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So I finally paid my deposit and I am schedule for...

So I finally paid my deposit and I am schedule for march 24 2016. I have been looking into getting a liposuction for a while but just never did it. By researching I found out about bbl and decide this was it. I am excited and scared all at once. I will have 10 days off from work, hopefully that will be enough, I work an office job so i will be sitting 95% of the time. I am planning to use the bbl pillow for work. The count down begins.....

Before Pics

Wish Pics

So the wish pics are myself ysing the surgery app. I want a very real looking butt, just rounding the one that i have and avlittle volume and of course hips.
I think are realistic expectations... What you guys think?

Having doubts

Ok I am having second thoughts.. I am scared of being put to sleep, I am also a church goer so having issues if this goes against what i belief...... Anyone in a simulare situation?

Hazani Email

Can someone please inbox me Dr Hazani email. I loss my phone with it and i cant remember it. I email Debbie over a month now and no response.... At this point i just want to deal with Dr Hazani himself.... Cant be bothered with the no responsiveness of Debbie.

Back triangle

Where did you guys find the back triangle.... I cant seem to find it on Amazon?

Exactly 1 month away

I am excited all over again. I am now positive that I am getting this done. Any RS sister can tell me where to stay? I dont want somewhere expensive or too far from the office.... Any Airbnb recommendations?


Got the order today to go get my labs done.... This is getting real.... But I am excited and hubby is too.

Work promotion

So I just learn that I got a promotion that I aplied for a while back... I start training 4 days after surgery..... What should i do.... I have to get this done or it will not happen, but i cant pass up on a promotion either. Advise please , anyone else have to go back to work this quick? How was it? Any advise would be great.

Date moved up

So my date has been moved up by 2 weeks to March 11 which means I have my sugery in 2 weeks. Time to get everything in order. Anyone have a airbnb or hotel recommendation? Odered my last few needed supplies off Amazon and started to pack.... Excited and want to loose 5 more lbs before the big day.

Labs done 12 days left

Got my labs done yesterday. Now just preparing and getting a couple last mintue supplies. I also found a Airbnb off beverly blvd so not far away from the office. Super excited..... March 11 is around the corner.

Lab results

So my white blood cells are elevated.... Stupid cold ..... Have this happen to any of you guys. What can help this put it back into normal range? Only 10 days left!!!

Last couple days

So I am down to the last couple days. I am really nervous as I had to redo my labs as because of this studip cold My white blood cells were elevated. Now I have to wait to see if everything is good.

Bbl cancelled

So my bbl was cancel due to my labs showing my white blood cell counts elevated. I am disappointed but know its for the best... I got to finally meet Dr Hazani yesterday and was excited I am so much more excited to get this done with him. I am aiming for Apirl but wont have alot of time to recover before heading back to work..... So hopefully everything will work out.

WHITE Blood cell Count

Need some help and advice from you guys I have my surgery in exactly 29 days but I got my blood check today and I am at 11.6 so I am .6 high.... I have a 1 year old who has a cold as he goes to daycare so it's hard to not get a coldespecially with the climate change. I don't really have a cold, just feel stuffy early in the mornings for about 1 hour. How to get my wbc in normal again? Can I just have my doctor clear me for surgery and Dr Hazani will be okay with that?

25 days away

My surgery is scheduled for December 27 2016. Merry Christmas to me! I am officially cleared. Now just need a place to say. Any recommendations?

26 Days.... counting down.....

My new date is on December 27th, Is there anyone else that have a date around that time?

2 weeks to go....

Cleared for surgery.....The excitement is kicking in..... date is official 12/27/16.....

Paid in full 12 days Pre

Super excited. ... just waiting on my Pre-Op date.... I will keep you posted.

Hair braided

Just wondering if anyone know if it maTters if my hair is braided. I have 4c natural hair and trying to do something with it before my surgery.... that way i dont have to worry about combing my hair. Any advice would be helpful.

How many days after surgery does the doc see you again

How long do you have to stay in Beverly Hills, I am traveling from Arizona so want to know how many days to book the hotel room for.

8 days left

Excited but nervous.... anyone having theirs on or around the 27th of December? I would love to connect....

Less than a week

I am excited but oh so nervous right now. My pre-opinion and post open appointment is already set and my hotel room booked. Just trying to relax and not think about it so much.

Pre Surgery Photos

36 pounds loss and loving it. These reflect how I look currently going into surgery. Need my waist snatched and bigger hips.

Its today!

Today is the date.... my time is at 11am.... my post op went well yesterday... Nervous but Ready for today. Pray for me!!!!!!!

1 say post op.

Omg this is no joke.... my abdomen hurts so bad especially when I get up and trying to get back down. According to my friend hr places 1200 CC in each cheek. ..... that's alot since I already had an ok butt. But I trust him completely and know that some if tge fat will get lost anyways. My friend said it looks great.... but I still haven't Seen it. My butt doesn't hurt just supee hard. My my torso is hell...... will upload pics and keep you posted as soon as I get some energy.


Ok so I arrived at the surgery center at about 10:40am.... my surgery time was scheduled for 11am so I staeyes to fill out paperwork (scary ). I was taken in a room by nurse angelica (her name was similar if I got that wrong) she took my weight, pregnancy test, changed into a grown. Then taken in another room where I met nurse Carroll they were both incredibly nice and gentle. I also met the anaestheogist (he is the most funny guy ever) and got my IV. And we chat for almost 2 hours about the type of work i do, asking questions etc. As the doctor was running late from his previous surgery.... the doc came in about 1:30 to talk to me and mark me up... he ask me about the possibility of inserting a drain as I do have alot of strech skin on my lower tummy form my pregnacy with my son. He told me it's my choice but alot of fluid will use that extra skin and accumulate and he painful so I said whatever hr think is best. We talked a little more he said he will see me in the OR. About 30 mintues later I was walked into the OR (scary) laid on the table, my arms and legs were strapped down and was given an oxygen mask.... I don't anthING from there. I woke up on my back and my same nurse from the beginning was there with me.... I couldn't be happier, I asked to be rolled ovER on my tummy. But was told that we were ready to leave so I will be sitting in a wheel chair instead (we left the center at 7:30pm according to my friend). She placed a pillow in the chair and wheeled me out to the car, set up the car and helped me lay on my tummy in the back seat. I stayed at residence Inn beverly hills so the ride took 7 minutes if that long.I had a wheel chair waiting for me at the hotel which I used for support while i walk to my room. My bed was already set up in the room so I went straight there. I Slept pretty good with the exception of getting up every 1.5 to 2 hours to pee.the pain level at the point would have to be about 8 especially brace o have a drain so everytime I lay on it , it hurts. I also drained alot so have to change the bedding and pads. I can't Feel my butt just my sore tummy and drainage site. The doctor himself called me to check up to make sure I was doing ok. I got 1200cc in each cheek huge I know but he said it looks this big now because of the swelling so once the swelling goes down it will look more proportional.
Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer best as I can. Photos coming later.

When does it get more comfortable

When will I get more comfortable getting in and out of bed? The laying isn't bad but I have to get up every 1.5 to 2 hrs to pee and it is a heck of a pain to do so. My tummy I'd so tender to the touch.... any advice is greatly appreciated.

Day 3 post op

I am finally back home the ride from LA to AZ wasn't as bad since I was able to lay on my stomach in the back of my SUV with 2 comforters and pillows. So was every comfortable. I finally went #2 twice today and boy foes it make world of a difference, I feel great. I am not in much pain, my stomach, sides and back is still tender to the touch but no pain on my butt area. I was also finally able to put on my garment, I am in a large, the bottom fits perfect but the waist is a little loose so I am wearing a back, side and stomach board to prevent creases and help compress more. I also have lipo foams that I rotate because they are softer and my back hurt less with them. I am able to move around more but still not able to bend over and my butt still pretty hard. Dr Hazani did an incredible job, my waist is so small (even thou it's still swollen) and I now have hips, not to mention no more back fat. I will upload pics later today.

3 days post

Still swollen all over.

Fluid build up in vagina

Need advise. I try to keep one of my incision open but can only do that for so long inorder to drain. The hole is almost close and tiny and vagina is so swollen with all the fluids.... I live in AZ so it's a long drive to LA.... and advise where to ho to get drain?
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

He has been very open and answered all the questions I had to make me feel comfortable.

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