A BBL adventure, continued

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Alright after doing the usual stalking of all of...

Alright after doing the usual stalking of all of the brave ladies on here, I have narrowed my search and I'm interested in Dr. Hazani. The good news: he seems to be a very talented professional with a great track record. The bad: I live on the East Coast and a 6 hour plane ride home will be hell, based on what previous bbl patients have shared. I'm terrified. I am in my 30's and a single mom of one, who breastfed (hence my deflated "kittens" that you can pick up by the skin of their necks...but I'll get to that in a minute!) I'm in need of Hazani vets for input, advice about what to expect, where to stay, who to hire for aftercare support, how to fly (6 hours!) back home, and to get me mentally prepared for this journey. I am not looking for the Kardashian booty, but I do want projection in a teardrop shape. I have plenty of wish pics I'm sure ya'll have seen before and will have to see again lol! I want a narrow waist (very important to me) and I am desperate to get rid of these saddlebags. Unfortunately, I've learned, these stubborn parts of my body are genetic. I have spent a lot of time in the gym over the years and no matter how tight the rest of me gets, I still don't get the booty I desire (yes, I've squated...dang, I've squated waitin' in lines, squated blow drying my hair, squated in places no woman should ever squat! lol) and I still have a sad booty. Now, let's get to these 'kittens" I was telling you about. My breasts were huge when I was pregnant and breast-feeding and then it was like someone let the air out of my tires. I woke up like, "Whaaaat? Where you go?" But they had packed up and skipped town girls. And I want them back! So I'm going to see if Dr. H is interested in giving me a lift and implants at the same time as this BBL action. I know it's a lot (that's why I need your support so badly, to get me ready both mentally and emotionally) but I truly believe that these changes will help me live my life in a happier state of mind. And life is short and I know me, if I don't do this now, I never will. So here we go! I am supposed to have a virtual consult with Dr. H this week (still waiting on Debbie to confirm) but let me share some truly embarrassing before photos of myself, since so many of you have been brave enough to share your journeys with me. After all, we are global sisters, no matter our size or color or location. For reference, I am 5'4 or so and about 130 pounds normally. Dr. H told me (over email consult) I needed to pick up a few pounds for the best results, so you're looking at me around 138 pounds of pure lovin....lol

I've got body goals like whoa

So I'm sure you've seen some of these wish pics before, but wondering if any of you Hazani Dolls believe he can get me close to any of these with what I'm bringing to the table??

Can I get from Point A (a$$-less) to Point B (bangin' booty) with Dr. Hazani??

What do you ladies think? Is there enough magic in Dr. Hazani's hands to turn me (before photo) into the after photo of this patient? (P.S. not sure who her doctor was...)

Need help and support from Hazani Dolls please

I'm seriously considering Dr H but it will be a 6 hour flight for me and I don't know where I would stay or who to hire to provide me aftercare?? I've heard of surgery recovery centers like Serenity in Beverly Hills but I believe they're super costly. I appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions as I begin my journey ladies

More wish pics

I REALLY hope I can get this result from BBL...

I have been looking at so many reviews and have had a hard time finding any other ladies with similar body shape/size as me to see the results they were able to achieve with BBL. I am pretty much sure I'm going with Hazani or Salama since I'm on the smaller side (135 pounds now, but usually 125 or 130.) Does anyone know of a review that may give me an idea of what I can get from a BBL? I'm really hoping I can get something like these photos...

Salama or Hazani for my BBL? I'm 135 pounds

I'm wondering if any dolls can recommend who they think would give me the best results for my current body shape and size (I'm 5'4 and 135 pounds currently.) You can see the wish pics I have posted all over my review for reference. Need advice from ladies who have experience with this please!!

Anyone scheduled with Salama May 2016 for BBL?

I am thinking about just putting this thing to rest and going with Dr. Salama since it would be a much easier travel situation and I could stay in a recovery house if I need to...I love Dr. Hazani's work (and ladies, he emailed me DIRECTLY back anytime I've had a question throughout my consult, so I know he's awesome.) I'm just waiting to get approval for time off at work and then I may be booking for mid or late May. Are any dolls looking for surgery pals? Are you staying in the RH or a hotel?

ATTENTION Ladies Considering Vanity and/or Dr. Osak Omulepu!!!

Alright alright alright....this is Real Self so I'm gonna keep it real with you ladies like you were my sisters or friends...this is NO JOKE ladies please read this!
I know the dudes operating over at Vanity costs several thousand dollars less than other surgeons in the area who crank out BBL procedures. I get it. I do. It's a lot of money. But is your life worth more than a couple thousand dollars? That's right. YES IT IS!
This is serious surgery and no damn time to be shopping around for the cheapest show in town! Vanity costs less for a reason ladies! Hassan has been mysteriously missing for God knows how long now....Fisher may be turning out booties ya'll like but that dude is a dermatologist. Unless you have acne on your booty, you need to raise up your standards!
And as for Dr. Omulepu, well DONT GO THERE! You know why Dr. O's license has been restricted?? Because it has been determined that he was risking the lives of women like you and me. Women who probably thought they were gonna save a few bucks on this procedure by going to Vanity instead of a licensed and BOARD CERTIFIED surgeon who is well-respected. Dr. O's story is out now. It's all over the news stations in Miami and I'm gonna provide you ladies a link to the whole story as it appears in the Miami Herald (if RS will allow me, anyway) but I'm also gonna leave you with a few important quotes from this published story because this is YOUR LIFE and I care about you. I don't even know your a$$ and I care about you more than this man. So I'M BEGGING YOU to do your homework on these surgeons before you book with anyone. This is not botox or a new weave. Nope. This is major surgery, probably the most major surgery most of us will ever endure. And you're worried about a few thousand dollars?? PLEASE! Finance it if you have to, but don't be cheap because your life is not cheap. Your life is valuable. That's right. Now please for the love of all rings holy don't rely solely on the chatter on this site! We don't even know how many of these reviews are legit.
Now, on with what we DO KNOW...and what the Miami Herald reporters know...there were FOUR ladies injured by Dr. O over the course of TWO days last year. See, when they do the job cheap, they have to cram in as many patients as they can. You want the express lane for your booty?? I didn't think so.
Back to the Miami Herald: "The injured patients, all women ranging in age from 29 to 35, were not identified in the emergency order, which only used their initials. All of the patients’ injuries required hospitalization from three days to three months, according to the order, which adds that at least two of the patients were transferred to hospitals in Michigan to complete their recoveries."

And you're not even ready for this part girrrrls.... "The order says that in two of the cases, Omulepu repeatedly tore the patients’ internal organs, including the liver and small intestine, causing severe blood infections and, in one case, acute kidney failure and respiratory failure."

Do your research ladies. What would you do if this procedure was for your daughter or your mama? Would you send them to a dude like this? Treat yourselves with the same respect.

BBL scheduled with Salama May 2016! Now need suggestions for hotels/airbnb and nurses please!

So I did it. I can't believe it, but I did. I haven't told ANYONE I know other than a few of you sweet ladies! I have no idea where I'm going to stay or who is going to take care of me...I don't have a lot of time off of work, so I won't even be able to stay in Miami the full 10 days post op! If anyone has any suggestions for hotels and nurses in the area, please let me know. I'm feeling really terrified.

Weight gain progress

All of my life I have tried NOT to gain weight. At my height and body shape, it goes everywhere but particularly my hips and outer thighs as you can see. I usually weigh between 123-128 but I've been gaining (per doctors orders) for my upcoming bbl. I am just afraid that I'm gaining weight I don't need to gain (and will still have to lose later) because I feel that even at my current 132 pounds, I probably have enough fat. Anyone have suggestions based on experience? Do I really need to keep gaining? Also, any opinions on whether I should add inner thighs (as you can see, they aren't great now, and I have fat there) and arms?

Enough weight yet to be Salamafied??

I'm at 132-133 pounds. Does this look like enough?

Trying to gain weight: current measurements

So I weighed myself today at 134 pounds and these are my current measurements:
37 bust
28 waist
39 hips

Think Salama can get my waist down to 25???

The Ultimate BBL Survival List

Hi Ladies!
I want to help you with your journey to the new and improved you and I believe in women helping women and the power of positive energy, so I've compiled an Ultimate BBL Survival List for you! It can be very time consuming and stressful, trying to figure all this out on your own. There are other lists posted around RS, but I believe the is the most comprehensive list you will find. :) This list is "ultimate" because it includes anything you could imagine needing while recovering so I encourage you to make sure you personally need all of these items before investing in the entire list. Also, please remember to check with your surgeon regarding their professional recommendations for recovery. Another consideration: If you are staying with a surgery buddy or at a Recovery House, you may want to first call the Recovery House to see what items are provided for you, and if you have a surgery buddy, you could consider splitting up the list and sharing many of these items (especially if you are rooming together) since some items are easy to share (Tylenol, maxi pads, Chux pads, etc.) I recommend this option to assist you in cutting down on both your packing and costs. One more thing to keep in mind, is that many of these items (foams, compression socks, fajas, etc) are sold by some of the surgeons (but their prices include a huge markup) so you will save money by purchasing these things online instead. If you have anything valuable to add or any questions, feel free to comment below! I will update this this list after my BBL procedure in May, when I have more experience and insight to share. In the meantime, I hope this helps some of you!

*1-2 pairs of compressions socks (your surgeon will provide one pair, but they will get bloody and gross...don't forget you will want to wear a pair on the airplane as well)
*Nausea medicine
*Prescriptions from surgeon (filled in advance so you're not searching all over an unfamiliar town if pharmacies are out of stock)
*Gel ice pack
*Heating pad
*Maxi pads (overnights or extra long may work best, when used for lining garment in painful places)
*Suction cups with hooks for shower wall (to hold your drains while you wash)
*Lotion (for dry hands/body)
*Socks (take a pair with you to surgery because the Operating room and recovery room will be COLD and make sure you have a few pairs that will fit overtop of your compression socks!)
*Antibacterial soap for bathing or Hibiclins (this comes in a bottle, is reddish in color, and is used for sanitizing the body in hospital settings, but you can buy it on Amazon or Target even)
*Neosporin (generic works just as well, for wounds and/or incision sites)
*Alcohol swabs (for cleaning around drains)
*Scar gel or silicone strips (silicone strips is the only scientifically-backed product to reduce the appearance of scarring)
*Extra strength Tylenol (no ibprofin)
*Tylenol PM (you may need it to help you sleep the first few nights, but make sure a caretaker is waking you every few hours to get up and walk around, or set an alarm on your cell phone to wake you. You don't want to lay in one position too long and you need to keep your circulation moving)
*Benadryl cream (generic works just as well, for topical skin itching, which some ladies experience after surgery in the areas where the skin has been stretched)
*Garment (there are many options available. Most surgeons provide at least your stage one gament but many vets have complained about the quality. There are many sites you can buy your stage 2 garment or an additional stage one garment so you can wear one while you are washing the other. Vets also recommend finding a seamstress who is familiar with altering garments or fajas so you can have yours taken in as your swelling subsides, instead of investing in several and spending more $$)
*Wahl heated massager (available on amazon for less than $25 and can be used on your lipo areas to break up scar tissue and smooth out skin, in between your massages. By the way, be sure you book your massages if your surgeon recommends them as part of your aftercare.)
*Female urinal (available on amazon, but order weeks in advance because it ships from China or somewhere and takes awhile to arrive) If you can't get your hands on one, a vet used a coffee cup with the bottom cut out, in a pinch.
*Dark towel (for times you need to soak up blood or to lay on top of in order to protect furniture, so make sure it's not a towel you care about)
*Bath puff or exfoliating scrubber to clean up (everyone seems to look forward to those first showers after surgery!)
*Slide-on shoes (you won't want to bend over to tie laces, and forget about heels ladies)
*slippers for hotel or recovery home if you're the slipper type
*Rubber flip flops (if you don't like sharing showers or you're a germ freak) for using in the restroom at hotel or recovery house
* Several Seamless camisoles or tank tops without many seams and/or tags to wear under your *Compression garment/ Faja (you don't want seams pressed against your skin for hours...it hurts!)
*Tampons (You may get your cycle and you can cut the tip off of one and put it in your belly button to help keep its shape while in your compression garment. Note: some ladies suggest using a marble for this purpose)
*Large panties you don't care about (to fit over swelling and they may get blood or something on them)
*Robe to wear to surgery and around hotel or recovery house (dark colors recommended for all clothes to cover any fluid or blood leaks)
*Maxi dresses (buy or bring a few that are loose on you normally, remember you will be swollen and wearing garments under your dresses)
*Large lounge pants or sweats (No leggings, you won't feel like wrestling in and out of them and you'll feel like a stuffed sausage if you try)
*Plastic shower curtain liner (to put over bed so you don't get fluids on it)
*Chux pads (these are the pads that go under you when you lay down, they are disposable and catch fluids...vets have suggested you bring "plenty" since you never know if you will be the type of person who releases a lot of fluids or hardly any, but you want to prepare for the worst)
*Pajama pants (bring a larger size to accommodate swelling and garments)
*Comfortable shirts (also in a size that will accommodate your garments. Most vets say they didn't wear much more than a maxi dress or two and a robe and garments and camisoles, so don't overpack clothing!)
*Face wash and washcloth
*Makeup (if you don't feel yourself without it, but you will NOT be able to wear it into surgery)
*Toilet wipes
*Clorox wipes (to wipe down your room, wheel chair at the airport, Uber car, whatever you feel needs a little sanitation!)
*Tide laundry detergent sheets (Amazon sells small travel packs of 3) so you can wash your garment in the sink when necessary (seems everyone needs to wash their garment at least a few times the first week)
*Hair bands/headbands/head wrap (anything you need to keep your hair or weave out of the way)
*Compression sleeves or vest with sleeves (if you're getting arm lipo)
*Gauze pads (for redressing incision sites)
*medical tape (for taping gauze)
*Electronics and chargers (cell phone/tablet)
*Vaseline or Chapstick
*Pill organizer to keep track of all of your vitamins and meds
*Plastic bag or sealable laundry bag to pack any dirty clothes you may need to travel with
*Thermometer (you want to know if you're running a fever post-op)
*Neck pillow (everyone has a different preference, but the kind you buy for flying on a plane should work...this is for helping you sleep better on your stomach)
*Firming lotion or tonic or Cocoa Butter (whatever you prefer for stretch mark prevention...several vets swear by Clarins Huille Tonic, which is expensive but a quality product and can be purchased on amazon or from sephora.com)
*Arnica gel (you will apply this several times per day to reduce bruising) and arnica pills or tablets (if you want to double up on your bruise prevention then bring both)
*Post op vitamins (ask your surgeon for recommendations for what vitamins will help you heal best. There is a high-quality, surgeon-recommended "Vitamin Recovery Support Kit" by Vitamedica that you can purchase online if you have the resources to invest. Otherwise, you can create your own post-op vitamin regime with guidance from your doctor (some vitamins are actually NOT good for recovery so do your research ladies)
*Stool softerners and laxative (pain medication will likely create constipation post-op so be prepared so you're not even more uncomfortable)
*Back scratcher (you can buy one cheap online, and some vets swear by them to help with hard to reach itches and also to help reach thing when you have limited mobility)
*App for Uber (if you're in the U.S. for surgery) you never know when you may need a ride to an appointment, even if you are being provided a driver by a recovery house..there are bad stories about ladies getting stood up by overbooked drivers
*Comfortable bras (the last thing you want to deal with while in a compression garment, is an underwire bra)
*Epi-foam (this is an investment but one that everyone recommends. Your surgeon may provide some foams for under your first garment but you will need more eventually, if the foam provided even holds up for you. Epi-foam is supposed to be some of the best quality. This goes between your skin and your garment and makes life more comfortable. You can find it online)
*Ab board (this is a foam that is designed for your stomach, to keep it flat under your garment. Available on Amazon or Thepinkroom.com (you can get fajas and garments here too)
*Back foam (looks like a triangle, and goes beneath garment above your butt at the S-curve to help hold your shape post-op. Also available at Thepinkroom.com)
*Yoga mat (thin mats work best) to roll up and place under your knees when driving to help keep your new booty off the seat (or you can cut a pool noodle in half, or you can buy a "CanDo High Density Half Roller" from amazon for about $10) all do the same thing
*Booty buddy or BBL Pillow (I have read lots of mixed reviews on whether these items are worth the money...you ladies can provide feedback below)
*Hand sanitizer
*Q-tips (for cleaning around incisions and drains, as needed)
*Tote bag for carrying items to your checkups/massages/etc.
*Boppy Pillow (some surgeons provide this, but you can also find them on Craigslist very inexpensive...Mom's use them for breastfeeding when they have a new baby and then it just takes up space so they sell them for about 1/3 of the original cost...don't pay full price for one of these ladies!)
*Waist cincher (you may or may not add this overtop of your garment. Many ladies choose to invest in one...there are many brands out there. Recommendations are generally to purchase the smallest size you can squeeze into since you will get smaller as you heal. Or invest in a cinched that has 3 hooks for sizing options. Lots of brands out there but Squeem and Ann Chery are popular choices in the BBL community. Both can be purchased online for way less than you will pay at surgeons office)
*Bandaids (for incesion sites)
* Protein powder shakes and a plastic shaker for preparing them and/or protein bars (protein is a major factor in your recovery, but you can get it many ways..these are just some items you can bring along to be sure you're getting enough)
*Antiseptic spray
*Folding chair (cheap, light beach chair may be best if you are traveling with it) so you can cut a large hole in the bottom and sit in it, without putting pressure on your new booty. You will get tired of laying on your stomach and standing ladies!
*Another chair option that is easy to pack and even fly with is a "lightweight camping stool" or "event stool" they both fold and usually come with a small carrying case. You can purchase them on Amazon for about $10 each and you can sit on it with your booty hanging off the back (the "stool" part is made of canvas and will only touch the back of your legs if you are sitting on it properly. Also consider setting it up next to a wall with a pillow against the wall so you can lean back onto the pillow for back support. You gotta be creative while protecting the booty ladies!!)
*Disposable underwear (some ladies found these easier than bothering with oversized panties)
*Yeast infection treatment and/or probiotics (oftentimes the antibiotics prescribed by surgeon will give ladies a yeast infection)

Dreamin' of a better booty.....and prayin' to the Salama Gods

I just pray Dr. Salama can give me something even close to any of these dream butts....I will go to the gym EVERY day to show my appreciation and keep my investment right. lol

Any Salama vets out there who had Vaser with their BBL? Seeking insight

Hi ladies! My coordinator at Dr. Salama's office suggested I add Vaser to my BBL, for my "problem area" beneath my butt (top, back of thighs) and outer thighs. It adds substantial cost, but I am trusting her advice. That said, have any of you Salama vets had Vaser by him? I would like to hear your thoughts on it and hopefully see some photos to ease my mind. Thanks!

Salama BBL appointment available for May 19th for any ladies looking for a date

For personal reasons, I will not be getting my BBL with Dr Salama at this time and I am offering my May 19th appointment to any doll who would like it. I'm NOT selling it. I would just like to get my deposit back. I would even take 100 dollars less, just to help a lady out. Send me a private message if you're interested please or if you know any dolls who may want the appointment.

What to look for when you're selecting your BBL surgeon (Credit: cedaray87)

Hi Ladies! I want to pass along an AWESOME post on this from a beautiful friend and fellow RS doll cedaray87! She had a really painful BBL experience so please head on over to her review and give her some love after reading!

Sharing this with the community because I just gave it to someone in a DM:
If I had to do this allll over again, Id look for the following things:
1) frontal pics, so I can examine the shape and quality of lipo-sculpting. Id consider no frontal pics to show the actual lipo sculpting work to be a huge red flag. Lipo sculpting takes skill, and vision for form and symmetry!! Don't forget this part! That butt might look good, but for all you know, the girl could have burns on her stomach!!
2) does the doctor have a long history of patients who experience necrosis, or purplish lacing under the skin? If yes, this is a huge red flag for poor and/or careless lipo technique. I believe any doctor can make a mistake, however if these cases span several years, it shows that the doctor has not learned from their mistakes (it also means the doc probably blames the patient for any and all complications).
3) Do the results, at least 3 months post op minimum, look symmetrical? Immediately post-op or laying-down pictures can be extremely deceiving and quite different from the final product. Laying down makes your butt spread out like a pancake, devoid of any lumps. Don't be deceived!
4) Is the doctors work consistent across various body types? If it is, the doctor will not deviate from their usual pattern regardless of wish pics (cough* Salama) If the work does vary, did the doctor do quality work on the various body types, or just on one body type? (I say this because, if they do good work on one girl with a totally different starting point than you, it doesn't mean your results will be remotely the same)
5) Find a girl whose starting point is similar to yours. Avoid staring too long at the seemingly unobtainable extreme transformations (unless thats your body starting point). This can make you jaded about a doctors actual skills for working with your body type. Once you find a similar body to your own, do a direct side-by-side comparison of their END results with your wish pics to get an idea of what this doctor can actually achieve with your body frame. This may also open up your eyes to specific things you should request in your pre-op once you find the right doc!!!
6) Shape of side butt is soooo SO important!!! I mean, its why we get a bbl! But specifically, there should probably be more fat deposited in the upper half. Best case scenario, your butt would retain the "jlo" shape year after year. Worst case scenario, your butt will drop some and you'll have more of a "c" shape butt, which is good also. All the girls who started with a "c" shape 3 months post op ended up saggy within 12 months, but thats just my personal experience with other bbl patients. All those girls end up going back later to get more added to the top. Don't let that be you!!
7) do you want good butt "projection?" if so, and assuming your starting point isn't already a bubble butt lol, you probably need a higher cc than 1000. Post op results DO shrink, and you dont want to do this procedure more than once if you dont absolutely have to. There are girls that get 1100 cc and then later it shrinks so much that they want a round two. Keep in mind, doctors will put in what can fit... However just make a mental note of how many cc's you see being put in the buttocks AND hips. Also, be REAL with yourself about the size of your thighs. Stacking a watermelon on some toothpicks just wouldn't be right!!
8) If you dont see hip cc's, but you want hips (the area between the small of your waist (or just below it) down to just below the hip bone), its a red flag that the doctor doesnt do hip grafting. Remember, lateral butt injects do not equal = hips. Some women already have big wide hips, so this might not be necessary for everyone.
9) often overlooked, but so important: Find some wish pics of girls with their clothes ON. How women look out of clothes might be one thing, but in clothes cartoonish (unless you want that!!) and you might think, oh god that's just TOO much! Kim K looks one way in a swimsuit, and over-the-top in many of her outfits (my humble opinion! but she is still beautiful regardless and Im not knockin her).

I hope this is helpful to someone!! Best of luck to all who are seeking first time bbl as well as those seeking revision!!

Phase one of body transformation complete!

Hi ladies! My apologies for fading out for a few weeks, but I have been focused on phase one of my two-part transformation which included a breast lift and augmentation. I haven't posted much about that experience here because RS likes to keep procedures in their own categories or communities so that others who are going though the same or considering the same procedure can search and find the proper reviews. That said, this is my personal journey and you ladies have been so wonderfully supportive so far that I want to update you. I had a full lift and conservative round, smooth, silicone mentor implants placed behind the muscle. To be clear, I was not looking for the over-the-top breasts, but a natural aesthetic. I had naturally teardrop shaped breasts to begin with and they were a size 34DD normally. If I was at my lowest body weight, they were a 34D and when I was pregnant and breastfeeding oh lawd they were too big for prime time!
So therein lies the problem. They became so large when breastfeeding that they had a deflated appearance when I finished breastfeeding. I had loss of volume in the upper pole and was relying on push up bras to get what used to come natural. I take care of myself and knew that situation was only going to get worse with time and gravity so I started researching breast lifts.
I found Dr. Cohen in Baltimore, Maryand (go to my profile for my full story on this journey ladies) and he was "the one" right away. I didn't even need to interview anyone else. He is talented, experienced, Stanford-educated, and runs an incredible practice that feels and looks like a high end spa. His staff were all on point and the process was as smooth as could possibly be. Quite a contrast from what we see so much of here in the bbl community!
And on that note, I have scheduled my bbl for early June (with high hopes that my ba/bl will be healed enough by then that I can withstand the stomach sleeping required for recovery.)
After some less than satisfactory exchanges with Dr. Salama's staff and then later having some of his patients of his who had botched procedures reaching out to me, I decided I cannot go to Dr. Salama and feel at peace in my heart.
Which brings me to my next point, where I am going to backtrack and apologize for an earlier post about Vanity and the doctors there. Since that post, I've submerged myself in research on bbl surgeons in the U.S. and it quickly became clear to me that Dr. Fisher (who IS board certified and works at vanity as a contractor; which means he is paid a flat rate by vanity for each procedure he does, he is not their employee though and he most likely works in that hot mess of an office because he doesn't deal with any managerial issues and he gets to take 4 months of vacation each year with his family.) So I believe he knows Vanity is a train wreck and its the sacrifice he has to make (being affiliated with them) in order to have so much freedom to be with his wife and kids and travel the world. I mean, who could blame him for wanting to enjoy his life and not be tied to the OR 5 days per week, 12 months per year!? I ain't mad at him. My research, not surprisingly, turned up that many of his patients hate dealing with Vanity (and yes the vanity coordinators hustle us, because if Dr. fisher is getting paid a flat rate per procedure, they are adding however much they can in addition to that fee, for the business owners cut and I'm sure they are incentivized with commission like all sales jobs.) But one more trend that stood out to me with Dr. Fisher's patients is that they were overwhelmingly happy with their results. Less of his patients walk out of the OR talking about their round two than most of the other surgeons I researched.
And on a personal level, I appreciate that Dr. Fisher works on petite ladies and can turn out a natural teardrop shaped booty just as well as a big poppin round booty lol
I am going to have to pay my dues and work with vanity until I get there, but previous reviewers have said vanity isn't so bad once you get past the coordinators. Everyone has lovely things to say about Dr. Fisher's anesthesiologist and his assistant, and of course his skill and bedside manner. The downside is, of course, vanity keeps him so booked that he doesn't get a lot of post op time with each patient, but he does see each person post-op. It has been like day and night talking to De. Fisher's patients versus talking to Dr. Salama's patients. So now that I've made some moves, I will continue to keep you ladies posted on this journey.
At this point, as long as my breasts heal well, I will be having my bbl early June. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Cohen are both going to monitor my healing until then.
And one more thing: I promise to write a holistic and honest review of my Vanity experience. For now, I'm keeping records of everything so their problems don't become mine.

Preparing for June bbl with Dr. Fisher and recovering from bl/ba one month post -op

Hi ladies!
As I mentioned last time, I've been focusing on the first phase of my body transformation and now that I'm one month post op from the full breast lift and submuscular implants, things are going well and I feel I can return some of my focus to my upcoming bbl with Dr. Fisher!
Anyone who follows me knows I am an avid researcher and it was a long and winding journey from when I began thinking about having a bbl procedure to where I am now. So if you have any questions about what I've learned, please check through my old posts or send me a message or post if it's something specific I haven't yet covered. Also, if you're interested in my bl/ba journey, visit my profile and you can access my extremely detailed review of that procedure as well. I hope all of this information helps other ladies, as so many ladies have provided information that has helped me along the way.
If you're new to the idea of a bbl, I caution you to do your research and spend at least one or two months reviewing doctors and their results (good and bad) before making any decisions (and especially before putting down any deposits!) So many of us get excited and ahead of ourselves when planning for this procedure and we select the wrong Doctor and end up changing at some point (I'm one of these people) and it often costs you time, money and stress. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you invest yourself in research and I mean hardcore research before you launch your journey. I haven't even had to muscle my way through the challenging recovery process yet and I can already say that this SX consumes you, even while you are researching and preparing for it. It's no joke.
That all said, I'm set with Dr Fisher for June 7 and he has reviewed my photos (it took him awhile because he is so backed up with patients to review and a lot of surgery) but I remained in constant contact with my coordinator Margaret over the 6 weeks or so I waited to be reviewed. I have already paid my $1k deposit and was confident he would approve me since my BMI is within the range he requires (under 30) and I'm a healthy person. I contacted him prior to putting down my deposit to find out how long I would need to wait between my bbl and the bl/ba which I scheduled with a doctor in my home state since I couldn't afford the time and extra cash to travel twice for two procedures this year. I was told that unless he performs both procedures, he prefers you wait 6 months between procedures. That seemed a little excessive to me, even though I know he has to err on the side of caution and protect his medical license by avoiding medical risks...so I reached out to him personally via his IG account to ask if he would consider approving me for bbl just three months post op, as long as I had no complications. I also offered to provide photos of my healing progress, if he would consider. I really didn't want to wait six more months as my life is so busy that I know that would increase my chances of not ever having it done. He replied to me on IG and said he would consider if I supplied him with a clearance letter from my breast surgeon and photos of my progress and checked in with him leading up to my scheduled date in early June. I decided to take the risk and went ahead and had the breast surgery done and I've been fortunate enough that I'm healing very well and at one month post op I can lay on my stomach without any pain (though I try not to.) My breast surgeon was confident that I would be healed well enough at three months that laying on my stomach after the bbl would not compromise my breast results and provided me a clearance letter. Dr Fisher reviewed my clearance letter and my photos recently and said I am good to go! Side note before I go on: if you call vanity and schedule with Dr Fisher or inquire about it, and your coordinator asks you for current photos and then gets back to you that same day or even a few days later telling you that Dr Fisher reviewed them already and approved you- you are being lied to. I was told by someone I trust who works there that it's impossible for him to review your photos that quickly due to his schedule. So if that has happened to you, I would encourage you to switch coordinators because some (not all) of those coordinators are lying hustlers just out to make commission and will tell you whatever you need to hear in order to feel confident enough to give them that $1k deposit. Moral of the story is, be prepared to wait for Dr Fisher to approve your before photos (if you're an out of town patient anyway...local ladies can stop in for a consult in person.) I prepared myself for the wait of him getting through the dolls who were booked ahead of me but felt confident enough to submit my deposit anyway to hold the date I wanted because I knew I fit into Dr Fishers requirement of having a BMI under 30 and I had already discussed my bl/ba with him and had assumed the risk of having to reschedule if I had any complications in my recovery from the first procedure.
Another tip for those ladies considering Fisher: make sure your BMI (google it if you don't know what this is, there is a free online calculator and it refers to your body mass) is well under 30 before you schedule. I've seen A LOT of ladies struggle to lose weight in time for their scheduled SX because they had a BMI over 30 when they booked with Fisher and couldn't lose enough weight in time and would have to keep moving their SX date back. There's no doubt that you will be much healthier if you're BMI is under 30 anyway. But if you're dead set on having this SX and you know you're too heavy to have a BMI under 30 and you know you aren't gonna be able to do what it takes to lose the weight, then Fisher isn't the right doctor for you. There are others at Vanity who will perform SX on ladies with a higher BMI but Fisher won't and he doesn't make exceptions, so don't set yourself up for added stress of crash dieting (y'all know that's not how you should be losing weight anyway) or using those dangerous diet pills that will make your heart race and your blood pressure spike. Just give yourself a realistic amount of time to lose the weight necessary to meet his requirements and don't risk your health even more by doing crazy stuff to get to that goal weight. If you do that, you're just going to gain it back after SX and your results will be less impressive overall when you're overweight again. That's all I'm gonna say about that for now.
Since I'm a super organized spaz I am all lined up for my June SX already. I have airline tickets, a beautiful Airbnb booked for 8 days that is a big house with a pool and a patio and gorgeous decor (I want to heal and recover in an environment that is beautiful and that I can relax in...we spend so much on this SX so why be cheap about our recovery you know?) While I obviously won't be feeling up to using the pool and spa and such, my mom and dad are flying into Miami to stay with me for the last 3-4 days of my stay and they are bringing my young daughter to see me since I would be miserable without her for that long. My parents are so sweet so I wanted to do all I could for them by getting them a nice house with things to do while they are with me...since I will probably be in bed or at least shuffling around the house in a faja and won't be great company. I also secured a caretaker who will take me to SX and pick me up, fill my meds, take me to my post op appointments, do light cooking and generally care for me 24/7 for the first four nights and three days. She was highly recommended by some other dolls and her name is Amy and she lives in Miami. I've never read or heard a bad word about her and she charges between 125-150 for 24 hours of care. She is pretty much booked up for months ahead so I secured her two months ago or more. I have almost all of my supplies (I still need foams if anyone has recommendations please let me know, I've read so many conflicting things about which brand to get and how much to invest.)
Lastly for now, I have picked up some weight in preparation for my bbl SX since I was on the thinner side when I began this journey. I am attaching some recent "before" photos so you can see what I look like now. I am not gaining anymore weight and began working out again two weeks ago as planned so I can get fit and in great physical shape to help me with my recovery. I'm not trying to lose a lot of weight or build a lot of muscle until after SX, so I'm staying away from much weight lifting and focusing on 50 minutes or cardio 5 times per week and light arm weights (which will help with the upper body strength needed to get out of bed post op.)
As always, if you have questions about anything, feel free to ask in the comments or send me a private message and I will reply as quickly as possible! Wherever you are in your journey. I'm wishing you healing and happiness!!

16 days until BBL with Dr Fisher

Just wanted to keep you ladies in the loop. I'm 16 days away from my bbl with Dr Fisher in Miami. I am starting to feel nervous! I think I have all of the supplies I need and all of my post op care lined up. I'm a little concerned that my work clothes will no longer fit me when I return to work 10 days post op. :/ But I'm not sure what to do about that, since there's no way to predict what size I will need so I can't prepare in advance. On the other hand, I doubt I'm going to feel up to going out shopping while I'm recovering so I'm going to have to find a way to make it work. And make it work discreetly, I hope. For those of you who have followed the "phase one" of my transformation, I'm just over months post op from my full breast lift and small gel silicone implants behind the muscle (I have a full review of that sx on RS as well) and things have been going smoothly in terms of my recovery. I can only pray that my body responds and heals as well following this procedure. This bbl is technically "phase three" of my transformation, as I'm scheduled to get Invisalign and propel to perfect my teeth (I've never had braces and my teeth are not unsightly but I have always wanted a perfect smile) and I'm at an age and place in my life where I can finally make it happen. And since I'm really going for it, I figured why not?! I get my impressions for the Invisalign treatment this coming week and will create a separate full review of that procedure on RS as well, for any ladies who are interested. This community has shared so much knowledge and encouragement with me that I hope to pay it forward for others by posting thorough and honest reviews of my experiences. If you're reading along and you have any questions about my journey(s) please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I have been taking my vitamin regimen for over a month now and feel very healthy and blessed. I have also been incorporating cardio into my life again, using my home elliptical machine for 45-55 minutes 3-5 days per week in an effort to increase my overall fitness and health and hopefully improve my recovery experience. I am weighing around 135-138 pounds which is about 10 pounds more than my "happy weight" but I intend to increase my workouts and tone up and slim down following my recovery from bbl. I will continue to update you ladies throughout my sx day and recovery and I've been following so many of you and want to thank you all for being such a candid and supportive community. Happy healing to all! Xoxo

Here in Miami: first Fisher sx of the day

Hi ladies I'm in the waiting room at Vanity...I will give a more thorough review on the entire experience later, of course. For now though, just asking for your prayers as I prepare to go in for surgery! I have a little girl who needs me to come through this well, and I feel so blessed and grateful to have has the support of this community.

On the flat side

Feeling pretty good ladies. Just trying to drink drink drink fluid and rest. Update later!

One week post op

Hey ladies I have survived week one, though the plane ride back from Miami was pretty miserable (I took my booty buddy pillow and did my best not to put pressure on my butt.) The pain hasn't been too much of an issue at all (thank God) but like many other women have said before me, the stiffness and soreness are huge factors. I've found it most important to keep moving. Get up and walk walk walk. Keeps the blood flowing and it's better than laying around on your stomach all the time anyway! I'm finding that sleeping in the faja may be the worst of it all. I get really chlostrophobic feeling when I try to lay down to sleep at night. Between compression socks and this faja, it can be suffocating. Everything went pretty much the way I had planned in Miami (full review on that later.) For now I'm just focusing on getting the post op swelling down enough that I can get back to work and update you ladies properly. Dr Fishers assistant did inform me that he put 1300 ccs in each side of my booty. I think my favorite part of the whole experience is that dr fisher took the time to talk with me and look at me thoroughly before sx, and after seeing some of my wish pics the man says, " oh I think I can give you better than THAT" I was like, "alright then what are we even doing looking at this junk for?? Let's get this party started!" He did a few shots of espresso while I was being wheeled into the OR and I woke up in a thick drugged haze where my caretaker Amy and her husband Jay were waiting to take me back to my rental home (they are amazing people and I feel grateful to them.)

Six month update: I am probably going to need a revision. Crying as I type this dolls.

Hey ladies:
I have been patient, followed every protocol for post-op that was provided to me, and even invested in more than the recommended number of massages...and my results are not good. The projection is fine but my stomach is bad...I have extra "loose" fat I never had before...I can't wear anything slightly form fitting without it sticking out. I used to have a flat tummy..what happened??! Dr. Fisher told me I could have "minimal loose skin" but not even enough to merit a tummy tuck, and yet here I am with a body I don't recognize! Not to mention I have a small "shelf" and if you read through all of my research and review updates, that is the LAST thing I wanted. I wanted natural and upsidedown heart shaped. I am literally crying as I type this. Everytime I would look in the mirror or try on clothes and find myself upset I would talk myself down by reassuring myself it was just swelling and my body is still healing....but it's been exactly six months and I would do anything to have my FORMER body back. I called Dr. Fisher's office (and learned that Vanity has changed hands, which hopefully is a good thing) and sent lots of updated photos for his review with all of my notes explaining why I am unhappy.
I am actually too embarrassed to even post photos right now ladies. And I was so confident in Dr. Fisher's abilities! Why am I the one patient with these awful results?
The new management team at his office told me I would possibly be up for a "revision" and "all I would have to pay for" was anesthesia fees and not Dr. Fisher's fees but I can't afford that...by the time you calculate in airfare again and a recovery house or an airbnb and a caretaker and all of the post op supplies it would probably end up being another $4,000 dollars...for the POSSIBILITY I would get what I was supposed to get the first round?
Does anyone else have suggestions on how to handle this? I have finally allowed myself to accept the reality that my results are not going to improve. I am stuck with this body unless I go through with some other procedure...
Dr. Fisher called me today and I missed his call because I was in a meeting at work, but he left a message saying he reviewed my photos and will discuss my options with me...of course he is going on vacation starting today and won't be back until sometime next week so now I have to wait until then to discuss my options. But I am over here freaking out because as far as I'm concerned my only option is somehow doing this again!
If I could somehow get the time and money together and agreed to take the health risks again (I cant even think about this without crying, ladies) should I trust him to do a revision considering how unhappy I am with my results?
I guess I just needed to vent.
I will try my best to build up enough courage to post the photos for you to see...in addition to the fat on my stomach, my waist is NO smaller than it was before (and I have been working out again for some time now) and my torso has no hourglass shape at all....and if you look back at my "before" photos, you will see I used to have a nice hourglass photo.
I should have left my body alone. I should have never gotten into this mess. If you are like I used to be, and you are pretty much happy with what God gave you but just want to tweak the booty....my suggestion is don't go through the risk of needing another major surgery. I should have accepted myself the way I was and saved a lot of money and stress.
My thoughts have been with you other dolls out there who shared their journeys with me along the way.
I apologize for not updating until now...I have been trying to come to terms with my results and what this means going forward. :(

Dr. Fisher in Miami

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