BBL with Hughes- March 2017

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I recently had a consultation with Dr. Kenneth...

I recently had a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Hughes for a BBL. After looking over my body he explained that part of my problem is loose skin and that he could get 500cc of fat to transplant to each buttock. I honestly thought I had more fat then that, so I was a little disappointed. I took some time after the consultation to think things over. My main issue was the amount of cc's and thinking it would not make a difference. I communicated my concerns with Dr. Hughes through email and he reassured me that it would make a difference in my shape , and that it would give me something I could not achieve in the gym. He was always readily available to explain and help. At one point I was considering smart lipo and he explained the dangerous risks involved and that he could get better results himself with regular lipo. I've always had muffin tops and a small belly in the front, they never go away no matter how much gym time I put in. So I've decided to go ahead with the procedure for that reason alone...and a better shaped booty , without having to do a million squats, will be an added perk! I know my situation is not extreme but I still feel my overall shape will benefit from some fine-tuning. Dr. Hughes is very realistic and upfront on what he can and cannot do. After meeting and talking to him I feel confident in my decision to move forward with the surgery.. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in his craft. He will not blow smoke up your ass just to get your business and will definitely tell you the truth on what your realistic options are

My ideal shape

After viewing tons of pictures, i've decided I would like an upside down heart shaped booty. With plump projection and curvy hips.
My frame has always been straight up and down. I can get a little bit a curve when I hit the gym a lot, but never like these pics.
I wish my procedure was sooner...sigh

No thank you!

What I DONT want

One day away ????

So I'm getting my bbl done in one day. A little nervous and worried about having loose skin that won't tighten .... and of course, worried my booty won't be the right shape or size. Flying in from Vegas for this so I never had a pre op discussion with Dr. Hughes. I printed out wish pics to give him before they wheel me in. ???? I will definitely be posting before and after pics soon. Wish me luck ????????

Nausea is the worst part :(

Had surgery today and it's no joke. Every thing burns and I feel nauseous when I move around. Threw up quit a bit. On a happier note, my booty is plump and my waist is ALOT tinier. Doc could only get a thousands cc's so my booty isn't very big but the shape is perfect. I'll post pics tomorrow

2nd day

Feeling waaaay better today. Took a shower and walked around the hotel room. Here are some pics

Swollen :(

Everything is puffy on me today. I had my follow up appointment with the doctor and he said everything is fine and the swelling is normal. I feel like Pillsbury doughboy walking around. I have a feeling I'm going to need a lot of patience in the next month or two. I was advised to make sure I get 100 g of protein a day and eat nutritionally to help keep my cells alive.

6 days post op

So everything is basically the same except my thighs puffed up a lot more. Dr hughes doesn't require you to wear anything around your legs, just your waist. I'm verrrryyy anxious to get into the gym and firm all this up. But I have to wait for six weeks. Sleeping on my stomach is the hardest part right now and my elbows are getting red and rough. I love that he got rid of my boxy shape. My love handles i.e. muffin tops were impossible to get rid of even at my lowest weight. I do hope, like everybody else, that my fat cells will stay in my booty but if not I'm still very grateful for the reshaping. I ordered a faja and an ab board today. I feel that will help a lot more than just the binder ..especially with my thighs swelling so bad. I tried on a bunch of my dresses today and I am very pleased with my new shape. I've always been envious of women with longer torso's...looks sleek :)

One week post op

Not very big but still plump.. fingers crossed

Update pic

8 days post op

Using foam with my binder ... so much better! Swelling has gone down a lot today.



So my booty looks smaller today. I knew going in that there were no guarantees. Now it just looks as if I've been doing my squats. My doctor never mislead me or gave me hopes of a big giant booty , So I never really expected it to be that way. But still, deep inside you hope that at least some of it stays to fill it out a little. What I can say is that my waist and muffin tops and back fat are all gone and smooth. The fact that my fat storage areas have been changed makes it all worth it. Having three kids really messes up your torso area and limits the style of clothes you can wear. I'm grateful for Dr. Hughes making everything smooth, no bumps and really tight without laser. He can only work with what you give him and I have no doubts that he did his best.

Getting softer

So my booty is softer now and starting to jiggle. My midsection is still swollen and tender. Photos do not do booty pics justice.. looks way bigger in person. I always read reviews on here of girls saying it looks bigger in person and I'd be like yeah probably not so much, but now I know it's true. So if it looks gigantic in a picture, trust me, it is HUGE in real life. I like my little bubble butt, nobody will think it's from surgery, which is perfect for me Hughes did a great job shaping me up .. now the rest is up to me with diet and gym.

5 weeks post op

Still swollen in some random spots around my stomach and lower back. Booty is way softer and has movement.

6 weeks post

Still swollen a little. Booty is curvier than before..looks natural and feels natural
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