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I had my BBL done 6/9/16 by Dr Dass in Beverly...

I had my BBL done 6/9/16 by Dr Dass in Beverly Hills. He and his staff are absolutely amazing. Dr Dass made me feel like I was his special case :-). Currently, I am exactly 3 weeks post-op and LOVING my results.
I went in for a BBL knowing that fat was going to be taken from other areas of my body...but I had no idea how great I was going to look overall! My waist is tiny, and my back looks great! I NEVER imagined I could EVER look good period. I've never had a butt, I've never had hips...I've always felt I was stuck in my "12" yr old body. I now feel like a woman! Initially, my buttock was large (post survey), but Dr Dass had warned me about it, so it relieved my worry when I saw how big it was for my small stature. At this point, I do not want it to shrink anymore. I will soon post some pictures, but I want to be able to show more realistic results: like 4 months post my BBL ;-).
With that said, I want to mention my recent experience at work which I did not imagine to occur. I took only four days off from work so as to not leave my team hanging (11 days post-op). However, when I returned, I soon figured out that my whole department learned of my procedure. What I learned quickly saddened me, but I'm going to walk in with confidence on my next work day. Anyway, 75% of my co-workers now look at me as if I am an alien. Those 75%, I thought were my work place friend. I walked in one day on them gossiping on me and my "butt". It was sad to hear the things they said. I don't understand; why is it more acceptable to have A breast augmentation and supported by many, yet my BBL procedure is looked down on? It's weird. I now have experienced what people call "haters". One nurse even purposely came out of her department only to look at my butt. She blasted me in front of my whole station and patients. Another nurse (on several occasions) has swept me with her look with a smirk-like look (we use to always talk). So, if anyone is planning to get a BBL, expect to loose some friends at your workplace :-). Just for their unprofessional behavior, I want to go in with a tight sharp dress heeheee...


I began itching a couple days ago, but today (3wks 3days post-op), I am itching like crazy. I itch, I scratch but I can't feel me scratching myself. I desperately look for something with bristles, anything will do, and it actually helps more than my fingers :-D.

a couple pics...

Here is my butt by Dr Dass...

butt has shrunk

So my butt has shrunken significantly from my immediate post-op and the week that followed, but I'm okay with it. It actually suits my small stature: 5ft 127lbs. I can't deny that a little party of me wants to become sad about losing a large volume of it, but going into this procedure, I knew that would happen; Dr Dass did inform me ahead of time that the results I'd see immediate after surgery were not my true results due to swelling. Also, I knew that most likely, only 80% of the transferred cells would survive. I am now hoping to no longer loose any more butt volume. I like it just where it's at right now. However, I acknowledge that I am only 3wks 3days post surgery.

i found a before

I took this before pic on my camera. I haven't yet loaded it on my computer, soI did it quickly by taking a photo from my camera frame...I hope you can see the difference :-).

forgot this pic

I forgot to post this one...just a closer look

side by side

So, I found the undies I wore with my before pic and I wanted to post them side by side. Unfortunately, I can't do back pics with my cell, so I took the new back pic with my camera. Whatultimately matters is the big difference. Also, I have a small deformity on my right lower cheek which Dr Dass did attempt to fill, and he did. But with time, my deformity flattened it right back down :-\. Oh well, I am still happy :-D.

more before and afters...

I finally downloaded my pics from my camera, so I posted more before and afters.

happy six week post-op to me...

YAY!!! I have now reached the 6wk mark that I have been looking forward to and I'm so excited. Many of you will soon be here as well ;)! I took some more pictures today and posted a side view of my before as well as my stomach. So far, it looks like I'm still keeping by bbl, I had no idea getting a bbl was going to be so stressful (to loose it)! Anyway, with so much money put into it, and this procedure being so delicate, I have decided to further extend NOT sitting on my expensive booty for another two weeks :/

on caffeine, posted more pics :D

I don't think Iv'e lost anymore of my butt as of now. No longer wearing my garment, but I am missing it. I do put it on occasionally and only for a few hours as I am trying to ween myself off it...weird!

same pic six weeks post

I have a picture with these pants at two weeks post, and so I wanted to post a picture today with the same pants at six weeks post... I have not really lost much more since my three week post; my measurements are: 34-27-41 and I am now weighing 123 pounds -I DONT WANT TO LOOSE ANYMORE WEIGHT-. Prior to my surgery, I weighed 127. I dont know my before measurements, didnt think to measure myself prior, but I am curios and will definitely ask Dr Dass this Thursday when I see him :-D

What to wear?

I'm going to see Dr Dass for my 6wk post, but I don't know what to wear. Have any of you thought of what to wear for your 6wk post visit? Things I've been tossing are: dressy firm fitting pants, a firm fitting classy dress, heels, flats, a summer dress, a firm fitting maxi skirt, a crop top, or a long shirt....any suggestions?

pre and post

I went to see Dr Dass ysterday for my 6 weeks post-op, actually I am really 7 weeks. Megan his nurse pulled up all of my before pictures and the pictures from yesterday and put them side-by-side for comparison. I asked if I could take the pictures of the monitor and she totally allowed me to go for it, And so here they are. I am not very happy with My stomach, But I did not get the TT, And I may go in a year later and get that done I'm not sure I don't plan on showing my stomach to anyone else in the world except here on realself. I also feel that in a few months I will still have more healing progress so I'm going to wait up on that. Alright well here they are...

I've lost some volume

I drove (sat on my butt) to Beverly Hills on Thursday and slept on my back that night because I got some Botox that day from dr. Dass: I didn't want to sleep on my face so as to not interfere with the botox. Also, I worked Friday and Saturday, and I sat a few times throughout my 12-hour shift using a Boppy Pillow. Up until Thursday, I had not once sat, and my hips had remained at 41 inches since 3wks post-op (I'm currently at 7wks post). Today I put on a pair of jeans and I noticed that my butt looked smaller. I kind of just brushed it off since I was in a hurry and I drove (again, sat on my butt) down to church in Monrovia which is 45 minutes away from where I live. When I got home I got into a comfortable dress and I noticed also, that my butt just didn't fill it up the way it had a week ago. So I pulled out the measuring tape, and yes I lost some volume. I know that it was my butt that lost the volume and that it was not due to weight loss because I have actually gained a few pounds. I guess I did a lot of sitting too early, perhaps 7 weeks post is not yet a good time to sit :'( . I lost a total of 2inches, and while it may not sound like a lot, it definitely is in clothing, and it definitely is noticeable to me...

8 wks post op

I have lost two inches of volume on my expensive booty, and was saddened by it for awhile. But overall and in all honesty, it is not too bad for my small stature: 5ft 123 lbs. And you guys have all been so supportive. I too love this site. I think we just get used to our initial blumped by extra fluids new buttock that when it finally settles, we notice the big difference and (I) freak out.

This bald doctor...

What is up with this bald doctor in thick specks poppin up on every page I go to? He is also in the mix of the reviews as I read up on you girls...!?! WTFudge? Is anyone else experiencing this?

10+ weeks

It jiggles...LOV IT!

the stripped dress

I got my stripped dress :-D

4 Months Post

I still use pillows if I'm going to drive longer than half an hour, I sleep on my stomach 80% of the night, and whilst (and when I'm able to) watching TV, I sit between my ottoman and couch.
This BBL has been very stressful for me like many of you I'm sure; but I'm still holding up on my measurements :
I don't post much, but I'm still very active on here since I have no other social media account: this IS my facebook, Twitter,...and whatever else is out there :-).
Also, my sister will be getting her BBL with Dr Dass on Oct 20th, 2016 and I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER! I only hope I get to do as good a job at taking care of her as she did for me :-).

4 Month Post Video

I recorded this video along along with a picture I took above this recording. My sister came over that day to give me some pants that no longer fit her. I loved these mint pants, but weird how we can no longer fit into normal pants.
I also put side by side a new picture with same pants I wore at two and six weeks.
I want to share with you new gorgeous Dolls, that while this procedure gives us a dramatic transformation, it is a very stressful journey because we don't want to loose what A). we are loving so much, and B). what we worked so hard financially to obtain. However, if you stick to your doctors regimen, you should keep your wonderful results. Whether you go to Dr Dass, Hsu, Hazani, the DR, Miami, or any others...these doctors are all amazing and they seem to be working hard at producing great results ;)

pants at 6wks & 4mos post

my lipo stomach

I am happy with my stomach overall :-D. I've had five children, and very fortunate to have not needed a tummy tuck. Sure I could have benefited from it, but I'm very content :-D. I had an awful gut prior to my Lipo, so anything from that old disgusting stomach brings me such relief :-D.

Met A Hughes Doll & Had Dinner

I learned that a Hughes doll was down here in Beverly Hills (on her last day of recovery actually). So I hit her up, since my sister and I were going to be in town. We met and had Sushi for dinner. It was as if we had known each other all along. It was fun :-D !

And BTW, happy birthday Doll. Safe drive back to San Francisco!

Picture with Dass dolls

The Dass crew simply makes us feel so welcome. We love you girls! We love you Dr Dass... you have changed our lives dramatically! Angela you are fabulous and gorgeous! Miss Megan, natural and flawless...I swear you look like a model!

Enjoying Mulholland Dr.

Heading home after my sissy PO appointment.....

for my husband

I am very angry: my husband has created himself a RealSelf account and is disgustingly spying on me EVERYDAY!! Yes, I am putting him out there: How dare he do this!? He is calling me a sinner for being on here and claims that the reason why he's on here is to "hold me accountable". He's trying to use biblical scripture against me, and has even gone as far as to question me about being gay for being on here very often! He says "you're looking at naked women". He has been controlling and manipulating me in every possible way!!!! He thought that by confronting me I would shun from being on here...Ohhh but this is now the only place you'll be seeing my ASS! Yes buddy , keep coming on here..., I'm going to have beautiful koving messages for you!!!! One more thing, what is posted here on RS, cannot be erased!

6 mo post update

I want to keep all my RS sisters encouraged with this very stressful procedure. I've never had any surgeries before, but this has been a very stressful one for me, and many as I have come to know you dolls by visiting your reviews.
My measurements have not changed since my six wk post: waist 26.5 hips 41. My hips actually grew to 41.5 to 42 when I was working on my gluts, but as many of you know, I've been having problems and so I haven't been able to work out :-[.
I LOVE RS because of the sisterhood we've built, the trust we gain with one another, the roller coasters of emotions we have, the insane fear of loosing volume, how we sharing our sorrows, and even anger lol.
I LOVE that this site is a more private Social Media account where generally people on here have a common interest and joy for a surgical procedure. I love that I can come on here and only with you beautiful ladies share my joy alongside you all.
I use to LOVE to swing dance, but once I realized I had a passion for swing dancing, it was taken away from me. I guess no matter what I find joy in, it will always be too much and desired out of my life. I was going to dissipate from RS and no longer post, but I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND!!!! Besides, I have become friends with some of you dolls and even had dinner with one AS A FRIEND NOT A LOVER along with my sister as I'm gay for having done so....
Thank you all for your amazing support...and take heart with this stressful procedure: I'm now 6 months post...a vet now I guess lol, and my measurements are still holding, yay :-)

my booty poppin seventh month update: not perfect, but far, far better than before

One year Post my BBL today :D

I chose to wear this exact dress as I did for my 6month post op so that a comparison could be available.
It's so weird how a bond is created through these social media accounts; I miss so many of you!
My measurements are: waist-26 inches, hips-40.5. I DO now gain weight in my arms and back... Ugh! And that's what keeps me eating a healthy diet...ecxept for today :)
Love you dolls, miss you... Mua!!!

One year post 6/9/17

Going to attempt to download again...

1 yr post

I've lost weight, and with that, I've lost an inch i hips. Oh well. Still very happy worth my results. Hope y'all are doing well. God bless

1yr and a couple months after my BBL

1yr and a couple months post

Explicit - Click to view

I wasn't going to post anymore...but I just learned (as my husband confessed) that he erased my videos from RS. Can you all believe that!!!! I had attempted posting a few times a bit ago, and they never even loaded. Its almost like he's connected to my phone and watches EVERYTHING I do!!! He's going obsessively insane!!! So just because he won't leave me alone, and since he's making matters I am back on girls!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dennis Dass is great in every possible way. He is very humble, kind, respectful, caring, patient, and sits with you tentatively whilst discussing your desires. I never feel rushed or that I am an inconvenience to him. He treated me as if I were his special case, yet I know I am not as he is a very busy surgeon; he has pages and pages of before and after pictures and I see his love and passion for his work via his before and after pics. Also, Angela his office manager is amazing. She made me feel like we were personal friends. Megan is not afraid to get her hands dirty (figuratively speaking), and she too hangs out like a friend would . Dr Dass, you have literally changed my life, you took care of me; you took your time to 1). sculpt me and 2). to get the best results you could. You did not give me mediocre results, nor did you give up at a time when I am sure you got tired. Thank you Dr Dass for taking care of me, for caring about me. May God bless you and your wonderful staff :-) .

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