Getting the body of my dreams! # future Hazani Doll! - Beverly Hills, CA

I am just now beginning my consultation journey...

I am just now beginning my consultation journey for BBL,small hernia repair, and BA( with lift if needed) I am interested in anyone sharing there experiences with consultations and any advice on what to expect and what to look for in a Surgeon. I have my first consultation Sept 14th, I am driving out to Beverly Hills from San Diego and am very excited!

Its Official.... I Will Be a Hazani Doll!

Fellow Dolls, I had my consultation with DR Hazani on the 14th and I am sold! I must say his office is not only beautiful but his work is breath taking! While I was waiting to be called form the waiting room I had the opportunity to encounter lots and lots of his patients, and also potential patients. Man does he have that clinic running!. The other Doctors office that I guess shares the waiting room with Hazani was upset because there were no more chairs due to all Hazani's Dolls taking them and crowding the room lol. I mean there were Dolls everywhere with gorgeous new bodies! I spoke to two of his post op BBL patients and they had nothing but awesome things to say about their experience with Hazani. During my time with him the only draw back I had was that it was rushed. He had lots of patients and was running behind because I didn't get called to see him on time but he was very detailed and answered all of my questions. I am a nurse so believe me I had a ton. My main concern was if I needed a tummy tuck due to my small umbilical hernia. But he assured me my skin was good enough to retract and that my hernia was very small so small that he could go around it (carefully) and still achieve the results I'm looking for. Dr. Hazani did most of the talking and I let him because I can tell he's a very good Dr. and I am definitely in good hands. He even showed me his pictures of past patients that are posted on his website which I have seen many many times because I searched myself. What I loved the most is that Dr. Hazani also showed me what real and what's not. He wasn't there to sell me a dream he was being realistic and said a good outcome comes with how your body is already shaped as well. I believe I'm shaped pretty good, but he will also add some fat to my hips so I can achieve that more rounded look I love so much! I will definitely get my BA with Dr. Hazani as well in the near future. will post pics of me soon. Here's my wish pics!

Let me Introduce myself

So I am 28 yrs old, 5 feet 0 inches and weigh currently 130. I am a mother of one 10 year old and do not plan on having anymore so I have decided to get my body right because I work hard and deserve it! I will eventually get my breats done but am more focused on my stomach and shape for now. My goal is to achieve an waist line of maybe 25-26 and a hip and butt ratio of 40 or more inches. Yasssss I want to have that Video Vixen look! #Team Hazani


Hello Dolls!,
I am now figuring out my supplies to buy for my upcoming BBL and would like to know what you all think, or what you all have purchased for supplies. I have noticed most people waist cinching during the healing process and I am indeed interested in anything that will help flatten my stomach to create a sexy doll look :)
Here's my tentative list of item I am considering...

Abdominal board front and lumbar triangle (for front and back shaping)
Leonisa rear lift shaper short stage 1 and 2 (recommended by Hazani staff)
Leonisa thong bodysuit or Vendette 136 lace ( cannot decide)
Abdominal binder
Lipo foam
Scar gel
chux pads
anti itch lotion( skin will itch during healing)
Skin firming crème
BBL Booty Buddy
U shaped pregnancy pillow ( for laying on my stomach)
massage lotion
female urinal
Natural pineapple juice and Arnica gel ( bruising, swelling and inflammation)
tight fitting smooth t-shirts for under garmets
loose clothing and Pj's

What you think so far? Any suggestions or should I remove something?

Hernia Repair was today and I survived

So today was my hernia repair sx with DR Gil Galloway. I decided to fix it first before my scheduled BBL with Hazani because I was concerned about safety and for sure a flatter result once the BBL was completed. I'm kind of annoyed because Ill probably have a weird scar on my tummy but only time will tell. Dr Gil Galloway did an incision close to my belly button and claimed he did a plastic surgery stitch to lesson the appearance. I cant see the incision yet due to the dressing. But after 3 days I can take it off and start putting my scar away silicone gel with the patented Kelo-cote stuff on so we will see ladies, will post pics soon. One step closer to my BBL!

Hernia repair

One More Month to go!

Hello RS Dolls!
I am proud to announce that My sx date is approaching very fast...only 1 month to go! I have officially received my pre and post op appointment dates from Debbie Hazani as well as book my Hotel room. A lot of Dolls who are getting procedures done in Beverly hills had questions about affordable hotels near there and I myself was in LA last week and tried out some things. I tested the drive from Hollywood and downtown LA to Beverly Hills and its roughly a 17 min commute. So because of this I have booked my hotel room in Hollywood for a rate of 98$ a night which is very affordable compared to 300$ and more in Beverly hills. So any dolls looking for affordable hotel rooms look in Hollywood, downtown LA, and other close by neighborhoods.
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