Already Curvy Figure in Need of Some Volume and Shaping by Dr. Hazani. Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm excited can't wait to get the volume back into...

I'm excited can't wait to get the volume back into my bum! i'm a little nervous since i'm bigger than most girls dr Hazani has done on here. The lipo portion is what i'm most concerned about. Dr. said I have a lot more than 5,000cc which is the max. I havent told my family and don't want to(other than my husband) He thinks i'm crazy but is being supportive. With clothes on I carry myself well, I get lots of compliments on my shape but they don't see what I see under these clothes. hopefully i'll just look like i lost weight.

Some before pics

I know I need a tummy tuck but not sure if I'm ready for that yet so I hope he can take all the fat out so it looks flAt and I wo t have to worry about covering up my kangaroo pouch!


My wish for skin tightening on tummy after lipo from another Rs girl


Boy is this painful and uncomfortable! Everything looks and feels way too huge! I forgot to remind him before surgery I only wanted a mini bbl only to fill in because I already have a booty.., so I was thinking less than 1,000cc but I got 1,300 cc each cheek! :( I got a bbl with lipo to abd flanks back and a Ba without a lift. I feel very dizzy when I stand up I have to keep putting my head down on something.

Bbl ba

I think if I could do it again I'd seperate the procedures it's so hard to do anything when your whole body is sore and bandaged up. My butt it huge I'll have to take better pictures but it's like nicki minaj I want more like Jlo size! I'm scared that it won't go down enough and it's going to be so obvious to everyone:( my boobs are lookin good though. My arms hands and face are so swollen too.


I didn't want a shelf:( I def got a shelf. I wonder if laying on it will flatten it out? Back and waist so sensitive to touch

Some pics

I knew I needed a lift but wasn't ready for that yet. But I'm pretty happy with how they are looking. But this booty makes me want to cry it's so huge

10 days post op

So I knew everyday was getting better but I still felt miserable. Today I feel is a turning point I feel like I'm a lot better than yesterday. Still sore still swollen but much better.

2 weeks post op

Feeling a lot better only problem is lumpiness in my lower abdomen and upper thighs but I know that's common and I just need to massage it but its just awkward. Also my lower back is a little swollen and the skin feel super tight like when I bend over it feels like it might rip. But it's only day two of massages so hopefully it'll get better soon. Another thing is the stiches. Some of my sites didn't have any stiches poking out and they healed quickly and the ones that were poking out I would just trim off to my skin but they would still bother me and weren't healing so today when I tried trimming one down I accidentally pulled it out and it was easy so I just pulled the others out too.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

He seems like a sweet guy. After reading all the reviews I think Ive chosen the right one. He says he can't fix dents but I've seen that he can so I'm hopeful. I've only done a virtual consult so hopefully when I go to preop he doesn't change is mind!

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