I Chose Dr. Ron Hazani for my BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

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After months of stalking real self and all the...

After months of stalking real self and all the reviews I have chosen to go with Dr. Ron Hazani.

The initial visit he was very kind and very honest about what he could do. I did not want to do my thighs but he suggested for best results it's best that we get the fat from there to achieve the look. So after the consultation I put the required amount needed to lock in my date.

This all happened so fast that i am having to back date my post.

At the time of the visit I weighed in at 153lbs and my measurements were:
Very box shape :(

I have been athletic majority of my adult life. Broad shoulder, big arms and legs. But never had that feminine soft look.
And I know my spare tire has been a thorn in my side for years... No matter what I did I could not get the desired look I always wanted and busted my a$$ for.

So I am happy that I found the Dr. That will help me get to what I have been striving for.
Yay me

9 Days Post SX

Hello Ladies,

Sorry I haven't been keeping you in the loop... Been slacking in the updating department. But feel the need to give you my experience due to all the beautiful ladies that have gone before me that informed me and made it easier for my decision process.....

With that being said I kept a journal of the days leading up til today and will post below.
so here goes:

It's the big day
- I set up my bed so that when I got back to the room all I have to do is lay down.
When u arrive be ready to fill out a packet of documents that is a novel thick.
Bring warm clothes because it is freezing in the lobby and even colder in the surgical portion pf the building.
My appointment was at 1000 and you are not allowed to eat for 8hrs prior to surgery. So eat a hearty meal before u go to bed cuz u will be hungry..
And let me tell ya, I'm hungry and cold as I wait to go back.
Not a very good combo!!! Lmao
They suggest to have soup ready for post due to how hungry u will be.
It still hasn't sunk in that I'm having the procedure. I will def keep ya as to what goes on.

Post Surgery:
Made to the Hazani Doll side.... Woke up with my tummy on FIRE!!!!!!! and butt hard as a rock....Could not get to room fast enough... put on arnica on my tummy and instant relief of the burning sensation.... puked my soup up :(

1 day post.
Swollen as to be expected.
Walking around w no major issues. Feels like I did a million squats and my butt is hard as a rock. Headed back home today.
Make sure to have an abundance of chux pads and abdominal surgical pads.. They are your lifesavers.
I only have one wound that is leaking a lot the rest seem to slow down already.
Loving the curves already, I can wait for the swelling to go down.
He is a miracle worker. It is already hard to believe that I'm Looking the way I am only after a day. I have always been athletic and bulky. Now I'm looking soft and feminine...
I am keeping a diary of each day to keep you guys I. The loop will post pics once home. Need to black out identifying tattoos... :)

**** Dr. Hazani informed me the reason why my tummy was on fire was due to it be a re-visit of lipo he had to fight against the scarring and it being tough.... OMG ladies that was the only painful part that was like WTF after surgery everything else was smooth.


It's been over 24hrs since the sx.
I am able to walk around and go up and down stairs fairly easy.

Thank god for chux pads and the abdominal pads. Ladies do not go light on these supplies. Buy in bulk. U will go through them fairly quickly.
I went through 12 ab pads in the first 24hrs. And that is only heavy drainage from one sight. I can only imagine if it was from multiple incisions.

And if you are able, make a few rounds around the house. It helps w the pressure on the buttock. U will waddle a bit but it does help w the state of mind and not being stuck in bed all day.

I'm really surprised that I am in no serious pain. And I'm coming off the pain killers tonight and just taking the anti-biotics.

Oh and to use the bathroom. I just lift the seat, face the tank and squat. That seems to work perfectly fine.
Give yourself enough time though to get the undies off if u are wearing any.. I have yet to go #2 so I don't know what to expect with that one.

Well im now a hazani doll.
The staff was amazing and Dr. hazani was amazing. I love this guy!!!

I had my thighs, abs. Flanks and back lipo'd. He manage to put 960cc in each cheek. Which was more then he thought he was going to get.

And he told my friend that I look good. I am super swollen to be expected. I can't see much change other than a really hard not very flattering bruised butt. But I know it's cuz I'm just a few hours out of surgery.

As for how I felt..
The only thing that was hard for me is my tummy felt like it was on fire. That was by far the most uncomfortable thing. And it wasn't that is was pain just couldn't keep off my tummy to relieve the fire sensation.
I feel pressure on my butt, and no pain in the thighs nor back.
As soon as we got back to the hotel room I made it a point to take pain meds and remove my garment to apply Arnicare... And OH MY GOD, does that make a
Difference. Do not leave home without it... As soon as I put that on I was completely good to go and able to chat and drink some soup broth.
I did puke however cuz I think I drank to much.
You are going to need lots and lots of chux pads and surgical ab pads... I'm running through them fairly quickly. Every time I go to pee I switch them out... And don't freak out when u see the pads saturated w blood like fluid.. It's very normal.
When u get up go very slow, and acclimate to standing up. It will help w the nausea.
I'm walking around and keeping myself mobile and feel great...
I look forward to everyday and the swelling to go down

Before Pics

Blurred out any tattoos

1Day Post SX

The IV in the Hand sucks!!!!!

TMI **Bathroom time***

One thing I forgot to mention:
this may be to graphic but lets keep it real... sorry if this may offend some...

I've master pee'n standing up... didn't need the peewee gadget that everyone was buying.. But to go #2, now that is a bit tricky... You WILL be constipated. So as soon as you can start taking your laxative pills.... it will help.. you will find creative ways as to not sit down... Facing the toilet does NOT work!! what I have found to work for me is two different variations... One is a sumo squat stance over the toilet (feet VERY wide apart). ***dont wear socks on slippery bathroom floor*** Or a lineman stance where u are hovering over the toilet but holding yourself up by the floor or tub.....

Both prove to be difficult and make going #2 a bit difficult especially if plugged up.... but if trying to keep every CC we can I'm going to stay off this bugger as much as possible....

Hope this helps ladies....
More pics to follow

side by side pics

before and after side by side

Massage Day

Today I received my first Lymphatic massage... It was not painful, if anything just discomfort...
The entire time she was rubbing out my tummy I kept thinking I can not touch the table w my butt.. And lord lady please do not massage my booty... lol but she did a really good job, felt amazing afterwards... But not sure if she was very familiar with post lipo massages.. Because I noticed she did not focus on the (2) knots I have on my tummy...
So the next massage I will receive I am actually going to go to a an actual PS location that offers the massages.. That way the person performing the massage knows exactly what to do and massage out...

But other than that it was a good massage just not what is required...
lessons learned.

20 Days Post Op

Merry Christmas Everyone.
Small update: Hand where the IV was placed is no longer bruised or extremely tender...
Haven't found the right cincher to wear continuously just yet due to having a short torso. I have bought:
Camelia's Corsets (too long and was jabbing my butt)
S-Belt (Cheaply made, digs into your sides, and makes a crap load of noise like you are walking in a plastic bag)

What i have been wearing, but its been abused during my gym sessions is Ann Chery's Workout cincher.. It does bind you pretty amazingly but because it has the wear and tear its been digging quite a bit.. I have a new one on the way along with several other potential clinchers...

I have noticed that during this process if you go without a clincher you soften up.. I ended up with food poisoning on christmas eve that went well into christmas night, and i could not bear to wear anything tight around my tummy.. Nutrition went out the window as well... And my body changed drastically...

It is soooooo important to continue to eat. There was no way to eat under those conditions but any other time eat eat eat...

If there are any dolls that have a small Torso and have had an BBL shot me a line with what clincher works for you... Im willing to try them on all in lieu of the hourglass....

And even with all the illness I still love my new shape.....


During this experience I have found that I have a short torso, and when looking for a binder/cincher/corset that is very important info to know... Otherwise you will be like me buying several not knowing that the reason they do not fit is due to being short torso status.. hehe.
So what I have found to work for me is Over the counter Camellia's "short torso" corsets and waspie's.. I prefer the Waspie, with no metal boning.. I may graduate to it as I heal but for now it works, and it doesn't jab or hurt the top the booty...

my measurements are staying consistent... I am around that time of the month so I'm expecting some bloating but that is to be expected...

will post more pics of progression
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