the oxygen-gas mask over my nose and I drifted off to me AHSOM place....

So after the surgery, I woke up shivering like...

So after the surgery, I woke up shivering like crazy in the recovery room. Not sure if it was the mix of pain & being cold but they then put a nice air tube blowing hot air into my sheets. My recovery nurse checked up on me from time to time. When I got up I thought I was going to hurl... I was so nauseous. I told the nurse and she gave me a nausea pill and I let it dissolve under my tongue. It prob took about 5-10 min to set in.
I thought I was going to throw up in the car. Thankfully we piled a body pillow & a regular pillow in the back seat and I laid flat on my tummy. I had a plastic bag stored in my car because I knew the anesthesia would make me nauseous like my last surgery.
I tried to sleep. Bumps on the road hurt pretty badly.. But I was more worried about puking because that would hurt even more.
So finally we get home & I crab walk my way to the bed and lay those pillows on the bed and lay flat until I fell asleep.
I didn't want to eat I just wanted some water- my mouth was super cotton dry and it felt icky. I took my Bromelain and arnica Montana right away.
Then I fell asleep for a couple hours. I then called my bf & asked for him to get a "Yellow Gummy" from Jamba Juice. It's like a white gummy but with pineapple juice & double the pineapple sherbet instead of raspberry flavor. It's for the bruising and swelling. Pineapple is supposed to do wonders for that.
Plus it was nice, soothing and icy down my sore/dry throat. AHHHH.
Then I tried going pee. I used the plastic bottle technique that FoundUmissbooty recommended. It was perfect. Ill post a pic of that later. After i peed, i set up my foam pieces and laid on my back with that. I Am a side-sleeper and i Hate sleeping on my tummy so this was a nice change. Here's some of my garment pics & my foam hole. I've attached photos of my foam piece with the hole I carved out with a steak knife. It is 6in thick. Good idea FoundUmissnewbooty!!! You're my lifesaver!

FoundUmissnewbooty came up with the idea so that...

FoundUmissnewbooty came up with the idea so that you sleep on your back. Some of you have been asking for the foam source. here is a link to the foam I bought on amazon in my pictures. It's 6 inches thick & its a square so you can prop your upper and lower body up with pillows. I paid about $25 with shipping. i got 500cc in both of my cheeks and this foam is perfect. if you are getting a really big booty, you can buy two, stack them, and cut a hole thru the middle with a steak knife. Here's the link:

Ok so I have to start complaining because recovery...

Ok so I have to start complaining because recovery sucks- I really must be ADHD because other than sleeping here, I'd rather be doing things. Obviously I will be bed riddened for a couple more days. I got my large Visio in front of my bed and I start the first season of Nip Tuck (how appropriate LMAO). It's been a few years since I finished the series but I thought I'd do a recovery run.
This real self site helps- to post up your progress and pics and talk with the booty dolls.
A few things that suck/hurt:
I think they put a breathing tube down my throat during surgery and it cut up/blistered my bottom lip. My top lip is better but there's an annoying blister on the lower right handside of my lip and my throat is very groggy since surgery. Your voice gets all low and weird & shit. You'll see what I mean.
Idk but every time I complain or moan due to pain from moving, my boyfriend decides this is this most appropriate time to joke or make a funny comment- which results in making me laugh or giggle and it HURTS to laugh!
Every time I get the urge to sneeze, I just plug my nose and try to avoid that. I can't imagine how much that would hurt.
Coughing & clearing your throat.
The areas of lipo will obviously the most sore. My arms make it difficult to maneuver but surprisingly my workouts prior to surgery really helped me gain the upper body strength to lift and move myself like chest and arms in the push up movements I need to get myself up from a lying on my stomach position.
You'll have an opening at your crotch area on your garment. I keep a box of Kleenex by my bed for obvious reasons. I hate the "commando" feeling.
I hate sleeping on my stomach but either way your neck locks up for lack of movement and when you sleep on your back, your lower back locks up, so that's why I had to alternate the positions all throughout the night.

And the garment started making my skin itch yesterday. Ugh!!! My lower back was soooo itchy by the incision patches and I just wanted to scratch my entire body. That Benedryl gel really helps sooth and relieve most of the itchies. You better add that to your supply list! And someone to help you put your garment back on afterwards. My boyfriend was definitely a huge help. I've had to kiss his ass for the past 2 days to ask him to do everything for me.. He must be loving my immobility... Lol.

Bruising- surprising I am healing quite nicely- I don't have much bruising at all- considering I haven't tanned in months and am pretty much transparent- I thought I'd be Barney post op! I must say its probably the Bomelain, Arnica Montana & the pineapple products they suggested I eat..
Oh and one more thing- one nasty and aggravating side effect of antibiotics are yeast infections.
Apparently, I had a UTI prior to surgery and they gave me Cipro. I used it all up until it was gone and then I broke out into this terrible yeast infection. I had to go & buy a 1 day treatment (Monistat type) and it FINALLY subsided a day prior to surgery. Omg it was so sore. A nice warm bath with Epsom salts helped temporarily too.
The doc said the yeast infection was a side effect of the antibiotics when I told him about it and he said he's giving more antibiotics for post op so I quickly started taking my Acidophilus! I truly can't imagine getting another YI during recovery. That would just be icing on the cake :(

Sleeping is tough. I can't get a full...

Sleeping is tough. I can't get a full uninterrupted 2-3 hours without waking up in pain from pressure of sleeping on my face or on my lower back (in my foam hole). I just can't sleep one way throughout the entire night.
I posted a picture of my pee bottle for you girls.
Ill also post a pic of my flushable wipes that I've been using. Prior to my shower they were refreshing. I got those in a huge pack from Costco.
I finally had my mini-shower yesterday. Doc said I could take off all the gauze bandages and shower lightly and then "pat dry". It was revitalizing. I wiped down all of my foam boards and washed my lipo garment. My boyfriend then put some Benedryl gel over my back and I aired out until my garments were ready to put back on. He helped me Velcro & zip it all back on.
It was all so exhausting so I laid down for a nap. That was my most productive thing yesterday other than doing a small walk with my bf and his dog & swept my room. My bird makes a huge mess of seeds everywhere & it drives me nuts!!!

So today is officially my 1 week post op. Pain:...

So today is officially my 1 week post op.
Pain: yes, just as bad as the 2nd & 3rd day...
Meds: still taking them as needed
Stitches: are pretty annoying today. The surrounding areas that consisting these are pretty itchy. The ones on my lower back poke out and sometimes poke out of my garment. It's kind of annoying. This is where my Benedryl gel comes in handy.
My sweet boyfriend takes me out once a day to a store or to get ice cream :)
I lay in the back seat of my car with a couple of body pillows. Sometimes I get dizzy & car sick.. I am getting a little annoyed at not being able to sit. I can't eat at restaurants & I can't sleep on my back. Sleeping at night is still just as rough as the 1st night. The worse part of recovery is sleeping positions. I am just so damn uncomfortable! I wake up every 2 or 3 hours having to move my stuff neck and stiff back or jaw from the bed. I hate sleeping like this. There's got to be a more comfortable way to sleep! I am so tired and wish I could sleep the whole night through... Ugh.
I just want to get back to my normal life already.
Bruising is at its darkest point now... I have to go back to work Monday. 5 days away. Not looking forward to driving the commute and then sitting for 8 hours.
*sigh* I started wearing medium squeem today. I'm starting to manipulate my shape a bit with that.
Started rubbing some firming cream on my skin and massaging as lightly as possible. Skin and lipo areas are very tender & bruisey. I also let the heating pad go for a round on high heat directly on my belly.
My measurements are on a couple to a few inches different from pre op. ill post those before/after details as I progress. My body constantly fluctuates anyway. So there's also a couple of sharp pains I feel from time to time in my lipo areas. It's hard to explain. Maybe it's from my body's memory of the metal rod piercing from surgery-I don't know but I sure hope that the numbness and the tenderness goes away completely. I am scared that these surgery after affects hang around...
Sorry to be so negative. I'm just not used to the bed as my only option day after day after day.
Here's the best pic I've had of myself yet. All the other pics I still look squarish, fat, swollen and weird. Maybe i'm feeling a bit hopeless. I'm getting impatient. Someone shoot me.

Today is my 1 week post op follow up with my Dr....

Today is my 1 week post op follow up with my Dr. I'll ask him if I need a smaller garment and if its ok to wear the squeem now. I feel flabby although I am still swollen. I don't like how I look right now but I am keeping my head up for what it will look like within the next two weeks. I am NOT dieting. Just eating regular foods and have some occasional fats like ice cream & avocado. I hope the fat survives & my shape falls into place nicely, I am getting nervous...

Still feeling sore, tender and sensitive. TMI...

Still feeling sore, tender and sensitive. TMI comment --- I try to sit when using the bathroom & my booty just can't take it on my right cheek. It hurts like hell.
I still take my meds. Continuing my Bromelain & arnica since bruising is half way through its healing cycle. If I wear my squeem, it pushes all the fat down to my hips and I can feel the pressure pretty right in my upper booty. I only like to wear it as I lie down. Ill probably wear my waist cincher while I sleep. I posted a couple other pictures of my bedside medical necessities. Sleeping is improving probably about 10% per day... I probably won't sleep well for another week or two or when I will be able to sleep on my back again :/
I take a shower once daily and it's pretty exhausting so I usually take a nap thereafter or before bedtime at night.

Oh I started putting triple antibiotic cream on my...

Oh I started putting triple antibiotic cream on my incision sites. I have 12 total: 1 on each of my arms, one on each of my butt cheeks by the outter folds, 2 on my lower back, 1 at the top of my butt crack, 2 at my the tops of my groins, 2 on my lower sides abdomen & the last 1 is in my belly button. I need to call Dr Lin's office in Westlake for his Biocorneum plus scar treatment.

Ok so how moronic of me. i never discussed my...

Ok so how moronic of me. i never discussed my measurements. Sorry girls! it must have slipped my mind. I am 5'4". BMI was approximately 30% body fat with 101 lbs of muscle pre-op. I was 153 lbs.
It's already at the end of the day now.
Ill have to weigh myself for post op later.

Pre op: I didn't have a body measuring tape only a Stanley construction type so I just took a phone charger plug and used it to measure myself and then measured the plug to the Stanley construction measuring tape.
This is what I got pre - op: (not precisely accurate but it was all I could do)

Breast: 39"
Waist (smallest part): 32.5"
Hips (widest part): 38.5"
Butt width (highest projection): 39.5"

10 days post op:

Breast: 38"
Waist (smallest part): 29.5"
Hips (widest part): 39.5"
Butt width (highest projection): 40.5"

I forgot to measure my arms and thighs pre op so I think it would be a loss of cause to post those post op.

Well it's nearly been two weeks since my procedure...

Well it's nearly been two weeks since my procedure and I am back at work. I will have to upload a pic of what I did. I took the foam piece out from my carved hole piece and use it under my thighs and literally sit forward on the backs of my thighs to avoid the direct pressure from sitting on my butt. It's not comfortable but it's the next best thing.

Scar Treatment! Supposed to be the BEST on the market! Check out the before/after photos -
It's called BioCorneum by Dr. Lin. NOW a special price is available for the 50g bottle. Normally it's $154!! Today it's $120 with an additional sitewide sale of 20% off. Free shipping with $50 purchase! Sale ends tomorrow. So with tax, it came out to $106 for me. I just called them and placed my order.

Here's the link:

I'm 148 lbs with clothes on. That means I've lost...

I'm 148 lbs with clothes on. That means I've lost at least 5 lbs since op.

Sooooo.. it's officially been two weeks since I...

Sooooo.. it's officially been two weeks since I went under the knife and I feel better & better each day.
Sitting at work is becoming easier with my handy foam piece. Today was the first day I drove myself to work. I had a co-worker carpool me to and from work for the past two days because I just couldn't bear to sit on my foam with all the pressure in my thighs 45 min each way for my commute.
Squeem - I've been wearing it every day and then I'll take it off in the late afternoons. I moved from the larger to the smaller clasp within a week as the swelling progresses to go down. I won't wear this at night but I do wear my surgical foam board as I go to bed. I can't wear the board to work because even though it's an XS, it's a generous size, the edges poke and dig into my skin and it hurts.
I still wear the triangle piece above my butt crack for shape and form, along with the board under my garment.
I'll post a pic of the board and triangle piece provided by Dr. Bruno. (When I went to my follow up, Dr. threw away the 3 thick foam pieces that were placed within my garment post surgery for extra compression. He said I only needed these for a week).
I am continuing to rub the firming lotion over all my lipo'd areas and triple antibiotic cream over the incision locations.
Stitches are pretty much dissolved at this point. Sensitivity and tenderness is still lingering within the lipo areas but they are improving each day and the bruising is also diminishing.
The flu is going around pretty badly. My boyfriend and his entire family has had the worst cases... ugh. I am trying all I can do to avoid it. I think the antibiotics doc put me on helped.. I am still finishing the remains of those and dosing up on my immune booster supplements. 1000mg Vitamin C per day. Can't wait for my results to "fall into shape"... Doc says I need to wait to see the final results by 3-4 months. Patience!!!

First day I've worn the panties since op. yayyyy....

First day I've worn the panties since op. yayyyy. LOL
Work has been hectic and I get up every 15-30 minutes now to use the bathroom or re-position. Butt gets a little numb and thighs get tender - tingly. I try to lean forward and apply all the sitting pressure into the backs of my thighs (which are directly on the foam). As you can see in my picture above my butt still gets a lot of airspace and barely any pressure. I drive with the foam in the same placement as well. I would not be able to sit without it.

Hello you goddesses! I thought I'd post a...

Hello you goddesses!

I thought I'd post a couple links to some post op surgical boards or "ab boards". As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I usually wear this under my garment before I go to bed. This is the one I bought and posted an actual picture of in my gallery. It's $30 with free shipping. Shipping probably took about up to 10 business days. The site is in SPANISH so make sure you click "site in English" at the upper right hand corner. Then you don't have to view the site in Spanish if you not bilingual like me.... ;)
They have them available in Black or Nude:

There is another site called Lipo Express that also provides them "Tabla Abdominal" but I heard they aren't as good??? They are also in Spanish but are $10 cheaper. I don't know how much shipping is or if they are free of charge? It most probably depends on your shipping location. You'll have to select your weight in the drop down options for your size upon ordering. It looks like they only have it in a whitish-beige color. See below:

Garments to consider: Vedette - Best brand! Made...

Garments to consider:
Vedette - Best brand! Made in Colombia... you know they have to have their shit made right for those bootylicious bodies!
Check out their sizing charts to verify which would work best for you. FYI - They are suuuper tight.

I bought the Bodysuit #317 (butt in) and the #131 (butt out / thong suit)

You can find these garments, "brazilian" leggings, jeans and pants. And other misc products like such at the sites below:

So I just found out that my doc took out 2700ccs...

So I just found out that my doc took out 2700ccs of fat and then injected 500ccs into each cheek. I am positive this is actual amount he harvested excluding the tumescent liquid... If you all are wondering how much that is I have included a FAQ reference list below to get an idea of "HOW MUCH" lipo measurements are.

Before discussing this, let's go over a few definitions. A "cc" is a metric measurement of volume that is used commonly in medicine and science. 1,000 cc's, which is also called a "liter," is about a quart. A liter of liquid weighs about 2.2 pounds (obviously, a liter of air weighs much less, and a liter of iron would weigh much more - remember, it's a volume, not a weight) and one pound is about 450 cc's.

Questions you girls keep asking are: 'How much fat did your doc take out?' or 'What the heck is a cc in regards to measurements?':
Everyone wants to know how much fat was taken out during their liposuction. Although understandable, it's not always quite as important as people think. As virtually everyone reading this already knows, liposuction is a contouring procedure, not a weight-loss procedure. And unlike breast implants, where you can eventually see pretty much what you have, the number of cc's removed is not always as evident.

When someone tells you how many cc's were removed, you really have to know specifically what they're talking about. Part of the confusion is because there are many different ways of counting it. In liposuction, a certain amount of fluid (i.e., superwet or tumescent) is injected before doing the surgery. You need to know how much fluid was injected because if, for example, two doctors say a total of 3,000 ccs was removed, but one injected 1000 cc's beforehand and the other injected 2,500, it makes a big difference. One surgeon advertised that he typically removed 10 quarts from his patients but failed to note that he also injected 8 or 9 quarts of fluid, meaning that the real amount of fat he removed was more like 1 or 2 quarts.

So if you're quoted a number, is that the total amount of material removed, or does it take into consideration how much was injected and how much settled out? In fact, the most accurate method is if the surgeon lets the total amount of fat and fluid removed sit for a while (at least 20 minutes or so) and then counts only the supranatant fat; i.e., the fat that is floating, as opposed to the total amount removed. Fat is very light (lighter than skin, muscle, bone, etc.) and so it floats on top. (That's also why you don't lose as much WEIGHT with lipo as many people wish--sorry!) Even that, strictly speaking, is not completely accurate since the "fat" in that layer still contains some of the fluid injected, some blood, and other body exudates (fluids). And, of course, there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed safely in a single procedure.

At the end of each case, I use the following sample notation in my records:

3,650 (2,700/950); 2,500 - where 3,650 is the total amount removed, 2,700 is the supranatant, 950 is the infranatant (i.e., the stuff at the bottom) and 2,500 is the amount of fluid injected. When the patient asks me how much fat was removed, the answer in this case is 2,700 cc's. This method is less useful with ultrasonic liposuction which, because it emulsifies the fat, produces less clear separation of the supranatant and the infranatant.

Finally, the absolute amount of fat removed is not nearly as important as the relative amount. 500 cc's removed from someone who is petite is likely to produce a much more dramatic change and result than 3,000 cc's removed from someone who is significantly larger. Some of my best results (depending, of course, on how you want to define that) have been achieved by removing well under 1,000 cc's. The issue is really how much fat was removed relative to the individual body in question. Either way, it's often not what was taken out that matters the most, it's what's left behind.

1 cc is no more than 1 ml... Its tiny. One teaspoon is no more than 5 cc or 5 ml. So you can imagine how insignificant it would be to remove "300 cc" from, say, a stomach.

Many surgeons want to keep it safe and only do the 'medium recommended' total. However, this total is really quite small and you can achieve the same with non-surgical procedures like lipodissolve, or combined with velasmooth, etc. Why do surgery and go through the suffering if you don't really have to?

Yes, the Lipo Limit Law is 5 liters. No more than 5 liters may be harvested from an individual in a single operation. On that note, I wanted to know exactly how much the doc harvested. I did my math and figured out my doc only lipo'd about 2.7 liters from me. Then then injected half a liter (500ccs) into each of my cheeks. I believe regardless of what I requested that my surgeon do, he did the best he could with what I had in a safe and considerable aesthetic reason. I had 1600cc removed which I didnt think was much.
So I only got 2700ccs harvested. Perhaps that is a lot for someone of my size. (Dr. B said he was surprised and pleased mentioning he got to transfer the 500ccs). Every case is personal! It really depends on your height, frame, size, weight, etc. So much can be done in increments and with surgery.. the rest must be made in the kitchen and gym!!! So after healing, I plan to TRAIN my glutes more for ultimate muscle growth and focus LESS on CARDIO which makes fat burn....

As far as I understand, the surgeons that can remove 'huge' amounts, far above the so called safety limit, do so by inserting the cannula several times in many small pockets of a larger area, rather than 1-2 cannula holes of the entire area where they then try to sweep out the entire fat content. Its interesting that they can accomplish so much difference in results by simply creating more insertion holes... You'd think there was more to it, really! That's the same technique they use to get good skin shrinkage on large volume lipo, I once read.

We should keep in mind that certain malpractice issues (like organ piercing and other various risks) usually result from "excess" or "ultra-aggressive" things like lipo...

LipoSite FAQ’s

• Weights Measures Volumes ccs and more
Questions on converting between cc's and pounds and all those other English-Metric-English issues.
1. How many ccs are in a liter?
2. What is the relationship between cc and pounds?
3. How much fat did you take out? or What the heck is a cc?
• How many ccs are in a liter?:
There are 1,000 ccs in a liter.
• What is the relationship between cc and pounds?:
Even though cc (cubic centimeter or cubic centiliter) is a measure of volume and the pound is a measure of weight, there is a way to calculate the relationship pretty closely.

1,000 cc = 1 liter

1 liter (of water) weighs 1 kilogram

1 kg = 2.2 pounds

- or -

1 pound = 454.5 cc (approx.)

Ladies!!! I MUST share with you my biggest...

Ladies!!! I MUST share with you my biggest obsession... a lymphatic massage - Endermologie! What it basically is a machine with a roller that feels like a swedish massage. It is very relaxing and very beneficial! If you're interested in contacting the owner, text me (Jade 808-217-1927) and I'll give you her number.

It reduces swelling, promotes and improves blood flow (a major plus for transferred fat patients!) The treatment also tightens, tones and smooths skin. It is proven to also cure cellulite. (As seen with Kim on the Kardashian show). It detoxifys the body and helps flush all the toxins out of the lymph nodes. It is virtually for body contouring. Actresses, bodybuilders and models do this treatment prior to shooting films, photo shoots and contests.

I've done this treatment previously prior to a bikini bodybuilding contest and saw visual differences. As you post op girls, you share the same frustrations about swelling and residual operation fluids like me....I'll try to post some pics of my BEFORE & AFTER lymphatic treatment so you can see the difference!

For those of you in LA, there' TWO spa locations! One is in Woodland Hills and the other in Beverly Hills. For more info, check it out online:

If you'd like to speak to my specialist directly (she's a DOLL), she will give you a FREE over the phone consult with post op information, tips and advice! She is such a sweetheart you will love her! She Text me (808-217-1927) and I'll refer you to her directly so she can discuss post op treatment and apt logistics with you.

Happy Healing to all of my post op girlies! :) xoxo

Good morning babes! Today is officially my 3rd...

Good morning babes!
Today is officially my 3rd week post op!
Sooooo.. I did my treatment last night and I feel great this morning. I got up and took my garment and surgical board out from my waist and I felt the heat radiate from my abs... YUP! Sure enough! I look tighter and leaner then I did yesterday :) My skin feels firmer and I didn't even apply my firming cream before bed last night (Pam said I didn't need to).
Pam did the lymphatic massage over my entire body last night (BESIDES the butt - she did NOT touch the butt!).
Immediately after the treatment, I felt more relaxed and almost like I wasn't constricted in my own body. She asked that I drink 4 16oz bottles of water throughout the rest of the evening. I felt a little more tired and a little thirsty anyway. I skipped the gym last night because they recommend you don't go after a treatment for obvious reasons. I may swell back up tonight a little after I train. It's normal for water to retain in the muscle while training.

I always enjoy seeing Pam. She has such a sweet, bubbly personality and she is straightforward and honest. She mentioned that whatever fat cells were transferred survived, should survive now and that I don't need to worry because whatever has died would have died off by now... now by doing this treatment, it will "release" all of the dead cells and fluids out through my lymph nodes. She explained to me that when you do lipo, you are removing the cells and that the fluids take place in that cavity and that they are still lingering there for long periods of time (hence, all the swelling). By doing these treatments, they will help flush and detox the body from all the residuals. (Which we post op girls all desire!)

Since fat transfer is literally resetting your body's chemistry, you need to take responsibility in researching the recovery necessities! Pam was very insistent on seeing me and required me to bring my garments. She wanted to know everything that I was doing because she showed me pictures of people who have previously had lipo / surgical procedures who had a very tight compression garments and the problems with them were that they were so tight that they left indentation or crease marks and the skin literally healed in weird ways with the scar tissue!!! So it's VERY IMPORTANT that you get a tight but not so tight (where it creates any kind of creasing) full body suit with no seams and very smoooth! Text me if you have any questions about this or to get additional details. 808-217-1927

The healing part is the MOST important and you want to make sure you "train" and assist the body to "mold" itself to your desired results. You need to consider changes to diet, supplements, activities and healthy methods to speed up recovery. Lipo is such an invasive and traumatic procedure. Don't jump into your cute outfits You need to do what it takes to be healthy and promote healing in the INSIDE first before you worry about how you look on the outside! It is a LIFESTYLE not another fashion season.

Last thing, I was worried that my PS didn't harvest enough fat out of my tummy and arms. But then Pam explained to me the dangers and the high risks of "too much aggressive lipo" and showed me actual pictures of girls who had aggressive lipo. They were so sad and horrible!!! They came to her for treatments but unfortunately this is not something anyone can correct. This one poor girl went down to Mexico and she couldn't find anyone to help her in the US!! It is a desperate situation to be in, not to mention the agony of it and that type of scar tissue is irreparable! :( So relieved I didn't end up going to Mexico after all! Worth the money..I'll take the little body fat I have left and fix that in the gym... Time for me to just do my part now. Pam says she loves my "ROCKIN" body now... LOL. I have to say she convinced me. After all, she's seen me at 111 lbs, pre-op 150 lbs and post-op. She's too cute.

But we forget that our body's have been in a traumatic event and they need TIME to recover. All the areas that have been lipo'd, literally have empty cavities FULL of fluids. It will take a matter of MONTHS before we see the final result.
No more psycho babble and revision anxiety for me. I have to learn to love what I have.
So ladies! Let's just do the best we can with what we have now :)

Since i totally forgot to take some before/after...

Since i totally forgot to take some before/after pictures, ill post some others that Pam provided me some of other patients. You can see the visual difference after ONE lympthatic massage, swelling reduction.

Pictures are taken one week post lipo- picture on right after one visit- swelling+ busing went down. Pam's treatments are very rewarding for those who are in recovery.

I also put up an article of her and her son's services :)

I will post a couple pics of me in my new garment! It only takes me a minute (with the help of my boyfriend) to get it on.
It's pretty comfortable & I plan to sleep in it throughout the night. As you can see, It doesn't create any creases anywhere.

I've been tanning in the giant sun bed (Matrix). i would lay flat on the plexiglass, on my tummy. it felt great because its the beat bed that doesnt burn your skin & gets really hot and makes you really sweat out on the table & gets the excess water out from that area! After the 3rd session, I really established A nice warm colored tan!
I was feeling pretty frumpy this week so I went to my girlfriends to get my nails done. Work has been extremely busy for the past two weeks, it's been exhausting.
Ill probably get my pedicure done this week.

So it's almost been 5 weeks post op and I am still...

So it's almost been 5 weeks post op and I am still feeling sensitive in the lipo areas and my butt still feels sore. I have been sitting a lot more then I'd like but sometimes I don't have much of a choice. I still drive around and sit at my desk with the foam piece about 90-95% of the time but when I go out with friends to restaurants and such places I have no other choice then to sit. I try to apply all the pressure in my thighs but sometimes it's inevitable.

Swelling is the same. I haven't been behaving with salt and I am still maintaining a normal diet... I train upperbody in the gym every other day or so and I am starting to introduce walks on the treadmill. I am getting anxious about weight gain and I'd really like to slim down before my sister's wedding in April! I'd hate to be a chunky maid of honor... I rather be skinny with a smaller ass than the chubby bunny I currently am!

My grandfather just passed away. It is one of the...

My grandfather just passed away. It is one of the hardest times in my lfe because ive never had to say goodbye to one of my own so dearly. The only comfort i find is knowing that he is no longer suffering or in pain any more.
Being so occupied with funeral and burial arrangements has been a nice distraction from being so depressed. I am trying to help my grandma as much as possible and just be there for her. She just lost her soulmate :(

It's around 7 weeks post op. I still feel some soreness in the booty the rest of my areas are just fine. I have been sitting more than I'd like but I don't want my family to know and I have no other choice but to sit! That's probably the only thing that gets pretty sore. My sister asked me if I got butt implants, she said my butt looked like Kim kardashian huge. Lol I was like butt implants?! No ways! ;)

Hey ladies, I know that they are hard to find...

Hey ladies,

I know that they are hard to find so I thought I'd through it out there. The site that I purchased my garments have been sold out for months. I don't use any garments at all, so a gf suggested that I list them here.

So I ended up not using a couple of Vedetta garments and an extra surgical board ($30) that I bought. They are brand new in original packaging. I only tried them on. I have a Vedette Roselle Dual Control Strapless Full Bodysuit #317 - in a size Small $65 (butt in) and the #131 Karla Strapless Lace Bodysuit in Thong - in a size Small $65 (butt out / thong suit).

I ALSO have my original black mid-waist crop garment (seen in my pictures) that I got from the doctor. I believe it's an XL. It's used but it's in great condition, stain free and it's clean. Let me know if that interests you at all.

I will ship FAST / anywhere. Just text me if you are interested or would like to see actual pictures of any of the items.

We can do the transaction via PayPal. 808-217-1927

Update on the items.. I sold BOTH of the Vedetta...

Update on the items..
I sold BOTH of the Vedetta garments and the surgical board immediately. Sorry to all of those who were inquiring. I still have my pre-owned black waist garment that zips on both sides.

Well ladies, it's been about 2 months now.. I am feeling the most normal since op and I'm back on the full grind at the gym. I've cleaned up my diet and signed up with my trainer again to tighten and shape up my body.

Heyyyy ladies! Just want to say, I am doing so...

Heyyyy ladies! Just want to say, I am doing so well and my boooooty is at it's best shape ever! Here's my latest pic. In the coral bikini. You can compare the difference to what it was previously. I posted a pic of myself in a baby blue bikini (before) and the newest of from end of April (coral bikini) (after).
I never run because it still hurts back there but I am not supposed to really be running anyway. As far as training goes - I am going FULL throttle on squats, lunges, heavy kick backs and all kinds of bootylicious workouts! I am going hard and going BIG for my next bikini competition. My booty has never been so in shape and it is sooo much stronger then before. I am completely happy :)))) I also posted a pic of my gf who also got her booty done only a week or two after i did, missari (in the yellow bikini). She looks AMAZING and Bruno did a great job as always.

PS: I loooove my new hourglass figure! Dr. Bruno...

PS: I loooove my new hourglass figure! Dr. Bruno did a great job sculpting me into what fat I had into my butt and out of my waist! Just compare my photos! =) My current measurements are 36" 26" 26" now. Perfect hourglass

New me again for 2014

Sooooo.. I'm looking into my revising my BA that I got back in 2009. It's been about 5 years since I got my first BA done by Dr. David E Kim in Beverly Hills. I've always wanted to go bigger and change the implants to some that are more wider circumference. Initially he put 500cc silicone in both breasts. I am looking to go 700cc silicone (under the muscle). I like the big round fake look. I've done a lot of thinking and I am already downsizing from what I initially wanted to go up to (750cc is too big is most probably huge for me so I am now considering 700).

I am currently a 34D (when I am on my heavier side) and a 32DD when I am leaner. I am 5'4" with plenty of rib cage room to work with. Currently I am about 145 lbs and am trying to drop some weight before I lay back under the knife. I also want to compete in a bikini fitness competition towards the latter part of the year too so I will need to get my ass back into shape! I will obviously need to post some before pics and current pics to support this review. Any of you ladies have 700cc implants?

More to come!!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I researched the internet for all PS who specialized in BBLs. I found Dr. Bruno had a impressive collection of BBL before/afters. He also posts his daily surgeries (Before & afters) on his Facebook.

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