Dass Ass for Me (BBL with Mini TT) - Beverly Hills, CA

I started my research early this year and I had...

I started my research early this year and I had three ps I was looking at: Schwartz, Dass, & Hazani.
With Schwartz, I didn't see too many before and after Bbl pic. I also spoke to his patient coordinator and although she was nice, I wasn't convinced enough to do an actual in-person consult.
For Dass, I had a consult, but his price made me feel like I should be able to find someone a little more within my budget.
This led me to Hazani and all the Hazani dolls. His price was within my budget and I really had a chance to bond with Hazani dolls. They all had their bbls recently and raved about his work. I was hooked. I scheduled a ba, bbl, and a TT with Hazani. My hubby convinced me to go slow and do one surgery at a time. I started with a ba with Hazani. My bbl surgery with him was supposed to be on July 18th, but due to low iron levels and my rhinoplasty, he turned me away. I was soooooo bummed, but my hubby said maybe it was a blessing in disguise.
I guess my husband is right. I had a chance to do more research and also give some time for the Hazani dolls to report their updates. Unfortunately, those dolls were less than happy with the end results. Add to that, I came across the Dass dolls and I see that the majority of the dolls are happy with their bbl results. Shout out to Submitt08. Unknowingly, her posts and pic convinced me to choose Dass. I want results like hers (thank you Submitt08 for taking the time to review Dass).
So now I'm booked with Dass for September 30. My pre-op is coming up soon and I am so crazy and nervous with anticipation.
This is my 40th birthday gift to myself.
I will post some before pictures later.

Pre-op completed and paid!!!!!

OMG. It's getting real now. I had my pre-op on Friday and surgery is paid. I can't believe I'm doing this. My biggest part of it is the mini tummy tuck. It's the scar I'm freaked out about. That's a whole lot of me being cut out. As much as I disliked that flap of skin, I'm kinda fond of it...I know it doesn't make sense...fear for the unknown, I guess?!?
Anyhow, I love that Dr. Dass did everything. He took the pictures; he walked me through what to expect and he answered all my questions. He is accommodating as far as what I want. He pretty much made me feel not rushed about the pre-op session. I feel so happy and excited about getting this done.
Now to decide how much booty I want. I'm scared of booty greed and afraid it will shrink so I think I am going to ask him for the maximum that my butt can stretch. Any comments/suggestions from you Bbl vets would be greatly appreciated in regards to how much. I'm 5ft and weigh 135lbs. I have thick thighs and legs.

Before Pictures

So I'm getting the courage to post my before pictures. I can't believe what one pregnancy and aging has done to my body. Sadly, after 8 years, I finally gave up all my pre-pregnancy jeans. These jeans are sizes 26.
On the bright side, I can't wait for this Friday when Dass will do his magic. I'm getting stomach lipo, Bbl, and mini tummy tuck. I'm still scared about the mini TT. Anyone who has any suggestions, experience, or input with my upcoming surgery will be greatly appreciated.

Can't Believe it's Tomorrow

So I'm crazy nervous and I can't sleep. I'm going to get my mini TT and BBL in about 8 hours.
I feel like I'm nesting...kinda before I gave birth. I have my downstairs bed area set. I have the chux and all the medications ready. I know there are things I've forgotten, but just too mentally exhausted to worry about it.
I had a long day at work and trying to keep my story straight on why I'll be out for surgery. My story is a hernia...but someone asked me about fibroids but I told them hernia and I think fibroids is much better reason. Oh well...
Crazy nervous...I'm
Not even sure what I want. Hips, big butt...I'm just afraid of it shrinking so I want to maximize the butt. If it does shrink, I'll still have a butt, really scared of getting booty greed.
My husband also told me that this is a waste of money, considering that God gave me a pretty cute butt for my size and here I'm just taking it all for granted. Let me just say I wanted to punch him.
I have an ugly gut I constantly have to hide, my "cute butt" has aged and morphed into something I am no longer proud of.
I'm just rambling on now...so I'm just stop and post some beofre pics.
Wish me luck ladies and good night.


I can't believe I actually made it.
I'm feeling better now and walking around. This surgery is no joke. And to top it off, I have to deal with my period.
My husband has been very kind. He's normally crazy squeamish about blood, but he's been a doll and trailing after me wiping up all the blood.
And he's trying not to smack my butt. He says he's so tempted.
I'm feeling better right now, but the hours after surgery, I'm hating life.
I am usually a stomach sleeper, but with the mini TT, it's not comfortable at all.
The worst part of this surgery for me has been the sore throat.
Thank you to all the dolls that helped prepare me to this point. You ladies rock.


I wanted to see what I looked like but was too afraid to unwrap myself and not be able to get back into the garment.
My husband wasn't willing to come near me. The girl I usually have come help was not available. So I had to be stinky until this late evening. I called my bestie, who happens to be a dude. He brought over a gal, Aida, to assist me bc he was scared he wouldn't be able to do it.
Thank goodness for good friends and Aida.
This is tmi, but I stunk to high heavens. I was hoping to delay the shower for another day, but I'm glad I didn't wait.
Taking off the garment was such an ordeal and I almost accidentally ripped off my drainage in the process.
The biggest complaint I had was the crazy itching. The shower helped but I really wanted to scrub myself down with a Brillo pad.
Now for what I saw. I LOVED what Dr. Dass did. My waist was tiny! My hips and ass huge but I think the swelling and some fat loss is to be expected. I think both will get smaller as time goes by and it will be perfect.

Doesn't Get Easier

Omg. I was up and about feeling good day 3. That didn't last long.
After my shower yesterday, my friends decided to throw out the foam boards bc it was icky...like stinky bloody icky. Then I read the instructions that said to put it back. I read the instructions the next morning. So the whole night I was in pain. First off, I felt like I had heartburn and it was attributed to the red onions in the salad. I never eat onions. This time, I said I need to be a big girl so I ate it. Big mistake. Second mistake, I felt good so I started weaning myself off the Norco and took one pill instead of the suggested 2. Ugh!
Third issue: bm. I'm dreading it and how I'm going to do it. I just don't want to get all gross and have to undress myself by myself. Such an ordeal.
Also, the pain I encountered was from my upper back bra area. It hurts. A lot.
And I also figured out why it took three people yesterday to zip me up in my garment again. We put the garment inside out on me and we were zipping up like d.o.r.k.s!
Another issue I've been having is the draining. In addition to the drain that I have to drag around, my stomach area is also draining. Isn't this why I have that drain bag?!? And let me tell you why drain bags suck. I forget I have one and start to realize it when it's being painfully ripped from my abdomen. This stupid bag has caught on everything you can imagine, door handles, my undies, drawer handles. Not fun at all.
Another issue is the compression socks. it is so tight and cumbersome and a constant reminder that I can no longer see my knees. My daughter asks me, "Mommy, where did your knees go?" This is never a good sign :/
Just when I thought if you make it last day 1, you're good to go. Day 3/4 was the pits.
Add to that and I'm driving myself crazy thinking, "What did I do myself?!!"
Am I going to look absolutely cartoonish, like fat everywhere and then a crazy snatched waist? Think Jessica Rabbit. I'm scared. These emotions are driving me nuts. Also, my friend told me before the surgery, make sure your bottom half and your top half can get through the same doorway.
While I'm at it, I might as say that I'm still up at midnight bc I don't know what to tell my mom. Me, a grown-ass woman of 40, is afraid to tell her mom :/
And to be honest, I've been too afraid to look/explore my new body. Crazy...it almost feels like I'm going to break, that's how small my waist is.
Anyhow, thank you for allowing me to vent and be crazy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Almost one week update, side by side comparisons

I know it's super early, but just wanted to show you ladies what a difference. Of course, I'm not expecting model material results nor do I hope to be a porn star. I just wanted to feel better about my body after what aging, pregnancy, and crazy fad diets have done to my body :/

1 week Post Op Checkup

Going to the post op was interesting since I had to Uber. I think I freaked out the Uber guy when I requested that I sit in the back, actually laying in the backseats of his car :/
Anyway, the nurse, Megan, is fabulous and kind. I was so excited to get my drain out. Little did I know what this meant.
Thankfully, I was supported by an exam chair, otherwise I would've fainted to the ground. This whole drain business has been so icky for me. It makes me queasy thinking about it. Ok, so she told me to take a deep breath. She then proceeded to pull this drain from my lower stomach area. No joke, but it was like watching a horror movie where either your guts are being pulled from your stomach or the nurse is pulling a snake-like creature from
your stomach. You take your pick. It was never-ending and I couldn't believe how long this mutha-f-Ing drain was. She had initially told me most people don't feel a thing. I guess I wasn't lucky enough to fit into that category bc I felt everything. It was hot and painful as I watched her pull the snake-like tube out of my stomach, and it felt like it went in for quite a while. That damn thing wasn't short. I don't know how the f they fit all that tubing inside me.
I kinda fainted, but between her and the chair, I didn't hit the floor.
Side note: I think all the Halloween horror nights act should include having people watch a drain being pulled out :/
After that, there was gross fluid everywhere and she stopped it with a gauze.
She answered my questions and then the ps saw me. He said everything looked good.
I left feeling like a human being again and I felt 80% better.
Fast forward the awkward uber ride home where I'm grateful I put down a chux pad when laying in the backseat. It looked like I had butchered a pig on it after I got up and left.
I got home and out of my garment for cleaning. The drain site is bleeding profusely and the area is now crazy swollen the size of an ostrich egg.
I had to lay down again bc now I'm back at feeling 50%. This pain and not feeling myself roller coaster is so tiring.
But on the bright side, I'm soooooooo happy about the lack of drain now.
I know this update was long and kinda tmi, but wanted to be honest about what it felt like.

After drain removal pics

Today is one day after the 1 week mark. I just had the drain removed yesterday and the swelling is down just a tad more. Results are looking better and I had so much fun trying on my dresses.

Negative Effects of Surgery

Hi all...just wanted to update about a concern I have.
Right after the surgery when I got home and sleeping for about two hours, I woke up with the pinky and ring finger of my right hand all numbed. I figured I had slept wrong on my hand so it had fallen asleep. That wasn't the case.
Throughout my recovery, whenever I raised my right hand (washing my hair in the shower) or have my right elbow bent (laying on my stomach and typing on phone), my pinky and right fingers would become numb and swollen. I gave it some time and I asked the nurse about it and she said sometimes during the lipo, nerves are going to get damaged, resulting in loss of feelings in some body parts.
I guess the nerves in my pinky and ring fingers were damaged as it gets inflamed and numbed whenever I do anything. It is painful and annoying. On Friday, I will be 3 weeks post op and yet, my fingers haven't returned to its normal selves.
Any doll experienced this? Please let me know that whether it's happened to you and if it gets better. I'm praying that it gets better. I know it sounds insignificant, but my fingers get hot and swollen and this is pretty painful.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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