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This was my first ever surgery. I was a bit...

This was my first ever surgery. I was a bit nervous and really didn't know what I was getting in to. I was looking to do a Brazilian butt lift because I was on the square side. I always said I look like sponge bob square pants. I had over sized love handles and a tenie tiny butt. And my stomach has always been a problem. So doing a little research I decided the BBL was best for me to get rid of the unwanted fat and get a butt at the same time. Win, win...right? I just wish I would have read up on more doctors and not just took the dive with the first person I came across. But we all make mistakes.

I'm 26 years old, 4'9, roughly 125lbs.
(Sorry I didn't think to measure butt and waist before and after)

I had my procedure scheduled for mid April. I did a consultation via email, I highly recommend that if you could go in and get a office consultation do that instead. But I live in Phoenix and his office is in Beverly Hills. So I opted for that. He quickly responded and said what needed and quoted me a price. I read all these amazing reviews on him and all the great outcomes he has had. So I took the plunge and scheduled an appointment.

I flew in the day before to meet him. He examined me a little. Asked me what I wanted to look like. I said big, as big as he can, but not un-proportionate, because I literally have nothing back there. He said I needed Lipo on my sides, abdomen, bra area and love handle area. He told me that I would probably need a tummy tuck after because of my belly fat and lose skin that may occur. I declined that because for one I have no kids and didn't want that long scar.

May 15th I get the procedure done everything goes as planned. I went for a follow up visit a few days later. I was really pleased with what I looked like right after the surgery. I stayed in LA for a week after my surgery. Before I flew back home I went in for another check up and also to make sure everything was okay for me to fly home. He said everything was fine, and he asked me how I was feeling and I was fine. I also brought up a concern I had about my tummy area. Looking down at my stomach I had noticed it was uneven. I literally had a dent on my right side. I assumed it was from the Lipo, because my stomach was evenly round before the surgery. He said it was just swollen around that area. I needed to massage the swollen areas to even it out with the area that is no longer swollen (the dent). So I start to do that. I fly home April 23.

The day after I got home I started to get these sharp pains. My left cheek was very swollen and red. I went to sleep and woke up with yellowish fluid dripping out. I immediately called dr Hughes. He asked me to send photos which I did. He said its infected I need to go get it drained. He told me I could go to my local doctor and do it. But being that he was the one that did my surgery I asked if he could do it. He said he would. So I fly back the next day.

By this time I'm 2 weeks post op to the day. I go in to see him. He drains out the fluid that built up. And at this time he asks me if I have ever had surgery or fallen on my butt before, because when he was doing the surgery he had to work a little harder on my left cheek because I had scar tissue and he said he had to add more fat to the left side then the right. I've never had surgery or fallen do I don't know why I would have scar tissue only on my left side that got infected. He tells me he doesn't know why I got the infection. Sometimes these things happen. Now I'm only 2 weeks post op and I've lost a significant amount of fat. He tells me that for some reason on shorter people the fat doesn't stick to well. I've never heard of this, what does height have to do with the body rejecting fat?

Any who, he puts a drain in me and sends me home. I get a check up a week after to get the drain. The nurse is the one who helps me that day. I didn't see dr Hughes anymore after he out the drain in. So I tell the nurse I'm not really happy with the results I look the same except for my love handles being gone. The fat did not take to my butt. I ask if I should do something else like butt implants. She said she didnt recommend those because of high infection rate. Okay I get dressed and go on about my day. I haven't heard from anyone at dr Hughes office after that.

16 1/2 weeks (4 months and 5days) after my surgery and my stomach is still dented, even after massaging the area around. My butt fat is almost all gone, my butt is more in a V shape then a apple bottom :( I just don't see the results I was hoping for. The Lipo could also have been more aggressive.

I'm looking at other girls pictures and see they had surgery garments like spanks to help shape and mold the butt and abdominal area . Dr Hughes only had a very uncomfortable girdle type garment with Velcro straps. Nothing for the butt.

He had so many outstanding reviews I wish I could have added to them. Unfortunately my experience was different. Although, he always answered my emails and calls. Just some of the answers he gave me to my questions didn't make sense to me or were vivid responses.

I just want a big butt! So I don't know if I'll go see another doctor for a revised surgery. $12,000 was a lot of money for so little results. Based on the contract signed a no charge revision surgery is out of the question with dr Hughes.

I hope this review helps some of you. This was just my experience.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He was very attentive to his calls and emails. Just vague with his answers to questions.

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