Why I Chose Dr. Hazani for my BBL Procedure - Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm finally writing a review on the wonderful Dr....

I'm finally writing a review on the wonderful Dr. Ron Hazani and letting people understand why out of all the doctors I had met he's the one I finally decided on to do my procedure. I started looking for doctors for my procedure back in October 2014. This is something I've wanted and thought about since 2012 but never really went about it and never really thought I was ever going to go about it until the ending of last year. I thought what the hay YOLO. So the first doctor I had encountered was a Dr. Tarik Smaili in Beverly Hills and after my consultation with him I said f*** naw he ain't touching me!!! I kid you not my consultation with him was no more than 3 minutes. He did not even look at my body. I waited 30mins for him to arrive and then when I got in the room waited another 5 then he came in with a nurse, asked me a couple questions, lifted up my rob, looked at my stomach, NOT TOUCHED, looked at my stomach said I have enough fat, squiggled some s*** on some paper and left. I'm sitting there like why did he not check my butt but whatever. So after "meeting" with him I spoke to his consultant Becky and she asked me, "So where would you like the fat taken from". Then I asked, "The doctor didn't write where he was going to take it from?" Then she told me that he put abdominal & flanks and ask if that's all I wanted. No f*** that's all he put he didn't even check my back. Then I said I wanted my back liposuctioned as well and she said just the bra roll would be suctioned and that would be an extra $1000 charge. I haven't heard from her since and she hasn't heard from me. A couple days later Beverly Hills Physicians got in contact with me. Oh Beverly Hills Physicians. Where do I even begin with those f***ers. So I met with a doctor Maher Anous and he was very polite. He said all the right things and such that would make me want to have him do my procedure, and what the consultant quoted me was decent. So I started putting in payments and such for my procedure. I must admit it is my fault that I did not do my research before making any payments but thank God I did my research before having my procedure. Something just told me that I should do my research and after researching Dr. Anous I found a lot of negative reviews about him. More negative than positive. And not only that he doesn't even specialize in the procedure that I desire. From my understanding he's only done 2 BBL's. One on a male and another on a very small framed female that looked like there was no difference afterwards. So I said hell naw he ain't touching me. This was around March so I went to the office and asked to change my doctor and they said if I change my doctor the price would change. I was okay with that to a certain extent. Then my consultant asked me why did I want to change doctors. I'm looking at her like, "Bitch, why would you give me a doctor that doesn't even specialize in the procedure I want!" Then she tried to convince me saying oh he's been doing this for over 30+ years and when you have a doctor that's been working that long you're going to come across a couple negative comments and that he's done more then 2 BBLs. Oh he's done more then 2 BBLs? Where they at though? So I left my consultant alone and started looking on my own. The next doctor I met was a Dr. Payam J in Beverly Hills. I've seen his work and I liked some but after taking a look at me he totally declined me. He said that I did not have enough fat and that my skin would be saggy after the lipo so he said he wouldn't do it and that I should just tone up. -___- I ain't ask for your opinion. I'm getting this procedure done whether you'd like to do it or not. And why would my skin be saggy? I've never had a child nor am I even that big for my skin to be saggy after lipo or weight loss smh. The next doctor was a Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami who was having a BBL special for $4,900. Now that was a solid price that caught my attention. We have never meet in person but I had my consultation with him through email. He ask that I gain about 5-10lbs. I did my research on him and saw that he is a Top Doctor on RealSelf.com but I noticed when looking at his BBL patients a lot of them were still fat. Then there was a few complaints from patients claiming that nothing has changed after their BBL and he just takes your money. So I held off on going to Miami. After him was Dr. William Bruno and I honestly thought that Dr. Bruno was going to be the one to do my procedure because I loved my consultation with him. He was really nice and made me feel comfortable. He also said that I did not have enough fat and for my procedure he would need to take fat from my inner thighs all the way down to my knees as well as abdominal, back, and flanks. I explained that I really don't want my thighs touched but he wrote it down as a possibility and adviced that I should consider it and think about it. When I heard what they quoted me for Dr. Bruno I said nope it's time for me to leave Beverly Hills Physicians. Then I started searching heavily for another doctor. My next option was going to be Dr. Kenneth Hughes in Culver City. I had made an appt. for a consultation but never went because I know it was going to run me around $10,000 which I was not trying to spend and I was tired of driving around having my time wasted and having another doctors time wasted. I came across Dr. Hazani randomly. I just typed in Brazilian Butt Lift on Google and it was some doctor in Orange County promoting a BBL special for $3,500 which seemed very sketchy because that is extremely cheap in California. But what this doctor was doing was falsely using Dr. Hazani's pictures to promote "his work" (I still needa mention this to Dr. Hazani), and I guess that doctor failed to realize that Dr. Hazani puts his name on all his work. So I searched up Dr. Hazani on RealSelf and the rest is history. I liked all his pictures I was coming across. I could not find not one negative thing about this doctor. All his patients seemed pleased Especially this one person on RealSelf named Soli25. Her pics and speaking a little to her finally convinced me to go see Dr. Hazani. So I called the next day, had my consultation the next day, then made my first payment and locked in my date a couple weeks after. Out of all my consultations I had the best with him. When I was speaking with him all I could think was yessss finally THE ONE!!!! It was like a halo landed on top of his head lol. He was very kind and welcoming. He answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. When he took a look at my body I did not have to mention anything he knew EXACTLY what I wanted. He told me that I was a great candidate and gave me an awesome quote that damn near brought me to tears. After leaving his office I was so excited and now I'm so anxious to get this done.

WIsh Pics

Some More Wish Pics

Before Surgery Pics

These are my pics before surgery. In the pink I took those pics the beginning of April before meeting with Dr. Hazani and I weighed about 155-157lbs. In the black I took those pics 2 days ago. I've gained between 10-15lbs, I'm not sure exactly different scales tell different stories but now I weigh between 165-170lbs. I don't know if you can see a difference with the pics but it's there lol. I have a wide flat butt and I'm hoping I have enough fat to fill in the flat.

P.S. Please excuse my dirty mirror.

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My Supplies so far

So tomorrow is the big day for me. I feel like I don't have everything but I believe I have everything that I would need in the meantime. I bought Neosporin and Arnicare Gel. I know they do the same thing but I didn't know which one works best so I bought both. I've also bought a BBL recovery pillow from Booty Buddy and it is really thick and soft. I still need to get myself a garment but I'm not sure which kind i would actually need or where to find the right one. If there is anything that you advice that I should get for better recovery after surgery please let me know.

Surgeries I've found to like.

I'm not sure exactly on which Doctors did which but these are some BBL procedures that I have found to like.

Alright, Here's an Update

Originally I was going to wait a month for the swelling to go down before I did an update but I guess I'll go ahead and do one now. So my sugery went great. I was in and out of that place in a jiffy. Now after sugery omg I was not ready for it. Now to those people that claim they did not have any pain after surgery. Congratulations you've just confirmed that you are all aliens. But then again that's just my luck. Count on my body to go thru all the possibilities you could possibly go through after surgery. I was nauseous, I threw up, I nearly passed out and the list goes on. So before I continue let me make a list of things you will need post surgery
1: TOWELS, TOWELS, TOWELS. Get you some towels. I did not know what to expect from drainage but now that I know I'm letting others know. I only had 5 and that was not enough so get a lot. Like 8,9,10.
2. WATER, yes stay hydrated. For the first couple of days I drank about 10 bottles a day so yes get a lot of water.
3. ARNICARE GEL. This feels soooo good when you rub it on the brushing.
4. PADS/ GAUZE/ BANDAGES... Either or or all, just something to cover the incision holes while drainage.
5. PILLOWS... Especially a pillow like The Booty Buddy. Very helpful with sitting and driving

Now those in my opinion are the major things you would need. Aside from what I've listed and what your doctor may give or prescribe to you a garment would be nice to have and also consider using adult diapers. I know I know the thought of wearing a diaper is kind of out there but use as backup just in case because you might not be able to sit on a toilet for some time, I'm just being honest.

Now as far as the pain for me went. The first day it was whatever but day two was the worst. But afterwards everything started feeling better day by day. The only reason I vomited after surgery was because I had those yogurt parfaits from McDonalds that have the fruit inside and I was not ready for solid fruit like that yet. I started driving again 4 days after and I started having bowel movements 5 days after.

As for my results, woooh I love it. Dr. Hazani did a fantastic job. I can not wait for all the swelling to go down and the final results To start showing. I was surprised on how big my butt was. I woke up looking like K. Michelle. Now the doctor told me that my final result is going to be 1/3 of what it is now. To be honest I don't want it to get any smaller. I've become obsessed with it already. If I gotta punch my butt everyday for it to stay like this then so be it. What do I have to eat so it can stay like this? Cornbread? Lol. But yes surgery was a breeze and I am healing properly day by day and the doctor and his consultant keeps in touch on a daily basis.

Sorry 4 the Wait

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Believe the hype. He's awesome hands down.

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